Dragon's Princess

Dragon's Princess

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Book 1 of the Twin Dragons Series Princess Summer just wanted to help Dragons stay safe from her power-hungry brother's plan to enslave all Dragons. She didn't expect to run into Dane or Aneurin, two brother Dragon Lords, who are far too dangerous and attractive for her own good. War threatens to break out between mortals and Dragons, but can Summer prevent war and survive to tell the tale? *contains m/f/m, BDSM, adult content* *completed*


Book 1 of the Twin Dragons Series

Princess Summer just wanted to help Dragons stay safe from her power-hungry brother's plan to enslave all Dragons. She didn't expect to run into Dane or Aneurin, two brother Dragon Lords, who are far too dangerous and attractive for her own good. War threatens to break out between mortals and Dragons, but can Summer prevent war and survive to tell the tale?

*contains m/f/m, BDSM, adult content*

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 04, 2016



I yelp as Nell drags the comb through my hair and tugs at a knot while I sit and face the window, looking out across the horizon, my thoughts running wild about what was going to happen to me.

“You’re going to have to sit still, Princess,” Nell scolds me and I sigh.

“I’m trying!” I reply, crossing my arms over my chest, “Why do I have to get ready so early anyway?”

“Because guests will be arriving soon and you need to look the part. Your cousin’s, Mason and Madeline will be over very soon and they’ll want to spend time with you, as usual,” Nell begins tugging at my hair again and I bite my bottom lip. I couldn’t take the pain much longer. As soon as she has taken the comb out I jump to my feet, my heavy dress dragging around me, billowing out at my hips, and tight from the waist up.

“Thank you!” I start to hurry around her to leave but she firmly grasps my elbow.

“Be on your best behavior Summer,” Nell whispers to me with fierce passion, “You’ll have many suitors tonight and many may ask for your hand to your brother.”

“Please,” I say with a disgusted look on my face, “I don’t ever want to marry!” Before Nell can lecture me any further I dart out of the room into the hall.

I had something I needed to do. I had almost forgotten while I had fret all day about Dane.

I make my way to the kitchens, which was on the east of the castle, and I go up to the butcher and ask for a large bag of meat. Sam always gave me things without question, he was a bit slow, but more of a gentle giant and he was one of my favourites in the kitchen.

As I walk out the kitchen’s side door into the court yard, I walk through some hedges, and an overgrown but lush garden, making my way to the barracks. Most soldiers, knights and guards took the main road there, but this way I wouldn’t be seen. There is large stone built stalls for the captured dragons, and a back door I could slip through.

Everyone was getting ready for the feast of the Full Moon, so no one would be tending to the dragons. I walk through the back door, which is unlocked. Inside is a massive hallway, high ceilings, and huge barred pens, which held the dragons. There were about six all up in this stall. We had another two stalls at other locations in the country.

All the dragon’s go quiet as I enter, and I hear the slither of chains on the ground as some come up to the bars to see who has entered. These dragon’s had at least three massive chains on manacles wrapped around there legs, and neck. And their snouts were closed off with a metal muzzle, to stop them biting and spitting fire.

“Hello,” I say meekly, feeling out of place. I wanted to free all of them, but couldn’t without them killing everyone I cared about in the castle grounds, “I’m here for the golden dragon,” I explain to the red one closest to me, and the blue one opposite the red.

The golden dragon was in the last stall, and had extra chains wrapped around him, a very thick metal muzzle on his snout.

I walk up to the bars, and peer in to see him crouched in the corner eyeing me with feral wild eyes.

“I brought you some food,” I whisper, trying not to shake in the golden dragon’s presence. I nearly jump out of my skin when there is a loud thump on the bars of the cell next to the golden dragon’s cell. A big orange dragon has whacked her tail against the bars, gives me a muffled snarl, and walks off into the corner of the small room, curling up and glaring at me, disbelieving. I focus back onto the golden dragon.

Is this a trick, little monkey?

The golden dragon’s voice wavers through my mind in a dark chuckle. But it sounds more frightening than funny.

