Dragon's Princess

Dragon's Princess

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Book 1 of the Twin Dragons Series Princess Summer just wanted to help Dragons stay safe from her power-hungry brother's plan to enslave all Dragons. She didn't expect to run into Dane or Aneurin, two brother Dragon Lords, who are far too dangerous and attractive for her own good. War threatens to break out between mortals and Dragons, but can Summer prevent war and survive to tell the tale? *contains m/f/m, BDSM, adult content* *completed*


Book 1 of the Twin Dragons Series

Princess Summer just wanted to help Dragons stay safe from her power-hungry brother's plan to enslave all Dragons. She didn't expect to run into Dane or Aneurin, two brother Dragon Lords, who are far too dangerous and attractive for her own good. War threatens to break out between mortals and Dragons, but can Summer prevent war and survive to tell the tale?

*contains m/f/m, BDSM, adult content*

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Submitted: January 04, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 04, 2016



For the rest of the day back at the palace I manage to avoid Jordan Culling. That is, until dinner time – before the hunt.

Dinner was being staged early so that the dragon hunt could be prepared for as soon as possible. Nell had dressed me up in a blood red dress that complemented my light brown hair and was very tight around the waist… and very low cut.

I couldn’t believe she made me wear it, but she said it was Ross’s request that I be dressed up to look exceptional for my future husband. Marcus was even ordered to escort me to the dining room so that I made my way there, and didn’t wander off hiding from Culling.

Obviously my brother had caught on that I had been avoiding Culling, since near the end of the day almost every maid and manservant I passed, was telling me that the prince of the neighboring kingdom was looking for me and very keen to meet me.

And now suddenly I had my escort, who was one of the King’s Guard; making sure I met the damn man.

“You better be on your best behavior,” Marcus advises me.

“Oh please, I have done nothing wrong,” I respond, “I have been busy all day tending to my herb garden,” I give him a wink as I say this and he just gives me a disapproving look.

We make our way into the hall and Marcus escorts me towards the highest table for royalty. Beside my brother is Jordan and they discuss matters with each other deeply, not looking up to see me enter.

There is only one more seat at the table, I notice the rest of the councilors who usually have a seat at the table are not present. There are just three seats; the lone chair is on the opposite side of the table from Ross and Culling.

I grimace at the situation but suck up my anxiety – I could handle both of them. In the best way I knew how. Being brave.

It is not until Marcus is pulling out the seat for me, that Culling and Ross look up to acknowledge my existence.

Ross glares.

Culling’s eyes widen in shock and surprise.

“Brother,” I say sweetly in welcoming sarcasm, “Prince Jordan Culling… it’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” I nod to him and smile .

If he could not detect the hint of sarcasm in my tone, I would be highly surprised.

Princess Summer,” Jordan speaks, a tone of sarcasm directed right back at me, “you certainly are true to the rumors.”

“What rumors?” I ask, pretending to be hurt.

“You are beautiful,” he says point blank, “And a bit of a trouble maker. A willful spirit.”

Obviously these last two things are not pleasant things for a princess to behold from the disapproving tone I hear him use, however I find it complimenting that he thinks I’m willful.

“Oh no, she is just young,” Ross quickly blurts, going red in the face from frustration. He wants to yell at me I can tell, but he can’t. He has to sell me off to this handsome prince I wanted nothing to do with. Despite Jordan’s good looks, he did not measure up to the god-like beings of my Dragon Lord’s.

“I honestly don’t know what you are talking about, me? A trouble maker? No,” I deny it with a firm shake of my head, “I was out in the garden most of the day, and in bed for the rest of it. I believe I’ve got a cold,” I lie point blank. Having far too much fun as Culling’s eyes narrow at me.

“You were up early this morning,” he says, “I didn’t realize your brother would allow you to escort my dragon. I didn’t realize you would fool me, successfully, into not seeing that you were my fiancé from the moment I lay eyes on you.”

Ross is about to interject but I get in quicker.

“That is perhaps because you have ideals about highly ranked ladies and you care nothing more than about reputation. Thinking I was nothing but a mere worker completely out ruled me as your fiancé. You are small minded, clearly, with a shallow heart,” my voice drips with venom and I direct my glare from a wide-eyed Culling to an equally wide-eyed brother, “Ross, I do not wish to marry such a fool as him.”

