Chapter 1: Leanna and Mario

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Leanna didn’t know how she ended up in this situation. It was her fault. Sitting in the room of her friend who just happened to be her alpha. Her alpha who is her friend. Someone who saved her. What was she going to do now she wonders? She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, taking in her alpha's scent to calm herself down. She went back five months ago.

She started another semester of high school like any other day the grey and white walls made her so depressed. Another school day yayyyy she thought. She walked through the green door and her eyes were assaulted by extra bright lights, loud mummers, laughing, excitement everything under the sun for a high school. She walked down the flyer and locker-filled halls, being and acknowledged by many familiar faces while making a quick escape to her locker. Then she was stopped when someone loudly called her name. She stiffened and with an agitated glare she turned around. It was her best friend Ashley. A beautiful brunette with a million-dollar smile and an inviting personality. 

“Hey sweetness,” she said 

“Hey, Hunny” Leanna replied in an excited tone. 

They hugged and she smelt like flowers and mint. They then proceed to walk down the halls together to their respective lockers. They attended classes as usual and went on with their day. The school was near a lake. Which separated the alphas and the betas from the omegas. This was not because of some superiority complex thing. Alphas and betas had a more stern upbringing and teaching. This place didn't belittle omegas. They saw them for what they were. The building blocks of the pack. What they didn’t add in strength they added in different ways. As support systems, mothers, fathers, teachers, lovers, and even caretakers. They were seen to be just as equal as anyone else in the pack. They trained and learnt differently from the others because of their heats etc. Thus they went to different schools. Omegas were cherished as any other.

Ashley’s brother was a beta, so they decided to make their way across the lake to visit them. Many of the others knew them so it was fine. They weren't in heat or anything so it was all good. The two girls sat and waited for the others to come. Garret, Ashley's brother had many friends, but one that stood out was an alpha. Very handsome and beautiful. He was like any generic alpha that was at top of his pack, class even species, one of the many princes of the species. Mario brown. He was a good six feet two, had dirty blond short hair, a pair of crystal blue eyes that possessed different colours depending on his mood or which light reflected of them. His lean, muscular body and the clothes he wore did little towards the imagination. Leanna was smitten if honesty was in question. Mario was very fond of her.

They got along pretty well but it was a known fact that he liked Ashley. But he didn't look like the mating type. He was a player and a bad boy. He wasn't in a relationship longer than a few months, which was like a race to see who he can dump the fastest. Leanna didn't understand why women would even try with him. But who was she to judge he was her friend and she didn't judge her friends. However, what she did know was that he was a softie. Especially to his friends. He was sometimes her rock. Always there for her as many of her other friends was. Her friends would carry around omega heat injections, that’s how caring they were. They all would for their omega friends. This allowed them in case one of them going into heat suddenly they could stop them before they did anything to regret. Alphas and betas were trained so they weren’t as susceptible to heats in their starting period. They had their own type of injections and was trained to be able to hold themselves back in case of any situation.

“Hey dudes and dudettes, what's up?” said Ashley. 

“Hey hey hey it is our favourite omegas,” Garret said.

“Why does that sound like an insult dear Garett” Leanna said.

“Oh no, princess I would never” Garett replied, putting his hand on his chest, kissing Leanna’s cheek with a hello and a heart-stopping wink. Greeting his sister with the same kiss on the cheek.

“Hold up mister, don't slobber all over me” Leanna replied.

“Katie your mate is slobbering all over me,” Leanna screamed. Katie raised her hands in surrender. “Leave me out of this,” as she continued sampling Leanna's bacon covered fries.

“Sup guys,” Mario said finally greeting their table with his lunch. 

“Guys, I will be right back going to get some water,” Leanna said to the crowd who was now eating Ashley’s and her food. They all needed water. 

“Leanna, I have water here you can just take mine,” Mario said showing attention to his bottle. 

Leanna gives him a smile in return and replied “no it is fine, I don't want your fans to be mean to me” while she was giggling. “I am going for water for everyone else actually but thank you.” She said walking off. Didn’t even wait for a reply. 

When she returned Katie had already killed her fries. She moved to sit on the bench where she called Katie over to lay on her lap. Her sock-covered feet, however, almost landed on top of Mario's lap, breaking up his and Ashley’s convo.

“Aye sorry, there Mario,” she said before moving to bend her feet. He looked at her, raised his perfectly arched eyebrow, reached for her sock covered feet and placed them on his lap. Then he gave her small feet and toes some small slight squeezes. They were all free so Leanna decided to get some sleep because she had been studying all night for a test. Leanna was always a heavy sleeper so she knew when she woke up, she would be somewhere else. They knew each other since they were kids she knew they knew and someone had to carry her. When she woke up, she was in Mario’s Chevy Camero smelling seawater. She looked out the window in a groan. 

“Hey there princess, I just dropped Garret and Ashley home, but I needed to go home for a quick shower and a change of clothes so I just decided to carry you home with me and then I will drop you at your house. If that’s ok” Mario said while looking at the road. 

“Oh, Mario I am so sorry you should have woke me up. I would have stayed at Ashley’s house until my brother came to pick me up.” She sleepily replied. 

Mario cooed ruffling her already messy hair. 

“Oh no, princess it is fine I was on my way anyway and didn’t want to wake you. Plus Ashley told me that your parents weren’t home and you would end up travelling home, which at this late hour is dangerous. I didn’t want to drop you off home alone. So I am taking you on a little extra drive by that time your brother will get home. Plus, if my parents have returned from their convention you will be my excuse.” Mario replied.

