Chapter 61: Chapter 61 - Pleasurable Command

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter 61 - Pleasurable Command

"Ok Maybell, you look amazing. Now as we talked about in our follow up session this will be the start of you and Isiah's first of three Guided you understand all that we discussed in our meeting two days ago?"

"I understand...." Maybell who was standing with her arms over her chest in the long length wise mirror in Dr Lilianas secondary back room turned her back from her image.

She had been staring at herself for a good handful of minutes trying to clear her mind and convenience herself that she hadn't completely lost it.

Following her and Isiah last meeting with Dr Humble and Maybell openly sharing with the Dr all that had transpired between her and Isiah, Liliana had been deeply and surprisingly happy that the couple had been able to deal with and come to grips with Maybells medical condition as well as their own desires to still be joined and share their love.

Considering all that she had been told the Dr had then expressed to both Maybell and Isiah that it was time that their SOD and intimacy sessions begin in earnest to keep the positive momentum going.

This meant that Maybell was encouraged to go and buy herself some sexy negligée that could be easily removed in the act of sex or during foreplay. Embarrassed by the idea of having sex with another part such as Liliana being aware and present made Maybell hesitate and it took her a whole extra day to go out and finally buy the thing she wanted.

It was a simply cherry red lacy shear braw and panty two piece Lingerie. Its showed a lot of skin and her cold skin pebbled in the cool air, as she stood beside Dr Liliana in the bathroom, just beyond a room with warm drown walls, a queen sized bed, and Isiah, who sat in to other room, patiently waiting for her in nothing but a thin pair of briefs. Her long curly sandy brown hair was loose around her shoulders and breasts making her skin tingle as it danced over her back and skin.

Maybell shivered slightly as she sensed Liliana step up close to her and gently reach out to hand her a small steaming mug, that smelled heavily of citrus and spices Maybell couldn't pronounce or guess at.

In the soft light of the bathroom Dr Liliana was dressed in a similar sexual and revealing get up, but her's was onyx black, and it was way more leather then lace.

Dr Liliana was built like a well endowed swan. Her ample breasts and pert backside bound in the material very similar to the SOD choker that she wore around her supple throat, just below the ghastly wounds that had been inflicted to her throat.

Isiah had told Maybell that it was a ex-lover that had tried to kill Liliana long ago that had left her so terribly scarred, but the full story around the wounds still remained a mystery to Maybell and it seemed it was destined to remain that way seeing as today they were focusing on her and Isiah's sex life and not on their Therapists own past.

Her pale skin gleamed stark and very beautiful beside the studs in her SOD and she carried herself with such an unaffected air that Maybell caught her eyes lingering more on the Dr's icy blue glacial eyes, then on the ragged marks on her neck.

" this is a very potent Aphrodisiac from a Jamaican province, mixed by a medicine woman" Liliana softly said, she put the cut into Maybells hands obviously ignoring her trembling fingers as she pulled away.

"You need to drink it. This step in the process is vital for you because you are someone that desires sex physically, but also have the barrier of your trauma and fear holding you back from taking pleasure. As we discussed this drink will help to dull some of the trauma and fear that you are carrying in a natural and holistic fashion and then we will slowly allow you and Isiah to become intimate and as long as the anxiety and fear stays low you and Isiah can have this time to begin to reinvigorate your intimacy levels in a safe sensual manner you both can enjoy."

Maybell nodded. They had already spoken about this days before, but she knew the Dr was talking to her again because her nervous energy was peaking. Maybell wasn't nervous about the sex, she was worried she would have a bad reaction once again and inadvertently push Isiah away when she only wanted to make love to him again.

The nameless drink was surprisingly spicy like downing a cup of peppermint and parsley, with a pinch of salt and a spoon full of honey. The heat soothed her for a brief moment and Maybell upended the empty cup a few moments later licking her lips and almost wishing for more...until the drink and the warmth began to settle....and spread over her nipples, belly crotch and thigs like warm peanut butter spread over her skin. She felt her body shudder involuntarily as Liliana took the cup back and their hands brushed...Maybell couldn't hide a small tremble as the woman touched her cheek, looked into her eyes and smiled at her gently and softly.

