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Immune Emotions Immune Emotions

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



A blond that was incapable of feeling anything for someone and an Uchiha that believed love wasn't meant for him. What will hapen when their paths cross?



A blond that was incapable of feeling anything for someone and an Uchiha that believed love wasn't meant for him. What will hapen when their paths cross?

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Submitted: April 06, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 06, 2012



"Leaving so soon, little brother?" Asked Itachi when he saw Sasuke make his way to the door with his half open eyes while making out with some unknown woman. What was her name? Um, did she matter that little or have a boring personality that even an Uchiha wouldn't bother remembering? Hmm, well, at least she was a good kisser, right? Itachi pulled away from the woman and whispered something in her ear that made her all giddy again (After frowning at Itachi).

"Yeah. I'm tired of being here. Are you coming?" Sasuke asked without turning to look at the play boy. Maybe he would have stayed if the-oh, yes-blond man would have. That sun god. Naruto. The first to ever take over his mind. And that kiss! It must have meant something, right? But, there was something about him that instantly attracted the raven haired man. Yes, that's right. It was those blue eyes; full of loneliness. Just like...just like...his. He too, was lonely.

"Oh? So I'm guessing that boy you liked was a rip off? No worries, Sasuke-kun," Itachi smiled as he pulled out a phone, "I'm sure that Kimi is still available. Let me call her an-"

"If you dare touch that button, it will be the last day you live." Sasuke cut him off and threatened him. The Uchiha Glare thrown into the mix. You can't have an Uchiha threat someone without their famous Uchiha Glare.

"Ooo. You're no fun Sasuke-kun. If you would only see her! She has the largest boobs-!" At that, Sasuke Uchiha punched the older Uchiha. Was he even entitled to the name? A disgrace to him and his family. Itachi's eyes flickered a tint of red in his eyes and growled at Sasuke. "That wasn't very nice of you, little brother. I hurt." Itachi smirked as he got up and met the glare erupting from the seething younger Uchiha. "You know what, Sasuke? I think I'm going to call Kimi, now. You will meet her and converse. Now, back to my description; she has these large-!"

"For fucking God's sake, Itachi! Have you no limitations? Enough is enough! I won't meet the whore or any other prostitute up your ass!" By now, Sasuke was breathing and panting hard. Something had snapped in him. That much was palpable.

"No, no, Sasuke," Itachi wagged his index finger side to side, "not for God's sake-for yours. It's obvious you haven't got laid and it's stressing, I know. Now," Itachi pulled out his phone and searched for Kimi's number and pressed the 'call' button, "If you'll hold on a second...Hello? Yes, Kimi, it's Uchiha Itachi. Listen, my dear, lovable liitle brother has agreed to-"

Sasuke took the phone and threw it on the ground and stomped on it. "There's just no end to you, is there?" Sasuke turned away from the wicked Uchiha and made his way out.

"Bye, bye, little brother! I'll make sure to tell Kimi!" Itachi yelled at the no longer there, Sasuke.

"Itachi-kun, are you done yet? Can we go back to where we left off?" Asked the woman from before, lashing herself onto the older raven's shoulder.

"Of course. How about saying whatever you were saying to me in the language of yours?" Itachi asked as he twirled around and grabbed the woman by her waist.

"Me encantas, Itachi. Quiero comerte vivo*"


Our blond had returned to his apartment after his "little" encounter with the gorgeous raven. His mind kept reciting the kiss they had shared. Why wouldn't forget about it? He couldn't ignore the slowly increasing beats of his cold heart. He rubbed his chest as he tried to come up with an answer for these unreasonable feeling that were enabling in his chest. His couldn't process what was to his body. A faint smile-but real-appeared on his features. Hmm, that was the first time he has ever kissed anyone. After the raven had kissed him, he wanted more of that taste and took it. The sensations that traveled through his very being were...addicting.

He said he works for the Uchiha Corporation, he thought. Maybe this could end well. Naruto got up from his seat and walked out the door to be met with Ino.

"Uzumaki-sama, hello. Um, someone just called and said they wish to see you. His name is Gaara no Sabaku. He'll be here in a little while." She linked her hands together.

"Tell him I'm not available, right now. To come tomorrow if wishes." Naruto walked away from her left the building. He had other things planned for today, and that wouldn't be interrupted.


Sasuke had his head on his desk. Two whole days since he last saw the blond man. He said he would find him, right? So why hasn't he yet? He wanted see the man. To prove to himself that he was real. Maybe he was right; he was just making this up. Of course he wouldn't look for him. The blond was perfection. He could have any woman or man. 'Why does this happen to me?' A phone ringing snapped him out of his train of thoughts.


-"There is a man that requests to see you"-

"Tell him I'm not available."