“First of all, I am not five years old. I was nearly kidnapped one time and you guys will never let me forget that. Plus I am a werewolf I can handle myself” she said raising her small fists.

Mario laughed so loudly suddenly Leanna jumped a bit. “First of all, almost kidnapping was three years ago. Secondly, your fists are the cutest, smallest, looking fists I have ever seen and thirdly you are five years because you have the same height as a five-year-old. Plus, you are the shortest so…….” Mario sighed. “Hear what, just go back to sleep, I know you are tired it won’t even take long I will be in and out before you know it.”

“Fine, but stop calling me princess it feels weird when you guys do that and don’t call me cute cause I will rip your cute little face off” Leanna grumbled, turned to look at the ocean and the forest and went back to sleep.


Leanna was one of his cutest friends. She was a firecracker, but so adorable. Everyone loved her Mario thought. She made everyone so happy and was always smiling. But looking at her sleeping face she looks so peaceful and beautiful it made him feel proud. Knowing her since childhood whoever got her was a lucky man. He reached to her house and looked at her again, she was asleep so strongly. Oh my god, what do we do with her? He took off his jacket and placed it on her cause she looked cold, got out and closed the door as softly as he could and ran inside to get ready for his date. His parents were still at the convention so he was safe to leave the house quickly. When he came back, he saw Leanna clutching his jacket so tight. She was drooling on it a bit. He chuckled and started the engine and started driving.

“Princess here we are,” Mario said, stopping the engine. He looked at her again, she didn’t even move. She looked so beautiful he didn’t have the heart to wake her. As he was looking at her Lewis her brother was already walking outside coming to probably give her a lecture on why she was late. Her brother was a large alpha. All muscle and tall as Mario. He looked exactly like Leanna, but way meaner. He is his brother’s best friend. Mario placed his hand on his lips as Lewis recognised him. Mario gets out of the car.

“Hey bro” Lewis greeted.

“Hey, so she fell asleep again, I just had to get ready for a date so I told her I had to make a little stop at home. She slept the whole ride.” Mario quickly explained.

“This girl needs to know boundaries, you guys spoil her too much. How would she function when she gets a mate? Looking at her fondly he added, “you guys need to stop treating her like she is a princess she makes my life so hard at home.” Lewis said laughing. 

“Believe it or not she hates to be called that” Mario chimed in.

“Yeah, I know I saw she punched Garret many times because he kept calling her that” Lewis informed Mario.

“Ouch, she sure as hell can punch,” Mario said, rubbing his arm getting memories of his many punches.

“Anyways, let me take her off your hands so she can sleep in her bed and you can go on your date.”

“Sure, it’s no problem” while opening the door. Lewis took her in his arms and signalled Mario to take her bag and place it over his head. She is a princess, Mario thought even her brother treats her like one and he says we spoil her. Mario knew Lewis would kill for his sister remembering what happened three years ago. How crazy the unmated alpha got. Lewis pointed at the jacket she was still clutching. Mario took it, saying it was his while Lewis was bidding him goodbye and good luck on his date.



Leanne didn’t know what was happening one minute she was in the washroom then the next she was feeling hot from the inside. She was in heat, but she didn’t understand why. Her heat wasn’t supposed to be so soon it was like three weeks away. She tried to get to the classroom to get her omega heat pump, but by the time she made it to the hallway to get into class, she was in so much pain. She saw a few people in masks walking down the hall. She turned so fast to run away, she got whiplash. Leanna thankfully had her phone with her. She ran up the stairs until she reached the roof. She closed the door and locked it from her side. Hopefully, no one will find her here so she could call for some help. Ashley picked up on the third ring.

“Hey, chica what’s up,” Ashley said as her greeting.

Leanna was in so much pain. She groaned and tried to speak.

“Oh my god Leanna what’s wrong, please speak otherwise I am coming to school to get you. She screamed into the phone. She heard Garett is now speaking.

“No!!! Don’t come here, something is wrong, I am in heat we are all in heat here at school. I am not sure what is happening and I saw some masked guys in the hallways. I am on the roof I need help please call the police or something, but don’t call the alphas because they would crazy. I saw what was happening in our classes the teachers were trying to get emergency omega shots in all the students. Imagine what will happen when they start smelling alphas. Please help me! Please I am in so much pain and I don’t know how long I can stay here.” Leanna cried in a panic. All Leanna remembered was that she sat behind one of the water tanks waiting to pass out from all the pain.

“We are coming, we are already on our way, and Leanna please stay on the line. Leanna, Leanna are you there!!!!!!!!!! Leanna softly heard Ashley say between her sleepy states.


“Mario something has happened in the omega school. Go tell everyone they need to go and help them. There are men with masks and the omegas are going into heat Mario hurry up. Leanna is there alone.” He heard Garett scream at him from over the phone and he could hear Ashley calling Leanna’s name. Before he could think he left the gym and ran down the hall straight into the principal’s office.

“Dad something is happening to the omegas we need to leave and do something now”

“Mario we know we are handling the situation”

Wait, how you know? And yet so calm dad we have to leave now! Leanna is there I have to go get her before something happens to her. Why are you guys not announcing it?”

“Mario think about what will happen. The omegas in heat and the alphas go and what….. they will go crazy.” Some of the senior alphas has already set out to go and help. We didn’t want the students to be in a panic the last thing we need is alphas in the vicinity of an enclosed place full of mated and unmated omegas in heat. Even worse, what if the stuff that is happening to the omegas happen to alphas also? They have placed the classrooms in a lockdown so no one will be going in or out” His dad explained it calmly but he could see the tension in his dad's face he was angry and worried but he knew what he was doing.

