What A Perfect Life...

What A Perfect Life...

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Hermione's life was perfect, or so everyone thought. Find out what happens when more problems come her way and her "perfect" life gets a reality check.


Hermione's life was perfect, or so everyone thought. Find out what happens when more problems come her way and her "perfect" life gets a reality check.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Prologue

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Just the Prologue to the story so you can get a little insight to what's going on.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 11, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 11, 2012




"Let's go," Ginny squealed as we got onto Platform 9¾. "We should hurry so we can all sit together."

"You mean everyone except me," I corrected. "I have to sit in the Prefect's car."

"That's because you're Head Girl," Ron said hugging me for the first since we found out.

"Ron, let go," I forced myself to say. "Ron, please."

"Weasel! Didn't you hear the poor girl! Let go of her," I heard a voice from behind me say.

"Thank you," I spat when at Ron when he finally released me. "I can not believe I'm saying this but, thanks Malfoy."

"Whatever Mudblood," he said before walking off.

"Jerk," Ginny yelled after him. "Anyway, I'll walk with you to the Prefect's car."

"It's okay Ginny, I'll be fine."

"Can I ask you something," she asked after the boys got out of earshot.

"Sure Gin what's up?"

"Why did you want Ron to let you go?"

"He's still dating Lavender Brown and he acts different when she's around. It's like he can't see anything, except her. I'm just helping him forget about me like when Lavender's with him."

"Oh… But you like him," Ginny said confused.

"I know… I'm trying to forget those feelings because he obviously doesn't feel the same way towards me."

"Ok," she said smiling and hugging me quickly. "We better get on the train or we might miss it."

I got on the train, walked in the prefect’s car and began to read until I heard the door open.

"What do you want Malfoy," I asked annoyed.

"For your information, I was told to come here. I'm Head Boy," He said smirking.


"Stop yelling and it is Granger so deal with it."

"No! I can't deal with it! Aren't you even the slightest bit curious why I'm here? Professor McGonagall told you that you'd be meeting with the Head Girl before the Prefects came! Don't you get It! I'm Head Girl!"

"Just shut up already! I don't care right now! I'm trying to think of how to get a girl off my back!"

"I thought you liked, and were dating, Pansy Parkinson?"

"I did like her and I was dating her but, now she won't leave me alone… Why do you even care Mudblood," he spat.

"I don't and forget I even asked," I yelled.

The car when silent. Usually I like silence, but it seemed like something was wrong.

"Draco," I timidly said.

"What do you want," he snapped.

"For Merlin's sake! I was just seeing if you were okay because you seemed like you were out of it!"

The rest of the ride to Hogwarts was slow enough without the Prefects there, but Draco made it worse by being the arse he is... Did I just call Malfoy, Draco? Weird. Finally, the train stopped and I jumped off to find Harry and Ginny.

"Don't ask who Head Boy is or I'll scream," I told them.

"Come on 'Mione, it can't be THAT bad," Ginny said smiling.

"It's Draco! Draco Malfoy! I have to share a common room with Draco Bloody Malfoy! I swear, by the end of this year, he'll be dead! I could barely stand the couple minutes I was with him before! Now I have to pretty much spend time with him daily!"

"Oh," Ginny said looking down.

"Better watch yourself," Blaise Zabini said walking by with Malfoy. "It would be a shame if you just disappeared one night Mudblood!"

If I wasn't good at ignoring being called that, I would have turned around and hexed him! It was second year when the Slytherin's, mostly Malfoy, first started calling me "Mudblood" but, all I know is I'm tired of it! You think they would grow up and stop calling me that by now!

"I'm not going to stay for dinner," I said when the food appeared after the new first years were sorted.

"Why not," Luna asked.

"I actually kind of want to check out my new dormitory and go to bed because I've had a long day. I promise I'll tell you all about it tomorrow at breakfast."

"Ok," Ginny said hugging me.

"Good night," I said faking a yawn.

