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Chapter 16 - Connected

The alcove that they came to was at the crest of a small set of stairs that looked somewhat less dusty and ignored then the rest of the quiet mansion. The soft flutter of the cloths and sheets draped over all the furniture and tables was very unnerving, but what really made Derricks hair stand on end was the door that Derrick suddenly found himself standing in front of.

The Door was mahogany and beautifully polished with some simple gold furnishings at the centers in the shape of two large C's. Nothing grand, and yet the door was very large, more like double doors, with two knobs sitting at the center. There was jewel sitting in the knobs glittering like stars, each the size of his fist. Derrick knew they were fake so he had no cause for surprise at the sight of them...and still disturbingly his entire being felt a physical reaction, like being jolted in the belly.

Derrick shuddered and a small whimper danced over is lips. His hand that was wrapped around Caprinells arm tightened as his heart suddenly seemed to stammer.

"Hey!" Came a short call from Blake sounding confused. Derrick eyes broke from the door and landed back on Blake, his left eyebrow was raised in slight concern, but Derrick could see the impatience in his dark brown eyes as he looked at the door then back to Derricks stricken face. "What are you doing? You stopped. Is something wrong?"

Derrick swallowed harshly and thickly, before he just shook his head, looked back to the door and whispered. "No...I just felt...I mean I don't know what I felt actually."

Derrick looked back to the door and that feeling of being disturbed cut deeper, almost making him want to gasp, but after a second Derick brushed aside the nameless emotion many of which he had been feeling a lot of since Derrick had ran into the Master Vampyer.

Derrick licked his dry lips, glanced at Caprinells and with a sick turn to his gut he glanced furtively at the large cuts layered all up the back of his shoulders. The sight of the pain inflicted seemed to almost instantly take precedence over his own confused mind and the feeling and the uneasiness drifted away in a blink. Derrick took a step forwards, wordlessly letting Blake know that they could proceed, and after a pause Blake reached forwards, and threw open the door to his side.

Realizing that the door was unlocked, Derrick followed his moved, grunting and holding back a curse as his weak frame nearly buckled under Caprinells weigh the longer he was forced to hold him up..

The doors swung open to reveal a cluster of stairs, about half a dozen, also deep brown, leading directly into a large open room at the base, where a large living space twice the size of the living room and kitchen above had been. The space before them was covered in tasteful blacks at every corner.

The floors were covered inch to inch in light grey carpet that looked freshly vacuumed and seemed to give off a faint sweet scent that Derrick instantly enjoyed. It took him a while to realize the reason that he instantly liked the smell was because it was just a hint of cinnamon. The smell that he was quickly learning to associate with Caprinell, even though Derrick had no clue as to why the man seemed to carry such a bizarre and almost unreasonably interesting smell.

A large set of black leather couches in the corner sat before an expensive looking, but moderately sized flat screen. The walls and floor were obviously made of cement and painted a soft grey. There was a tall sink situated next to a dining room set, and a stove, in a carved out side of the space that was situated next to a fireplace. There were walls blocking off other areas that Derrick assumed were rooms, but far off to the other side...there was a large kingsize bed and the covers were thick and plush and the color of the brown doors...

"We must get him onto the bed fast! My Master needs to be put into his chambers, and his wounds need to be cleaned and purified of toxins so he can heal from the venom of the ones that attacked him." Blake said snatching away what little attention Derrick could spare to look at the room before him. Not waiting for a response Blake moved forwards into the space.

Venom? What!?

Derrick thought as that icy curl in his heart made him feel a little panicked.

Blake walked along besides him, the Vampyer unnaturally alluring face was drawn with quite concentration and somewhat to Derrick his bronze skin looked some degrees paler or more gaunt, easily giving unspoken testament to the truth that Blake perhaps was not feeling that well after giving his own blood to Derrick to keep him alive.

