Chapter 29: Chapter 29 - Elder & Reaver

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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When Ezekiel awakened  a second time he sensed instantly and smelled that he was in a different area of the mansion…and that he was in far less desirable company compared to that of his mother or family.


Ezekiel’s eyes cracked open and alighted on the stoic and calm visage of High Elder Bonsa who was sitting in a high backed leather brown cushion chair across from him.


It seemed that his family in a bid to keep a general eyes on his healing progress and move him into a less narrow space had transported him cot and all into the center of the mansions living room.


“So…you’re a truly a Reaver boy?”


“Whats that supposed to mean?” Ezekiel weakly snapped as he slowly and painfully pushed his jelly like legs to move so that he could shift to the edge of the cot he was laying on. He felt far to shaky and hurt to sit there on his back before the Elder for another minute. “You knew I was a Reaver from the moment we met.”


“Yes, but the knowledge of all that you are has only just become a reality to me after that wild display. You know you are a rare being, not many if any Reavers have been left alive long enough to mature past the age of puberty.”


Ezkeiel hissed. “Yes I know that many born like me were put to death. Strangled fresh out of the womb, or drowned in a lake, perhaps left to starve to death, that is the fate of any Reaver born.”


“The story goes that all Reavers go insane when they hit puberty, but…” Ezekiel stopped, shrugged and just hissed as he touched his chest where the rumble of his inner beast gathered, before he looked at her and smirked slightly. “I just didn’t let my sickness control me. I was lucky I guess, or I have my family to thank?



Ezekiel stopped talking and he wished the woman would leave him in peace, but after a pause of her own the High Elder sat forwards and she gestured to him with her hand inviting him to speak.


“How so.”


“Ah….its my brothers….I guess….” Ezekiel sighed as he forced his eyes to connect to the Elders and hold her attention as he spoke. And surprisingly despite her frost exterior and powerful presence…there seemed to be genuine desire on her part to hear what he had to say…Ezekiel had no clue why but he used the conversation as a chance to settle his mind and quietly accustomed himself to the throbbing pain in the center of his chest from his unhealed injuries.


“My siblings all have innate abilities that made controlling my rage and aggression…” Ezekiel tilted his head and struggled for a movement to find a good word, before he gave up and simply said. “ Easier. Their abilities allowed them to keep me in check when I was younger and I would have….terrible episodes of just blind rage. Nate, Lander…and especially Walter took turns using their powers to sooth me and my mother and father kept me in line as well just by the virtue of their dominating me as a Cub.”


Ezekiel smirked slightly. He could have resented his life and the pains he and his family had had to deal with because of his sickness…but honestly Ezekiel had learned long ago to stop resenting the Reaver sickness he carried and instead he was filled with thankfulness that he had a mother father and siblings that had been willing to sacrifice their own time and safety just to help him all the years of his youth.


Bonsa glanced at his expression and he could see some confusion on her face as he spoke of his struggles as a boy Reaver…and yet he felt a smile and warmth on his face as he did it.


 “…Eventually I just came to a point of constantly keeping the anger in check…for their sakes I kept the rage locked away, buried it deep whenever I felt it broiling over inside of me.”


“Perhaps…but now it seems you are losing the battle…” the Elder cast him a look of pure sympathy that sent Ezekiel’s heckles rising and his teeth and fangs aching as his frustration hit the celling.


“You know nothing of my battles Elder, nor can you claim victory or defeat in my name!!” With ferocious denial he snapped his teeth, feeling his fangs rub irritably along his lips as he shook his head. “I am stronger then my illness!”


She’s wrong! N…Im not going to lose to the Reaver now, not after all this time!


Not after I found my Mate! I wont let my mind be taken…not now….


Ezekiel rebuffed as a secret curl of fear and sorrow nestled cold over his soul. Ezekiel quietly lamented to himself, somewhat secretly feeling robbed at the idea of his mind slipping away into a sea of madness, leaving his Mate alone in a world Ezekiel knew could be so terrible cruel and painful. He didn’t want to leave Brandons side physically or mentally…..and the thought that he might made him feel deeply gutted and weak.


