Chapter 1: Needles and Clamps

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Body Works
Second Submission to the Deviant Behavior Series
"Are you sure he'll like it?"  I asked.
Ashley nodded complacently as we drove into the parking lot.  We both stepped out of her BMW sport coup and made our way towards the building.
"Body Works,"  I read aloud, eyeing the print on the entryway;  "Tattoo Salon and Body Piercing."  Ashley opened the glass door and ushered me inside.  At the desk we met Gina who asked for our appointments and IDs.
"Megan Michaels to see Charlie,"  Ashley announced.  Gina pointed at my name in the ledger, then lifted the phone and punched in a number.
"Charlie, Megan's here to see you."  Gina smiled at us.  "Are you coming with her, Ash?" 
"Of course,"  She affirmed, typing something on her phone before dropping it in her purse.  "She needs moral support.  This is her first time."
"Right this way."  Gina motioned us around the counter down a dimly lit corridor.  This was not what I expected.  I envisioned a clinic.  This was more like a vape parlor; nude tapestries on the walls, heavy metal through the speakers, burgundy curtains, scented candles.
"I smell Marijuana,"  I whispered.  Ashley looked at me strangely, pushing me gently ahead until we came to the final room - the only open door.
"Come in,"  Said a voice.  It was soft and inviting, completely unanticipated from the mouth of its owner.  "I'm Charlie.  You must be Megan."  He extended his hand.  He looked like a mountain.
"You can call me Meg.  Everyone else does."
"Meg it is, then,"  He confirmed.  "This is your first?"
"Yes,"  I shyly responded.
"Well, you're as beautiful as Ashley suggested."  Charlie waved his hand towards an exam table covered with paper sheeting just as you'd see in a clinic.  It was the only thing remotely medical I'd seen in the place.
"Have a seat,"  He requested.  "Are we doing one or both?"
"Both,"  Ashley interrupted as I prepared to respond.  Charlie looked at me for confirmation.  I nodded affirmatively.  "Her boyfriend is going to love it.  He has no idea,"  She continued.
"An anniversary surprise?"  Charlie asked, reaching for a tray containing multiple instruments.
"Actually, no.  We just started dating a few months ago,"  I admitted.  I couldn't believe that I was divulging such private information, but why not.  This man was about to see my tits.  This massive man.  This muscular, auburn haired man with glaring blue eyes and neon tattoos.
"Megan is going to nursing school,"  Ashley announced.  "She just got accepted yesterday.  This is kind of a celebration."
"I wanted to be a nurse....or a doctor...or something,"  Charlie commented.  He gave me a comforting smile.  "Now I do this."
"Do you tattoo people as well?"  I was making conversation just to settle my nerves.
"That's actually my favorite thing, Meg.  Would you like one of those?  My afternoon is free.  We could certainly work that in.  How about a kitten or the nursing Caduceus behind your ear - something small and delicate...just like you?"
"How 'bout' a Rolling Stone Tongue on her mound?"  Ashley emphatically suggested.  My jaw fell open as I stared at her expectantly.
"No, thank you,"  I replied.  "I'll be fortunate to make it through this without fainting."
"Nonsense."  Charlie began opening packages on the tray.  "This is nothing, and it only takes a few seconds."
"Shit, I should have had a drink before I came."  I blew out a deep breath, anxious and shivering.
"Not to worry."  Charlie rolled his stool towards a fridge in the corner and retrieved a small bottle of Jim Beam Maple.  He poured the caramel liquid into a shot glass and handed it to me.
"You're a bar tender too?"  I took the glass from him.  My hand was trembling.
"Only for beautiful virgins."
I took a swig and felt the burn down my throat.  "I'm not a virgin, Charlie, but thank you for the liquid courage."
"You're a virgin to piercing, aren't you?"  Charlie took my hand, silently urging me to stand.
"Well, yes.  I suppose you're right."  I brought the glass to my lips and drained it completely.  The heat in my empty stomach was already swimming to my brain.
"Better?"  He asked.  I gazed at his muscular frame.  He wore a tight white T shirt that was glued to his pecs and biceps.  His blue jeans were worn, faded, and bulging.