Derrick shook his head and gagged inwardly at the idea. He had no idea what insanity had lead him to be a party to all of this and he had no concrete foot to stand on at the moment aside from a numb acceptance....he had no alternatives and his slowly returning memories about the attack and all that he had seen and felt in the last 48 hours of his life left very little to be pushed aside. But he also had no real way to process any of it. So for the moment he narrowed his mind back on to the things he was readily able to deal with. Like his pain....and the ridiculous notion that he was sitting there lugging an unnatural blood drinking creature like it was natural.

Jesus...this...this guy weighs sooo much....What the heck was I thinking when I offered to carry him down into the basement!?

Derrick groaned inwardly as he shambled one step over the next, his head down and waves of cold sweat and nausea rolling over his hips and guts making him want to collapse....and yet for some unfathomable reason he felt just the smallest kernel of....what? Responsibility? Determination?

The answer eluded him as both he and Blake let out massive grunts and sighs of relief when they gently dropped Caprinells long languid body onto the side of his bed, in the middle. Blake despite his open fatigue, took a breath, and rushed over to pull Caprinells more to the center of the bed, using his arms to pull the Vampyer.

Then panting harshly Blake turned and he rushed over towards the tall counter, situated by the sink. With a flick of his wrist the water was thrown on, inundating the area with the sounds of the falling water, then there was a loud bang as Blake furiously slammed open two cabinets, located over the stove, he rummaged around frantically and Derrick could only watch in mild confusion as the young Vamyper let out a hoot of happiness as he snatched what looked like a large black pot out of the cabinet...and a giant bottle of salt.

"Derrick!? You need to leave now, trust me this will not be pleasant." Blake suddenly shouted making him flinch. Derrick stood where he was watching as Blake tossed the pot he had found loudly into the sick and among the clatter of the water filling the pot, Blake made a sound part snarl part curse as he gripped the bottle of salt, and with a casual flick of his finger he ripped the top smooth off and he over turned the ruined bottle of salt into the pot. said hes dying....

Derrick swallowed as he looked to the face of Caprinell, his strong soft lips, and high cheeks. The messy fan of his unnaturally white hair. The long lean contours of his body that even in this dire moment captured Derricks senses in ways that were not as strong as before, but the boy was not above admitting to himself that everything he saw he liked, from the curve of Caprinells short elegant nose to the swallow dip of his hips as Caprinell lay shirtless.

"Derrick! Did you hear me!? Get out!" Black suddenly called, or more like he yelled in a tone and at a pitch that was just shy of anger.

Not appreciating his tone, and also feeling more then a little attacked to the man lying on the bed even though he had NO business feeling anything at all Derrick stayed silent and to his surprise he received a snarky roll of the eyes and a glare of frustration from Blake that felt very much out of character for the sweet younger Vampyer. The look he cast at him from his silent refusal almost felt...menacing?

Not really wanting to leave Derrick fell back from the bed a few paces, gasping and holding his burning belly, even the pleasant smell of the space he was in did little to stall the agony of the discomfort stabbing him in the belly from the wounds he had taken in the hotel room. It was odd to feel so much old pain, when Derrick could feel that the deep evisceration that had been done to his inside was mostly miraculously healed, but it, was like the psychological scars from the attack were constantly still feeling the pain. His shocked system having experienced near death seemed stuck in that moment. Derrick tried to breathe past it, but a moment later Derrick felt like his breath had been sucked out of him when he glanced at the bed and his eyes danced over the body of Caprinell atop the covers.

The Vampyer looked totally lifeless, but he was breathing, but the breath were slow and uneven....and the wounds on his back were not just dripping blood...Derrick could see now that there was also thick slimy clear fluids mixed and dried into the wounds like a slimy substance. It glistened unpleasantly on the giant thick bloody wounds all over Caprinells skin. Derrick hands clenched as he felt some strange desire to help, but he had no clue what he could do.

A moment later Derrick let out a cry of surprise as he felt a shift in the air, like a harsh dip in the pressure all around and in between one blink and the next Blake who had been standing over at the sink was suddenly just....there sitting on top of Caprinells hips.

