Chapter 2: The Travails of Bobby Scully, Part 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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The following fictional account is for age 18 and older only.


I have to confess that I have a soft spot for humiliation in a school setting. Perhaps it stems from being in a school when I witnessed my first full-blooded humiliation, that being a complete stripping and thorough humiliation of a fellow student.

So it will be my pleasure to describe to you in this first chapter a thorough humiliation of a student. And a deserving one at that, which makes it that much more appealing.

By the way, I have other stories involving humiliation in a school setting. I was fortunate to have in my employment a substitute teacher by the name of Helen Gandolf. Helen is quite the humiliation enthusiast, and a very creative one at that. It took some doing but we were able to place Helen in a classroom for more than one job. I’ll sprinkle in a chapter or two along the way illustrating the wonderful Helen Gandolf stories.

But I’ve gotten off track. Let’s get on with the story of Bobby Scully’s humiliation.

A well-dressed woman and her thirteen-year-old daughter dropped into my shop one fall day a few years ago. I was about to go into my spiel about the latest improvements on humidifiers when the woman surprised me with, “I need Blondie’s help.” I raised an eyebrow in surprise while looking warily at her young daughter.

“It’s okay,” said the lady. “I’ve told her all about your service. This is about her.” I nodded. She stuck out her hand. “I’m Elisa Carmichael, and this is my daughter Amy.”

“I’m Blondie,” I replied with a reassuring smile while shaking her hand. “It’s closing time, why don’t we go into my office.”

I put the “closed” sign on the glass door. After locking up, the three of us retired to the small office in the back of the store.

“Can I get you anything? Coffee? Soda?”

“No, thank you, I prefer to get right down to business.”

“Very well.”

Truth be told, I was quite curious to hear what she had to say.

“Well, Mr.…” She looked at me for help.

“Please, call me Blondie.” She gave me a curious look. “It’s okay, I’m used to it, and it helps me get into character for this type of service.”

“Okay….Blondie….a few weeks ago a young hooligan from Amy’s school—Harrison High—took advantage of my daughter.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, as compassionately as possible while looking at the young girl.

“Yes, she went to a party—I really was hesitant to let her go in the first place—and somebody spiked her soda with Rohypnol….”

“The date rape drug,” I said.

“Yes. I have a good friend that works in a lab, and I had her run the test on Amy’s blood. It was positive for Rohypnol. Amy doesn’t remember much…” She looked at her daughter. “Why don’t you tell Blondie what you remember, dear.”

“Okay,” answered Amy.

She was somewhat reluctant, but handled herself well, all things considered.

“I just remember talking to Suzie, and Suzie went to go get some food, and that’s when he—his name is Bobby Scully—he came over and started talking to me. I sort of knew him.…he’s a sophomore and I’m a freshman, but he lives on the same street as we do, a couple of blocks down. Anyway, I had to go to the bathroom. That must have been when he put the stuff in my Pepsi. When I came back he handed me my drink. I remember thinking that was nice of him. Little did I know what he was really doing. Anyway, sometime later I remember feeling a little dizzy. He suggested I go lie down. The last thing I can recall is him walking me down the hallway…”

She looked at her mother to take over.

“The little bastard took her in a bedroom and stripped her clothes off," related Mrs. Carmichael.

The mother was sniffling and had trouble continuing. I handed her a Kleenex.

“Please, take your time, Mrs. Carmichael.”

“I’m sorry.…this is hard.…um.…he had her laid out on the bed, completely naked. If it wasn’t for her friend Suzie, who knows how far this would have gone?”

“I take that her friend Suzie interrupted his.…plans,” I countered.

“Thank God, yes. When she walked in, he was in the process of pulling down his pants and underwear.” She paused to blow her nose. “Excuse me. I’m telling you, if he would have sexually violated her….oh, my, I can’t even bear to think…”

“Yes, it is quite fortunate that her friend walked in when she did. Now what did the young man in question do at this point?”

“Well, according to Suzie he acted just like a criminal who was caught red-handed. He hurriedly pulled his clothes back on, and before leaving he warned Suzie that she better not tell anybody or she would be next.”

“Have you gone to the police?” I asked.

“No, I don’t want to put my daughter through that. You know how they are, what with making it seem like the victim is on trial. And Suzie pleaded with me not to report it. She seems quite scared that the scoundrel will come after her. Since she saved my daughter from an even more severe trauma, I deferred to her request. And besides, the type of vigilante justice that you could deliver might be even better in this case. I do want the bastard to pay, and I want my daughter to see it happen. I think it would be quite therapeutic.”

“I understand,” I said, all-knowingly.

“I have a friend who used your service in the past. She recommended you highly.”

