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Charlie just sat on the bed, her mind racing. The question just repeating itself continually – Should she? Shouldn’t she?

OK the money would make a difference but the thought of giving her body to anybody who chose to desire it made her nervous. At least with Chris and Dieter and the rest up to appoint she had had some control. But with strangers – what if they had STD’s? How safe would she be? What if things got violent?

Shaking her head in an effort to clear these thoughts she tried to lay back and just think through things logically.

A knock came at her door, it would be Chris again she thought so she jumped off the bed and ran to the door. Her shock when she opened the door to find Russell standing there, looking at her, her gown unfastened and revealing her nakedness underneath. She hurriedly fastened it before asking Russell into the room.

“Sorry to disturb you,” he said, “but I thought I should come round and talk to you urgently. I’m not sure exactly where to start, but really think you should know.” Charlie pointed him to a chair then they both sat down, “What is it you want to talk to me about?” she asked. “I’m not sure how to put this,” he said with a frown on his face, “It’s just what some of the guys were talking about in on the trip back. Your boss and the German big man want to take you to a club tonight, with the rest of them. Trouble is it’s not a club I really think you should go to. It’s got a bad rep.”

Charlie looked at him, his face clearly showing his nerves at telling her this news but also his care for her. Leaning across, Charlie took Russell’s hands in hers and said that she knew all about it. That Chris had been to see her, had not left more than 10 minutes before in fact, and told her that they wanted to offer her a bonus, a mega bonus if she accepted, but at the same time would accept her saying no.

Russell looked at her in relief, the fact that Charlie knew what had been discussed clear on his face. “I know it’s not my place but I needed to tell you. I’ve done gigs like this before. Been responsible for taking groups to the club. And then seeing the aftereffects when they leave. Charlie the girls I’ve seen when they come out of that place … fuck girl, they’re all fucked to hell and back. Charlie, they use those girls with no feelings – god their asses and pussies are all fucked up.”

Charlie was shocked at Russell’s bluntness, realising that her hands were shaking in his, she released his hands and hugged herself. “How much did they offer you to do it?” Russell asked. When he heard the amount he whistled quietly, “They must be really desperate to get you in there.” He looked at Charlie, trying to read her face. “I know this is a difficult question but for that money would you really consider your holes being fucked to hell for a few days?” Charlie looked at him and said that yes, she was seriously thinking of saying yes. God knows Russell had seen how she was for the last couple of days – a girl who really loved sex – who loved sex to the extent that she would do anything for money. “I’m a whore,” Charlie admitted, “I didn’t realise just how much before – but fuck for that money I’d fuck a horse.” Russell looked at her, “Charlie girl, it’s your choice. It’s not my place to say yes or no, but I had to tell you how those other girls have looked when they’ve left that place.” With that he leant forward and cupped her face in his hands, planting a kiss firmly on her lips. Charlie responded, her hands holding his in place as she returned the kiss. Slowly their lips opened and their tongues entwined as the power of the situation overtook them both.

Letting her gown fall open, Charlie pulled Russell on top of her as she fell back to the bed. Her hands not on his – but frantically tugging at his trousers, loosening them until her hand could delve in and release his already hard cock. Their eyes locked as she took his penis and eagerly placed it in the entrance to her pussy. Needing no more invitation, Russell pushed forwards and they both moaned as he filled her.

Eagerly, urgently, they fucked like animals. Him pounding into her cunt like a piledriver, she letting him plumb her already cum filled depths. Her nipples burned against his chest. Twin points of fire rubbing against his skin, showing her need, her desire – her want.


Her teeth bit the skin of his shoulder as she orgasmed violently, her juices flooding around his cock. He groaned, as with one final twitch his cock, by now rammed deep inside her, exploded – his semen gushing inside her, their love juices mixing as they fucked each other.

Charlie held him inside her, as she felt him begin to shrivel inside her. “Thank you,“ she whispered, as they held each other tight. ”For everything.”


After a while they rolled apart. Russell sat up and looked down at the beautiful sexy girl he’d just fucked. “Think about what I said – seriously. But if you really want to I can’t stop you. And yes I think you really are a whore. But a lovely one.”


Fastening his clothes he went to the door, “See you later for dinner. I’ve been invited as it’s the last day.”


Charlie lay on the bed, her legs open, cum leaking out to pool on the bedclothes.

Her mind was now made up.

Submitted: May 11, 2022

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