Chapter 12: Chapter 12

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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“You’re laughing at the prospect of having sex with me, or you find my choice of euphemisms funny?  Coz, if it’s the latter I have plenty more:  Grind your tool in my poke hole, Pot the pink, Bash the beaver, or my personal favourite and probably the most politically correct considering you’re a military man, is Sink the soldier,” Holly said.  She knew she was over selling the idea, the proposal only needed a yes or no response, but she couldn’t help feeling nervous and continuing to talk seemed like an effective way to delay his answer. 

Sanders stopped laughing, his eyes taking on the golden glow of his wolf rising close to the surface.  “You’re teasing me.  I like it.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun with a woman.”

“Really, you’ve never joked around with any of your girlfriends?”

“I don’t have girlfriends, I have sexual partners.  It’s nothing personal, I’m sure most of them have been good girlfriend material, I’m just not good boyfriend material.”

“Why is that?  Did something happen in your past that put you off?”

“This isn’t something I want to discuss.”

“Maybe not, but wouldn’t you rather tell me now than have me looked surprised when the counsellors drag it out of you tomorrow?”

She had a point.  But there really wasn’t anything to tell.

“I’m a career military man, and I’ve spent almost as many years working undercover in some pretty dangerous situations.”

“Like the Guild headquarters, I heard about that.”

“Yeah, like that.  I made it a rule a long time ago never to get involved with a woman because I don’t want to leave behind a widow.”

“You’re expecting to get yourself killed?”

“No, but I don’t believe in leaving anything to chance.”

“Let me get this straight, you don’t want to get romantically involved with someone because you think there’s a chance you might die sometime in the future.  Have you ever considered you might not, and you’re missing out on what could be a very fulfilling future with some lucky woman?”

Lucky woman? “My lifestyle isn’t conducive to building meaningful relationships.  One week I’m in town, then I might be gone on a mission or anything from six weeks to six months.  No woman wants a man whose never around.”

“Maybe you’re right, but you might just be surprised too.  There are some women who like their own company but also like to have a man in their life part-time.  The time apart makes the time together intense and meaningful, without being smothering.”  

Sanders looked Holly up and down, he doubted she realised it, but she was describing herself. 

“Have you heard the phrase, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?” he told her.

Holly rolled her eyes at him.  “Okay, I see your point.  I have no place lecturing you about your avoidance of romance when I do the same thing.  Which brings me back to my proposal.  Sex, or no sex?”

If Holly was honest with herself, she’d felt a sexual attraction toward him from the very first time she’d laid eyes on him a few years ago.  So why hadn’t she made a move on him before now?  It wasn’t as though she was shy, she’d proposed sex with lots of guys in the past.  Maybe it was his reputation that had put her off, there had been a rumour circulating about an ex-girlfriend of his getting a restraining order against him.  Or, was it something else?  She couldn’t put her finger on what that something else was, but there was definitely something lurking deep in her subconscious, she could feel it.  

Regardless, just the thought of having sex with Sanders caused her heart to race with an equal amount of anxiety and excitement, her palms became sweaty and a layer of heated moisture coated the throbbing folds at her core.  One thing she knew, she couldn’t blame her uncertainty on her recent vow of celibacy.  That was never going to last long, she enjoyed sex too much.

“Last chance to back out, are you up for it?”

Her enthusiasm and husky demand was like a switch in his brain, flipping his own restraint to full steam ahead. 

“Oh yeah, darlin I’m all in on this plan,” he grinned.

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, she thought as he began stalking her around the room.  The way he was looking at her, it was far too intense for someone just planning on wetting his wick.  All she wanted was an incredible orgasm or three.  No strings attached.  He wanted ….actually, she didn’t know what he wanted, but the intensity in his gaze both excited her and worried her.  Despite of her apprehension, she was committed.  In for a penny, in for a pound.

As he pursued her slowly around the room, Holly shimmied out of her clothes, including her knickers and bra, leaving them strewn about on the floor.

Sanders’ harsh intake of breath at the sight of her naked body was like music to her ears.  Her nipples stood to attention and everything below the belly button clenched in anticipation.

Following her lead, Sanders unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his T-shirt over his head, leaving them where they fell.

Holly swallowed.  Hard.  It was evident that in fact the size of his man tackle was every bit as large when erect, as she had suspected it would be. 

“Do you want to do it on the bed or against the wall?” he asked with a sly grin.

“I get a choice?”

 “Your wish is my command,” he replied. 