"Okay Maybell. Keep breathing. Keep your mind on the present...feel the warmth in your skin, the safety of Isiah's love and desire for you....and let yourself feel in this moment loved and adored...."

As her words faded the Dr turned, took Maybells no longer trembling hands and slowly tugged her out of the bathroom and out into the room where Isiah was waiting.


Isiah was sitting on his knees, at the bottom of the queen sized mattress that Dr Humble had taken him to, and politely forced him to kneel in front of almost 15 minutes ago, in noting but his briefs. And his arms tied behind him with a black scarf.....a very very strong black scarf that he couldn't seem to snap or rip no matter how hard he flexed his arms.

Dammit Liliana....did you really have to tie me up? I promised I wouldn't touch Maybell unless she said I could.

Isiah had to wonder about his sanity that the longer he sat there though and also if the Dr hadn't been right to tie him up, because every second that passed he became more and more away of his increasing desire to see his sweet May walk into that room wearing whatever sexy number she had finally gotten the courage up to go and buy to entice him. This was all very different form their normal roles in sex.

Over the years Maybell had never been one for sexual clothing, she just came to him naked in the shower or they undressed in the sheets, but this was more along the lines of a show of feminine dominance. Seduction. Something his sweet May didn't really do, mostly because she had no real concept of just how weak for her body he was. How beautiful she was. How hungry Isiah was to make love to her all the time.

Maybell had never needed to harness that weapon against him, but in the battle of Wills that was Dominance and Submission, one or both of the partners had to be willing to use their charms and passion as a tool to unlock the desired response from their partner....and Isiah was looking forwards to watching her try.

The idea of Maybell wanting him, and also physically and sensually claiming him in anyway was seriously erotic...and just plain entertaining to think about.

So erotic in fact that when the door to the bathroom cracked open and Maybell walked out with Liliana in full lingerie get ups that only a blind man wouldn't appreciate he felt himself harden and lengthen very prominently just at the sight of her coming towards him. The long silk scarf around his wrists was tied to the foot board of the bed preventing him from standing and snatching her into his arms, instead forcing him to sit there on his knees and try to breath past the excitement that was making him light headed and his cock throb.

Then as if Maybell had no idea that she was killing him his love smiled at him, her beautiful brown eyes full of womanly heat, hunger and appreciation as they traveled over his bare chest, and mostly naked body. Before settling on Isiah's semi hard cock bulging in his briefs as he sat trussed up for her and waiting for her touch. There was nothing innocent in the look she cast him, just awareness of desire and want, a almost teasing lick of her lips as she watched him get harder before her made Isiah start to shift as the swelling became intense and he burned to touch his cock or have Maybells hands on the eager phallus.

Suddenly Dr Humble stepped forwards, her body was lanky and very pretty, but all of his attention was on his love and Isiah struggled to care about what she was doing or saying as the Dr stepped deeper into the room, and pulled Maybell behind her right up to where Isiah as at the end of the bed.

"Ok its looking like you both are ready to begin, so as it was discussed Mr Lee and Mr Foster, this is a guided session. A Session centered on forplay, achieving orgasm and engaging in dominate intimacy. I will be in the room. I will touch you both at times during the instruction and foreplay, but I will never insinuate myself in the sexual intercourse if things go that far."

Her words snapped Isiah out of his desire addled fog long enough for him to frown in displeasure glace at Dr Liliana as she finished by saying.

"For the most part it will be like having an instructional video playing in the background as you interact and make you both understand?"

Maybell nodded and she quietly said. "Yes its okay I think, but its still kind of weird for me...."

"Wait...hold on we talked about you watching and talking to us....but Liliana you're going to be touching Maybell...while she's dressed like that? Yeah....I don't fucking like that idea at all." Isiah snared, he cast the Dr a steely stare.

The woman had the gall to cast him a glare in return, but then she gave Isiah a evil challenging smile.

