Chapter 5: Gustave

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Avery's Atrium

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I was led to a room down the hall and a man several years younger than Théo opened the door. Before I entered, I wanted to thank Théo and say much more, but when I turned, he was already walking slowly down the passageway to rooms I had not yet seen.

Brother Gustave was shorter and leaner than Théo as well, and his hair retained its dark color. He was by all standards, an attractive man and when he spoke, I detected a different accent alongside his French. His dark eyes looked me over as he backed into the room and welcomed me with a sweeping gesture of his hand.

“Thank you,” I stammered. I saw my little bed in a corner opposite his own and there was a small desk there as well with the books and journals. Upon the bed there were several new robes, neatly folded and somehow that was a reassurance that I was welcome in these rooms. “Brother Gustave, may I have a glass of water please?”

“Certainly Jérôme.” He said. “Might I say that you’re every bit as handsome as Brother Théo claimed.

He poured from the pitcher on his own table and I accepted it gratefully. “Did he explain my reason for being here?” I inquired. He confirmed that they had been told about the flight from my father including instructions that should he come for me they were to feign ignorance on my behalf. He had kept them apprised of my lessons and progress as well as my devotional practices.

“The only thing he did not share, was information about the physical lessons you shared. His discretion of course is out of respect for you, but I’ll confess that I am very curious. The description he provided us does not compare to your true beauty. Come closer and let me see you in a better light.”

I walked to where he leaned against the small chest of drawers with the bright midday light streaming through the window. He caressed my face and ran a thumb along my cheekbone.

“Fine features, and your hair – He said it was angelic, but look how it shines in this sunlight.” He shifted and then stepped away. “Sit here by the window.”

I complied in silence and he shook his head with a knowing smile.

“Yes, yes…” He nodded. “I could paint your portrait in such a light. Théo’s angel I will call it.”

“Paint a picture of me? I would be honored.” I said in disbelief.

“I will contemplate it further this evening. Now shall we discuss your time this week?” He took my hand and brought me down from the bureau and into his embrace. I could smell the clean, mild soap on his neck and the wool of his cloak.

“Yes, please tell me aside from my lessons of book and manuscript what shall be required.” I cleared my throat and stepped away to sit on my little bed.

“As you can clearly see, I’m younger than Brother Théo.  I wouldn’t have been given the position had Brother Bartholomew not passed most unexpectedly. Nonetheless, I would venture to say that my appetites are much broader when it comes to physical relations.”

“He told me it would essentially be the same with each of the elders.” I said plainly.

“Perhaps to a degree: I will receive your benediction and deliver my own for yes that is the manner of our rites. My preferences as to how that’s accomplished however may be widely varied.”

“I see.” I nodded. “As I told Brother Théo, my heart’s desire is to serve, and so it is with you Brother Gustave.”

“Let me see you: Take off your robe and stand before me.”

As he spoke, he smiled. Yet there was a look of menace somewhere within his eyes – a menace with which I was all too familiar. I reminded myself of the fact that I was now in a new home, far from my father’s wrath. I removed my robe and stood before him naked, without arousal. As Théo had done, he came closer in apparent inspection of everything below my waist. I spread my legs as he fondled me and worked my foreskin in his fingers. He did not kiss me there as Théo had done, but what he did do was kneel in front of me and begin to lick the exposed head of my growing penis. I sucked in my breath and steadied my legs. I felt him stick his tongue in the opening and once more swirl his talented tongue upon the sensitive tip before taking the length of my erection into his mouth. My legs trembled and I felt as though I would fall to the ground in weakened pleasure. His lips, perhaps due to his younger years, were far tighter than Théo’s, and I felt I may climax even more rapidly. Unthinking, I put my hand on his head to slow his actions, and he paused completely to look up at me.

“Not in my mouth you beautiful young thing…” He panted. “When it’s time, I want you to bring it off and bless my face with your gift.”

He once more claimed the length and shortly, my own hand brought the inevitable forth and I cried out as it left me. I let the silvery stream loose near his cheek, watching spurt after spurt streak across it and into his mouth.

“Yes, oh yes, the fount.” He moaned.

My knees buckled and I sank to the floor beside him. In what seemed to be an instant, he was there between my legs with his robe removed. His penis was small but thick, and I knew it was going to hurt in a completely new way.

“Move to your bed and lean against it on your knees.” He directed.

I crawled weakly into position. My erection was only half spent and I could feel residual semen running down my legs. I heard him rummaging around and realized he was finding a lubricant for which I was grateful. He pulled at himself, stroked slowly to keep the hardness and moved in behind me. I felt pressure against that tight place as he made it ready.  I was familiar with this step, and spread my legs wide in accommodation. The surprise came when Gustave pushed his long fingers inside me. I clenched up instinctively and when I did, he laughed and brought his other hand sharply down against my tender flesh.

“Be still.” He ordered. “I’m going to make you nice and hard again, and then I’ll fill you up. But as hard as you get, you know you are not permitted to find another release tonight, don’t you?”

“Yes, Brother Gustave.” I pleaded in a willing voice. “I understand.”

He gave another low laugh and I felt him withdraw his fingers, but what was that in his hand? It was a long, thin rod of sorts with a bulbous tip at a slight angle. Before I could ask, I felt it push into me. I gave a soft cry but then his free hand began to stroke me in the same distracting way as I had done that first time. He worked the rod in from behind and pulled from underneath as though he might pull the thing right through my body. The thrill coursed through my body and I begged him to bring me to another peak. I wanted to feel it pulse in his grip, but each time I moaned and whispered such a plea, he would simply laugh. All the time, the words coming from his mouth were nothing I ever thought a holy man would speak but I obeyed every command.

At last, he withdrew the stimulator and moved himself into its place. In one sharp thrust, he filled me and had I not bit down on my lip hard enough to draw blood, the entire monastery might have heard my exclamations. He grunted and repeatedly slapped at my backside as he worked toward his climax which came surprisingly soon.

When he’d finished, he fell back to sit on the floor behind me.

“Gather yourself.” He advised bluntly. “Go onto the bath behind the door and wash. Your meal will be here shortly.”

I heard him stand and move away, but all I could do was rest against the bed and catch my breath. There was no tenderness, no sense of caring to the act, just physical release. It pained my tender hopes and I was left wondering if this was to be the way with Gustave or if this night, this initial foray had been too intense for him and manifested as such callousness. Slowly, I rose and went to tend to my bath. He had slipped out of the room, but I was relieved for the privacy as I washed. I told myself that even if this man were rougher with me, I could endure it for a week if it kept my place in this sanctuary.

When at last I donned a fresh robe and lay down on my bed in the fading daylight, there was little more to contemplate than sleep, and with a heavy exhale, I was soon lost to oblivious darkness.

Submitted: July 30, 2016

© Copyright 2022 Avery Kingston. All rights reserved.


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I like what I’m seeing here. This humiliation board is attracting some very interesting writers. Please keep expanding this wonderful work.

Fri, January 24th, 2020 2:28am

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