“I can see much strength in you Leopard Child…” Came the sudden words of Bonsa cutting across his thoughts. Ezekiel looked up at the woman slowly as she continued to speak. And there was something almost benign and warm I her eyes as she glanced around the room, and she tucked her arms close to speak back to him clam and soft.


“Heavens above…I can only imagine the struggles you faced but I must ask you…do you understand that you by right should never have been granted life? You are diseased and sick.  I may well have to kill you soon because of this fact….” Bonsa sighed, she stood up and crossed her arms, sliding her hand into her robes as she watched him.


“Its almost heart stopping to think that you have been allowed to grow and mature to such a degree. Your physical prowess is nothing to be ignored. Your power is fearsome. Doesn’t that blood inside of you scare you? Would you not have preferred death at birth?”


“Yes I fear it…but I fear what would have happened to my family already…if I hadn’t been cursed this way. I have control and I have managed to use my sickness to protect the people I love….” Ezekiel sighed rubbing the back of his neck even though that just made the pain worse.


“Look I know I got a  little crazy back there, but did you really have to crack my head against a tree five times?” Ezekiel’s entire torso screamed as he made a consorted and very slow effort to stretch and the moment he felt his flesh tied in the stiches start to burn like he was pouring salted lava into his own nerve endings he stopped moving all together.


“Do not lie. It was only our times.” The Elder smartly supplied with a quirk of her mouth in a smirk.


“Yeah? Well it felt like fucking five to me Elder!” Ezekiel snapped back with a hiss and a flash of neon blue as his inner beast became livid and unsettled in his chest at her cold indifference with him.


“Humph! It’s your own fault. You were going into the Haze willingly boy! You’re a Reaver that has somehow managed until now to live a life most Reavers never had a chance to, you are fortunate….” Bonsa bit her lip, and she ran a hand back over her hair, pale wisps of hair that had been knocked free of their bun danced as she moved.


“Despite your distress you should control your emotions better….I had to knock you out or you would have killed me or one of my men to get away and chase after this Brandon you spoke of! You need to regain your control because wasting time controlling you is not what I am here for! You must never let the Haze overcome you or you will be put down the moment that it claims your mind entirely!”


The rebuke was genuine and despite Ezekiel’s displeasure he couldn’t deny that he had let far too much of himself slip into the cradle of his Reaver rage and he had very nearly not returned. So instead of arguing with the Elder Ezekiel simply turned his eyes towards the exit behind her and he hissed feeling trapped. Holding a hand to his chest that ached terribly at every step and breath Ezekiel coughed and he pointed.


“Haze? What Haze!? No…forget that! I am in control, but… Mate is…..” Her mention of Brandon made Ezekiel hiss and try to walk forwards, but his legs shook and he stopped short grasping his sweaty forehead. He shook his head twice and he hissed into his palm. “Elder get out of my way I need to leave dammit.”


“Leave in your weakened state and go where, huh? Well the answer doesn’t really matter because you can’t leave! Your Mate may be in peril, but do you have any notion of what has just transpired before your very eyes? On your very lands? Do you have any concept of the dangers that are facing you and those in this room Guardian?


Bonsa shook her head and blew air out of her lips in derision as Ezekiel tried to speak over her. “You have no grasp or understandings of the things in motion this very moment, things that are almost unspeakable to consider….Two of my men are dead and the rest are still healing from their injuries. I cannot express to you all that must be discussed, but I can assure you boy that we must speak and apprise ourselves of our options.”


“What…what do you mean? Options?” Drin called out, from his spot by the left of the room. His dark blue eyes were stormy with worry and confusion, as he swiped at his short black hair and he looked to Mantilo, then his own Mate, Erin who glanced at him and self-consciously touched her rounded belly.


Bonsa rounded on Drin and she snarled, flashing fangs as she put her hands in the air as if overwrought.


 “You are all so IGNORANT!  I speak of the arrival of the Apostates! The men that just tried to kill us all. Their arrival now heralds true chaos for your Clan and all that you love. So I know its not what you want to hear Reaver but….you can’t leave now when the dire stakes have risen. Im almost certain that if the things transpiring are as dire as Im starting to believe they are…you and your Clan are marked for death and the safest place for you all will be for us all to go to the Dragons.”