Shit, did I just look at his crotch right in front of him?
"Better,"  I repeated with confidence.
"Meg?"  He asked.
"Yes, Charlie?"  His face seemed to be blurring.
"Are you ready to take off your shirt?"
"Yes, Charlie."
"Would you like Ashley to help you?"
"Yes, Charlie."
Ashley was standing immediately behind me.  I had been totally oblivious to her presence.  "Here we go,"  She said, lifting my halter top over my head as I stretched my arms skyward.  "Let's get this bra off as well."  She unclipped me in the back and slid down the straps.  "There we are, Charlie.  What do you think?"
The two of them studied my breasts intently.
"I had no idea her nipples were so small, Charlie.  Is it going to be a problem?"  Ashley placed my clothes on the counter well out of my reach.
"No trouble at all.  She'll take the smallest bar we have, but it's going to work fine."
"Are you sure?"  I interjected.  I was becoming concerned.  I was also losing my balance.
"It's going to be perfect, Meg.  Would you like another of these?"  Charlie held up my shot glass.
"I think I'm fine, Charlie.  I really don't drink much.  I'm already spinning."
"I'll attest to that,"  Ashley giggled.  "She's a hard shove just to get out the door.  It took an act of congress to bring her in here."
"That's the best thing congress has ever accomplished,"  Charlie laughed.  "May I touch you, Meg?"
"Yes, Charlie."  I was dizzy.  I felt hypnotized.  His huge hands could  have easily engulfed my breasts, but he preferenced his fingers to feel me up."
"B Cup,"  Ashley mentioned from the counter as she toyed with my bra.  "I guessed that the first time I saw her!"
She was guessing my cup size when we met?
Charlie lifted my breasts with the tips of his digits, then let them fall slowly as he softly released.  He studied them like no man had ever studied me before, soaking his eyes in my subtle curves, my minimal feminine globes.
"You have to be standing when we mark your nipples, Meg.  It makes things line up properly."
"You have to mark my nipples?"
"Of course,"  Charlie answered.  "It's just like plastic surgery.  You always mark before you do anything permanent."
"Permanent,"  I repeated.  "Anything permanent."
Charlie reached for his felt tip pen, then gripped my right nipple with the ends of his fingers.  He dotted my nipple at the base on either side, then moved to the other nipple and repeated the process.  I couldn't help but let out a tiny gasp as he pinched me gently.  Ashley was smirking in the corner.
"Now,"  Charlie announced as he stretched into his gloves,  "I'm going to dab some Bacitracin on each nipple.  This will be a little cold.  You can lie back on the table for this part."
Using a long Q Tip dipped in jelly, Charlie painted my power points pencil stiff.  He picked up a small needle from the tray along with a pair of forceps that looked similar to hemostats.
"I'm going to grip your nipple with these, Meg.  Then we will put the needle through exactly where I've marked it.  Simple.  Quick.  Just a little painful."  Charlie clamped the forceps to my right nipple and lifted my breast as he pulled.
"Can I do that for you, Charlie?"  Ashley had sauntered up to the head of the table for a closer look.  Charlie seemed surprised at her question.
"Would that be okay, Meg?"
"Yes, Charlie."  He was pulling me gently with the forceps, and the pressure was somehow stimulating.  I imagined when he punctured me it would feel almost soothing.
Ashley took the forceps from Charlie.
"Now pull straight up,"  He instructed.  She lifted me higher, stretching my boob, then tightened the grip by a notch.  My nipple was starting to ache.
"Not quite so high,"  Charlie instructed, adjusting Ashley's hand.  "That's it."
I watched as Charlie reached for the needle.  "Take a big breath in, Meg.  Now, blow it out and relax."  I closed my eyes.  "Quick stick,"  He said.  I felt him spear my delicate flesh and glanced down as he pushed through the bar. 
Charlie screwed on the tiny silver ball.  It was set.  There it was; a  barbell through my nipple.  Ashley unclamped me.  I felt the blood rush in.  My nipple pinked; a tiny throbbing BB.
"How about another drink, Meg?"  Ashley was already pouring it up.
"I really shouldn't, Ash.  I'm already tipsy."  I kept looking at my tits.