“Leanna is there I need to go get her, she is my friend dad I cannot leave her there. Ashley and Garett didn’t come to school today and they are on their way she is all alone.” Mario didn’t even wait for his father’s response he just ran down to his bag got the alpha and omega injections and hurried down to his car.


Leanna felt as though she was in a very painful dream she was so cold and was in so much pain. She remembered she was in heat but didn’t know why she felt like she was at school. In the back of her mind, she wanted to run out the door and head home but she knew that was a bad idea. Why was it though? Then she smelt the most wonderful scent. She ran so quickly to the door when she got the smell more intense. She heard a knock and the voice sounded like Mario.


Mario got to the school and was stopped by the police. After realising who he was they let him through. He called Garett and he told him where Leanna was hiding. He ran so fast up those stairs. While he was running he could see how affected the omegas were. In most of the classrooms, they were all asleep. As he approached, he smelt her scent but this time it was different it was lavender and chamomile. He knew it was her scent so he injected the alpha syringe into his thigh before knocking.

“Leanna it’s me princess it’s Mario,” he said with a shaky breath.

“Are you ok?”

“I am,” she said in a soft voice.

“Can you open the door for me please princess?”

“Is it safe, I am scared?” she replied.

That answer broke his heart. “Yes princess it is really safe it is just me here. Come on and open the door for me” his mind was going crazy with the scent.

When she opened the door, she ran to the other side of the roof. That was a great idea. He turned and closed the door.

“I am not going to hurt you.” He lifted his hands in surrender. “I brought your injection.”

“Why I don’t need my injection if you are here.” she smiled so sweetly.

He would be lying if you told him he didn’t want to melt in those arms immediately.

“No princess I am not here for that…..I” he tried to say.

“Am I not pretty enough?” she asked with tears in her eyes now.

Oh my god, Mario thought how much can this world test my resolve? He knew he was getting hard. He could feel his shorts tighten.

“No princess you are…..……you are everything I would want. You are the sun in the sky and the stars that shine with the moon, but we need to take your medicine” He soon realised that every word that he said he meant it. How because the alpha injection was wearing off the effects of the heat. Her pheromones were not affecting him, but she was emotionally and physically affecting him as a woman.

She looked at him and the brightest smile he had ever seen her smile it was on her face. She looked at him and god help him she was wearing a wrap dress which hugged her curves.

“Well, then you can have me. My body, my heart, my soul and my life my dear alpha.” She said as she unwrapped the dress. He was so caught up in his thoughts, he didn’t realise what she said. Dropping it before she walked towards him. She was wearing black lace underwear and his heart stopped, he couldn’t even move as she moved towards him. Her sun-kissed skin made him want to touch every inch of skin he could see. She was so much shorter and smaller than him. He wanted to hug her and make her feel safe. His heart was like a speeding bullet just trying to beat out of his chest. Mario was broken out of his thoughts when he felt her small but soft fingers touched his chest right about his heart. He looked down at her and could see her bright brown eyes looking up at him. Her pupils were so wide. Then he remembered she needed to take her medicine. His body moved before his brain could think.

“Come here, I am going to take the pain away,” he told her in a soft voice and proceeded to put an arm around her waist. She was so light against him. He lifted her and she immediately wrapped her legs around his torso. As soon as he did she was placing small cat-like kisses around his neck and face. It was so easy to just forget and let go but Leanna was his friend, someone he loved dearly she didn’t deserve the embarrassment of her omega heat. She deserved to be with someone she wanted. He then proceeded to sit against the door with her on his lap. His very obvious boner against her stomach. He looked at her as she looked at him as though he was the best thing in the world. That made him feel even more guilty for what he was about to do because he was far from it. Then he hugged her so tightly and she immediately placed her shorts arms around his back. 

“Close your eyes princess it’s time to take your medicine,” he said in a whisper to her ear. He knew she didn’t like the pain of the injection it made her feel vulnerable and insecure and it hurt like hell. So he needed to distract her.

“What do you mean……” was all she could get out before he slammed his lips into hers. Kissing Leanna was way different than he had thought. He felt as though he was dying of thirst and she was water. She immediately responded with a kiss. Her hands went from his neck to his hair and he was in paradise. Kissing her made him feel complete. He had kissed her before for games and dares but he never felt like this. She started rutting against him and when she moaned he groaned. He immediately felt as though a bucket of cold water was thrown on him. What was he doing? This is Leanna, not some girl who willingly wants this. She is in heat he should not be doing this. His heart clenched at the realisation. He immediately took the syringe still not breaking the kiss and carefully injected it into her body. Close to the back of her neck. He felt her stiffen but he held on to her and kissed her deeper. He licked her bottom lip and she happily gave entrance to delve into her sweet mouth. She tasted sweet, so so sweet. He couldn’t even stop his hands that went around her waist again after dropping the syringe and he held her so tight while she rutted against him that he was sure there would be marks left on her skin. She felt so good. They needed to come up for air. When he pulled back, she was chasing his lips. She looked at him and she looked ravishing. Her lips swollen from all the kisses, her hair in a mess, her pupils blown. She shivered from the cold and he hugged her sharing his warmth. He didn’t even know how long they sat there, but he felt content. The shot should be working by now. He didn’t even know he was crying until Leanna looked up at him, shook her head and wiped his tears. He saw his reflection in her brown eyes. Tears filling her eyes.

