Chapter 2: The Monday Meeting

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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As Charlie showered she pondered exactly what Chris and the rest of the company wanted to offer her, but the main question was what to wear for the meeting?. Finally she decided on a white blouse with white bra underneath and a black mid thigh skirt. Sod it she thought I'll go 'au natrele' - she had often gone without underwear at school and college, nothing of a sexual nature just that she felt comfortable bare. Not that occasionally it hadn't led to sex, not just with fellow students but also a teacher and a couple of lecturers.

Arriving at work Charlie was a little apprehensive. Although most of the girls had not slept alone in the hotel she was a little nervous if any had noticed her leaving with Chris. She'd been so horny that she hadn't noticed if anyone was watching. Luckily the company policy seemed to be 'what happens at the party stays at the party', which was all good for Charlie.

The only comment came from Mary, her fellow P.A., who just winked at her and said well done. Charlie presumed (correctly) that Mary had been in a same situation, and from the wink that she had done more or less the same as Charlie had.

Charlie smiled as she thought about the party, or more like the after party. She was no stranger to sex and had often had sex with multiple guys, but this was the first time that she'd had the entire Management level of a company. The thought of how she had been fucked senseless, every hole receiving its fair share of attention plus cum, as well as the cum sprayed across her body  as 3 of the guys wanked over her as she was fucked by another. She pulled her thoughts back to work as she felt the tell-tale moistness under her skirt - not a good idea to cum at work.

Her 10.30 meeting approached,her phone rang. Mary asked her to come to the conference room. Charlie smiled, when she first was asked into the conference room she imagined something like the one on The Apprentice, the company's room was fractionally smaller. It had a table that could seat 10 people and had wood panelling walls.

Slightly nervously she knocked on the door, it opened and Mary asked her in, indicating where theywanted her to a sit, Charlie opposite Chris, whilst Mary sat on another side, between them, pen in hand ready to make notes. This made Charlie nervous, she hadn't expected Mary to be there. Guilt spread through her at her thoughts earlier and maybe wishing she'd dressed a little more professionally.

"Don't worry Charlie", said Chris," this is purely a chat, nothing more. I just wanted to say that I, well we, are all more than satisfied with your work since you joined the company. With that in mind, as well as other circumstances," here he smiled but not just at me but at Mary too. "We would like to offer you additional duties on top of your current job description ... you don't have to accept we wouldn't think any less of you if you did.The new duties would be helping us with our national and international clients. You would be responsible for booking transport, accommodation and meals for visiting clients. As well as staying at the hotel with them just in case any problems arise - which thankfully is a rare situation, as well as organising the 'social' side of their stay."

The way he looked at me as he said the word social, with a gleam in his eye made me realise exactly what some of those duties would entail. "Have a few moments to think about the offer," he said " and as I said previously we won't think any less of you if you say no. But after your performances since you started employment we thought you would like the opportunity."

I took a few moments as my mind was racing, had he just said what I thought he'd said, that basically I would be offered as a company whore to clients,all to gain more contracts?? My pussy was already signaling its agreement to the new duties as were my bullet like nipples, the thought of being paid for sex on my terms if I understood correctly had got me wet ...and eager to start. "I accept." I said.

Chris stood up with a smile on his face, Mary gave me an open wink and a smile, she stood up and swapped seats with Chris ...he extended his hand and we shook on the deal.

At this point my body completely let me down, at the touch of his hand my whole body was covered in perspiration, the sort I get when I'm about to have good hard sex. Guiltily I straightened in my chair, my skirt sticking to my thighs. unbelievably, I did the one thing I had never done before. I did the Sharon Stone Basic Instinct thing, I crossed my legs, my skirt moved, sliding up my slick thighs fractionally. Chris smiled. Then as he glanced down he noticed that as my thighs opened he got a good view of my bare pussy. His eyes opened wider, his smile turning into a big grin.

Turning to Mary he said I think Charlie needs some water. She stood up and moved behind me. I heard liquid being poured into a glass then her hand reached over my shoulder passing me the glass. I smiled at her then took a sip. Looking back to Chris he was now sat leaning forwards, looking from my face to my legs and back again, before he put his right hand on my thigh, sliding it up and under my skirt. My legs opened at his touch. I groaned as I felt his fingers slide up and between my by now sopping pussy lips, my skirt slid higher, revealing my nakedness.

Chris's fingers were by now probing my slit, his thumb rubbing my clit. He dropped to his knees and lowered his mouth to join his fingers. As I orgasmed into his mouth I gripped the arms of the chair and leaned back, to see Mary standing behind me, her mouth open, eyes wide open as she watched. Then her hands moved to my blouse, working at the buttons she revealed my bra, her fingers slid into the cups squeezing  my tits.

OH GOD I couldn't stop myself. I just said 2 words "Fuck me".

In an instant Chris had lifted me onto the table blouse and skirt were on the floor ...Mary had unfastened my bra, her hands working on my tits, her mouth coming in for a kiss. I responded in what wasn't my first woman to woman kiss, our tongues swirling and meeting, as Chris penetrated me with his hard cock. Mary broke off the kiss and climbed onto the table. Only now did I realise that she was naked from the waist down, straddling me face she lowered her pussy to my lips, her hands either side of my head as she began to grind. My mouth needed no second asking and within seconds I was eating her pussy, whilst mine was pounded by the boss's cock.

Mary groaned and my face became wet with her orgasm. Chris's cock was coated by my third orgasm before he plunged deep inside me and came himself. Mary climbed off the desk and began dressing herself. Chris had a few more solid thrusts into my pussy then withdrew. My pussy leaked mixed fluids onto the table ....

Chris looked down at me ...smiling ..."Welcome to the team"

Submitted: June 11, 2021

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"That Sharon Stone Thing"!!

What a promiscuous company this is. I wonder why anyone wears underwear. I get the feeling, since we are already doing ménage trois in the board room, that things are just going to get more and more kinky.
As a side, I think a lot of crazy shit goes on at high level corporate in a number of mega-buck companies, not to mention politics.

Sat, June 12th, 2021 2:34am

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