"Quick shot and we'll do the next one, Meg."  Charlie dabbed my other nipple for a second time.
"Okay, just one more."  It took me two swallows and my throat was on fire.
"Lie back down, Meg."  Charlie fondled my nipple with his thumb as he opened his forceps.  He was making it hard.  My pussy was bubbling.
"I want to clamp it,"  Ashley moaned.  Charlie stopped in mid motion.  He handed over the forceps.  For the first time, I felt queasy.  Uncomfortable.
"Just as before," Charlie uttered.
"Squeeze her titty, Charlie.  Make her nipple stand up.  I want to get it good."  Ashley was hovering like a shadow, her blonde hair draped across my face.  My mosquito bites were already at attention.  I didn't need Charlie milking my udder, though admittedly it was nice.  I wanted him to taste me.
I felt Ashley's clamp crushing my nipple.  It was tighter than ever.  "Oh,"  I exclaimed like a wisp of smoke.  My objection and agony were a somnolent sigh.  The lights seemed to flicker.  Charlie reached over and turned up the music... S.E.X. by Nickelback.
" - 'X' is just to mark the spot,
'cause that's the one you really want - "
"Damn, I love to flatten that little tip on her cherry,"  Ashley mumbled.  She was twisting my nipple with the forceps.  Did I hear that right?  Was I dreaming?  I could feel the pain, but I didn't seem to care.  I remember letting out a groan, drowning in the music.
-"I'd love to try to set you free.
All of you all over me.
Love to hear the sound you make the second you're done."-
"Take in a big breath, Meg.  Now let it out."  Charley's voice sounded hollow as if we were sitting in a fish bowl.  "You'll feel a stick."
There was a searing discomfort, like a nail being driven through my tiny nub.
"Slow, Charlie.  Push it through slowly."  Ashley's voice melded with the pounding lyrics.  "Twist it, Charlie.  I want to watch it poke through on the other side.  Does it ever bleed?"
"Sometimes,"  Charlie whispered.
"Make it bleed a little."  Ashley's voice seemed distant.  I felt something warm trickling down my breast.  "That's so fucking hot, Charlie.  I want to suck your cock."
What's going on?  The room began to levitate, spinning off to Oz.
"That's all there is to it, Meg."  Charlie was screwing the knob on my second bar.  Ashley was back by the cabinet.
"Did I fall asleep?  I feel like I passed out."  Charlie looked up at me, surprised.
"You've been here the whole time, Meg.  You did great."
Ashley walked over and stood beside me.  "They look really nice, Meg."
She raked a red fingernail across the crease of my breast.  "What about a clit piercing?"
"What?"  I asked.
"A clit piercing to match.  It goes down here."  Ashley put her hand on my thigh and slid it seductively up to my groin.
"I'll throw it in for free, Meg.  You've been so easy to work with.  What do you say?"  Charlie reached for another tray.  Ashley lifted the shot glass to my mouth.
"Take another sip, Meg."  She smiled as I gulped it down.  It barely burned this time.  My body tingled as she slipped down my leggings.
"Black silk,"  Ashley commented, staring at my g-string.  She slipped those off too.  Then she opened my legs.  "Oh my god, Charlie...she's creamed in her panties.  How do you cream in a g-string?"
"They must have been riding low."  He said.
They laughed simultaneously as Ashley turned her attention to my pussy.  "I told her to shave just in case,"  She said.  I could feel Ashley's finger swirling around my clit.  "Her boyfriend liked her little muff.  Too bad I made her get rid of it."
"How would you know she had a muff and whether he liked it, Ash?"  Charlie leaned over to inspect me.  I was paralyzed.  Speechless.  Rag doll limp and splayed like a centerfold.
"He told me she had one."
"Why would he tell you that?"  Charlie slipped his finger inside me.  It was thick and warm.  I was wet and slippery.
"Because I asked him about her pussy while I was fucking him."
What did she say?  Why can't I move?
"When do you fuck her boyfriend, Ash?"  Charlie slid a second finger in my cunt.  He was pressing on my g spot.  He was swirling and pumping.
"While she's in the shower.  When she's gone to class.  If she's taking a nap.  When she's studying..."
"You fuck her boyfriend a lot, don't you?"  Charlie's thumb was circling my clit.
"Practically every day, Charlie.  I drain his balls.  I cream his dick.  Then I tell him to go shove it in her mouth."