“Don’t cry my friend, thank you Mario” was all she said before she kissed him. It was just a peck but it meant so much. She laid her head back on his chest and he assumed she listened to his heartbeat and went back to sleep. It would be a while until she woke up again because of the shot. After a few moments, he was sure her breathing was shallower. With much difficulty, he took off his jersey, placed it on the floor and lifted her off him and placed her on the jersey. He then very quickly went to get her dress and was glad it was a wrap dress because it was so easy to take off, shaking his head from the memory it should be easy to be placed back on. He looked at her again and just tried to block out her form. He haphazardly woke her up, eyes barely open so that she could put on her dress with his help and she was back to sleep again.


Leanna knew what she had done. She chose Mario as her alpha. In her omega haze, she saw what she never saw or felt. He looked almost glorious, his voice, his eyes, the way he looked at her, the way he smelt had her in a daze. She didn’t attend school for two days, but one evening her friends had come to see her. Mario was there also but he was the last and he stayed outside till she came and found him. He apologised before she could even utter a word. Leanna knew if he didn’t feel the mate pull she shouldn’t push it. She would not condemn her friend who saved her to a life where he felt like he was tied down. Thus she kept it quiet and didn’t tell anyone except her brother. It was exhausting being around him to not feel anything. Every time she saw him with someone else it hurt like hell, but thankfully her brother was her rock. At first, he didn’t understand why she didn’t say anything but he didn’t question her. He just made sure she had pain meds and picked her up from school when she couldn’t function or move well. She did her best to avoid Mario. Her friends also didn’t understand, but they didn’t question her. Even Mario he knew something was wrong, but she knew he was giving her space. One day when Leanna knew Mario was away from home, she went to his house. It was solely because her brother needed to talk to his brother not because she wanted to steal some of his stuff which she did before the two men even noticed the black bag she was carrying. Those items stilled her and kept her grounded in times when she wondered why she was even doing what she was doing. It was tough, but he was her friend and she wasn’t going to trap him.

Mario realised after a few days Leanna was different. She would always try to avoid him. When all of their friends were together she was always the furthest from him. When she and Ashley were alone, she would always leave them to talk and disappear. However, he always had this burning sensation when she was around. He sneaked glances at her all the time.

One afternoon while he and Garret were hanging out they had to drop Ashley at Leanna’s house. The three pulled up and walked to the front door. Lewis opened it and welcomed them inside.

“Sup guys so Leanna will be here soon, she is getting ready,” Lewis informed.

“Yeah,  sure," Ashley said in return. 

Mario knew she was coming down the steps he could smell her lavender shampoo. He looked up and his jaw went slack. She was wearing a white vest and a pair of short tight jeans. Her glorious sun-kissed skin all out for everyone to see. He swallowed. She looked at him and smiled and then turned to everyone else.

“Hey guys, sorry I was getting ready,” Leanna said with a bright smile

“It's fine sweet cheeks we weren’t waiting long,” Ashley said.

“So what’s the plan today girls?” Garret asked

“Lewis is taking us hiking” Leanna beamed with the response.

“Oh, that would explain these outfits,” Garret said.

“Do we look weird?” Ashley said, looking down at her purple tank top and short black jeans.

“Not at all” Mario burst out still looking at Leanna.

“I guess we should go and let you peeps start as it’s getting late, see you later guys,” Garret said as Mario nods.


“Don’t do what I think you’re doing?” Garret said as soon as they pulled off from Leanna's house.

Taken aback Mario responded “what….. I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“I mean with Leanna” Garret responded. I don’t know what happened to you guys on that rooftop, but what you are thinking about is serious. This is Leanna and you are you. If you hurt her we would never forgive you.”


“You are my friend, my brother, but Leanna is special to all of us. You cannot break her. You are not allowed to. I would consider you a stranger if you do something like that to her. I know your games. You have never seriously liked anyone. Do not add her in your mess.”

“I think she might be my mate” Mario blurted out.

“What” Garret responded. "How do you know for sure, did she say the words?”

“Yes, she did, in her heat daze. I don’t know if she meant it, but how can she not when an omega says those words they have to mean it. It’s not something you say in a daze or a whim. Maybe she doesn’t remember or she just doesn’t want to tell me.” Mario said, taking one of his hands off the steering wheel and filtering it through his hair. “What is worse, I smell her wherever I go. I smell her in my room, on my bed, everywhere in my house. I asked my dad if her brother came over to see him and if she came with him. She did every time. I don’t know what happens but there is something she is not telling me. I placed a camera in my room to see if what I was thinking was correct or if someone was just messing with me.”

“What happened,” Garret asked after a moment of too much silence.

“She was there in my room, she would come in and lay on my bed not for long though. She would take some of my clothes and leave. What was worse is that she would be in tears when she was leaving. I just wanted to reach out and take her tears away but what can I do if she would not even speak to me about it. I am at my wits end here. I feel like I am going crazy, but I don’t want to force her. How long can I go on like this.” Mario said, frustrated.

Garret didn’t know what to say either. He was in so much shock, he didn’t even know what to say.

“Anyway, just forget it. Maybe I am just overreacting. If she doesn’t tell me by her next heat I would go over to see the truth. I will give her until her next heat after that I am taking matters into my own hands.” Mario said determinedly.