“Ah – Ahem,” Ross pretends to cough and puts a hand on Culling’s shoulder, “I apologize. I swear she is never like this, it is just sometimes when that time of the month comes…” Ross just screws up his nose and shakes his head, “She can be quite –”

“No, I understand exactly why she is like this,” Culling says this far too calmly while staring at me, unfazed, “The loss of her parents means she doesn’t have a disciplinary figure in her life. I will happily tame her to be my willing, compliant and respectful wife.”

I do not say a word, but grab my knife and fork as a maid puts a plate of food in front of me and I stare from the food to my grinning brother, to a calm, stoic Culling.

Clearly words would not put him off me.

I needed to put him off through actions.

I would have to think of something.

“It is quite alright, Summer,” he says condescendingly, “We will get properly acquainted soon enough.”

“Looking forward to it,” I growl, glaring at my brother who is trying not to laugh, a hand covering his mouth.

“Do you like Dragons, Summer?” Culling asks, out of the blue, a casual tone in his voice as he and my brother are also served food.

“She likes them too much,” Ross says while chewing, already digging into his chicken wing on his plate.

“I honestly can’t quite believe the stories I’ve heard going around this palace,” Culling continues, while slowly cutting up his chicken into perfect squares.

“I do like dragons,” I state, ignoring the rest of his comments as I also start to eat. I was too hungry to eat slowly, plus the quicker I ate the quicker I could leave the table and get ready for the hunt. And get away from Jordan freaking Culling.

“I have very strict views about the role of women,” Culling continues, finally starting to eat his perfect chicken cubes, “However I am curious to know if you actually attempted to train a gold dragon, a dragon that recently escaped here. Or is that just people talking and exaggerating what really happened?”

“I’d be careful, Jordan,” I say, “I do have a tendency to befriend dragons and, well, dragons have a tendency to eat my potential suitors. Does the name George Wilkins sound familiar to you? He is currently being digested slowly and torturously inside the stomach of Goldy.”

“You named the dragon you set free?” Culling asks, and laughing aloud he adds, “You can’t try and scare me off you Summer. You are promised in marriage to me. From now on, you are as good as married to me. I know you might be against being promised to someone you’ve never met but I’ll be more than a good influence in your life.”

“I highly doubt that,” I say, stuffing my face in a very un-lady like fashion so I can get out of here as soon as possible.

“I’m glad you want her,” Ross says, taking a swig of wine, “She really is all yours, Culling. Do what you want with her – I really don’t care what you do to her,” he whispers this last part and I just impossibly try to eat faster.

“I’ll handle her just fine. If I can break in a Dragon to know their place, I can break in a woman just as easily,” Jordan says all too seriously.

I’m finished eating, I take a swing of ale myself and quickly stand up.

“I need to get ready for the hunt,” I snap, “See you there, brother.” I completely disregard Culling and do not farewell him.

I can tell my last act of defiance at the dinner pushes a button with him, but I honestly don’t care.

I hated him.

The last person on earth I wanted to marry was Prince Jordan Culling.

I would find a way to make him hate me, no matter what I had to do.

I didn’t belong to anyone, I was a free princess who made her own decisions, who had the safety of her people and dragons at the fore front of her mind. I had to do what I was born to do – rule a kingdom and stop everyone from falling into all-out war.

Which could soon be the case.

Goldy said no one would be left alive at the end of this hunt tonight.

I would do my best to make that otherwise!

I make my way to my room to get out of this revealing dress that I didn’t feel comfortable in. I look through my clothes and I’m about to put on my favourite riding dress when I stop and look at the black and gold one that Dane and Goldy had given me.

I put the black dress on, feeling the silky smoothness of it against my skin. It was tight and therefore revealing in its own way, despite it not being low cut. I felt safer in it, protected. I didn’t know why.

I hoped it would bring me luck.

After all, I was on a mission to save dragons. Hopefully I could save myself from Dane and Goldy.

I loved them already in a way I couldn’t really describe, but I wanted to again show them that I was their equal; without getting distracted by their god-like bodies and sparkling hair. Dane’s hair was like midnight, Goldy’s hair like the sun. Dane was taller and leaner, but still incredibly toned. Goldy was the same height but slightly more bulky. I felt like they both had the same look in their eyes. That magical, all-knowing gaze –

Damn it, just thinking about them distracted me from what I needed to say to them.

I couldn’t let them claim me.


I would try my best. 

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