"You're a nasty little girl, Ashley.  How can you be so mean, so careless, so insensitive?"Charlie smirked.  He was finger fucking my cunt into a sloppy mess.  I couldn't speak, frozen in ecstasy and total submission.
"You love it when I'm mean, Charlie."  Ashley reached over, grasping my nipples as if she were plucking berries from a vine. She lifted my shish kabob tits by the bars, twisting and pulling  until  I arched my back.  It was the first time I had moved since she stripped me naked.  When she released my tiny nubs, I dropped on the table like a sack of potatoes, gasping and moaning in a driftwood demeanor.
"Make her come, Charlie.  Make her come like a whore."
Ashley's words, like a spell, brought back all my sensation.  Charlie punished my cunt with his probing fingers.  His biceps bulged as he shoved them in deeper.  My breathing accelerated.  My muscles clinched.
"You like that, bitch?"  Ashley demanded.  "You like it?  Come on - cream in his palm so he can rub it all over your tits.  They must be awfully sore and tender."  She leaned over me as I began to release.  There was nothing I could do to stop it.  Charlie was forcing me to climax. 
Ashley smacked my tits till they were bouncing like jello.  "Are they tender, bitch?"  She smacked them again even harder.  "Let's flip her and drape her over the table, Charlie.  I want to beat those little orbs like punching bags.  You can fuck her from behind."
What have I done to this girl?  They're both going to ruin me...
Ashley turned and unbuttoned Charlie's jeans, sliding them down to his ankles.  I could see him clearly, his tree trunk thighs and his boxer briefs.  I could see his enormous bulge.  Ashley massaged his manhood through the cotton fabric.  He slipped off his shirt.  He was covered in tats and rippling flesh.  There were tiny gold rings through his ample nipples.
"He's hard, Meg.  Harder than you boyfriend will ever be.  Bigger too.  Do you want to see?  Do you want to see his cock?"
I couldn't answer.  I couldn't move.  It didn't seem to matter.  Ashley slid down his briefs and showed him to me.  Thick.  Long.  Hard.  Smooth.  And pierced -  a huge stainless ring through his slit.  Holy Hell!
"Charlie's going to fuck you, Meg.  He's going to fuck the shit out of you." 
I had no reason to doubt it.  What would that feel like?  That steel ring pulverizing my cervix - would it rip me to shreds?  Scramble my eggs?  Splatter my tear drop ovaries?
They flipped me on my knees atop the examination table.  Charlie held me up, his hands squeezing my hips.  Ashley lifted my head with a fist full of hair. 
"I'm going to video you coming for your boyfriend,"  She said.  "I'm sure he's going to love it.  He's going to love your nipple piercings.  He's going to love it when Charlie pierces your clit.  He's going to love seeing Charlie's big dick pumping your pussy.  He's going to love all that semen seeping out of your slit."
Charlie slipped an arm under my waist then spread my legs wide with his newly freed hand.  He beat on my clit with his metal appendage until my swollen bead burst in a flurry of spray.  He entered me harshly, with furious and wrecking thrusts, his heavy balls smacking my throbbing spent pearl.
"Nut in her, Charlie,"  Ashley ordered.  She had whipped my drooping breasts with the strap from Charlie's belt until the red skin sizzled and my angry piercings glowed.  "Dump that big load in her pussy."
"Come over here and help me, Ash."  With little assistance, the painted stud flipped me on my back, handing one leg over to Ashley.  "Open her wide,"  He insisted as they split me like a wishbone.
"That's a nice angle,"  Ashley viciously chuckled.  She leaned over and smacked my hairless peach until I bleated like a calf with my butt in the air.  Pain shot up my spine like a lightening bolt.
"Oh look, Charlie!"  Ashley slapped me again.  "She's begging for it - just waving that slick cunt in the air.  Give her that big stick, Charlie.  Can you smell her?  She wants that heavy metal 'lovin'."  Ash was cupping his balls, squeezing them seductively.  Charlie's cock was drooling sugar glaze on my widely stretched slot.
"Why don't you put this in her?"  Asked Charlie, reaching for the clit piercing tray.