She wanted to believe him, but he was an alpha male used to being in control.  Well, not today.  The only way she was going to feel at ease, was if she was in charge.  Leading him away from the bed, she pushed him down onto the sofa in the corner of the room and straddled his thighs.His pulsing hard-on pressing firmly against her belly.

Gripping her hips, Sanders lips curved into a slow, sensual smile that sent a shiver through her system, all the way to her toes and pooling in her belly, especially when she spotted one of his sharp wolfy fangs, a rare but very erotic sight.  If she had any doubts about how intense the sex was likely to be between them, the appearance of his inner wolf so close to the surface was going to make it supercharged.

“Darlin, you can take this as my acceptance to your invitation to get all sweating and dip my dick in your hot wet pussy.”

“I hope that’s not a line you use on other women, if so, I think you really need to work on it,” she said, her nose wrinkling.  “I realise you’re old, but those kind of remarks went out at least a century or two ago.”

“Does this feel old to you?”  He gripped her hips tighter and ground himself against her, transitioning her shiver into a shudder of pleasure as more liquid heat flooded between the soft folds.  She barely held back the moan building in her throat.

“You have an erection.  Big deal.  Anyone with access to Viagra can get one these days,” she teased.

“You have an answer for everything.”

“Of course.”

“So, answer me this?  If you’re so unimpressed, why is my lap soaked where your pussy is?”

“You have a prostate problem and weak bladder in your old age?”

“I’m in my prime, I’m only eighty-five, that’s only fifty years older than you.  You’re stalling.  Why?  We don’t have to have sex, we can just brainstorm what sex would be like between us, in case the counsellors ask.”

“Yes, I am.  But no, I don’t want to back out.  The truth is, I’m nervous and I’ve never been nervous about having sex before, I’m not sure what that means.”

“We’ll take it slow then.” His voice was rough and it sent a flush of fresh heat straight to her core.  Then he grabbed her and pulled her flush against his perfect body. 

Before she could answer, he slid two fingers between her slick folds and pushed them inside her. 

That’s when her brain shorted out.

“Yes, please,” she hissed.  Holly wasn’t sure if she was agreeing with him to take things slow, or begging him to do the opposite. 

Trailing a hand across her stomach and down to her damp, short curls, Sanders fingers became wet in her slick heat.  Touching her pouting flesh, caressing her swelling clit, fanning the fires of her eagerness.…His mouth watered. 

Holly arched her hips into his caressing touch and let out a moan when he plunged a finger deep inside her, then another.  Stretching her.  Preparing her.  Hot moisture coating his fingers.

In response to his carnal thoughts, that piece of manly equipment began to throb with enthusiasm.  Compounding his frustration, his wolf paced demandingly inside him, driving the man to distraction, desire hardening the flesh between his thighs without reprieve.  He did the only thing available to him, he shifted her weight above him to grip himself at the base of his shaft and squeezed, holding back the pressure that was no doubt going to result in a climax for the record books.

If he didn’t scale back his enthusiasm or he wouldn’t last five minutes, and so shifted his attention to her breasts.  He loved the contrast between her silken skin, the cushion of her soft breast and the tight apex of her nipple.  Dipping his head he took one of those ripe pert nipples into his mouth, sucking, tugging at it, rasping it with his teeth, his tongue soothing over it and teasing it all at once.  When he finished exploring one, he moved onto the other to thoroughly suck, taste and tease it, drawing a breathy moan from her lips.

Oh God, she needed to be touched so desperately.  Her clit was so swollen and aching.  The soft folds of flesh between her thighs slick with rich moisture spilling from her. 

“Enough foreplay.  I need you inside me now,” she demanded.

Sanders smiled as he looked into her lusty gaze.  “Your wish is my command.”  He couldn’t remember the last time he let the woman call the shots with sex, and he was finding he liked giving Holly that power. 

Holly shifted her weight above him and felt the broad crest of his iron-hard erection pressing against her moist entrance, instinct more than conscious thought, had her flexing her hips against him, nudging the broad tip inside her just a fraction.  

Sanders moved under her, positioning himself as she adjusted her seat above him.  With a gentle roll of his hips, he optimised his angle and held still as she slowly sank down onto him.  He entered her body with a groan of satisfaction, his length pushing through that slick, tight heat.  Her inner walls clamped around with a tight squeeze that almost brought tears to his eyes with ecstasy. 

Tilting her head, she took his lips in a sultry kiss.  Her kiss was a decadent blend of silken heat and vibrant emotion that terrified him.  Yet, he surrendered himself to it, tangling lips, tongues, muted moans of desperation as their arousal began to flame out of control.