-"He said he wouldn't leave until you see him"-

Sasuke gritted his teeth. He was not in the mood for this. "Fine, send him in."

Sasuke placed the phone down when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" he said. The door opened slowly and revealed a blond, tan man in the door frame. Sasuke stood still. "You." Was all he managed to say.

Naruto ran a hand through his hair. "Is that any way to greet someone, Uchiha?" he asked as he took a seat in one of the chairs in front of Sasuke.

Sasuke shook his head as the realization that Naruto was there dawned on him. "Oh, um, sorry. You just took me by surprise, is all." The raven felt his body get tense. He seemed he was wordless when around this man. And from what happened at the bar….

Naruto raised a fine, blond brow. "Is that so? I don't see why, though. I did say I would find you." The blond found it amusing to see the Uchiha boy nervous. He didn't know why, but it excited his body. That beautiful man before him gave color to his grey heart. Was this what people meant when they said they felt happy?

"Oh, yeah." The raven looked down at his thighs. He felt uncomfortable.

Naruto stood up and walked over to the raven. He held out his hand to him. "Come here." The raven looked up to be met with those gorgeous blue eyes. He hesitated before take the hand before him.

Naruto pulled him up against his chest. He wrapped a hand around Sasuke's waist. "What was your name again?" the blond asked. He enjoyed teasing the Uchiha. It was something that would just sprout from him.

Sasuke furrowed his brows. "What? You forgot my name already, dobe. A disgrace." Was he for real? Did he mean so little so him that he couldn't remember his name?

Naruto chuckled slightly. "No need to be rude, Sasuke." The blond said before leaning down and locking his lips with the raven's. A hand made its way around Sasuke's head. Pulling him closer to the blond man. Sasuke's eyes widen at the move. So he did remember his name! Damn idiot! Messing with him. He slowly shut his onyx eyes and wrapping his arms around the taller man's tan neck. How he longed to have this friction since last time. Two days! It was torture! Naruto nibbled on Sasuke's bottom lip for entrance. Sasuke gladly gave to him and Naruto slipped his heated tongue in Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke moaned at the sensation of feeling the blond's tongue against his. Naruto let a faint moan out when he heard Sasuke's. What a beautiful moan it was.

Naruto slipped a hand under Sasuke's shirt and deepened the kiss to distract Sasuke. The raven shook at Naruto's hand feeling his body.

"Naruto…" Sasuke said between kisses. Naruto pulled away and placed his plump pink lips on the pale Uchiha's neck; sucking lightly. "What?" he asked.


Just then….

"Well, well. What do we have here?" Someone at the door said. Amused and surprised at the scene before him.

Sasuke pulled away from Naruto and he growled in response. "Itachi, What are you doing here? Knock before you come in!"

Itachi chuckled. "Sorry, little brother. I didn't know you were busy."

Naruto knitted his brows and stared intensely at the older Uchiha. Damn him for interrupting them. "Well, as you can see, we are. Now, would you be kind enough to leave us alone?"

"Oh. Heh, heh. Little brother, he's feisty. He must be a wonder in bed. But I came to tell you, brother, I called Kimi and she said she would meet you. Be there—"

"What Kimi?" the blond asked, obviously annoyed.

"No one." The raven replied. It was thrilling to see the blond man get jealous.

"No need to lie, Sasuke. She's his girlfriend, uuh…what is your name?" Itachi asked as a smirked appeared on his features. Boy, did he love teasing with younger brother. It was what he practically lived for. Practically.

Naruto turned his attention to Sasuke with anger in his blue eyes. He silently gritted his teeth. "Girlfriend, huh? I didn't know you had a girlfriend, Sasuke. I'm leaving." Naruto made his way to the door. Anger written all over his face. "Naruto, Wait!" Sasuke called out to him. He too was about to walk out the door, but Itachi stopped him.

"Fuck you, Itachi." Sasuke said with hate. How could he do this?

"I rather you not. But I told you, little brother, you would regret it. Well, I made it obvious enough. Now, you better hurry. Don't want to lose sight of him, now do you?" Itachi stepped aside with a smirk of victory. Oh, this would be interesting. He rubbed his chin in wonder. Sasuke grunted and ran out the door as fast as he could.

He had to catch up to Naruto. Damn Itachi! Now Naruto thought false things! He ran outside, but couldn't see him. Where the hell did he go? He was fast. Sasuke hissed in annoyance and anger and walked back inside. This was seriously a mood killer. Naruto probably hated his guts. But he had to find him and tell him the truth. But wait. Why was he getting all worked up for? He and the blond weren't anything! Or were they?

I swear, Itachi. I'll get you back good! He thought went back to his office. Hissing at anyone who dared talk to him on the way.

******** And that's a wrap. Hope you enjoyed. Ja ne.

(*)= I like you, Itachi. I want to eat you alive.

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