Garret didn’t answer because he just didn’t know what to say. Omegas were known to choose their alphas. They were different from betas. Betas being closer to alphas their bonds are different compared with omegas. Omegas chose their alphas. There were mate bonds from the moon goddess, but that was in rare cases. It’s up to the alpha to allow the omega to mark them. If the alpha does not allow the omega to mark them, then the omega would die. Hence omegas chose their alphas very carefully. However, if that happened to a beta they would not die. Betas were stronger than omegas thus they would not grieve and die. There have been betas who have grieved and died, but usually, betas do not die. Hence omegas do not tell alphas they have mated. They usually just stay unmated for their life instead of informing their chosen alpha. Garret only knew what he had been taught. He is a beta and having a beta mate neither of them rejected each other, thus he didn’t know what happens.

Leanna was walking through the halls when a fellow omega approached her. He was a gentle guy with combination of black hair and brown eyes. Visually, he would be considered to be very beautiful, even almost too much like a woman. He had a mole right at the bottom of his left eye. His lips thin, but pink and his skin white as jade. His smile was a rare one because he was an introvert. If he wasn’t gay women would overwhelm this poor guy.

“Hey, lea,” Yuki said so softly she barely heard him.

“Hey snow, how are you? Is everything ok?” It was rare for Yuki to search for her thus she was a bit alarmed. She always went to him.

“Amm, yeah, but can I talk to you,” Yuki said uncertainly.

“Sure Hunny, let me just put my bag down” Leanna replied entering her math class.

They both walked down to the gardens. Leanna talked excitingly about her hiking trip with her brother and Ashely after Yuki has asked what she did the past weekend. She also heard that Yuki started a new book which she was super excited to hear about.

“So what’s up?” Leanna asked again when they were in private.

“I…I... wan..ted to kno..w if you would do… Me a favour? Yuki said almost shyly and hesitant. 

“Snow you don’t have to be so shy we are friends I would do anything for you,” Leanna said, placing her hands on Yuki’s trembling, cold hands.

Yuki visibly took a deep breath and said, looking up at her with those big blue eyes “would you go as my date for the alpha prince’s birthday…. Please”

Leanna’s breath hitched. She wasn’t going to attend and would just pretend to be sick or something. She didn’t want to see Mario draped around countless girls. She didn’t think her heart could bear it. Then her mind reverted to the boy in front of her. He looked so scared. He has never in their friendship, asked her for anything. She had to help him.

Yuki took her silence as a no and added… “You don’t have to force yourself. I understand why you say no.”

“Oh… I haven’t said no, of course, I will go as your date.” Leanna said quickly. Sighs how she was going to survive, she would never know.

“Great, thank you so much lea, I promise you won’t regret it,” Yuki said beaming his million-dollar smile. Let me leave you to go back to your math class”.

Oh, right, math was the last thing she was worried about today.


Saturday night came faster than Leanna expected. Lewis said that he would drive her to the party and she should just meet Yuki there. Leanna walked out looking confident on the outside and crumbling on the inside. The dress she wore was a blushing pink maxi dress. The sparkling no sleeve, one shoulder sheathe was tight on her body with a long slit on the left side showing off her left leg. There was another piece of fabric that was also blushing pink but without the sparkles that were tied around her waist by a bow of the same colour. It was long and flared. This made the dress look more formal. At the edge of there was a strip of sparking fabric going all around. That piece, however, also stopped in an area that showed off the leg. She also wore a high heeled shoe with a clear looking style and which needed to be tied a few inches above her ankle in a bow. This made her look taller. This dress complimented her skin tone really well. She also had done smoky eye makeup paired with wine coloured lipstick and wore no jewellery except a ring on her middle finger and a watch of the same colour as the dress on her left hand. Her hair was left as flowing tendrils down her back with a single hair bow that showed cherry blossoms in bloom. She looks beautiful.

Leanna came out of the car and walked with Lewis, who was wearing a two-piece suit. It was cream in colour and inside he wore a baby blue shirt with no tie with two buttons popped off the top showing off a bit of his chest with a black belt and shoes. He wore a silver watch and a bracelet. His hair was the messy kind of sexy making. His look was effortless.

Yuki was a tall, lean man and looked good in his grey three-piece suit with a black shirt, silver cufflinks and a grey tie with matching grey shoes. His hair was styled to the side. He wore a silver Rolex watch on his left hand and sliver rings on both his hands which were on the index and little finger. He also had a cherry blossom pin on the lapel of his suit. This matched with the hairpin Leanna wore in her hair. This was why he asked her what she was wearing.

Yuki and Leanna both walked in together with Lewis in tow, talking to someone he met at the door. As soon as they walked through the door everyone was looking at them. Yuki being Yuki held on to Leanna’s elbow as if he was dying. She saw Garret, Ashley and Katie and decided to walk away, but Ashley had already seen them and waved at them. Leanna’s heart was beating so fast. She felt sick and lightheaded. Yuki in sensing this placed his hand on her back and whispered asking if she was ok. He was such a gentleman.

Garret was wearing a black two-piece suit with shoes to match and a bow tie. With a white shirt. No jewellery except his mate's ring on his ring finger. His hair was styled short. Katie was wearing a red long lace dress with a white and gold clutch purse. She wore little makeup and wore teardrop gold earrings and a bracelet with a mates ring on her ring finger. It showed her fiery but simple personality.

Ashley wore a soft peach A-line, beaded, long lace, chiffon dress which showed off her soft beauty. She also had a clutch which was the colour of her dress. With bright red lipstick and her brunette hair was styled where it showed one side of her face and flowed like soft waves on the other side. She wore a little earring. She looked so gentle and break taking.

Yuki and Leanna walked towards them. They all exchanged their hugs, greetings and kisses.

“My, my Leanna, you clean up nice,” Garret said

“You don’t look like you cleaned up at all” Leanna countered.