I said the password, Dramione, and walked through the portrait hole. The common room had silver and gold walls with red and green furniture. Looking around I saw three doors and I guessed which two where the rooms.

"Your room's the one on the left," Malfoy said walking out of the middle door. "It's Gryffindor colors."

"And why were you in my room," I asked annoyed.

"I was looking for my room and accidentally opened your door."

"Yeah right! You were probably trying to look through my stuff! You really have some nerve-"

"Look Mudblood! I was looking from left to right trying to find my room and your door was the first one I opened, seeing as it's that farthest left when you walk in! I was, under no circumstances, purposely trying to find, or go in, your room!"

"Whatever," I spat going to my room.

"Stop," he said grabbing my wrist.

"What do you want?"

"I was just trying to tell you that the middle door is the bathroom in case you ever have to use it."

I turned my back to him and entered my room to change. I put on my pajamas, a gold tank top and a pair of little red shorts, and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up the next morning in tears. I tried to calm down but, no matter what I did, the tears wouldn't stop falling. My nightmares kept waking me up. It had been years, but I was still hurting. I ran out my door and was about to enter the bathroom to cry until arms were around me.

"Shhhh," I heard Malfoy's voice say calming. "Shhhh… Calm down… You're alright… Shhhh…"

A minute later, while I was still crying heavily, he picked me up and carried me over to the couch. He sat down on the couch and held me closer. We were like this for about ten minutes until I was finally calm again.

"Malfoy," I said slightly smiling at him, "You can let go of me now."

"Are you sure you won't start crying again?"

"I'm sure… Why did you help comfort me?"

"I can't stand to see a girl crying… Even if she is a filthy, know-it-all, Gryffindor," he said smirking slightly.

"Thanks… I'm going to go clean up… Let's just pretend I didn't cry and you didn't comfort me… Deal?"

"Deal," he said turning around to walk back to his room.

I went back to my room, but was crying again three hours later. I kept having the same nightmare, over and over again. Crying on the couch, I didn't notice Malfoy until he tried to comfort me. I jumped up and ran out of our dormitory to get away, but he chased me to the doors of the Great Hall, where he could finally grabbed my wrist and made me stop.

"Leave me alone Malfoy," I yelled.

"No," he yelled back. "You bloody woke up crying this morning and when I get out of my room I see you crying again! You know what? Forget it!"

"Get away from her Malfoy," I heard a voice say.

"Relax weasel! I was only trying to get her to calm down again."

"I don't care what you were doing! Get away from her!"

"Ronald stop it! Stop trying to act like I'm your property! You have Lavender so go protect her and leave me alone to deal with my problems! If I need your help then I'll ask for it! I don't need you to pretend like you care! I can tell you fancy Lavender and not me so go shag her and leave me alone," I yelled crying harder. "I suddenly don't feel well… Will you please bring me my D.A.D.A. work for today Draco," I yelled, surprised that I had used his first name.

"Since when have you called him Draco?"

"Since when have you cared so much about me," I cried running to the hospital wing. Maybe, if I was lucky, Madam Pomfrey wouldn't be working with anyone and have some kind of potion to help me calm down. After taking the potion, which she luckily had, I went to class, hoping I wouldn't be noticed.

"Miss Granger, nice of you to come. Ten points from Gryffindor for your lateness," Snape said as the Gryffindors all groaned.

"Professor, I was with Madam Pomfrey in the Hospital Wing," I said shaking a little. "I was upset and nothing anyone could say or do was helping so I went to her. She gave me something to calm me down and told me I should go back to my dormitory and relax until lunch."

"Then why are you in my class if she told you not to come?"

"I wanted to come because I calmed down."

"Just go back to our dorm and I'll bring you your work like you asked me to earlier."

"I don't want to go back to the dorm. I want to be in class."

"Granger! I don't want to see you crying again if something brings up that nightmare you had! Just go back to the dorm and relax!"

"Shut up Malfoy," Harry yell.

