Chapter 3: The Travails of Bobby Scully, Part 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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One of my favorite parts of any humiliation job was hearing the accounts of the humiliation from the participants and/or witnesses. After the dirty deed was done on young Mr. Scully, I heard all the details, quite vividly, from each of the four football players, and also from the delighted Amy Carmichael. Miss Carmichael’s narrative in particular was quite colorful. Through these accounts I am able to relate the story to you as if I was there in person, with an added dramatization of what was likely the state of mind of the victim. The following is the tale of Bobby Scully’s comeuppance.

When the bell sounded at 11:45, indicating the end of the fourth period, Bobby Scully slammed his geometry book shut and bolted from his seat by the back door. Anxious to beat the rush to the cafeteria, he swung the door open. Mexican was on the menu for the day, and, having missed breakfast, foremost on his mind was a big, juicy, beef burrito. Within moments, though,his appetite would take a back seat to much more pressing matters.

“Hi, Bobby, what’s up?” was the greeting from his left, after he had made a few paces down the hallway.

Bobby Scully looked up, and was a little apprehensive to be faced with the intimidating figure of Rod Gunderson, the all-state left tackle on the school football team. His apprehension turned to trepidation when he suddenly found himself surrounded by three other figures, each similar in size and weight to the hefty Mr. Gunderson. Bobby continued walking, though at a faster pace. His uninvited company stayed with him at every pace.

“Wh-what do you guys want?” asked Bobby anxiously.

“You’ll find out,” answered Rod brusquely.

Bobby stopped in his tracks, hoping the four brutes that accosted him would move on. But as he would soon find out, his ordeal was only beginning. Two of the players picked him up by his elbows and carried him toward the cafeteria. Bobby remained silent, but his heart was racing. He had no clue what was going down, but he knew it couldn't be good.

When they reached the wide doorway to the cafeteria, his maltreatment escalated. While one of the thugs held his legs to keep him from kicking, the other three went to work on pulling off his tee shirt. Bobby was overpowered and was helpless to stop them.

“Please! Stop! Why are you doing this?!”

“Amy Carmichael, does that ring a bell?” came the reply. Bobby’s eyes widened. “Thought it might,” continued Rod as he pulled the tee shirt free from Bobby Scully’s slight frame. “You fucked with the wrong chick.”

With that Scully felt his arms lifted high above his head while someone else lifted him by the seat of his pants. He heard two clicks, and simultaneously felt his wrists being restrained. When they let his legs down, he found himself forced by the wrist restraints above to stand on his tiptoes. It suddenly hit him that he was tied up bare-chested in the middle of the doorway, facing the soon-to-be very populated cafeteria.

“Ohhhh, no! Please, don’t do this to me!”

Rod looked him up and down and laughed when he noticed his hairless armpits.

“How old are you, eleven?” he taunted.

Rod then bent down and without saying another word he quickly pulled off Bobby’s shoes and socks. He then unclasped his victim’s belt. Panic was starting to set in for the highly distressed lad.

“Oh God! No!” He was screaming bloody murder now. “Please, I’m begging you, don’t pull my pants down!”

“Don’t worry, Scully,” answered Rod. “I’m going to let that take care of itself.”

Rod proceeded to undo the snap of Bobby’s corduroys and unzipped his zipper halfway down, effectively loosening his pants around his waist. Then he stopped. He stepped back and leered at his prey, grinning derisively.

“The rest is up to you, pal. Unless you want the whole school to see your tighty whities, you’d better be still.”

Meanwhile, a few entertained students had filtered into the cafeteria. The rest would be coming in droves very shortly. As planned, Amy Carmichael was leading a pack of some of the early arrivals. She was thrilled to see the scene laid out exactly as Blondie had told her it would be.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” teased the young Carmichael as she faced her captive.

She was grinning broadly. Her subject most certainly was not.

“What’s the matter, little boy? Are you feeling a little helpless? Oh, I’m so, so sorry.”

She looked at his armpits and found them inviting.

“Ooh, I’ll bet you’re a little ticklish, aren’t you?”

She strummed her index finger, ever so softly and teasingly, up and down Bobby’s right armpit. She was pleased to see that he retracted somewhat, even at her gentle caress.

“Oh, I can see you’re going to be in trouble, little boy. I think you’re going to be standing there in your little underpanties before too long.”

She reached for his other armpit.

“Please, Amy.…no….please!”

Amy, with a devilish grin on her face, playfully ran her fingers across Bobby’s armpit, this time with a bit more verve. Her hapless victim twitched a little more vigorously this time. Amy looked down and was delighted to see that Bobby’s pants had slid down ever so slightly, revealing the band of his white briefs. She smiled while tweaking Bobby’s cheek between her thumb and index finger.

“Get ready, Scully,” she said. Her face was very close to his. “You’re about to be slowly, thoroughly humiliated in front of the whole school.”

With that she abruptly turned away. She walked a few short paces and sat at the first table, facing a very nervous Bobby Scully. For a while, at least, she would be content to observe the show.

And an entertaining show it would be.

Amy had given a heads up to a few of her girlfriends the day before. Upon entering the cafeteria, they were asked to do what they could to further along the descent of Bobby Scully’s trousers, a chore they were more than willing to carry out.

Sure enough, in the middle of another sizable group of grinning students was Amy’s friend Catherine. She stopped, then looked Bobby up and down with a smirk on her face.

“Goodgie-goodgie goo!” she happily chanted while stroking both of Bobby’s armpits.

Amy watched with enjoyment as Bobby scrunched up his face while trying with all his might to keep still. It was to no avail, as his fidgeting was enough to cause his pants to drop another couple of inches. Catherine, content with her contribution, sauntered away, sharing a smile with Amy before joining her at the front table.

More and more students continued to stream in. Their look of amusement was in significant contrast to the miserable look on the face of the half-naked student fixed to the doorway.

Melody, another of Amy’s accomplices, was the next to torment the wretched Bobby.

“Oh, how cute!” she exclaimed while surveying her target. “I heard a rumor that you’re a little ticklish. What say we find out, shall we?”

Starting at his waist she slowly strummed his left side with her fingertips, gradually working her way up to her objective. Her victim squirmed ever so slightly.

“Please.…Melody, don’t.…” he tried.

Melody was unrelenting. When she reached his armpit she escalated the intensity of her tickling. Bobby wriggled heartily, and to his chagrin he felt his pants drop significantly.

Melody walked away, and Bobby looked down to assess the damage. His pants were hanging by a thread, or, more accurately, by the small protrusion in the front of his briefs. He, along with all of the delighted onlookers in the cafeteria, was well aware that any movement now on his part would almost certainly cause his pants to drop down, to the point of no return. To add to his anxiety, he suddenly remembered the yellowish stain on the front of his well-worn briefs.

“Oh, God,” he whispered to himself.

He was left dangling there woefully for the better part of five minutes before Suzie, Amy’s best friend and savior, went in for the kill. Sneaking up from behind, she struck without warning by tickling his ribs mercilessly. Bobby was no match for this line of attack, and he entertained the festive lunch crowd by violently thrashing about, as much as his restraints would allow.

Laughter filled the large room when his pants sunk ever so swiftly. Within a matter of seconds they were collected at his ankles. Suzie raised her arms up in the air and clenched her wrist with her opposite hand in a self-congratulatory pose. She looked Bobby Scully up and down and said, “Caught you with your pants down again, huh Scully? Don’t’ worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

She joined her giggling friends at the front table to enjoy the spectacle. The red-faced boy of the hour was forced to stand there and endure the staggering humiliation for a period that for him must have felt like a lifetime.

Submitted: July 12, 2019

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