Chapter 5: Public Nudity at the Drive-Through

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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There is a brief moment of silence, which is broken by Donna.

“Let’s all go out to lunch!” she says.

Bruce says he needs to change his clothes first. I squeeze my eyes tightly shut, bracing myself for another perilous, humiliating, nude venture. Donna is smiling brightly as she takes my hand and pulls me out of my chair.

“Let’s go, my little naked friend,” she grins.

When I stand up, she puts both of her hands on my shoulders, looks me in the eyes and says gleefully, “We’re really gonna have some fun now, sweetheart."

She takes my hand, merrily leading me toward the front door. The chilly air sends shivers throughout my body as I really feel my nakedness walking outside, open to the elements. This time I’m led to the front bench seat of the station wagon where I sit in the middle between Tammy and Donna. They’re both giggling as they take their seats next to me. Bruce and the guys are behind me and Rhonda and Gail follow in their own car. I unconsciously cover my crotch with my hands.  
“Uh, uh, uh, there’ll be none of that,” Tammy admonishes.

She takes my left wrist and pulls my arm so it’s stretched out on the top of the seat behind her. Donna does likewise with my right arm. With my arms behind me I feel very exposed. I put my knees together and Donna physically separates them and places my feet on either side of the hump on the floor of the car.
“There, Smoothie, isn’t that better? Now we have a nice view of your hairless little wee-wee,” taunts Donna. "And it's such a cute little thing!" she says as she takes my penis in her fingers and jiggles it around, causing me to almost jump out of my seat. This elicits considerable laughter from Donna and Tammy.

"Hey, that's not fair, I get to feel it, too," declares Tammy as she reaches down with her right hand while keeping her eyes on the road. I stiffen in my seat while she boldly explores my penis and balls.

"You're right, his dick is really cute. And his little balls....they're cute too. And they're so smooth! You should feel them, Donna."

Tammy puts her hand back on the wheel and Donna immediately picks up where Tammy left off. I squirm around while Donna has her way with my balls, caressing them like she owns them.

"Ooh, yes," coos Donna."I see what you mean. They're lovely."

"And I really like playing with his little penis," continues Donna as she moves her hand upwards and starts fondling my penis. "I love how I can make it grow."

Sure enough, for the second time that day I feel a stirring in my loins, thanks to Donna's manipulations. Her unrelenting and skillful fondling of my ever-reacting penis is quite stimulating, and in short order I have a hard-on, much to Donna's delight.

"Blondie's got another woodie," declares Donna. "Check it out."

Tammy looks down, and while giggling says, "Indeed he does! It looks like one of those mini sausages we had for breakfast."

Once again the sounds of laughter echo throughout the car. Tammy has her eyes back on the road and reaches down. Donna defers to her and allows Tammy to fondle my penis while driving.

"Oh, you have such a darling, dainty little penis, Blondie. It's so fun to play with," she says as she runs her fingers all around my hard-on.

I'm really squirming around now. I feel if she keeps this up I could lose it right here in the car.

"Please," I urge. "Please stop!"

"My," says the giggling Tammy as she mercifully lets go of my penis and puts her hand back on the steering wheel. "Don't you go spurting off in my parents' car, you naughty little boy."

Bruce then leans over to check me out and puts his mouth to my ear.
“Thanks for the show, Blondie. I can’t tell you how excited you’re making me.”

He reaches over me and playfully twitches one of my nipples before leaning back in his seat. I shudder and close my eyes for a moment, hoping that when I open them I’ll wake up from a nightmare. But when I open my eyes, we’re cruising down a busy street and I’m still naked. I’m very nervous, not knowing what to expect next.
We reach the downtown area, and the car pulls into a fast food joint. I expect Tammy to pull into a parking space, but to my horror she pulls into the drive-through lane. I tense up as I realize the ramifications of this move. I beg them not to do this, but receive only laughter in response.

We reach the speaker and a young girl’s voice comes through and says, “May I take your order?”

I shiver, realizing that in a few moments the owner of that voice will see me naked. I start to move my arms forward but Bruce grabs my wrists and gives me one last warning.

“If you try to cover up once more, Blondie, we’re hauling you out of the car and dragging you into the middle of the restaurant,” he warns. “In case you didn’t notice when we drove by, there are a lot of people in there.”

I stay put while Tammy looks down and sees that my erection has started to subside. She multitasks by playing with my penis while ordering food and drinks for everyone. It wasn't long before I was completely hard again.

Tammy continues toying with me while we inch our way up the line. When we get close she moves her hand away, exposing my state of arousal for all to see. I am near a state of panic as the car pulls up to the window. Being higher up, she will have a nice birds-eye view of my nakedness.

Everyone watches for the pretty young girl’s reaction. She opens her window and starts to pass a bag to Tammy. Then she sees me. The bag drops to the ground as her jaw opens wide in a classic expression of shock.  
“OH MY GOD!” she yells.