“And who might this be?” Garret asked. He looked like he wanted to ask this since the pair walked through the door.

“Oh, this is our friend Yuki he is an omega like us” Ashley interjected.

“I see, hello Yuki,” Katie said, smiling at him.

“H…hello, I am Yuki Takahiro” Yuki shyly but politely.

“No need to be shy we are all friends here” Garret interjected while Katie nodded.

“Oh…sure thank you,” Yuki said.

The party went on Leanna smelled Mario all over the place, but never saw him. Maybe it was because she was avoiding anywhere she heard his voice. When he was approaching their table, she went to the bar to get a drink. She was standing talking to some pack members when she smelled him close by and escaped to the washroom. She didn’t see or look at him since she arrived. She didn’t have to worry for Yuki because Ashley and the others were there and he looked like he was having fun. After the millionth time of running away, she returned to her table. Leanna was unsure how Mario knew she returned as if he was watching her. He walked behind her so quickly she couldn’t react and caged her in her chair.

“Hello princess,” he said, placing his chin on her head.

Leanna's eyes widen at the tone in his voice. He sounded mad. She wanted to close her eyes and take in his scent, but she couldn’t with the others at the table. Her heart was beating so hard the whole party could hear it. This type of thing was not out of the ordinary, so no one paid any mind. However, as sensing the way she acted Yuki asked her to dance. The way she stuttered and said sure, it was suspicious. She could have felt Mario’s anger and Yuki could feel it too. He rubbed his hands together. Mario moved out the way and she moved so fast from the chair. But before she took Yuki’s offered hand Mario held her by her waist and pulled her close. She finally looked into those crystal blue eyes and saw ice. He bent down and whispered in her ear.

“Save me dance princess,” he said while holding on tighter to her waist.

She quickly nodded, held Yuki’s hand and ran to the dance floor. She was such a coward. She needed to leave as soon as her dance was over with Yuki.

Yuki could feel Leanna’s anxiousness and she just told him everything. After she was done, he gave her a hug, which so happened to coincide with the end of the song. During the hug, with tears full in her eyes, she looked up and saw Mario looking at her. At the moment it felt as though they were the only ones in the room. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Mario raised his hands as though to wipe them off before he just started walking towards them quickly.

Before they could even move off the floor, Mario came, pulled at Yuki’s shoulder and asked for the dance. Yuki knowing what had happened moved and allowed him.

Mario pulled the crying Leanna towards him and hugged her. His hands touching her bare shoulder. He held her until she had calmed down. She mumbled something.

“What?” Mario questioned in a whisper near her ear.

“Don’t look at me?” Leanna said.

Mario chuckled and held her face in both hands. “How can I not look at you when you are the most beautiful girl here?”

“Urgh, you and your games,” she said smiling.

Leanna looked away from Mario’s eyes nervously, moving away from his embrace, catching her breath and wiping her tears away. Leanna looked at him again and this time he knew she had calmed down and was better. They started dancing again. This time the song was a slow one tempting heart the Xiao Zhan and Nan Ying version. Lovely song.

“So birthday boy, just because you are a prince did you really need to have this big of a party. All the southern packs are here. Aren’t you showing off just a bit” Leanna teased?

Mario pinched her waist in response. “Oh no princess, it was all my parents, but if you are impressed, their job was complete.”

Leanna punched Mario and he winced in pain. It was good to be us again, they both thought while looking at each other. They danced some more together talking nonsense until the end of the song. They returned to the table and just mingled. Then the Dj made the mistake of playing Go Crazy by Chris brown and Leanna and Ashley went wild with the song and the alcohol in their system. Leanna had taken off the outer part of her dress thus it was only tight sheath remaining. She ran and started dancing with Ashley. In the euphoria of the music and bass, Leanna was lost just dancing until she felt a pair of hands on her waist, a hard chest against her back and a mouth near her ear. She knew who it was immediately. Her breath hitched. Leanna was sober immediately.

“Just relax, I am the birthday boy remember” Mario whispered so huskily in her ear.

Yeah, it’s easy for you to say Leanna thought, but to her, he was her alpha it was so hard to just relax. Leanna just closed her eyes and remembered they had done this before. They have gone out to clubs together and danced it's fine. Leanna started moving again. She closed her eyes and let the music and her mate take her. She would handle the fall out in the morning she just wanted to feel good. She danced even more seductively as the music changed. Leanna could feel every hard contour of Mario’s body. His body heat. She could hear his breath patterns change as she moved in front of him. It was intoxicating to feel that type of power. In the haze, Leanna could feel something hard pressing on her lower back. She laid back her head to rest on his shoulder and looked at him. All she saw was shocking. So much pleasure was seen in those blue pools.

Mario thought Leanna had never looked as beautiful as she did when he was around her. He bent down and whispered in her ear, “You are driving me crazy, my sweet mate.” Nibbling at her ear looking back at her. Mario doesn’t know what possessed him to say that, but he did and didn’t regret it. He saw her hazy brain run through what he just said and her eyes dilated, her breath hitched and she immediately turned around in my arms. Leanna kept looking at Mario.

“You knew?” Leanna asked, shocked, tears welling up in her eyes.

Mario didn’t want to see her cry again and this was not the place to have this conversation.

“Come with me,” Mario said, walking off the dance floor holding her wrist.

“No answer me,” Leanna said again with tears rolling down her face.

“Leanna sweetie, we can’t have this conversation here. Please don’t cry, I can’t bear to see you cry. Stop for me, please. Let’s go somewhere more private and talk ok. I will answer all your questions.” Mario tried to reason with his hands on her face, wiping her cheeks. He looked around to see her brother and Yuki was walking towards them. Mario looked at them and shook his head telling them it was alright. He looked down at her again.

