Chapter 2: Harry gets more punishment

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Harry very slowly moved out towards the group of girls holding on to his private parts for deer life, ha cried Kelly, “a little ginger pervert exposed” “


 please cried Harry “i'm sorry” “

 we were just on our way to Sam's house to pay you dirty pervs a visit “ explained the girl brute, Lisa and Laura know you were hoping to spy on them but now look how the tables have turned she smirked.


“ ok lets start '' first remove your hands and place them on your head” Harry had no choice so reluctantly agreed, he stood there completely exposed in the middle of a group of six girls utterly ashamed.


Kelly spoke “ ok Lisa, what will we make this little boy do ? hmm replied Lisa well i was going to tell his parents about this but since we can get pay back let's make him give us a show “ laughed Lisa.


I tell you what let's start with star jumps, 100 please Harry asked Lidsa, Harry tried to protest but as he opened his mouth Lisa reminded him that she could just inform his parents , Harry was so scared that he obeyed and started to jump, as the girls laughed and commented 


“ Wow so small laughed Lisa” yeah no pubes at all chimed in Luara,

Come on ginger monkey jump higher demanded Kelly “ look at his Winkie flapping side to side she screamed with laughter.


After the star jumps, Harry was made to perform press ups , sit ups and burpees for the excited girls, they made him lie down so they could examine his body, all six girls enjoyed proding and poking him even cupping his tiny testicals in ther hands. 


“ Ok” suddenly cried Kelly on to Sam's house, ``all four boys must pay for what they've done, not just this little ginger midget.” 


The girls then made Harry walk in between them for the fifteen minute walk to Sam's house, Harry never felt so coniouse as he did that afternoon walking naked down the street in between the girls completely exposed in broad daylight. 


As he trudged along with the certainty he was being watched by passers buy checking his whole body out he could only think that at least he would soon be at Sams home and at least share the embarrassment with his friends and maybe his torment would be over, he didn't realise how wrong this would be. 


Meanwhile in the home of the number one in the gang Sam, the three boys were waiting for Harry to appear, in truth they all felt a bit bad for what they had done and hoped he was ok, the three boys where upstairs in sam's room, his parents where out and they had the house to themselves.


“ oh shit “ shouted Benny as  he was looking out of Sams window for harry to arrive, “ what “ asked Sam, “ its harry but his not alone “ “ kelly parker and the girls have him walking in the middle of them with his hands on his head “ 


“Shit” cried Sam, Danny go and lock the front door now, the slight boy sprinted down and did as he was told before running back upstairs to the other boys.


The girls and Harry were now walking down the path to sam's house, “ I just saw someone lock the door “ said Lissa, don't worry replied Kelly the windows open and I see that moran benny trying to squat down and hide”


“Hey called Kelly “ we know you're in there you perverts now open the door and explain yourselves like this little small willy boy has done. 


Upstairs the boys were in turmoil “ oh god “ said Benny what do we do “ “ don't worry they can't get in “ said Danny hopefully “i'll deal with this commanded Sam moving to the open window 


Sam  :  were not opening the door, you can keep harry and go away 


Kelly: you will open the door you sicko, or else we will just wait here till your parents are home and tell them everything you've done 


Sam : ok,ok there  must be something we can do, a deal we could raeah ?


Kelly : ok  give us a minute 


With that the girls huddled together, “what shall we ask “ said Kelly then Lisa got a smile on her face, well i don't want to see that fat dummy Benny nude and Sam is gross but …”

“But what whispered the girls” 


Well i've always liked Danny, what if we did a dea,l the boys strip Danny, and bring him to us in return for us keeping quiet ? “ 

its brilliant said Kelly as she approached the window


Kelly;  ok so here's the deal, you strip Danny nude and bring him to us, we forget what you pervs did, that's the deal


Sam: What ! that's cruel on danny, he's our friend 


Kelly   you're choice we can just tell your parents, and just so there's no tricks as you remove his clothes you can throw them out the window along with harry's clothes


The girls laughed loud with this, meanwhile in the house Danny  went white as a sheet, “ they can't expect us to do that “ “ can they” he didn't get to finish his statement as Benny who was behind him grabbed him in a bear hug “ come on sam get his stuff of and were in the clear “ the boy encouraged. 


Please don't gasped the stricken Danny “ sorry dude  replied Sam, “ what choice is there ?

With that he lunged at the squirming boy 


First Sam yanked of the small boys trainers and as promised through them straight out the window, to the cheers and whoops of the girls, next he placed his finger either side of the boys tracksuit bottoms and yanked then down and off in one quick motion revealing Danny's dark blue next boxers, they then went out the window as well to more cheers and whoops.


“ Please” said Danny “don't” but as he did sam was pulling his socks off and discarding them out the window, he the grabbed the boys bare legs and pinned them as Benny released his grip and started yanking up Dannys top and t shirt revealing his hairless tanned body, soon they were over his head and benny retook his bear hug grip as Sam grabbed the top clothes and threw them out the window with a hoot of “ yee har” to the delight of the girls.


Outside the girl had watched  Danny's shoes,socks joggers and top float down the house from the window with great delight

 “ will the boxers come next “ aske Lisa hopefully just then a pair of blue boxers appeared out the window and floated down to the ground, “ wooooo” the girls yelped now bring down the nude boy “


Meanwhile upstairs danny was lying in a bear hug completely naked and defeated “ ok “  said Sam ill empty Dannys bag out the window then they will have Harrys clothes too” he did this with a flourish and turned to Danny `` ok Dan time to expose you i'm afraid.


Down stars the girls were waiting impatiently it had been a good 5 mins since harry's clothes had fallen to the floor with a thump, of course he had asked to get dressed and been denied instead the girls made him gather up all the clothing and put it in Lisa bag for safe keeping 


Just then the door finally  opened and out came Danny walking in between Benny and Sam completely nude and struggling like made, here you go girls as promised said Sam 


It was immediately clear Danny was far more appealing to look at then Harry, he was tanned a darkish brown, he had no body hair but he did have a much longer penis then  his ginger mate, 


“Wow called out Lisa look at his pecker “ it's pretty long “ “ turn him round cried kelly “ the boys did this “ yes look at that lovely ass “ with that the boys pushed Danny towards the girls as they pushed harry towards them 


“ Ok,'' said Kelly now we have two naked little boys, now what will we do with them ….


Submitted: October 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Callum white. All rights reserved.


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I'm enjoying the humiliation, and am looking forward to seeing what paces the girls put the poor naked boys through. Keep it up, and thanks for posting!

Sat, October 16th, 2021 7:38pm


Wow this means so much to me, thank you ????

Sat, October 16th, 2021 3:22pm

Callum white

The question marks where supposed to be a smiley face lol

Sun, October 17th, 2021 3:56pm

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