"Harry don't! You're almost as bad as Ron! I can take care of myself," I said getting watery eyed.

"Granger," he said sounding almost sympathetic.

I ran out of class and when I was about 50 feet from the D.A.D.A. classroom, I collapsed on the floor. My vision was clouded up with tears and all I could see was the stone floor. I tried to stand up again, but I fell backwards. As I fell, I felt a pair of arms grab me and pull me close. For all I cared it could have been "he-who-must-not-be-named" himself because the fact that someone cared enough to try to comfort me was all I needed.

"-ger… Granger… Hermione, are you alright," I heard Malfoy's voice ask me.

"What happened," I asked blinking a few times. My head was spinning and it felt like someone dropped a brick on it.

"I caught you because you fell backwards and when I wiped away the tears I saw you had passed out so I picked you up and rushed you back here as fast as I could."

"Thanks," I said smiling slightly. "How long have I been out?"

"Almost four hours… If we hurry we can still get lunch," he said smiling.

"I'm not really hungry… Wait a minute! Did you say we? As in both of us? You waited in here with me until I woke up?"

"Well yeah… Just because I'm not the nicest wizard at Hogwarts doesn't mean I don't have a heart…. I mean Mudblood or not, if I help a girl who passes out, I'm going to stay with them until they wake up… Plus you woke up crying the last time you slept so I wanted to be here if you cried again."

"Awe," I said sitting up and giving him a really quick hug for being so friendly.

"Hermione," he said. "I know it doesn't sound like me, but can we be like this in front of other people besides just portraits? I mean being heads together we have to show the others that Gryffindors and Slytherins can get along."

"That is a great idea. I don't know how it will work out, but a great idea," I said smiling slightly. "Not, let's go eat!"

We walked to the Great Hall next to each other in silence and then parted ways, but I never really thanked him. It took every bit of Gryffindor courage I had, but I went to thank him properly.

"In my dormitory taking care of Her-," He was saying to Pansy when I walked up.

"Thanks for helping me earlier," I said, cutting him off mid sentence. "I owe you big time since I made you miss three classes and all this time with Parkinson. Not like you'll need it, but if you ever need help with anything just let me know."

"Get out of here Granger! This is the SLYTHERIN table in case you haven't noticed," Pansy spat at her.

"I noticed and I was just saying thanks… Bye," I said walking off.

"SHUT UP PANSY," Draco all of a sudden yelled. "Will you stop saying that word?! The only reason I do is because I was beaten if I didn’t! Just stop saying it!"

"Dray, I," she started to say.

"Save it and stop calling me that! I'm not your Dray! We broke up fourth year for a reason! I don't love you and I don't like the pet names! Just leave me alone," he yelled standing up and walking out of the Great Hall.

I didn't see him for the rest of the day and wondered if something was up. Quickly walking back to the Head's common room, I went to do homework so I could try to find Draco.

"Hey," I said walking in and seeing him sitting on the couch in front of the fire. "What's up?"

"I need help," he answered.

"With what," I asked walking over and sitting next to him.

"I like a girl and I don't know how to tell her," he said without looking at me. "I've liked her for a while and I just don't know what to do. I have no clue if she feels the same about me and I think she likes another guy. What do I do?"

"Tell her."

"Honestly, I'm afraid. I've never been good with girls I like and what if I say the wrong thing?"

"Okay then kiss her."

"What if she slaps me," he asked looking at me.

"Draco you have to make a choice," I said looking at him in the eyes. "Would you rather get slapped or say the wrong thing?"

"Fine, I'll tell her, but in time. I want to get to know how she feels about me first."

"That's a great idea. Just be yourself, but nice," I said giving him a playful shove.

"Thanks," he said giving me a quick, awkward, hug and going to his room.

The next few weeks were filled with little things to help the other students for me and Quidditch for Draco. We started finding time to hang out for a little while and soon I had a huge crush on him. After about a month, he asked me out and I, reluctantly, said yes. This is where my story really starts taking place, where my life really gets flipped around.

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