Control Is Everything (ON HOLD)

Control Is Everything (ON HOLD)

Status: Finished

Genre: War and Military


Status: Finished

Genre: War and Military


Narcissa Carruth, the daughter of a goverment officer is sent to a camp that teaches girls to manipulate and control. Sissy thinks that it will be an uneventful trip, but it soon turns into a romantic nightmare!


Narcissa Carruth, the daughter of a goverment officer is sent to a camp that teaches girls to manipulate and control. Sissy thinks that it will be an uneventful trip, but it soon turns into a romantic nightmare!

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 10, 2013



Chap 4


I lay wide awake, yet still can’t bring myself to open my eyes. You’ve only been here for two days, and things are going off to a bad start. Get up Sissy. A body even began to shuffle next to me yet my eyes just couldn’t open. I’m not ready to view the world around me.


Eventually I grew uncomfortable with the endless layers of covers stacked on my body causing drops of sweat to form on my forehead. I’m guessing Phoebe wanted to make sure that I was comfortable. I’m not yet use to all of her ‘closeness’. Finally ready to face the world, I open my eyes, my focus drawn to the dusty wooden panels of the ceiling. The sun wasn’t quite up yet, but I could already here the birds chirping.


“Sissy, you okay?”, asked a squeaky familiar voice.


 I sat up straight and met the eyes of the ever so concerned Phoebe sitting at the end of my bed. She was dressed in her camp uniform, but by looking at her tussled hair I could tell she hadn’t started the day yet. Also, her bunny slippers were a dead giveaway. She must have been the one moving around.


“How long have you been watching me?” I asked.


“Not long. I informed the counselors that you weren’t feeling well, and that I would be taking care of you.” A slight smile formed on her face, showing off her dimples. It was a sympathetic smile, but any smile would cheer me up right now.


“Thanks for not telling, if my Mom found out than she would surely think of me as a weakling. I’d rather let her think that I was just sick then…you know…” She slowly nodded than got off the bed.


“You might want to take a shower; you’ve been asleep for over 2 days.”2 days!




“I didn’t want to wake you, so I put your pajamas on for you. I would have needed help giving you a shower, and I’m not sure you would have needed that type of exposure right now…”Her voice trailed off.


She would have asked Ambrose, she was right. I didn’t need that exposure right now. Actually, right now I couldn’t care less. He had already seen me naked before in the woods.


“Ambrose will be here after you get dressed. He’s not taking this so well, and he needs to make sure that your okay.” Ambrose caring about me is new. I didn’t know that he could feel at all actually. Why does his name leave butterflies in my stomach? Oh nowait...those are NOT butterflies! I rushed to the back window and puked all over the gorgeous purple lilacs that I had planned on picking later.

Phoebe pulled my hair back as the rest of my stomach poured out of my mouth. After everything was gone, I stuck my head pack into the cabin and slid to the floor with my back to the wall. It just keeps getting better, and better...


------- ---------- -------- --------- ------ ----- ----- ---- ---- ----- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----- ---- ---- ---


While in the shower I tried my best to scrub away the memories of Duncan’s grimy hands on me.  I could still feel his firm grip on my neck and I also have purplish bruises on my wrists. After I felt that I was clean enough, I stepped out of the shower and looked in the mirror. Even with all the rest Ive had, my eyes seemed to look puffy. I decided to try and pretty myself up. I put my hair into a French braid and also applied some mascara along with a tad bit of eyeliner. No blush was necessary since my cheeks were naturally rosy. Checking the mirror on last time I noticed something alse about my appearence. My eyes carried a far away look that made me look lost. Done with my own personal pity party, I walked out of the bathroom into the main room in just my towel. Ambrose was pacing back and forth mumbling something under his breath. Where’d Phoebe go?


Once he had noticed my presence, he abruptly stopped and ran over to embrace me. Startled and very confused I just stood frozen in place, astonished by his sudden ‘care’.He checked my body for marks and injuries. A soon as he noticed the bruises and scratches on my arms a look of pure hatred fell across his face. The man was out to kill...


“I’m so sorry Narcissa, it’s my fault.” He whispered into my hair. His fault? 