“I know they aren’t feeding you,” I say more firmly, “I can’t just sit back and let them starve you into submission. I brought you some meat. It’s not much, but it’ll help –”

If you want to help him, offer yourself as a snack, stupid human. This time a female hiss filters through my head, and I glare at the orange dragon.

“I talked to Dane, leader of all dragons, and I’m helping him help you,” I state firmly, holding my ground, “As best as I can.” I see the golden dragon perk up at the mention of this.

What is your intentions, human?

“I want to stop this war between humans and dragons. But right now, my aim is to feed you,” I say, glad my position was elevated from monkey to human at least.

I can’t eat anything with this muzzle on, the golden dragon replies.

“That’s okay,” I say, smiling, “I’m going to come in and take it off you, but you have to let me put it back on. I promise I’ll get you all out of here, but I can’t do it today. I don’t have a good plan yet,” I admit, while squeezing my way through the bars of his cell.


Hmmm, brave or stupid? The female’s voice echoes through my head with an edge of mockery.

“Brave,” I don’t mean to say it aloud, but it just comes out.

I continue forward, as the gold dragon lowers his head to look at me, his eyes are unreadable. I don’t know what he is going to do when I take off the muzzle. I drop the bag of meat on the floor next to his head and get to work unfastening one side of the muzzle. It takes all my strength and about three minutes before I can undo all the latches and take it off. It drops in a loud clatter to the ground and I don’t hesitate to turn around and pick up the bag of meat, emptying the bag onto the ground before him.

“There you go,” I say gladly as Goldy gulps up the meat and then watches me with amusement as I try and lift the muzzle to put it back on him but it is too heavy.

Why haven’t you eaten her yet? The orange female snarls through my head and I’m assuming Goldy’s mind as well.

The only reason she’s not dead yet, is that she says Dane is involved with using her against her own people, Goldy states plainly, Otherwise she would have been a tasty little morsel.

I give up trying to heave the muzzle back up and drop it.

“No need to thank me,” I say, annoyed that he is so rude after I have tried to help him, “I can’t put the muzzle back on, but I have to go now. They’ll probably tranquilize you to put the muzzle on themselves. Sorry,” I turn around from the big dragon and pause when I see a familiar face looking through the bars into Goldy’s cell, with me still in it.


“Oh… ah, Marcus –” I stutter, before he cuts me off.

“Get out here, now, come on,” Marcus, one of the guards that liked to keep a close eye on me, keeps his voice calm, probably waiting for the golden dragon to eat me alive.

Without another word I slip through the bars, Goldy lets me go unharmed, but Marcus certainly doesn’t.

With a cruel grip on my arm he drags me out of the stall for the dragon’s through the back entrance, into the garden I passed before.

“I won’t be telling your brother about this, for the sake of your life,” Marcus growls, putting a hand on the small of my back and ushering me forward, “Hurry up, I have to take you back to the castle where you should be getting ready to attend the guests like a good little Princess.”

“Please don’t tell anyone, I was just feeding him because they were starving him,” I say quickly.

“That’s because that is a Royal dragon, little miss,” Marcus scolds, very angry, “He is the most aggressive breed in there, and has already killed at least twenty people attending to him. It will be some work getting the muzzle back on him, it is a wonder you are still alive,” Marcus snaps at me and I try to keep my cool.

“He shouldn’t be there in the first place,” I mutter.

“Enough talk, Summer. I’m not letting you out of my sight until you are tucked up in bed after the feast,” I grumble under my breath.

The feast of the Full Moon.

The sun was already beginning to set and that meant the feast was right around the corner. I would have to deal with suitors like old men, and uptight women who were all jealous I was a princess, and slaves and workers that were all too afraid to talk to me like a normal human being. Not only did I have to deal with the usual issues in my life, but Dane would soon find out, when King Ross planned more attacks on dragons, that I didn’t get the message through.

Would I be the reason a full out war began?

I certainly hoped not.

I had to convince my brother, somehow, that he was wrong.

But for now I had to get ready for the ball. I hoped Dane didn’t find out too soon that I had failed so far in my quest to end this stupid war.

I was doing the best I could.

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