Sanders’ response was a rumbling growl from the depths of his chest as he pulled her tighter against him, kissing her deeply, passionately.  His bare chest pressed against hers, the friction of their bodies together stealing her breath. 

Raw lust consumed him.  Desperate for each inward stroke, each lance of penetrating pleasure, he gripped her hips to steady her weight and thrust his pelvis upward.

She rode each impalement, driving herself harder onto his thick shaft, revelling in the pleasure and approval in his voice.

His body powered into her.  Any sign of rational thought was lost to her.  Holly had no idea where he ended and she began.  His breathing was harsh, his movements frenzied, and his intense eyes bored straight to her soul, branding her for all eternity.  This was so much more than sex.  It was life changing, it was terrifying and she was sooo turned on.

Her orgasm came hard and fast, almost without warning. 

Sanders response was almost instantaneous, he flung his head back and shouted in pure ecstasy.  Never had sex felt this intense, like a bolt of lightening sheared his balls in two and exploded the top of his cock off.  Gasping for breath, he held her tight, locking himself inside the confines of her channel as he pumped his hot seed into the depths of her body in convulsing waves, her sheath milking him of every last drop.

 “That was intense,” Holly managed to say between panting breaths, she was a sated noodle slumped against his much larger body.  Her head against his chest she listened to his racing heart, and for a moment longer enjoyed the comfort of having his strong arms around her.


The moment of contentment of course was doomed to end and fearing it would turn to an awkward silence, Holly did what she did best, she stated the obvious in her usual blunt style.

“Not bad for a first kiss.”

“Ahh huh, that’s the only thing that’s memorable?” Sanders asked.

“Well, your tongue action on my nipples was okay too,” she told him, fighting to keep a straight face.  Clearly her lack of gushing appreciation for his ‘technique’ wasn’t the reaction he was used to.  That was all he was getting though, no point stroking his ego, she wanted to see how much more effort he’d put in to make her deliriously happy, next time.  Assuming there would be a next time, she mentally corrected herself.

And that’s when Sanders’ stomach gave a loud growl.

“When was the last time you ate?” she asked him.


“What time is it now?”

Looking at his watch he frowned.  “We missed dinner.”

“Damn.”  Reluctantly, she climbed off his lap and headed toward the table.  “Here, eat this.”  Holly held out two wrapped bars which she pulled from her handbag.  One was a muesli bar and the other was a quinoa and chia granola bar.  Sanders had a policy, if he couldn’t pronounce it, he wasn’t eating it.  So, he accepted the muesli bar, presuming it was going to taste better than the other option she offered him.  At least the muesli bar had chocolate drizzled over the top.  Well, he hoped it was chocolate, although it was probably carob or something else equally unappealing.

He presumed wrong.  Biting into the Forest Berry Delight, he scrunched up his nose.  He chewed once slowly, then again with an open mouth, pulling faces as he tried to peel the muesli mix off the roof of his mouth with his tongue. 

“You’re never buying snacks ever again.  This crap tastes like sawdust and two year old fruitcake.  You bought these from that vegan café, didn’t you?” he complained.  Regardless, he continued to eat the bar until it was completely consumed.  He even shook the wrapping for stray oats. 

“Clearly it didn’t taste that bad,” Holly chuckled.  “And, for the record, I didn’t buy them.  I stole them from Madison.  I felt she owed me.”

Sanders looked genuinely surprised.  “You did?”

“Yeah, well, she pissed me off.”

It was then he noticed she had made no attempt at opening the other bar.  “Are you going to eat that?”

“Hell no!  I think I’ve suffered enough already today with an almond milk cappuccino and cheesecake made from tofu, I don’t think my colon could cope with anything else healthy today.”

“How about I get something from one of the restaurants nearby?”

She shook her head.  “It’s nearly 10 o’clock, they’ll be locking the front door soon.  If we wait another hour or so, I’m sure we could raid the kitchen without anyone noticing.”

Sanders stared at her for a moment, so intensely she swore he was looking directly into her soul.  And, once again she was back to feeling anxious. 

“No, you need food now…so do I,” he said, holding out the muesli wrapper as though his own stomach was his true motivation, yet in truth, his own hunger was an afterthought.  It really prickled his male pride to see his woman going hungry.

His woman?  Where the hell did that come from?  All this couple role playing shit was starting to fry his brain.

“And if you get locked out, what then?”

Sanders scoffed at the notion.  “I won’t.”

Famous last words.

Submitted: July 18, 2021

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