"You don't like it Sub? No...well what about you Maybell...Do mind if I touch you?" Humble smirked and she walked over to Maybell, with clear control and confidence she transferred the small hand whip she had into her left palm as she lifted her right hand and she gently touched Maybells face.

"Not really I guess..." Maybell looked back at her, her face slightly anxious, but self-assured. She knew she had nothing to fear and she trusted the other woman despite how own apprehension.

Humble paused and her dark green eyes twinkled playful and sensual as she softly whispered "Mmmm I like that look. Just tell me to stop and I promise I will...the safe word is Mistress."

"Hey!" Isiah growled, his heckles rising as he caught the sultry look and the way Dr Humbles voice deepened with open desire. "I said hands off Maybell!"

Ignoring him she leaned in and Humble skimmed her lips across Maybells mouth. Isiah was forced to watch as Maybell flinched and she put her hands on Humbles shoulders as if to push her away, but Humble just continued on.

Humble didn't claim the kiss fully, instead she just feathered her lips, teasing, seducing, playing her breath and voice over Maybells skin, while she let her hand glide down from Maybells face, down between the valley of her breasts, past her belly button, and settled against the front of the red lace, which was barely covering her warm mound.

"Liliana...wait..." Maybell shuddered as the Dr touched her skin, delicate warm finger glided over her body, and Isiah felt his own body start to respond as she let off a small confused sound. She seemed both reluctant and yet somewhat compelled not to pull away quite yet.

It was clear from her deep breaths, her dilated pupils, and the small blushes around her breasts and cheeks that his love was fully in the grip of the aphrodisiac. Maybell would be very sensitive and open to most touches and somewhat overwhelmed by any pleasure because of the rushing endorphins and sense of growing euphoria.

Dr Humble knew exactly what she was doing, she was both insistent and unbearably gentle with Maybell, the brush and dance of her supple brown lips never became a claim, just a promise. The leather bra and shot shots she wore exposing her creamy white skin pressed in close to Maybells coca decadence and curves. She ground their breasts and hips close, but the soft press of her body against Maybells was nothing too intimae. Only the faint brush of her breasts, and hips against Maybells was enough to share the briefest of warmth and her touch was almost too compassionate to be called lusty.

Like the breath of a siren she breathed out like a small plea "Maybell...what do you think of the tea. How does it feel...tell me what your thinking about as I do this..." she called, as she suddenly put her lips to the side of Maybells collar and she openly kissed her skin. Small white teeth tested her skin, nipping suggestively and obviously skilled lips suckled where the teeth played. The harsh noise of suckling made Isiah squirm and grind his teeth.

"I...I cant think..." Maybell shuddered harder and her face transitioned from being mesmerized to a surprised indulgence.

Isiah felt both a rash of pure hot envy and intense lust when Maybell actually let out a small moan and her head tilted slightly to the side. And the hand hovering against her privates, suddenly slid down and cupped Maybells sex. Experienced fingertips played with Maybells pussy lips and clit through the thin lace. Dr Humble made a small rumble of approval as she opened and closed her hand letting her fingers and thumb rub and knead Maybell between her legs.

Maybell flinched hard and started to pull back.

"W...whoa..." she started to protest, then she shuddered as Humble continued to finger her through the cloth, her thumb rubbing lazy circles at the apex of Maybells pussy driving her speechless as the woman flicked her clit and continued to kiss her neck, biting at the pulse...The Dr wrapped a strong arm behind Maybells lower back, and pressed into her more, their hips rubbing, Maybell sighed weakly, her head drifting back and her body giving in.

"Mmmm, Good you like when I play with your pussy?" The Dr praised gently, like honey and fire as she pressed more into Maybell walking her back into the wall, laying their bodies closer.

Lilianas left arm was still holding the whip, as she wrapped her fingers around Maybells luscious body, holding her still as the petting got more intense. Liliana grabbed Maybells cheeks and kneaded them in a slow circle. The red lace stretched around her backside looked like ripe fruit, as her fabulous ass danced making Isiahs breath catch. Maybell was hoisted closer, one leg lifted and placed on Dr Humbles left hip, spreading Maybells legs open and her hips jolted instinctively as Humble seemed to call into her ear. "Im going to make you cum aren't I?"