“Let’s go,” she nodded in reply. 


Mario and Leanna both sat on the bed looking at each other. Then Leanna started ranting. Looking everywhere except for Mario.  She felt as though her heart was beating so fast. “Mario listen to me. I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t want you to feel like you had to become my mate. We are friends and that is ok for me if it’s ok for you. I just don’t want you to feel forced. It was my fault anyway.”

Leanna then looked at Mario now in a panic. She placed her hand on his. “Let’s just stay friends ok, let’s go back to how we were, I promise I will never bother you about this ever.”

“Why?” Mario just simply said, looking into her eyes.

What Leanna saw made a sliver of hope run through her body. Leanna couldn’t handle the intensity of those pools, thus she looked away.

“How did you find out,” Leanna said finally.

Mario raised her head to look at him with his hand on her chin. He smiled at her when her eyes locked with his. His thump unconsciously tugging at her bottom lip.

“Does that matter? What matters is that I Mario brown accept you Leanna Davis as my mate.” Mario said that so quickly Leanna didn’t have enough time to stop him. Mario was so close to Leanna he could see her pupils dilate. They both could feel the bond take root within their hearts. What they couldn’t see was the red thread of fate that shone so much brighter which was connected to their little finger.

“What have you done? You can’t take this back, you should have thought this through” Leanna whispered to Mario as their gazes held each other. Tears spilt from her eyes rolling down her smooth cheeks. Mario’s heart did little flips.

“All I know is that I love you. I’m sorry I took so long to realise it. That day on the roof I realised how much you meant to me. How devastated and angry I became wondering if someone took advantage of you. I just thought it was because we were friends, but it was more than that I wanted you, all of you and only you for myself, forever.  I will accept you even if you don’t love me and just feel a physical connection to me. I will love for the both of us until you are ready.” Mario said so simply that it took Leanna’s breath away. “All I know is that I am in love with you, I love you. I want to sleep with you. Hug you. Touch you. I want you to feel safe with me. I want to be together every chance we get. I just want to be around you…… I want you so much it’s physically hurting me. So much I don’t know how to put it in words. I want to be your only one Leanna and I would be very happy if you will allow me the chance……… please.” Mario whispered so earnestly. Leanna was shell shocked. The man she wanted, wanted her just as much. The man she thought was emotionally empty loved her.

Leanna responded simply looking at him. “I love you, my alpha.”   


Leanna was so hot. She could feel her blood boil under her skin. Even in a makeshift den made out of her alpha’s clothes she couldn’t stop the heat. Her nipples were so erect against her robe that every moment she made was painful as the material rubbed against her sensitive nipples. She rubbed her legs together trying to elevate some of the heat but failed. She could feel how moist, she was as slick liquids slid slowly down her thighs. Her head was spinning with the scent of her mate.

Her heat came two days early. Her alpha was away on business. She didn’t want to bother him thus she didn’t tell him. How was she going to survive without him? She thought. It was the first heat she was going to spend without him since they had become mates. She tried taking the injection, but it didn’t work. She was, in her mate’s room surrounded by everything except him. What was she thinking? She was starting to regret not calling Mario. Suddenly the door opened, closed and was locked so quickly Leanna barely heard it. She didn’t panic, however, the scent in the room was the strong scent of musk and Jasmine. Her head started spinning again. Leanna slowly removed herself from the bed even in all her pain and slowly made her way to the presence inside the room. She stopped when she reached a few feet from him. She looked up and saw the face of her mate. He was breathing so heavily, his nose flaring. His eyes were angry and aroused pools of blue. A shiver ran down her spine.


Mario was beyond mad. Locking eyes with his mate. She was in heat and didn’t tell him. He felt her heat and the pain she was in from the bond they had. She was looking at him with her big brown eyes full of arousal. Her scent making his mind go blank. The only thing he wanted to do was to fuck her until she forgot everything except his name. His eyes moved downwards to her slender neck, her full breasts with her perky nipples, watching them move every time she took a breath. Leanna was wearing a very thin white, cotton kimono waffle robe. It was short and stopped just above her knees. He simply just looked at her, hand clenched. He watched as she quickly undid the robe dropping it onto the floor, reminding him of the first time he had seen her on the roof. She was standing there in her naked glory, ready for him. Only for him. The thought of sinking so deep into her made his dick throb with memory.

“A...Alpha” was all Leanna said before she practically jumped on Mario and attacked his lips, legs immediately wrapping around his waist. Thankfully, Mario caught her with his hands holding her thighs and both of them was deep into the kiss as soon as it started. Leanna’s hands made their way around his neck while her fingers threaded through his hair at his nape. Mario’s hands were on her waist, holding onto her as if his life depended on it. The kiss was so rough.

“Please alpha I need you inside me, I feel so hot,” Leanna said as she pulled her neck back to give Mario the expanse of her neck. He moved her against the door while practically ripping the button of his jeans, pulling down his pants and underwear. He could smell her, she smelled so edible. He didn’t think twice. He lined up his dick and roughly plunged into her. He could hear how her head hit against the door as he thrust in. Before Leanna has time to take a breath Mario was thrusting inside her at a merciless pace. His fingers were holding her so tightly that it felt as though they were inside her body.