Ezekiel had to force his exhausted body to allow him to stand to his full height, as he weakly flashed his fangs and his eyes glimmered slightly. His inner Leopards displeasure mingled with his own, but Ezekiel could barely feel or even sense the boisterous anger and need of his inner leopards at all. He was obviously still healing and his inner beast must have been completely exhausted with the effort of sustaining them after so much damage.


 “No. That’s not the deal.” He growled hollow and without power. He felt so weak, but he still glared at Bonsa. Challenged her. Dared her to defy him.


And despite everything that had happened the Elders fangs flashed pearly white a her lips peeled back and she openly seemed to take an issues with him challenging her words. That one as young as him would push to defy a Lioness that had obviously walked the earth and heavens for many centuries. A rumble and growl rose to color the air and Ezekiel felt some of his senses shift as even his inner Leopard felt an inkling of respect rise at her refusal to stand down.


“Yes. It is.” Bonsa spat back at him quick and furious as she slapped her hands on her robes and leaned in towards him threateningly.


“Now sit down, or I will make you sit!” She roared so harshly and aggressively that Ezekiel sensed his skin dance with goosebumps despite his own broiling temper. He hated that he instinctively knew Bonsa’s level of power and status superseded his own…


But he refused to let her pressure him or his inner beast into submission.


Ezekiel tried to roar, but his chest rattled at the attempt and pure shards of fire stabbed into his lungs and made him nearly black out or fall to his knees. Even so his voice came from him with a rumbled spit and a choked fury that more then made his feelings clear.


“You know what? Fuck you! This is how you repay the Shifter that saved your life! I will not remain here safe as long as I know Brandon is in danger and I dare you to try to stop me again!”


Bonsa’s dark eyes glitters with a sudden burst of fiery energy and blue embers started to light alive all over her robe and arms.


At that moment, and in one of the most shocking displays that Ezekiel had ever seen a small body rushed into the room and stopped in front of him with a snarl and hiss that made his almost jump backwards.


It was….Erin  that choose that moment to walk forwards, and insert herself before Ezekiel. Her small belly round with child and her face etched in emotional highs he had never seen painted on her heart shaped face before she steped into him with her arms raised out on both sides of her to block him…and defend the High Elder standing behind her.


“Ezekiel stand down now.”  His little cousin bellowed at him, she roared in his face, her brown eyes glimmering a ferocious yellow of aggression and anger. And her fangs flashed at him, points threatening him in no uncertain terms with a fight.


“On my Authority as a Guardian you are out of line and you will NOT endanger your own life or the Elders with your behavior!”


Ezekiel couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but the lash of painful anger he felt coil up over his heart and belly helped him to react and push past the shock.


 “Out of line!? This Lioness attacks me, threatens ME, stops me from leaving my own home and Im out of line! NO! Erin I out rank you!!” He hissed back at her enraged that she had the nerve to bare her fangs at him. “Stand the fuck down and back off!!”


But surprisingly the younger Leopard did not back down or give in. She just snarled and all of her six fangs popped out in a ferocious show of dominance that Ezekiel didn’t know his cousin had in her to display, but perhaps she knew that if she was going to try to dominate a Shifter far older and more powerful then her she was going to have to give it all that she had….and in that moment that’s exactly what Erin seemed to do.


“I am a Guardian of this Clan, and this family and you will stand down Ezekiel! You almost died in front of us!” Erin’s small hands shifted to suddently and harshly push him back, and Ezekiel screamed in pain and stumbled back so that the back of his knees hit the bed. Using all of his strength not to collapse or stumble more Ezekiel just grasped his shuddering torso and fought rising vomit as he tried to orient himself…and fight his anger….his rage.


 “Ezekiel you have to stand down! Look at you, don’t make Bonsa hurt you again! You are not healed enough to defy her so just STOP!” Erin put a hand to her hair, and swiped it back as she glared at him with searing beastly yellow eyes and she hissed at him and surprisingly she turned her jaw and snarled equally at Bonsa.


