The Postulant

The Postulant

Status: In Progress

Genre: Historical Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Historical Fiction



Jerome gives decides at a young age to enter the service of the monastery. The initiation rites and practices are something he never expected but which only deepen his devotion. Eventually, he leaves the elders and experienced the life of a regular man, but circumstances make him question his deepest faith and bring him back to an old friend who restores every facet of his existence.


Jerome gives decides at a young age to enter the service of the monastery. The initiation rites and practices are something he never expected but which only deepen his devotion. Eventually, he leaves the elders and experienced the life of a regular man, but circumstances make him question his deepest faith and bring him back to an old friend who restores every facet of his existence.

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Submitted: July 30, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 30, 2016



“You’re certain this is your chosen vocation Jérôme?” The old monk asked with one hand on my shoulder. I was trembling, both with excitement and fear. I wanted so to be one of them, to sleep in the quiet halls, to pray in the cloister, to kneel silently and reverently in the hope of serving God and letting the goodness shine in my soul. I wanted it so badly that tears fell upon my cheeks in the dim evening light. Brother Théophile’s voice was gentle as he led me down a corridor.

“Yes Sir,” I said in a timid whisper.

“When we are together privately Jérôme, you may address me as Théo, but you must never be so informal with the other elders, do you understand?”

We came to a small room lit by many tall white candles. I saw a small bed in the far corner, and there was a desk piled with neat stacks of books and open journals as if he had been writing in them only moments before. I stood while he leaned against the desk. The hood of his robe had come down and I studied the kindness of his face. Though he was aged, the lines were few and made him seem wise rather than weathered.

“You’re how old now, my son?” He asked.

“Fifteen years, Sir.” I stammered, and as he smiled I remembered the permission he’d granted and ventured a more relaxed address. “I reached my fifteenth year just three months ago, Théo.”

“And why is it you wish to be here with us? Tell me again here privately. When you rushed in earlier babbling about sanctuary, you caused quite a stir among the Brothers. In settling them, I fear I missed your reasoning.” He rose and moved to a room I could not see where he called to me. I followed nervously and when I stepped down into the sub-room, there were fewer candles, and sparse furnishing – simply a long table, a chair, and several armoires.

“Brother Théo,” I sputtered, “In my heart, I know I am good. My father, in his illness he rages and seems to hold nothing but hatred in his heart for me. He whips me and leaves me hungry in my room for nights untold. I am quite used to penance, Brother, but I wish to be penitent for God and for knowledge that will fill my soul and let that goodness shine forth.”

“Your mother?” He prompted. “She knows of his hatred against you?”

“She knows and is powerless to end it. She loves me and wishes nothing more for me than a life away from such terror.”

He handed me a long white garment. I examined it and felt a ripple of delight when I determined it to be a thin white robe – a robe that surely meant he was going to allow me to remain within the Abbey. I nearly wept as I looked up at him.

“Put it on, Jérôme. You may stay with us, for I cannot in good faith send you back to a man who so carelessly disregards your passion for purity. There is a light in your eyes that affirms the veracity of your words.”

“Thank you Brother Théophile, thank you.” I said and broke into little sobs. He came and wiped my tears away gently then insisted I put on the robe. I began to walk away to the other room but he shook his head.

“Put it on here. There’s no need for false modesty in this haven.”

I nodded, but as I removed my clothing I felt quite intimidated to have his eyes upon my body. When I pulled the thin robe over my head and let it fall down into shape, I once again trembled with joy.

“It is perfect, wouldn’t you agree?” He smiled warmly. “Come, Jérôme. Sit upon the table.” I complied and he brought a small wooden chair between my legs and seated himself.

“My son, you must understand that we are unaccustomed to wantonly admitting new postulants. As I’ve said you created quite a stir, and for that reason among others I will keep you in seclusion with me for a few nights.” He cleared his throat. “You also must understand that there are … certain rites that are performed here as part of the admission into our Abbey. Tell me Jérôme, have you given your body to another?”

“What do you mean Théo?”

“Have you fornicated, or allowed another to touch you here?”

He lightly moved his hand forward and laid it onto the thin material between my legs. I gasped and moved away slightly until he withdrew his hand. It was not in fear or disapproval that I inched back, but sheer surprise.