Leanna was in heaven. Her alpha filled her up and railed her body just like she loved it. She could feel every inch of him and it made her body even hotter. Every time he thrust into her his dick hit that sweet spot which made her knees weak and her eyes roll behind her head. She could feel her orgasm building up in her. With a few more thrusts she was over the edge, seeing white as she came against the door, hugging Mario’s neck tight. Her alpha didn’t stop his assault even through her orgasm which he did normally. When her orgasm subsided, her alpha was still thrusting into her. 

“A….alpha please, slow down,” Leanna said overstimulation evident. She received a bite on the juncture of her neck and shoulder in response. That made heat build up in her even more.

“You went into heat and didn’t tell me…. I am so mad at you right now” with every word he said the thrusts were harder. She felt as if he was trying to break her in half but she didn’t care the heat inside her was building up. Mario didn’t speak to Leanna again. He didn't even kiss her. Knowing how much she loved his kisses. He just kept fucking her against that door, she lost count of how many times she came.

Eventually, Mario moved her from the door to the bed. Pulled out of her and roughly threw her on the bed. He crawled over to her. She saw his pants were off. His dick was so hard she could the distinct veins on it. She licked her lips just thinking about it in her mouth.  He flipped her over and laid her on her stomach and entered her again. Again he fucked her without mercy. With one hand on her shoulder and the other wrapped in her hair. Her back arched taking in his unforgiving assault.

“Fuck yes, more please, harder.” She could hear herself moan.

“Take it, isn’t this want you want mate. How were you going to use your fingers? Did you think you could fuck yourself better than me.” A bitter laugh escaped his mouth.

“No, nobody can fuck me better than you, alpha,” Leanna replied breathlessly.

After a long time without changing positions, his pace continued. Her back started to ache but in her heat all the pain became pleasure. She was surely going to ache when her heat ended. Then his hold suddenly released from her hair and shoulder and the thrusts stopped. Leanna could finally catch her breath. She felt his chest press into her back, his mouth next to her ear and his fingers on her oversensitive forgotten nipples. He started fucking her again less rough, but still, it felt like he was trying to break her.

“Who do you belong to? Who owns this pussy? When you want to be fucked who is the only one you need? Who’s cum do you need to fill you up and make you feel good? Answer me!”  Mario growled next to her ear.

“You, it’s you, please... Please… please. I’m sorry… so sorry please.” Leanna didn’t know why she was saying please but she knew why she was saying sorry. He was mad at her for not calling him. For trying to handle everything on her own again. He warned her.

To hear Leanna beg and say sorry like that made his heart suffer. She knew he was punishing her. Angrily, he twisted her nipples and she came. She felt so good when she came around him. He knew she wanted him to come in her. It was the best part of doing all this. She wanted him to fill her up. For him to knot her, mark her from the inside. He decided that would be her punishment for trying to do everything on her own again without his help. He would not cum. He would hurt too, but to teach her a lesson he would.

Mario pulled out of her again. Laid on his back and pulled her to straddle him. He was inside her again, but this time he didn’t move. He waited for her to regain her composure. He looked at her. Her head bent with her brown wavy hair covering her face, breathing hard. He could see his fingertips had bruised her thighs and waist. He went too far he thought. He placed his hands on her and gently rubbed her waist. Then he felt something wet drop on his stomach. He took his hand, moved her hair from her face. Then placed his palm on her cheeks and lifted her face to look at him. She looked completely fucked but her eyes looked at him with sadness. Tears fell from her eyes. All Mario’s anger disappeared.

“I’m sorry Mario, don’t be mad at me. I didn’t want to bother you, I just I don’t know I just….. I’m so sorry.” Leanna cried. 

“Oh baby, don’t cry. I am not angry, not anymore.” Mario’s heart melted looking at her face.

“You haven’t kissed me, don’t make me suffer like this……..please just please kiss me,” Leanna begged, her eyes red from crying.

“Come here,” Mario said softly as he pulled her down to kiss her gently. Leanna started to ride Mario while kissing him. Her slow movements, her breath on his face, the look of pure adoration she was giving him, the soft, intimate kisses, the way her tongue gently massaged his, the way her hands caressed his face and the way she moaned his name had him coming inside her, face buried in her shoulder breathing in her scent. She came with him.

“Sleep my love, I know you are tired. I will clean us up after my knot releases you.” Mario said to Leanna while placing quick pecks on her over kissed lips. She was so beautiful he thought.

“Mnn” she so sleepily replied.

Eventually, her breathing evened out which meant she was asleep. He eventually closed his eyes, waiting for his knot to disappear. The last thought he had before he fell asleep was that he was so happy and in love with this beautiful creature that he couldn’t imagine a life without her.

Submitted: June 08, 2021

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Hi, you want honest critique and I may be able to help you without trying to detract from your work.
Firstly, I am Kalel, and have been writing for decades and still learning.
The storyline you posted is quite long, maybe you could break it down into 2-3,000 words per post.
Do you write directly into the site?
I have found writing in word on a laptop much easier and easier to save as well.
Set up your first page with paragraphing mark on.
Edit, edit, edit.
The storyline is fine, but some of the paragraphing is too long to keep.
Break it down, it also makes the paging easier to seperate.
Feel free to do, or not.
Just trying to help.

Fri, June 11th, 2021 9:59am


Thank you very much for your opinion.
I see what you mean about the chapter but where I wanted to go with this was I wanted to have 4 chapters for this series and try to have 1 chapter per post.
Yes I use word because I also think as you that it isn’t easier.
Yes I understand about what you mean about the paragraphs I will try and do better in the future
Again thank you very much for your advice. Feel free to read my other works your opinion will be highly appreciated. Have a good day????

Sat, June 12th, 2021 3:53am

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