Dr Humbles voice sent unwanted shivers over Isiah skin. He felt his chest welling up with anger, but his body was reacting with other things. Isiah found that he was hotter then he had been in a long time, and that he was quickly getting painfully hard, a buzz of sensations cascading from his head to his cock made his skin tingle as Isiah imagined just how soft and warm Maybells skin felt, how intimate it felt when he had his fingers in her pussy, and his tongue in her mewling mouth .

It was a delicious sight Maybell being pleasured and overcome but even so a part of him detested sharing Maybell with anyone no matter how hot it looked in the moment. He strained against his bindings but they were too tight to undo.

Suddenly Dr Humble put her lips to Maybells ear and she said. "Good're getting really wet for me...or are you getting wet for Isiah? Do you like him watching me stroke your pussy? Do you like that? Open your legs wider if you do...I want to feel that heat from your tight core...."

"I....mmmh uh!..." Maybell whispered, and then gasped as the Dr bit her ear.

Goddamnit she's hitting all of Maybells sensitive spots and with the fucking stuff in her body its got to be really intense! I cant believe shes still able to stand....

Dr Humbles smoky voice suddenly called "Say his name for me as I stroke your you get dripping wet milk all over your thigs..."

Maybell let out a weak breath and she seemed to quiver, her divine hips jerked and her breathing got more uneven. "Mmmm...Isiah..." she called. Then she jerked again and called out even louder. "Isiah...!"

Isiah felt a wave of silken pleasure roll down his spine. He trembled and got harder then he could believe as her sweet breathless cries cut into him and his head got light as blood seemed to drain into his cock, making it steel. He cursed and called out angrily.

"Maybell use the safe word!" He demanded. He felt like he would go insane if the Dr continued to touch what was his for a moment longer. He also suspected that if the Dr managed to make Maybell cum he would want to break her hand.

Swiftly Dr Humble called out "Maybell take a breath, look at me, you are in control here, just say 'Mistress' if you want me to stop."

Isiah was surprised by the Dr's seeming agreement with him and almost as if she just needed to be reminded what to say Maybell called out in a shaky but strong voice. "M...Mistress! Stop!"

Immediately Humble pulled away, all her teasing and seduction stopped in a snap, and she called out. "As you wish."

"Th...thank you...." Maybell shivered, as her eyes opened and she wrapped her hands over her exposed chest. She was panting hard, and her trembling from having her orgasm denied was pronounced. She looked at Isiah, her beautiful brown eyes laced with lust, confusion and need. "Im sorry I..." her big eyes danced between the Dr and Isiah. "I didn't mean to get so carried away..."

Isiah stopped glaring at the Dr so he could share Maybells gaze and let her know that he wasn't upset. "Don't be didn't do anything wrong."

"Ok...ok...I....Mhmmm....I feel so hot." Maybell let out a strained breath, shook her head and stepped back. "Im sorry I cant...cant calm down. Wow this stuff really works! God!" The arms around her breasts squeezed tighter, and her bare legs tightened as if she was trying to fight a growing sensation between her thighs.

He wanted to touch her and comfort her as she so openly ached. He wanted her in his arms, beneath him in the sheets with a fierceness he couldn't quite describe, but Isiah couldn't even stand up the way that he was tied. He started to call to be unbound so he get to her but all he could do was curse internally as Dr Humble suddenly took Maybells hand and she pulled Maybell over towards the bathroom.

"OK Maybell, its clear your reacting really well to the tea. So take a few minutes. Go in here and take the ice packs I have chilling in the sink and run one over your breasts and forehead. Then I want you to take a cool drink from the sink, and once you feel less hot come back to us. One of the dangers of Aphrodisiacs is overheating and dehydration."

"Shes freaking levitating already Humble, just how much of that crap did you give her!?" Isiah called out in frustration.

