Chapter 35: Chapter 35 - Lost King

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter 35 – The Lost King

At first when he landed Jacob had lost himself to pure lunacy that wrapped his mind in chains so sweetly it was like being embraced by a new lover. Jacobs breath was a staggered gag as he gripped at his lower belly. For days he was trapped in hallucinations...dark desirous dreams of death. Perversions.

His labored breaths shuddered in pure pleasure as he imagined ripping out their throats, slurping on the succor of their essence. His sex grew ridged with lust as he fantasized about having Ann under him, fucking her hard as he tore and shredded out her heart....or even more titillating was the idea of his fangs laid deep into the Druids soft skin as he invaded him.

Tearing sinew and talons flaying fresh succulent skin. All the Lion could feel was the sensual and intense sensation of Jacobs claws dancing over Brandons thigs, his shoulders releasing the sweet sanguine fluids as the Druid screamed his name. Begged him to stop.

Jacob giggled into his hands as he put his fangs into his palms and tried not to vomit as he felt fiery hunger roll up and down his cock and belly like shards of glass lining the core of his nerves. His belly quaked and all Jacob wanted to do was feel nothing.

A gag of pure revulsion and a moan of desire war'ed to tremble over his fangs and lips, but Jacob squashed all sounds as his trembling claws clasped at his burning belly. He drove the hot tips of hooked talons into his ravaged body, his mangled senses barely registering the pain now. The pain was useless now.

Instead Jacob lifted his own bloody hands to his face, lapping at his own fingertips as Jacob let the succor of his blood drip over his palms into his mouth.

He couldn't taste anything but Brandon when he suckled at the fluids. Brandon in him....Brandon around him. Brandon in is past and present. The Druid was inescapable. No matter how the Lion had tried to let him go....

The feeling of his life slowly ebbing away was a terrible comfort. A promise of finality. Oh how he wished the wounds he had sustained would be finally his deliverance.

Jacob carried an intimate knowledge of his own illness. He had studied it voraciously for centuries...and he knew as he had know for a long time that he was losing his mind to the Blood Fever....and a part of him liked it. A part of him wanted it. A part of him was just so tired.

After awakening in the Base, revived at the hands of Hovel and the Bane Jacob had been far from excited by the prospect of more life

The Brotherhood and Hovel had seen use for him as the current King of his Pride and so had endeavored to use Brandons blood to keep him alive...but all that meant was that Jacob had truly sunk to the lowest he could go. As if that hadn't already happened before by working with the enemy, killing too many to count, shacking up with a freaky possessed Ghoul.

....and then Jacob had began to see the symptoms of the Blood Fever he carried take a terrible down turn. His sickness accelerated in days, almost like Brandons attack on him had triggered a massive collapse of his immune system. In days Jacob had been graced a mercy unknown. A limit on his suffering that had seemed so unsure before. Jacob hypothesized that he had only a few years left where before Jacob could have lived with the sickness for decades, maybe even one more century.

Jacob had hoped that this sickness would steal him away finally from the endless crusade against sterility and sickness that had consumed his Pride Lands every waking hour....but this sickness was more insidious then Jacob could have ever know.

The aches and hunger was MORE painful then the Lion King could have predicted even though Jacob had watched thousands of his fellow Lion Shifters crumble under the Blood Fevers wrath....

He had seen so many still born babies that Jacob wished he could rip out his eyes.

But...for the last few days Jacob had been trapped in his pain wracked mind, the Blood Fever raping his soul with salacious thoughts of doing things to bodies and skin, killing, tearing, and mutilating flesh as he marked it with his seed. Tearing open Brandons chest and feasting on his heart. Breaking Ezkeiels legs, then fucking him into submission. Even thoughts of Nora....sick upsetting fantasy's that he locked away. He finally convulsed as he orgasmed at the thought of cutting off Hovels head. Slowly the fantasies would become more violent and unhinged, so much so that it would drive him mad as the Fever shredded his mind with blood lust and just plain lust.

Hours passed and Jacob had sat, lying in the darkness....lying in the cold blustery winds of a place more like hell then home. A hell he wished Jacob didn't remember. But the Lion King recalled all too keenly the land of the Druids. The Land of Ishtar.

Brandon opening a portal after David struck him had been a very unpleasant surprise. As was the fact that Jacob had jumped in after Brandon, was hit by David and struck unconscious, for no understandable reasons Jacob wanted to look into.

The travel to these lands had been unexpected but perhaps there was a numb kiss to Jacobs thoughts now because he felt nothing rise or stir in him...except pain but this pain was only from the sickness ravaging his system.

Not pain from memories. Not pain from any long forgotten wounds or betrayals. He felt only the sickness in his veins and refused to consider any other.

Jacob was badly damaged from his fall, he had smashed into a sheer face of stone, and then shattered his left leg and skull on impact with the earth. All he wanted to was blood. But there was none to be had around him...His reaction should have been visceral, but with his body burning alive from the Blood Fevers he just wanted to laugh at the irony.

In fact he did laugh because he couldn't rend earth or scream seeing as he now healed so slowly he may as well have been a mortal.

And yet Jacob sensed the searing awareness all around him. This land. Ishtar. It bled power like a wound leaked blood. Power he knew far to intimately. It seeped into the areas around him tormenting him because Jacob could only rend flesh to get energy, not stones....

But as Jacob lay in the cold darkness, feeling his broken bones trying to heal back into place....he soon realizsed that his prey...the monster of his nightmares was so close.

His Lil One.

Jacob lay in the dirt, throat burning and body aching, sensing faintly that his Druid was near. His brother.

But his useless body couldn't carry him to the Druid so he just waited. Eventually Jacob felt the jagged shards of his skull slide back into shape around his brain, he felt his broken bones and unhinged disks refold and reset into their perfect slots.

The Lion soon rolled up to his knees, then up to his feet.

Shifting in a short burst of heat he took his beasts skin, heavy jowels clanking on fangs as his thick tongue panted over his lips. He tastes the cold waters misting on the air, like drops of ice dancing down his Lion gullet, making the beast shudder. His fat paws and claws drug over the warmth and his tail whipped lazily over the wet moss and stones under him.

Prowling in the darkness, slinking with his belly low to the earth and his fangs aching to rip flesh...even as Jacobs soul sat dying and fading away in a cavern of old memories, sounds and smells that he refused to acknowledge.

Memories of a place they had once all called paradise.


*Blood Fever. Druids Madness. Crumbling Memories. Pain. Its all coming to a crescendo. A loud thundering crash is unavoidable. Just what will happen to all the players in this game...?

**Hey everyone. Im sorry for the long delay. I got really sick. But I was also just taking a break. There is alot of plot and story to create and Im just letting my mind oozze out the story at its own pace. Im sorry if this is not what you want to hear, but its true.  Please be patient with me!

Thank you all for being patient and so supportive. Been having to iron out some things as well as working on the 2nd phase of this series.

(This is the Broken Bonds Saga. Next up will be The Blood Bonds Saga. Look forwards to it once book 6 is completed! I know this is super early to announce it but I wanted to make sure you knew that Im not just pissing away my time. I do really care about this series and will not be abandoning it anytime soon!)

Anyway Hope you enjoyed the updates. Any predictions of whats going to happen next? Do you think Jacobs sickness is going to drive him to do the unthinkable? What is the secret of Ishtar....and what exactly is going on with Ezekiel and the Elders?

More Updates coming soon!



Submitted: June 22, 2022

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