 “You are acting like stubborn assholes and its honestly unbecoming of one kissed by the GODs of Heaven Bonsa!”


To these words Bonsa scoffed and she hissed, but Erin didn’t stop speaking.


“Both of you must stop with all the suspicion and fighting! NONE of this is helping anyone or anything!” Erin slapped her left hand on her thigh and she shouted with tears coming down her cheeks.


“Im confused and frightened and none of this has been making any sense to me. Why did we all just get attacked AGAIN in the forest? What did all of that mean!? Why would this happen to us!  God people are trying to kill us all, including you Elder Bonsa! If Ezkeiel hadent helped you….if he hadn’t blocked that attack you would be the one that almost died!”


Erin came forwards, waving her Mate off as Drin tried to block her and grab her hand to hold her in place, but with a fierce flash of  pointed fangs and a hiss in Drins face she snatched away and rounded on Ezekiel and Bonsa who up until that moment had dominated the middle of the room with their aggression.


“ Brandon is missing and we have no idea who to trust or where to look for him and not to mention we have the Brotherhood that’s out to kill our Clansmen and hurt everyone that tries to oppose them.” Erin shook her head and snapped her fangs in fury, her talons grew out and tears gathered in her hazel eyes as she ranted and lifted her fists.


“WE need to deal with our enemies not fight each other!! Thats what we need to be focused on right now! So stop fucking fighting and for five minutes can we just pause and accept that everyone standing in this room has a target on their BACK! And one of those people in this room is my son…!!!”


A roar thundered out of his lil cousin, so strong and fierce that Ezekiel couldn’t help but flinch at it. He had never seen Erin become so hysterical or angry with anyone. It was shocking to witness as her emotions just seemed to crescendo and Ezekiel couldn’t really blame her after everything that they had all been through the last few days and weeks.


Her eyes closed and tears danced free as she finished with a broken hiss and a sob. “Ezkeiel Im sorry and I know this is all so hard, but you need to calm down so that you don’t let the Reaver out again! Please Ezekiel stop fighting and start listening. I know your upset and sad and stressed out about Brandon, but we need you to be more then that right now! I need you….to do whatever needs to be done so that our family, this Clan…and Brandon are all equally safe! You cant do that if you are too flustered and tangled up in your Reaver to even have a conversation!”


“Sad and stressed out!! Is that what you call it! Well Im going out of my mind and you have no idea how I feel Erin! Your Mate is safe…so you don’t get to tell me how to handle any of this!!” Ezekiel roared back at her and he felt his aggression snap in his voice with the bite of violence.


 Horrified Ezekiel instantly tried to curb his inner beasts irritation, but it was a useless effort as he felt his eyes glow with his Leopard displeasure and Ezekiel hissed in her direction….but a moment later Ezekiel let shame crash over his chest and bottom out in his stomach that was boiling with so much anger and longing that he felt like he had a mountain of coals in his body. The Heat was riding him harder every day and hour that passed and his mood and ability to reason were taking serious losses over it.


And yet he had enough witherawl to understand that Erin was right. What would he gain out of continuing to fight Bonsa when it was apparent that they were all pretty much on the same side of this conflict? Ezekiel didn’t know exactly what all was going on but he was present enough to understand that he had just stopped the assaination of Elder Bonsa for reasons and by individuals as of yet left unexplained.


Sensing the sneering snarl still on his face as his Leopard twisted and coiled in furious anger in his chest, Ezekiel snarled, covered his face with his hands and turned to the side. There was a battle in him between what he understood and what he deeply desired.


He understood that Bonsa, his Clan and his family needed him to stop acting on instinct and feelings. He needed to regain his calm and think of the best course of action to help the rest of the Guardians keep the Clan safe.


But He desired to care about nothing but his Mate.


The numbing cold slam of Landers thought pouring into his psyche was unwelcome and momentarily surprising making Ezekiel flinch and gnash his teeth in pain.


Ezekiel grunted as he looked up, and just entering the room there was Lander…and Walter, both of his Elder Brothers seemed to be returning from a patrol because their faces were drawn with the lack of sleep, and their hair was dischelved as if they had been traversing the elements.


