Destination America

Destination America

Status: Finished

Genre: Westerns


Status: Finished

Genre: Westerns


America Vogeli lives with her aunt and brother Roy on their ranch in Colorado. Their parents died in a mysterious house fire when they were younger leaving their relatives to raise the them. Now visiting their Uncle in Cheyenne, things aren't really what they seem to be. Friendships blossom and love does occur, but the sweet smell of revenge lingers in the western air.


America Vogeli lives with her aunt and brother Roy on their ranch in Colorado. Their parents died in a mysterious house fire when they were younger leaving their relatives to raise the them. Now visiting their Uncle in Cheyenne, things aren't really what they seem to be. Friendships blossom and love does occur, but the sweet smell of revenge lingers in the western air.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 28, 2014



Please comment on the story if you have the time. I really need to know if I should even continue this novel or cut it short. I've noticed I've been doing that to alot of my novels, but I lose the inspiration so fast. I need all the help I can get. :) 

Chap 4-Danger.

July 03 1865

Frank and I have been spending loads of time together. I learned that his mom had died when he was only 5 years old and never knew his father. Grandmother took him in reluctantly, though she died of consumption when he was only 15, so at that age he became a drifter. It’d taken a while for him to open up to me. Most likely because the women he had loved tragically died. There’ve been many occasions so far where he would rely on small talk, an attempt to avoid a REAL thorough conversation. I usually give him his space and go on with the rest of the day. My heart rapidly beats whenever he innocently brushes against me, or when he gets so close to me that I can hear him inhale and exhale. There is something refreshing about his personality which was so hidden before behind his rugged appearance.


No one’s seen Jake in a week. It’s like he disappeared out of thin air. I know people say Jake is not the greatest person, but I still don’t think he deserved getting his arse kicked. The things you hear don’t always live up to the true identity of someone; neither do the things you see.


Auntie and Frank had gone into town for supplies. I decided to stay home and finish up my chores. Uncle was God-knows-where with God-knows-who. The only ones here were some of the hands and myself. I became bored with chores, so I explored the house a little more in detail. The house wasn’t exactly magnificent, but she definitely was a beauty. The walls had fresh Ivory paint on them, and the woodwork shined. Going into the dining room you were met by a long dark wood table with small decorative pink flowers on display. There was also a glass showcase holding China only set out for special occasions. Near the end of my self-made tour, I trotted down the same steps reaching the same Ebony door. I’d forgotten about it, but still remembered our first encounter. This time no one was here to stop me from analyzing it. I swept my hand on top of the large door frame hoping a key would fall, yet nothing. I then look inside the key hole and studied it. This would at least give me an idea for what kind of key I would be searching for.


“Amy!” A voice had yelled. Damnit. I crept back up the stairs and closed the door behind me. The door was connected to the study, an empty room anyone rarely went in.


I smoothed my apron and made my way towards the voice. My Uncle was sitting down in the chair inside of his study. When I entered the study he gave me a wicked grin and gestured me to sit in the chair facing him opposite his desk.


“Yes Uncle.” I managed to get out. His gaze made me uncomfortable and my palms sweat.


“Pumpkin, I know we have been…well… Let’s just settle this right now.” I sat in silence waiting for him to explain. The man hadn’t acknowledged my presence in over a week, but now he wants to make up? Bullshit!


“You see, I’m very sorry for hitting. Your old Uncle has been going through some hard times lately, and I took it out on you, my only pride and joy. Please forgive me Baby, I’m still you’re same Ole Uncle.” But he wasn’t. He wasn’t the same Man. This man seemed eerie and unnatural.


He came up behind me and set both hands on my shoulders. I had to refuse the urge to flinch…and vomit, while his cold thumbs traced circles on my neck. “I forgive you.” The world flew out of my mouth, in hopes he would stop touching me. I was wrong though, he only help me firmer.


“Your Aunt had said something about you being afraid of me. Are you?” A tear that brimmed began to blur my vision.


“I forgive you.” I repeated. How could Aunt bring up our conversation? She promised not to tell!


“Amy, you have already said that. Now are you afraid of me?” I’m not afraid. At least that’s what I kept repeating to myself. The truth is I’m terrified.


I heard the horses pattering as Frank and Auntie pulled up in front of the gate. Uncle released his grip on my shoulders and bent down to my ear. “We will finish this conversation later.” He whispered into my ear. He stepped back a steps and walked toward the door before turning his head towards me. “By the way, our little discussion stays between the both of us. We wouldn’t want your new friend to suffer the consequences for you’re careless actions. Actually, you may want to just forget about the friendship all together.” Frankie


He walked out the back door and rode away. The tears finally fell and I quickly wiped them away. I walked out of the study into the kitchen before my knees finally gave in and I fell to the ground.


Ammyyy!!” My Aunts voice was the last thing I heard before releasing into total darkness.


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


Amy…Amy…Baby please wake up.” I was shook awake by a firm caring set of hands. When I opened my eyes, everything looked a blur. Everything soon became clearer and I could see the set of hands belonged to Frankie. “Aargggh” A ruthless pain shot through my head, rendering me blind for a few moments. “Amy, Baby what happened?” We were both lying in my bed, and he was holding me to his chest.