"Im sorry...I didn't know it would be this strong and I drank the whole cup..." Maybell glanced back at him, she looked a little guilty, possibly for getting so overwhelmed so fast, but Isiah just nodded at her encouraging her to take care of herself. He didn't want her to get too overwhelmed, especially since she was doing all of this for him in the first place.

"Stop apologizing." Dr Humble gave her a little nudge. "Go on. When you get back well see about having you and Isiah begin the session together."

"Ok. Ill be quick Isiah..." Maybell promised breathlessly, then she seemed to dash into the bathroom and the door closed behind her.

Silence rained for a solid four seconds, but Isiah couldn't deny that he was completely pissed off and lifted himself to his full height even on his knees and he called to the Dr.

"Hey! What the fuck was that?" Isiah fumed. "You don't get to just do what you want to Maybell!"

Isiah twisted his arms in the bindings and he snarled. "Untie me you hack! I don't know what the fuck you think this is, but if you touch her again without my permission..."

"Be silent!" Dr Humble suddenly barked, and quicker then Isiah could predict the whip in her hand lashed out and caught him against the right pec. The sting was sever enough to make him flinch as the thick crop made contact with his nipple.

Isiah growled and probably would have called the Dr a few choice names, but suddenly the woman was squatted down before him, her long legs cocked open, and her whip pressed deep under his chin to force him to look her in her steely green eyes.

None of the seductive siren from before was there in her gaze now. There was just a harsh command and confidence.

"Isiah listen to me." She demanded glaring into his eyes. "In this moment right now everything in this room and space is here for Maybells pleasure and peace of mind alone, even you. The moment you came into this room you lost all control of her or this situation. You agreed to be a tool that I can use as motivation. You need to accept that and understand that. You have NO power here...and the only one that can question me, or make me do anything is Maybell. In this room Maybell is my God and your it."

Isiah tried to snatch his had away and he almost demanded she untie him again, but he knew that she was right. He knew that he had agreed to do this....just as Maybell had agreed to enter into this unorthodox therapy and coaching for both of their sakes. He far from liked where things were going so far though.

"I understand..." he soon choked past his tight jaw.

"Goood boy..." Dr Humble ribbed him. She seemed to be utterly unmoved by his displeasure because she reached out and miffed the tip of his nose. Then she pulled back and she said.

"Oh and another thing, I didn't just touch Maybell for fun...okay. I'm a professional, not a home wrecker." Liliana rolled her eye skywards.

"Your a professional? Right about now Im having my doubts..." Isiah cut her a bit of a glare and she seemed to relent.

"Well okay maybe I did have just a little bit of fun for a second but she's just so deliciously beautiful Isiah. I mean she just looks so fucking perfect in red lace...Did you see that juicy ass that she's got....Its like an apple I just wanna bite it...!" Dr Humble paused, swallowed then stopped as Isiah's glare became hard enough to cut glass.

" Just paying her a compliment is all." She blushed and cleared her throat. Her high cheeks colored slightly. Then she continued in a more professional tone.

"Anyway the reason I touched Maybell back there was for three simple reasons. Reason one being that while Maybell holds her SOD I want Maybell to understand that she is in control here. Not you or me, but her." Dr Humble tapped her neck where her own SOD sat. The large silver studded collar glinting in the light around her swallow nape. The Dr shrugged.

"Maybell calls the shots and she tells us when she wants anything that's happening to end. It's important that as a sexual assault survivor she feels in complete control right now. And as a practiced DOM I wanted to show her that when she uses the safe word, not matter how jazzed up or intense the playing may be a good DOM always STOPS! This is how we help with her fear and lack of trust in this lifestyle and in you Isiah."

"Look I get that...but why did you have to go so far with her? I mean Maybell may not know this but you are still a man...kind of." Isiah gritted his teeth and snatched his face away from the tip of the whip. He was tired of letting her force him to look her in the eyes. The woman allowed him to push the tip away.