 Ezekiel had no time to determine what to say to them because Lander had already cut deep into his mind and started to speak as if he had been apart of the conversation Erin, Ezekiel and the Elder had been having so far.


Jesus, you wake up from a coma and jump on Erins case that fast!  Ezekiel rein it in dude! You can’t be mad at Erin. Im sorry but...shes right. You are making all of this more of problem then it has to be. Just calm down for 5 seconds! Obviously shits not adding up here and we need to get to bottom of it! Besides you have NO frigging idea where Brandon is so you cant go help him! There is NOTHING you can do for him.  It sucks but you know its true….we have to focus on what’s right in front of us!


Ezekiel was stricken quiet in that moment because he hated the sense of blame he felt being layered on him by his brother. As if Ezekiel wasn’t fighting the hardest he had ever had to fight in his life to hold even a quarter of his self-control in check. He just…he wanted Brandon back in is arms. Nothing else could quite measure up to that, but…


Leave me be Lander!! Look….Im not angry at Erin, okay!?….Im just…ugh none of you understands, you cant. You all have no idea how off balance Ive felt since Brandon left. Like I can’t really breath or think clearly. Its like my soul is panicking and in turn my minds suffocating with worry and its driving me insane! I cant CONTROL it! I cant control the anger like this…its….pathetic!


He told his bother in his mind. Shouting all of his frustration out at Lander internally, knowing only Lander could feel his overwhelmed emotions, as the Reaver bit the inside of his cheek and clenched his teeth fighting to regain his composure.


Eventually Ezekiel sighed and he stepped lightly over to Erin. At his approach Drin who had come up beside her cast him a anxious defensive hiss. The young male defending his Mate from Ezekiel’s dangerous proximity more on instinct then out of hate.


Drin and Erin both tensed up which Ezekiel sensed but he choose not to let it bother him. He knew that his young cousins had seen a part of him he had never really indulged in before in the forest, and his fluctuating angry expressions obviously had them and everyone else on edge.


Ezekiel had always lived with  sensitivity to how others would perceive him if he became to volatile or aggressive mostly because as a Reaver he was feared on principle. His emotions like blades  rage shadowed him all day and night, just under the surface waiting to break free. Shifters in his clan  always feared him because of it.


Ezekiel didn’t want that…he couldn’t think of something he would despise more then to feel even more ostracized and alone in his own Clan then for his family to begin fearing him openly. So casting Drin a small smile Ezekiel slowly reached out and touched Erins face and then he took her hand, and  pulled her into him for a hug. He wanted to comfort her and apologize all at once, but having her near, and feeling the small round of her belly against his hip cooled even the snippy snarls and hisses from his very cranky and on edge inner beast.


“Im…sorry Erin.” He softly whispered feeling her elevated heartbeat, and clammy hot skin against his skin as she came close, and scenting the sweat and salty tears of distress on her. A small tremble traced her spine as he rubbed at her back, and sensed her relax after a moment.


Fuck…all this stress cant be good for her right now, and the baby too. Some godfather I am….


To Ezekiel’s peace of mind his cousin melted into him easily, hugging Ezekiel tight around his ribs, making him hold back a grunt as his stiches strained behind his bandages, but Ezekiel just held her back, and after a second he breathed into her hair as he gave Erin a kiss on the top of her silky brown crown and pulled away. Holding Erins hand in his own he turned to the Elder, whose stern brown gaze watched him warily.


“Fine, you win. I’m calm now Elder Bosa…and I am willing to listen as you have asked me too…”


Taking a slow deep breath that sent a fiery zing of pain over his chest and ribs beneath his bandages Ezekiel shook his head walked back to the cot he had awaken from earlier, and he awkwardly dropped down, Erin settling down beside him.


 She seemed happy to remain at his side, and the honest truth is that Ezekiel didn’t want her anywhere but beside him seeing as Erin was one of the only things keeping him from hulling ass out of that mansion and going on a fruitless search for his Mate.

Submitted: November 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 CrimsonPetals . All rights reserved.


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