“How is it your fault?” I whispered into his chest taken aback by all that has happened.


“Maybe if I would have just done something about this before, it would have never happened to you. He always harassed the other girls, but I didn’t think he would have gone this far.” I should have known I wasn’t the only one he’s messed with. I took a moment to actually bask in his scent. He sort of smelled of peppermints and oranges. Spicy Oranges? Oh whatever, it just felt nice to have this type of contact with him.


“What’d you do with Duncan?” With that, Ambrose slowly drifted his tense gaze to the back window where you could see a view of the woods.


“You won’t have to worry about him ever again…” His voice was filled with certainty and a hint of sadness.


“Ok…” My voice fell limp, trying not to bring the conversation into a whole new level of difficulty.


“After you get dressed, you want to grab something to eat? You haven’t eaten in a few days sooo…” He said after his arms went back down to his sides. Oh my goodness, I’m not even dressed.


“Out!” I yelled pushing him towards the door with one hand, and holding my towel to my chest with the other. He lifted his hands up surrendering with light chuckles growing louder and deeper.


“Okay, my bad..” He turned to exit through the doorway, but then turned back towards me and kissed the center of my forehead.


“I’m glad you’re okay” He exited through the door, and closed it behind him. Wow, I guess some people do change.


-- --- ----- ---- ---- ---- --- ---- -------- ---- --- ----- ---- ----- ----- ----- ------ ----- ----- ----- ---


Ambrose P.O.V. Yesterday around 2am


“Bro, are you sure about this?” asked Chris.


 We had just got done tying Duncan to the big apple tree we used to climb when we were younger. I tighten the ropes on his ankles a bit more. Its super dark right now and the only light sources we have are the moon and one flashlight. Maybe even the tiny stars in the sky. Boy, I love the woods. I had forgotten my flashlight in my chest, more focused on getting Duncan back somehow for what he has done. The tree is way deep inside the woods, and off enough from the trails the campers take. No one would be able to see it unless you climbed the big hill which no one does in the first place. There’s even a no trespassing sign in red font right in front of it, but when you’re a kid those signs actually read “Anything Goes”.


I’m not going to lie. Duncan is way bigger then me and probably stronger, but my will power is at an all-time high, so I could kick anyone’s ass if I felt like it. Except for now, because if I get in trouble for Duncan’s disappearance than I would surely be charged with 2nd Degree Murder. Maybe even 1st degree since I would definitely not tell them where he was so they would either assume he was dead or hidden. Man I would like to kill that son-of-a-bitch! Keep calm Ambrose and think of Narcissa.


 Why do I feel this way about her? A few hours ago I convinced myself that she was a spy for the government. When I had seen her in the woods, looking as if everything had been ripped from under her, I couldn’t help but care for her. Now I can’t get her sweetness out of my mind. Every time I come to try and visit her Phoebe say’s she’s sleeping. I hope she’s okay, If she isn’t then there I no way I could stop myself from gutting him. Not even Chris would dare to hold me back from doing that.


“Tighten the ropes across his chest a little more”, I say to Chris. My plan is quite simple actually. I’m going to keep Duncan out here for the rest of the trip. Feeding him sparingly until the message gets through his head that no one will hurt any woman and get away with it, especially attempting rape!


My and Chris step back from the tree to get a better view on our works, making sure that every rope was tight enough. There were two ropes across his chest, five on each arm and 8 on each leg. In case he tries to get away we had to tie everything in the back of the tree, out of his possible reach and view. I doubt he’ll have enough energy to escape though, but if after all that effort I put into these knots he does, than he better pray to God that he’ll get away unnoticed. I’ll tear him to shreds if I find him!


=== === === ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== === ===== ===== ==== ===== ===== =


Sissy’s POV


I, Ambrose, and Phoebe have been hiding on the bleachers eating junkfood. We don’t really understand the importance of a well balanced meal. My stomach has been settled for a few hours now which gave leeway to the greasy goodness of Pizza and sweetness of cotton candy. Of course Ambrose had to get them for us while me and Phoebe hid begin a tree watching a couple making out in secrecy to the right of us and a girl scarfing down a whole bag of Potato chips to the left. I’m starting to realize that many of us don’t follow the rules here. Most of us are caught in the web of expectations woven by our families, but mainly the government.