"I've never done one before,"  Ashley cackled.  Charlie ripped off the packaging and placed it on my belly.
"I guess she'd better be still then,"  He said.
My eyes were like saucers.  I was trying to muster the strength to climb down.
"Lie still, Meg!"  Charlie ordered, nudging his assistant to begin.
Ashley picked up the marking pen, then put it back down.  "Her pussy is smothered in your pre-cum.  I can't see where to mark her.  Shall I wipe it off?"
Charlie shook his head, then squeezed out another dollop of icing directly on my clit.  "Rub that in,"  He ordered.  "Then stick her."
"Please,"  I whimpered.  "Ashley, no....Please, Charlie!"
"Shut up, bitch!"  Ashley stuffed my g-string in my mouth.  "You're going to knock off the tray.  Then what will we do?"  She picked up a needle that looked much larger than before.  "Hold her legs open, Charlie."
"What are you doing?"  Charlie asked.
"I think I might just clamp her snatch shut with this horse ring."  Ashley held up a ring easily twice the size of the one in Charlie's cock.
"That's an incredible idea," Charlie replied.  And the searing pain of the needle drove through my labia.  "Use the dilator,"  He said.  She shoved in a long rod, then shoved in another.  I was clawing the table.  I was sweating profusely.  Every muscle was trembling.
"Oh, hell yea,"  Ashley victoriously declared.  Charlie clipped something shut on my twat, then pulled out a key.
"Amazing,"  Charlie surmised, studying my cunt like a painting.  "In all my years, I've never seen anything like it.  You're a natural, Ashley."
Ashley stepped back, wiping the blood from her hands with my bra.  She jerked my g-string out of my mouth.
"What have you done?"  I was sobbing.
"Best give her a drink, Ash.  You've done enough damage for now,"  Charlie noted.
Ashley reached for the bottle and my glass.  "No!"  I exclaimed.  "What have you done?"  My efforts to sit up were useless.  I was much too weak.
Ashley put down the bottle and strolled to the side of the exam table.  She placed her forefinger on my throat and traced her fingernail down the center of my body - between my breasts - across my stomach - over my naval - down to my aching clit.  She massaged me softly with the pad of her finger.
"You're still hard, Meg.  Still firm as a little bullet.  The thing is, though; you're boyfriend can't fuck you anymore.  Not unless I say so."  Ashley held up the key and leaned into my face.  "The thing is, Meg, I kind of like fucking him myself.  So I'm not sure if I have much use for this.  What point is there to unlock your slutty pussy?"
"Why are you fucking my boyfriend, Ash?"  I was whimpering.  The music was blaring.  FUCK U BETTA by Neon Hitch.
"Because I like to, Meg.  Because I want to.  Because I can."  Ashley pulled a mirror from a nearby drawer.  Charlie no doubt used it to show his customers his work.  She placed it between my legs and held my head up to see.
"Oh my God!"  I cried.
"Can you believe it, Meg?"  Charlie asked.  "A padlocked pussy."  He reached down to tug on it gently.  I winced from the pain.  "Your friend, Ashley is gifted.  I'd have never dreamed it up."
I felt faint.  Ashley dropped my head back on the table with a thump.  "But what are we to do with this?"  She asked Charlie, stroking his massive organ to its peak erection.  "You've still got a load in these heavy balls.  Shall I unlock her before we dispense with the key?  Would you like to give her pussy a good final fucking?"
"What's locked is locked,"  Charlie proclaimed with authority.  "This is art,"  He gestured, waving his hand at my cunt.  "But what to do with the key?"
Ashley licked the metal object, then tucked it in the verge of my anus.  She draped both my legs over Charlie's shoulders and stuffed a soft pillow beneath my bum.  "Good?"  She questioned, prying open my cheeks to provide optimum access.
"Perfect,"  He responded.  "She's got such a pretty tailpipe."
"Too bad you're gonna tear it to shreds,"  Ashley mentioned.  She spat on my sphincter; pressing his prick to my hole - his massive spongy helmet with its shiny metal armor.  "Now fuck that key so far up her shoot that she'll never shit it out."
My butt hole screamed in surrender.  The heavy lock pounded as Charlie speared through my gut.  Ashley coaxed his tight balls to explosive release.  Cum shot up my ass like a river of lava.

