harry's punishment

harry's punishment harry's punishment

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


harry gets his friends caught peeping and must pay a humiliating price


harry gets his friends caught peeping and must pay a humiliating price

Chapter1 (v.1) - the punishment

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 04, 2021

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 04, 2021



Quik ! shouted the furest forward of the boys , run,  run, the four lads sprinted down the path, round the corner and then on to the close by park

exhausted they quickly dove into a small area by the park bench which was slightly secluded by the trees, “man that was close “ explained one boy “ flipping hell “.

 As he sat trying to keep his breath under control Harry was nervous, how would he ever live this down with his mates ?


It was a simple idea, the four boys would sneek over to Laura Dixons house, being summer they knew there was a great chance her and her best friend Lisa Houston would be out sun bathing in therer bikinis and Sam the leader of the pack had herd sometimes they would take there tops off in the sun, the boys would sneek up to the back fence and peer over to the garden, to get a good eye full.


The plan worked great intill harry always having to take things to far tried to lift himself up higher on the fence and of course was spotted by the girls, this led to a shreik and sudden dismounting from the fence and the mad dash to escape.


Now sat on the grass Harry feared the reaction of his peers 

“For goodness sake explained Sam “why did yu have to ruin this Harry “ “its always you 

“Im im Sorry replied the nervous boy “ “well im sick of it, sorry but you are just a liabuilty, from now one yiure out the gang, were not friends no more ! the angry lad proclaimed.


“Please pleaded Harry “dont dump me, im so sorry, il not mess up again Sam 

“Give him a chance Sam “ chippoed in Daniel “he didnt mean it “

Dan was harrys best friend and would always stick up for him, “what do you think then benny asked harry to the forth boy “ “ well i like you harry but to be honest yiure always messing up and you dont add much to the group, sams the brave one, im the big one and Dan is the funny one, and you, yiure just ginger and small he laughed at this cruel assessment 


Harry once again pleaded to remain in the group and was almost in tears, ok replied sam “i know you can stay but only if you except a punishment” Sam was aleays thinking of ways to bully harry and hear wa his chance.


“ w what is it “ mumbled harry “easy said Sam you have to strip competly naked and walk back home that way as he said this he laughed loudly 

Harry was mortified “please not that he said “anything but that “ 

But sam wouldent budge “its that or out yiure choice “ both Dan and Benny seamed to agree this was fair despite Harry’s pleading 


“Well whats the decision then” asked Sam. Harry gulped i want to do it but i dont think i can “

He hadent had time to finish when two things sudley happened, first Sam dived at him in a rugby tackle, sam being bigger then harry quikly flattened the lad, second the two boys on the side quikly dove onto Harrys legs to hold a foot each “ ok snapped Sam will do it for you to make it easy ! 


Harry tried to struggle but it was no good, he was outnumbered by three to one and all the other three where much bigger then him. 

First Sam pulled up his upper clothing so he was sitting on harrys bare stomach, with his lower clothes behind his friend blocking his view. He was very worried now, surly this was a joke ? his hopoe was dashed when Sam explained “ strip this little ginger nut “ 


Before Harry could say another word he felt hands all over him, sam was busy un-zipping his hooded top while both other boys where undoing the lases on his trainers, soon benny pulled off his left trainer and threw it on the floor next came his right trainer, as at the same time Sam was pulling his top upwards and off.


Harry was scared now and soon things got worse when he felt two hands grasp either side of his grey jogging bottoms and begin to pull slowly down, he let out a small quite please as first he felt the cool air wash over his hips, then fies then knees and soon felt his bottoms leave the end of his feet. 


Then his attention turned back to sam who was pulling his t-shirt up from his stomach over his chest and up to his arms, “look his nips are out “ laughed sam who then switched position to the top of Harrys body ewhere he calmly removed the lads shirt over each arm in turn and threw it to the ground then he gripped harrys two outsreched arms.


Harry was lying in his underwear in the middle of a public park, he was hoping it was over but that was quikly ended when he felt two sets of cold finger sliding between his ankles and his socks and yanking them completely off, the other three boys where now laughing hysterically, Sam barked out “ now the pants, get the pants ! harry was silent as Dan grasped the two sides of his boxer briefs and pulled down fast revealing the stricken boys private parts to the other three , soon the pants where off his feet and with his other clothes on the ground


Harry was lying down embarrassed and nude infront of his three freinds, still being held at the arms by Sam ensuring he couldent cover up and thet every time he squirmed his willy bobed around all over the place.


“Put the clothes in Bennys bag” demanded Sam, and the tall boy did just that, the three boys then stood back as Harry lay on the ground in a ball trying to cover his private parts, “thius is so funny “ rematked Sam “a naked ginger “ the boys all laughed a lot at this.


Ok Harry the bully said “ were going to mine now to play x-box you can either walk the twenty minuites there naked and still hang with us or yiu can go the two minuiutes home and hang out on yiure own from now on, its up to you “ with that all three boys ran away leaving Harry nude and embarresed. 


Harry had to decide what to do, but realy theese where the only freinds he had and he so wanted to fit in so he quikly stood up coverd his bits and started to move towards the park exit,


he got half way when a boy on the top of a play frame caught site of him “ look a naked boy he shouted “ “look at his pale little bum a girl called out” with that harry ran, fast and hard out of the park and left down the street, he got so far when he rounded the corner and bumped straight into Kelly Paker the schools worst girl bully and her 6 freinds,


He ducked back hoping not to be seen but too late “ well well well if it isnt one of the peeping four “ come here little boy we want some fun !!!!! to be continued


© Copyright 2021 Callum white. All rights reserved.


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