“No, Sir.” I wasn’t exactly lying. I had let a girl touch me there only a month before. That inexperienced part of my body had gotten hard, but then adults came into the area so she stopped and nothing further occurred. I certainly did not want to be removed from the Abbey this very night if that act made me seem impure, so I let on that nothing at all had taken place – and practically it hadn’t.

He smiled and once more cleared his throat. “Show yourself to me.” He instructed that I lift the gown and spread my legs and after a little gulp of embarrassment, I moved forward onto the edge of the table and did as I was told. He studied my penis, and then I felt his hands on it. He gently pushed the skin back from the tip with one hand as he cupped the balls below and rolled them in the other hand. I was too embarrassed I guess, too surprised to get hard like I did with the girl – it was almost shrunken as I looked down.

Finally, he sat up.

“When one such as you my boy arrives and so ardently begs for entry into our midst, it is a gift from God. Wouldn’t you agree?”

I nodded mutely.

“To celebrate these rare gifts, we perform special rites, as I’ve said. You have come to us at the perfect age, Jérôme. You are physically beautiful and strong, and your eagerness to learn and to serve affirms the fact that you were sent to us as a long overdue blessing.”

He leaned forward again and kissed the very tip of my penis. I shivered but could not take my eyes from him. He looked up at my face and I saw only that same kindness in his old brown eyes.

“Tonight and for the next week, you will serve me. In between the rites, you will follow the path of all new initiates, with prayers, vespers and lessons. Do you understand?”

“I believe so.” I felt his hand on my thigh and bit my lower lip.

“Very well. Go now to the other room and tend to your necessary eliminations.” He helped me off the table. “When you’ve washed your body completely, come to me without the robe.”

I did these things as he ordered. I wanted to be here and though I was puzzled and shocked by what he’d done I dare not question his actions. I recalled his kiss on the tip of my penis and felt it twitch in my hand as I washed it clean of any urine. I washed every trace of my bathroom needs away in order to be pure and clean for him. I dried myself with a sparse bit of linen and went back to stand before him. I made no effort to cover myself, and was surprised to find him naked as well. His body, while obviously aged, was neither fat nor overly slack. His penis was long and limp, and a thatch of wiry grey hairs hung around it at the base. I had never seen a grown man in such a way and he seemed to understand my stare.

“Come come, back up onto the table.” He smiled and broke my fascination. He once more sat in front of me on the chair. “From my examination, I believe you are physically ready for the rites that begin tonight with me taking you into my mouth. You will feel as though you need to urinate but it will be your sex urge to produce semen – to ejaculate it from your penis, and this you shall do into my mouth. It is the rite of my blessing, my reception of your divinity.”

“I…Brother Théo, I am not certain…” I stuttered as he parted my thighs. Before I could utter another word, I felt his promised attentions. His mouth moved upon me, warm and wet and I closed my eyes from the sensation. I moaned aloud when I felt his hand underneath as before, caressing those soft orbs. His head of fuzzy white hair moved up and down as he also moaned around my now very hard penis. When he lifted from it and worked it within his grip, I looked at it with amazement – I never dreamt that part of me could get so stiff and as he pulled the thick skin up over the head, I saw a thin, pearly substance squeeze out of the shaft. He licked at this with slow delight.

“Yes, yes, let it come. Grant me benediction.” He whispered before lowering onto me fully once more. Soon, he was moving in a steady way, and I felt that warning as he’d described, as if I had to spend my bladder, yet it stirred somehow deeper and the breath caught in my throat as it intensified. I grabbed his shoulder and thrust my hips forth as it broke loose, the feeling that I could not name that moved like lightening through my entire body and brought focus to one singular organ that now pulsed and spilled within his eager mouth.

He slowly lifted away and wiped his lips with a sigh of contentment such as I’d rarely heard. “Beautiful boy – How long has it been since I’ve known such splendor as you delivered?” His eyes were moist as he spoke. “How blessed I am this night, indeed.”

My arms were weak at my sides. My penis was wet and limp – spent. I felt dazed.

“What you experienced was known as an orgasm, Jérôme. It is one of God’s most remarkable gifts to mankind.” He gave a soft laugh and pulled on my penis. More of the white liquid came out, and he held the pearl on his fingertip for me to see. “Your sperm: This is what would cause a woman to be with child. Tonight, it simply affirmed your pleasure.”

“Pleasure.” I echoed dreamily. I had never ever felt such delirium.

“Yes, and our initial rite is not over. I will now deliver the benediction.”

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