“Frankie, could you close the curtains please.” It was still sunny outside so I couldn’t have be out too long.He replaced his chest with a pillow, laying me down gently, before working his way towards the burgundy curtains. As soon a he closed them my eye sight was restored. “Thank you.” He glided back towards me and sat on the bed. “Now could you please tell me what happened?” All the memories flooded my mind, causing me to whimper and tears to fall. “Amy please don’t cry.” He said, using his thumb to wipe away my warm tears. I probably looked a total mess right now.


“I was roaming around the house…and Uncle-“I cut myself off quickly remembering what he had said to me. “We wouldn’t want your new friend to suffer the consequences”


“What did your Uncle do?” Frank switched from caring to angry in a flash. Just then Auntie walked in with a bucket of water. She quickly set it down after noticing I was awake.


“My Baby! You scared the Hell out of us. Why did you collapse like that?” You can’t tell her either Amy.


“Auntie what’s with the pale of water?” I asked. She had left it by the entrance.


“Well if you weren’t going to wake up within the hour, a pale of water would definitely have done the trick.” She explained sincerely. She really would have done it to, clothes in all.


“Well I am awake now.” We both giggled.

“Let’s get back to what we were talking about. What did he do Amy?”


“Who do?” Auntie asked, trying to catch up.


“Mr. Hayward, I think he had done something to Amy.” My Aunt looked thoroughly frightened and turned absolutely pale.


“Amy! What did he do?” All these questions were making me dizzy, and I couldn’t think clearly.


“He-he told me to make him something to eat.” They both looked at me quizzically.


“What does that have anything to do with you fainting like that?” Auntie blurted out.


“Well I hadn’t eaten today, so the aroma overwhelmed me.” Please believe me…Please believe me…Please believe me.


“Why didn’t you eat something? That’s not healthy Amy; especially with the humid weather we have been having lately.” Frankie said at first looking relieved, and then somewhat irritated.


“I’ll go fix you something up.” My Auntie grabbed the pale of water looking from it to me.


“I’m not wasting this water, we’re having soup tonight.” Of course we are.


“America, when you passed out earlier, I realized something.” I wasn’t sure what he was trying to say.


“You scared the shit out of me. I really care for you Amy, and it scares me.” I can imagine why. All of his family members are…Did he just say he cared for me!? I know it’s not saying much now but still, there is some leeway for love, right? Wait…I can’t love someone I can’t be around!


I took his hand and placed it between both of mine. “I care for you to Frankie” His eyes shined bright and I couldn’t help but smile. He scooped me up in his arms and held me tight. I didn’t want the facts to get in way of our relationship. I knew it couldn’t last, but I wanted to treasure this little moment before it all falls apart.


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** 

This night, Uncle was there for supper. He eyed me the entire time and Frankie wasn’t here to hold my hand. Roy invited Opal and I was alone on my side of the table. My head remained low staring at my bowl and using my spoon to make tiny waterfalls.


“Amy” My head shot up. “You know better then to play with you food.” Auntie said before returning back to the conversation she was having with the two lovebirds. It’s like I wasn’t even there. I kept quiet and continued to stare at my soup. It was Squirrel Soup and definitely not my favorite. I could feel his eyes staring me down, and mentally undressing me. He was sickening and I had taken enough of it.


“May I be excused?” I asked Auntie. She stared back at me and at Uncle from the corner of her eye. “Sure Honey.” She knows something isn’t right, and knows that I lied to her earlier. You can’t get anything passed that woman, and the lie was more for Frankie then for her anyways.


“Is there anything I can do to help?” His voice was plagued with vulgar meaning and unconceivable thoughts. I decided not to look back at him and just kept walking.


“No.” I murmured. The love birds were so involved in conversation that they never even heard me leave.


We were having supper in the dining room so I slipped out of the kitchen door.It was a cool night, but there was no wind blowing.It was very dark. and the only lightsource I had was the moon. I ran across the field into the Hands’ Chambers. I knocked on the door and was me greeted by Potter.


“You look beautiful in this moonlight Ms. Amy, pretty enough to eat.” I could smell the whiskey on his breath.


“Can I speak to Frank?” I grew weary of my decision as this conversation progressed.


“Why would you want to talk to him? I’m better…smarter…handsomer…” He was attempting to close the gap between us.


“Frankie!!” I called his name loud enough for him to hear me, but low enough for the house not to.


“Aww, Frankie’s not her right now. Could I leave a message?”


“Where is he Potter?” I grew more and more irritated given the situation.


“I don’t know maybe he’s in the barn, or maybe it was the chicken coop. No wait it had to be the horse stables.” I turned away and turned towards the stables. He grabbed my wrist and tugged me back. “It’s not so smart for you to be wondering through the dark all alone.” I snatched my wrist away.


“I can manage.” He grew a broad smile. “I bet you could.” As soon as I turned away again he grabbed me by my waist tugging me towards the ground. He pinned my hands above my head, and was kneeling on top of me then gave me a wet kiss on my lips. I struggled underneath him, but he was just too strong. He was holding me so tight, that his nails were digging into my flesh. He would definitely leave marks on my wrists.


“I wouldn’t say anything if I were you. You wouldn’t want you poor Auntie to think you was a harlot. Now would you?” That really got me thinking.” But just in case you do decide to give me a hard time…” He pulled out a dirty sock from his pants and was going to tie it around my mouth when someone kicked him on his side. He tumbled to the side parallel to me. Without looking I already knew who my savior was by the type of feelings his presence gave off. Lust.



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