“May I ask who your friend is?”

“Theresa Lansky. The guy that was bothering her was last seen tied naked to a telephone pole near the railroad tracks. Theresa told me when she went to check him out there was a pink, feathered boa wrapped around his neck and a matching ribbon tied around his testicles.”

I detected a slight smirk forming on the corner of her lips as she relayed the story.

“Oh, yes,” I smiled. “It was over an hour before somebody rescued him. Quite a few trains passed by during that time. It was near one of the stops, so the train was going at a snail’s pace. The morning commuters got quite an eyeful. Needless to say, I don’t think he bothered Ms. Lansky after that.”

“No, I’m sure not," she said while giggling slightly. "So can you help? Money is no object.”

“I’m sure I can. I think we can teach the young man a lesson he’ll never forget.”

“There is one thing.…”

Mrs. Carmichael’s voice tailed off and it was apparent she wanted to tell me something, but was hesitant.

“Yes, Mrs. Carmichael? Anything you can tell me could be helpful.”

“Well, I’ve had a few conversations with Suzie about this, and, um….well, I don’t know how relevant this will be for you, but she did say that this Scully character has….you remember I told you that he was pulling his pants and underwear down when Suzie walked in….”

“Yes, I recall.”

“Well, again, I don’t know how helpful this is, but she did say that his penis is….I believe the words she used were ‘rather small.’ Also, that it appeared that he has not yet grown any hair down there.”

Again she could not suppress a smile.

“I see,” I answered wisely. “Yes, that could be useful.”

“I thought it might. I didn’t know if you planned on.…relieving him of his clothes at some point.”

She gave me what was unquestionably a hopeful look.

“Well, public nudity, specifically the forced variety, is probably the most effective form of humiliation there is. And an underdeveloped penis, in conjunction with the absence of hair can only add to the humiliation effect, especially when you’re talking about a young adolescent such as Mr. Scully. They’re so self-conscious about their bodies at that age. So yes, I would say that indeed we should employ the public stripping treatment in this case.”

“Excellent. I think so, too.”

Mrs. Carmichael appeared quite satisfied with the way our meeting was transpiring.

“Very well, public nudity it is, then,” I stated.

I gestured towards the young Amy Carmichael.

“I will need to ask your daughter a few questions before we discuss payment, if you don’t mind.”

“Please, be my guest,” replied Mrs. Carmichael.

Over the next few minutes I was able to obtain most of the information I needed. Bobby Scully was fourteen years old, slight, and small for his age. This would make it easy for a few bigger kids to overpower him.

I was also able to ascertain that the faculty had a meeting on the last Friday of every month while the students were at lunch. A perfect time to do the dirty deed. A parent was in charge of supervision. Hopefully it wouldn’t take too much to bribe him or her to look the other way, I thought.

We settled on a price of $15,000 for the job, plus expenses, which I estimated to be somewhere between $2500 and $3000. She agreed to bring the cash to the shop the following day.

“Believe me,” said Mrs. Carmichael. “If the little shit gets what he deserves then it’ll be the best money I ever spent.”

“You can count on it, ma’am. Amy, just be sure you’re in the cafeteria for lunch two weeks from tomorrow. You won’t want to miss the retribution. Rest assured, Mr. Scully will forever regret the day took advantage of you.”

We shook hands and parted ways. I immediately picked up the phone and called one of my cohorts.

“Jimbo,” I said when he picked up the phone. “I’ve got a job for you.”

Jim Marconi was my right hand man. He never failed me, no matter what the request. No job was too big or too small for him. I paid him well for his services and he earned every penny of it.

I concocted a plan, and put Jim to work. Within a week he had enlisted the aid of four seniors from Harrison High. They were big, burly linemen on the football team. When Jim explained what he would like them to do, they expressed interest, especially when they heard the story of the culprit’s violation of Amy Carmichael. When they were told they would receive $250 apiece for their services, it was a done deal.

The parent scheduled for duty during lunch period on Bobby Scully’s date with fate was a man by the name of Gerald Quackenbush. He also agreed to cooperate with the arrangement. His only role would be to conveniently disappear for a long spell at the beginning of the lunch period. Later, he would explain apologetically to the principal that he was called away for an emergency at home. Mr. Quackenbush was a tougher sell, and negotiated a $1500 fee for his disappearing act.

I called Elisa Carmichael and told her everything was in place. I also spoke with Amy, explaining to her exactly what would be transpiring. I also offered her the opportunity to be an active participant in the young man’s humiliation. I must say, she seemed quite excited, and definitely wanted to be personally involved. I set her up for a meeting with the football players the day before the great event.

Submitted: July 12, 2019

© Copyright 2023 Blondie2. All rights reserved.


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