She covers her mouth with her hands and is laughing uncontrollably while she continues to stare at me. She’s laughing so hard that one of the guys at the counter comes over to see what the source of the hilarity is. He sees me, naked with a little hard-on and red as a beet. He grins widely.

I feel like I could possibly die from embarrassment.

"Why is he naked?" asks the girl, who is still grinning freely.

"We're just having a little fun with him," responds Tammy. She looks over at the miserable expression on my red face. "We're having a lot more fun than he is," says Tammy. "His name is Blondie." The girl giggles.

"Hi, Blondie, my name's Trudy," she says, smiling brightly. She has leaned her head out the window to get a closer look.

I really am in no mood or state of dress to engage this person. Tammy nudges me in the ribs with her elbow.

"Hi," I say, without looking up.

"Not good enough," admonishes Tammy in a soft voice so the girl couldn't hear her. "Look up at her and ask her how her day is going."

I look up wretchedly and ask, "How is your day going?"

Giggling, she replies, "Well it just got a lot better, thanks to you!" She pauses and asks, "The question is, how's your day going?"

I don't reply and feel Tammy's elbow dig into my side again, harder this time.

"It''s fine, thanks."

Everyone laughs as Tammy opens the door to retrieve the bag. She notices that the coke has spilled.  
“Could you please get us another coke?” she asks as she hands the girl the empty container.

The girl leaves the window and heads back to the grill to tell her co-workers of her incredible encounter. Within seconds she comes back with several of her fellow workers, who are gawking out the window at me, all laughing incredulously. Even a couple of customers get wind of the scene and are on their tiptoes staring at me.

"They're making him do this," says Trudy. "He doesn't want to be naked."

"Oh, this is too much!" shouted one of the employees.

"His name is Blondie," offers Trudy.

"Hi Blondie!" shouts two or three of them in unison.

"Look at his little boner!" squeals another.

"He must be cold, maybe that's why it's so small," teases Trudy.

The laughter rings in my ears as my face burns even hotter
Forced out of the Car  
Finally the girl delivers the coke and says, “That’ll be $10.95.” A collection is taken, but they only come up with a little over $10.00.
“Blondie, do you have an extra dollar?” asks Tammy facetiously.

This brings on more laughter. She gets out of the car to get the money from her friends behind her, leaving me even more exposed. The door is wide open and grinning faces keep turning up at the pay window. Tammy takes her sweet time, and I can hear her laughing and carrying on with her friends.

At last she returns, pays the girl and is just about to drive off when she hands me 50 cents and says, “Blondie, Gail and Rhonda are going to need this to pay for their food. Would you go give this to them, please?”

I look at her thinking she must be kidding, but she is not. The excitement level in the car increases as Donna opens her door and gets out to allow me to do the dreadful deed. I freeze for a moment and Tammy gives me a shove. I look back and there are several cars in the line. I look down and see that my penis is returning to its normal not that it will make this any less painful.

I brace myself, then jump out and run back to the girls behind me. A couple of people honk their horns merrily when they see me. I bang furiously on the passenger window and Gail ever so slowly rolls down her window.  
“Hi, Blondie, can I help you with something?” she inquires with a devilish grin.

I try to give her the money but she says, “Oh, why don’t you give that to Rhonda, sweetie, since she’ll be paying for it.”

I reach across the seat but Rhonda moves her finger in a circular motion, indicating for me to bring it around. I’m absolutely mortified now as I hear more honks while I run around to the other side of the car. On my way I see everyone in the car in front of me laughing uproariously and three highly amused employees are poking their heads out of the delivery window of the restaurant. On top of that several customers that were inside had come out to get a good look and are standing at the end of the drive-through, gawking at the scene. Everyone is enjoying the incredible spectacle.

Rhonda rolls down her window, takes the 50 cents, points to the back seat and tells me to hop in. As I open the back door and climb in I don’t know what is more powerful: the feeling of relief to be inside the car, or the feeling of dread over having to drive by the window again.

We get to the window and by now everyone is having a high old time at my expense. The girl in the window is over her shock and is getting the most out of my humiliation, as she is grinning from ear to ear, staring at me while handing Rhonda her food.
As Rhonda pays her she “accidentally” drops a quarter on the ground and says, “Oh Blondie, would you be a sweetie and go get that for me please?”

With trepidation I get out and have an extremely anxious moment when I can’t find the quarter. I look under the car to no avail. Then I see it; it has rolled next to the car behind me. I hurriedly sprint back there and pick it up. I can’t help but to catch a glimpse of the thoroughly entertained foursome (two guys and two girls) in the car.

I run back to hand the quarter to Rhonda, but she says, “Well don’t give it to me, silly boy. Pay the nice girl in the window.”

I hand over the coin without make eye contact with Trudy, but I can still see her broad smile and can sense her eyes looking me up and down.

“Thanks, Blondie, and thanks a lot for the entertainment!” she gleefully says.

My face is pulsating with humiliation as I hear the cheering and clapping emanating from the restaurant while getting back in the car. Mercifully, we drive off.

But of course my reprieve would be short-lived.

Submitted: December 09, 2019

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