Blake had essentially flashed from one spot to the next and sat atop the bed now. His hand was clamped down on the back of Caprinells head, gripping his skull, holding his Master in a powerful vice that looked painful, and out to the side he was holding a steaming pot of hot water, that Derrick knew was full of salt.

Blake's face was drawn with sadness, concentration and his brown eyes...they looked different somehow. The color was off. Reddish.

"What are...doing?" Derick barely had the time to breath out part of the question in a startled fashion as he witnessed the Vampyer move faster than any mortal every could have.

Not even sparing him a glance Blake snarled over his shoulder. "I told you to leave. Now be silent and don't move a muscle."

And without another word the young Vampyer tilted the hot liquids out over Caprinells back. The moment the liquid splashed over the bloody torn flesh...there was large and sickeningly powerful unnatural Caprinells flesh seemed to sizzle and pop and steam. The room filled with the sickening smell of flesh being burned, and with an unholy scream and a wild thrashing roar Caprinells body convulsed on the bed, like a bucking stallion.

The beautiful Caprinells face devolved in seconds from anything looking normal into a visage of snarling, thrashing fangs, burning skin, bestial screams that no man could ever make, and three inch long curved talons that slashed and ripped at the bed.

Caprinells claws even cut at Blake as the young Vampyer hissed, and continued to pour the hot salt water. Caprinells screamed were guttural, pure visceral pain, and Derrick stood there biting his tongue hard as he started to loose himself. He felt his senses swirl...and he felt that strange sensation like his emotions were more and less then his own. Like he was sharing something beyond himself.

There was an instant and visceral reaction from Derrick as his legs nearly dropped from under him and he had to hold down a scream of pure terror...and shock.

My his back! Blakes burning him....

It wasn't that simple. Blake wasn't trying to be cruel or hurt his Master. Derrick had no clue what he was talking about and Derrick knew that on a more intellectual level. Derrick knew that more was actually going on. Blake had a reason for what he was doing.

Oh god I....I feel...

Derrick gagged and tried to focus, but he could smell and almost feel vicariously, intuitively, a wild panic breaking free inside of him.

So in Derricks heart, and in his soul all he knew in that moment was that what Blake was doing was hurting Caprinell...and there wasn't a single bone in his body that liked that.

"What are you doing to him!?" Derrick screamed as he put a hand to his mouth as disgust and rage and sadness ripped over him like a tsunami. Derrick shuddered as his stomach turned and he rushed up to the side of the bed. He had no clue what he was going to do, but panic gripped him at the horrible screams and almost desperate groans.

"Stop! It hurts! Stop hurting him!" he screamed close to tears over a man he barely knew and what's more frustrating, is that Derrick couldn't seem to hold back even though Derrick knew he wasn't acting normally.

Completely unable to quell the swell of shear panic in his chest Derrick limped even closer to the bed, and he probably would have tried to touch Caprinell, sooth him, caress his tormented face but at his approach Blake's fangs snapped towards Derrick and with what sounded like a frustrated curse, he shifted and the air once again seemed to drop in pressure. There was a sense that danced over Derricks nerves and the boy turned around fast, but not fast enough.

Derrick whipped around as he sensed movement to his left, and the next thing he knew a hand was clamping over his mouth and a harsh arm like steel had wrapped around his stomach and ripped him off his feet. He was jerked backwards and pulled aside just as his hands lifted towards Caprinells cheek.

"Whoa, how the hell? You reacted fast...strange." Blake stopped, and shook his head before he growled in a harsh tone. "How the heck did you do that?"

"Stop hurting Caprinell...!" Derrick tried to scream, but he couldn't even whisper past the tight hand on his mouth so all he could do was squirm pathetically before a harsh and non to kind hiss snapped alive at his ear and with a stern glare Blake seemed to shout into his ear.

"Shut up, you ignorant little...!" Blake seemed to strain to speak, stop, then he tried again, softer and more kindly. "Look Im not hurting Caprinell. I can't nor would I ever hurt him. He is my Sire. I'm purifying his wounds, saving his life you got it!?"