Submitted: September 07, 2020

© Copyright 2023 DampKitten. All rights reserved.


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Lisa ☺

Oh my God what a bitch Ashley is, what is Charlie's problem why is he doing what Ashley said and letting her do what she wants. I hope meg gets that lock off and gets Ashley arrested for it. But great story cant wait to read more, it's a interesting story I want to see how things pan out.

Mon, September 7th, 2020 8:38pm


Thanks for reading this, Lisa. Things are getting ready to turn upside down. It's going to get much rougher.

Mon, September 7th, 2020 3:40pm



Tue, September 8th, 2020 1:57am



Tue, September 8th, 2020 8:32pm


I think the horny-69 virus has invaded your body. It's not deadly but it can make your body sweat and the top of your thighs get quite wet from your internal juices leaking out.

Tue, September 8th, 2020 9:03am


You're not far off from the premise...
Thanks for reading, Ron! You will find out, however, it actually can be quite deadly...

Tue, September 8th, 2020 8:35pm


fabulous presentation Meg however YOU can do better than this.
It's too much full on porno in my opinion.
I Think a rewrite is on the cards here.
It seems "rushed " to me.
I DO understand the reasons for it though if I am right.

Tue, September 8th, 2020 11:57pm


It is condensed and way over the top...and just gets worse, to be honest.
I'm well into the second chapter and, much like a Stephen King epic, the thing is typing itself. I'm just stepping back from my computer in horror.

By the way, what is up with not being able to load pics on your title page? When did that happen? I'm looking back at stuff published during the weekend - no pictures on anything. I get it. This is a writing site. But, I still like the cover of books which almost always have some sort of relevant drawing or photo.

Tue, September 8th, 2020 8:41pm


my computer fucked up Meg.

Wed, September 9th, 2020 6:16am



Thu, September 10th, 2020 12:01am

Dick Wood

This seems to be just the beginning for Meg. Could see some of Charlie's biker friends stopping by for some fun. Hot, erotic, well written.

Wed, September 9th, 2020 5:16pm


Thanks , Dick. I haven’t thought about biker friends!

Thu, September 10th, 2020 12:02am

Kitty Hall

Bloody hell Meg! You say thing are going to get rougher? I dread to think what that's going to be, lol. :)

Thu, September 10th, 2020 12:19am


Yea, close your eyes!

Thu, September 10th, 2020 12:03am

The Old Punt

Educational and slightly alarming, certainly harsher and edgier than the other stuff of yours I've read. Looking forward to next chapter and 'Rolling Stone tongue on your mound' is the most memorable line I've read in ages.

Thu, September 10th, 2020 8:57am


Alarming... I like that assessment. I have a dark side. That’s my best explanation. Still messing with chapter two. Thanks for checking this out!!

Thu, September 10th, 2020 11:01am


This felt like a fever dream, I like it

Sat, October 3rd, 2020 2:03pm


I'm glad you do! Thanks for reading!

Sat, October 3rd, 2020 2:27pm


I never thought that reading about such torture could be so hot.....You're downright scary.

Mon, July 25th, 2022 3:20pm


I'm here to surprise you, Will

Mon, July 25th, 2022 7:33pm

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