“Can I have a bite?” I asked Ambrose, pointing at the hotdog. He held it to my mouth with our eyes locked on each other. I took my time biting into the juicyness before swallowing and licking my lips. I haven’t had a hotdog in years!


“Watching you eat that hotdog was like watching a live porno!” blurted out Phoebe, breaking our long stare. I began to cough furiously as if I was choking, but that just turned into a whole outbreak of laughs between all three of us.


“What do we have here?!” One of the councilors, Lauren, came into view. All of the giggles we had soon subsided as she approached. She has short shoulder length brown hair cut into layers. She wasn’t that old either; maybe 23? Just in case this exact incident happened, Ambrose was the one who held the food near his side.


“We were just talking Lauren.” I explained


“Why is all this food here than if you were JUST talking?” She picked up an empty chip bag disgusted, and then let it fall back to the wooden seat.


“It’s all mine” said Ambrose with a slight smirk on his face.


“You were eating all of this by yourself boy?” Boy? Anyone with clear eyesight would back me up when I say that he sure does fit the description of a perfectly toned…tanned...slim...Hot..


“Right Sissy?” said Phoebe, rudely interrupting my ongoing definition of Ambrose.


“Mhmm” I mumbled not truly knowing what just happened here. Lauren finally walked away and all of our anxiety blew away with the wind. At least my anxiety, since Ambrose and Phoebe were pro’s at covering stuff up.

“What did I just agree to?” I asked them.


“You and I are going to be volunteering in the kitchen tomorrow morning."


"Which gives you both some time to search for that ingredient?” I had almost forgotten about that. The free day was nice while it lasted; spending time with friends was fun. Something I missed out on while being a child. To tell the truth, I missed out on a whole lot. Sleepovers I could never attend, friends came sparing but not one remained. It was the definition of a failed childhood.


“I’ll be right back, Gotta use the bathroom.” Phoebe said skipping down the aisle. When I turned towards Ambrose, his eyes were already fixed on me. With my lack of communication skills, I don’t know what he’s feeling! Or even what he’s thinking. Phoebe had mentioned something about him liking me, I guess that opinion was brushed away all too quickly. Maybe he does feel the same way, I feel for him. Those kisses he gave me in the cabin were just gestures of caring right? Oh I don’t know!!


Our eyes were locked again and our faces were growing nearer. I closed my eyes anticipating his lips against mine, but nothing happened. I waited a few more seconds, and still…nothing! Tired of waiting I open my eyes and Ambrose has scooted further away from me with a blank stare. Had I done something wrong? Embarrassed and feeling a bit rejected, tears began to form. The tears I had been holding for 14 years streamed down my cheeks, and fell to the wooden surface. Your so dumb to think he actually was trying to kiss you and even dumber to allow someone to violate you without fighting back!


“No…wait…Sissy…” His voice became more faint as the walk back to my cabin became a race. With tears blurring my vision I crash into a heavily confused Phoebe.


“Hun what’s wrong?!” I can’t think at this point so I just tightly hug her hoping that she would just comfort me and make me feel better.


She walked me back to our cabin and laid down next to me on the bed. She began to rub my back trying to calm me down enough for me to explain what caused my heart to plummet. I told her about how I thought that Ambrose was trying to kiss me, and how stupid I was to think he could have liked me. She then told me about how hard it is for Ambrose to care about a girl and love her. She also said that he did really like me, because Chris said so.


“It…doesn’t…even matter…anymore…-” I said between sobs. “-I…need to start…facing the facts…”


“What facts?”


“The facts are…that I can’t keep friends, I attract the wrong guys, and I couldn’t even keep a relationship going if I even tried” Amazed by what she’s heard, Phoebe gets off my bed and starts to put her shoes back on wile mumbling some swear words under her breath.


“Where are you going?” I asked in uncertain.


“To go find Amby”, NOOOO!!


“You can’t do that!”


“Try and stop me.” She storms out of the cabin with a disheveled me following not to far behind.

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