With a disgusted sounding grunt and non too gently he was turned and shoved away from the bed, so hard and fast that he almost fell on his stomach. "Look you cant scream and raise your voice around him in his current state. Its only going to agitate him. Stroke his protective desires! If you cant do as I ask then get out!"

Derrick shook his head and turned his eyes to the ground. "I...Im sorry...I...but you were..." unable to even really explain himself he subsided into a weak broken shrug as he glanced past Blake back at the bed to see Caprinell still shifting and clawing at the bed, but he wasn't screaming in agony any more and the burning sensation seemed to have calmed down from the salt water.

"I wasn't hurting him!! " Blake whisper shouted tossing his hands in the air, his eerie dark brown eyes looking more and more unnatural. Like they were turning red? "Salt Water, have you ever heard of using Slat Water to cleanse curses? Well that's what I did for him. I purified his wounds with salt. The wounds he had were caused by dark thigs, and they were very familiar wounds so I knew that he had been poisoned."

Derrick listed and then he glanced back at Caprinell one last time. Derrick knew he had no explanation for the way he had been acting so he finally he hung his head in shame and he whispered. "Im sorry."

Blake just glared at him as he also turned back to the bed and he grunted. His mood was turning more and more sour by the minute but Derrick didn't know why and he also knew that he wasn't improving things by upsetting the Vampyer when he was obviously upset about Caprinell.

Derrick took a break, gripped his belly, that was hurting less, but was now sore from getting grabbed and he softly questioned. " you know what happened to him...what poisoned him I mean?"

A vicious sneer, so hateful and unbefitting of the young Vampyer spilt his lips and made Derricks skin crawl. "Vermin...parasites hurt my Master. The poison and cuts were probably caused by dark beings that go by the name Secubi. They use venom to feed. The venom isn't normally lethal to Vampyer only humans but Caprinell had a lot in his system and he was weakened from loss of blood...."

Blake's handsome features molded to stone and fury as he clenched his teeth and a flash of sharp points glinted between his words. "The cowards must have attacked him amass to overpower him....Then they must have poisoned him to try to kill him."

Kill him? Why...and Secubi? Isnt that the name of that monster that tried kill me.

Derrick heart skipped a beat as the horrifying memory of being sliced by claws ripped over his mind.

Derrick had a million questions but in that moment he found himself just ghosting over towards the bed in silent discomfort. On unsure feet he stopped and then settled himself down with a strained grunt so he could peer into the face of the Vampyer. Derrick averted his eyes from the mass of ripped flesh all over his back, and he tried not to choke on the smell of burned flesh that made his guts cramp. And despite the insanity of everything around him, the second his eyes danced over the unconscious Masters face he felt so sad. So upset....that he felt his own heart ache.

"God...why do I care so much..."

Derrick whispered in his own heart, before he softly put out a trembling hand and he brushed his fingertips over the Vampyer's nape. Corded muscle was soft and hot to the touch, and the slow thrum of a pulse sent a shot of relief over Derrick that he had no words for it. Not to mention the soft feeling of longing that he had to touch Caprinell more, caress the strong high cheeks and smooth contours of his lips, and the intricate swoop of his eyelashes, that seemed almost unreal. Derrick softly swallowed a quake as he had to suppress his thoughts. 

Uncomfortable with the scrutiny and warmth of his awareness for the Vampyer Derrick cleared his throat, snatched away and he whispered back over his shoulder, somehow unable to completely rip his eyes away just yet.

"Capri saved my life and then he got hurt...Will he be okay...? Now that you cleaned his wounds?"

Blake paused as he watched him stroke Caprinells shoulder, stop and draw away. Derrick looked to Blake, as slightly reddish eyes rolled over Derrick, then to the Master Vampire and a knowing smirk lifted his lips as if he knew and saw exactly what Derrick was thinking and feeling towards Capri, even when Derrick didn't want to.

"Yes, the Master must feed, then he will heal, but there is never surplus blood on hand and I drank what was upstairs already. I could hunt, but to leave him here alone with you to do that would not be wise."


**(Caprinell's Injuries)


Submitted: June 22, 2022

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