"Oh is that what this is about?" Dr Humble rolled her eyes, drew back and stood up, all in one fluid motion. "Oh stop being jealous! Its sooo unattractive and possessive. Maybell isn't into women and the only reason shes even aroused by me touching her is because you were watching..." With that the Dr folded her lanky arms and smirked.

"Isiah I told you I had 3 reasons. Reason number two is that I wanted to show you Isiah that nothing you say has any weight with me when Maybell is wearing the SOD. She is your DOM and you need to let her own that. So I touched her specifically because I wanted to establish where you stand. You are the SUB and so have no control."

Dr Humble tapped her whip on her hip as she continued. "Finally reason number three is because I need Maybell to be in a heightened state of arousal. I touched her to help activate the Aphrodisiac I gave her and to remove the hesitation I sensed in her. I need her to not only desire to have sex, but want to receive pleasure from you. This will help Maybell elicit her control so she can see how much satisfaction a DOM and SUB can have when the object is to climax and nothing else."

At that moment Maybell came back into the room. Once again the sight of her made him feel breathless and hungry deep in his core, he felt his bodys reaction and he marveled at how serious and undeniable need was for her. He truly couldn't conceive of ever wanting another woman this way again.

God....I think I need her in red lace all the time....

She was still sporting the mostly see through neon red lacy bra and panties. Her curly hair was pushed back now and tied with a scruchie, and her breathing was noticeably slower, but she was still obviously in the grip of the sexual stimulants, because her light brown skin looked even pinker at the valley of her breasts and at her bellybutton and now even her thigs were looking a little pink. The aroused state of her body making Isiah's mouth instantly water as thoughts of running his tongue over the extra sensitive spots, and making her squeal crossed his mind.

Without missing a beat Dr Humble turned on her heel away from Isiah, walked over to Maybell and gently took her hand and pulled her close to Isiah once more. "Ok...your bac Maybell. How are you feeling? Good to continue or should we stop? No? Ok well keep going....Now we can begin this session in earnest."

Maybell cast the Dr a slightly dazed but coherent look and shook her head. "Right...ummm, what do we need to do to get started?"

Liliana took a step back and pointed at Maybell then at Isiah as she spoke.

"Well right now I want you to focus on understanding being in a Dominate position Maybell. This means that I need you to start giving commands and directing your sub on how best to pleasure you."

Maybell openly trembled at the word pleasure, took a breath, swallowed and she touched her throat. "Ummm....ok? Ill be dominate....shouldent be too hard..."

The Dr smiled at her forced optimism and even Isiah had to chuckle lightly.

"Maybell don't be cant mess this up...." He called to her.

Dr Liliana made a sound like she didn't agree, before she spoke past him.

"Maybell just do as I say. I want you to go over to Isiah and in whatever way makes you feel the most in control I want you to get him to make you Cum, but for everything that you want Isiah to do to you, you have to make it an order or describe it in a clear and open manner. This is not a request it is a clear command from you to him."

Dr Humble continued. "For example earlier when I was playing with your pussy, I was very vocal and described what was happening, asking questions to increase your awareness of the pleasure or about my actions on your body." Dr Humble explained. "A huge part of the pleasure and psychology of Dominance is that you are aware of what your doing to your Sub, and you are equally aware of what they are reacting to and when they are completely in rapture and thus completely yours..."

"This exercise is a Dominance exercise where I want you to understand exactly what you and your body does to Isiah, how Isiah reacts to you and in what way, also I want you to experience having control of him as he makes you orgasm."

Maybell frowned. ""

Dr Humble nodded. "As I said this is about you asserting dominance, and having full control. As expressed earlier you derive pleasure from being teased and you reacted very well to seeing men being manipulated and even getting massaged with sex toys or vibrators. You like to receive, but you really like to give, and pull/tease out the sexual therapy setting this is called Edging and you are subconsciously attracted to it being done to others and yourself."

Maybell allowed Dr Humble to take her over to Isiah, then to Maybells surprise the Dr walked around behind her...and then without a word she put her hands on Maybells shoulders and pushed her gently onto her knees in front of Isiah, so close she could just about sense the heat from his skin.

"Ok Begin."


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