Werecat Avenue

Werecat Avenue

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Gretchen is a Werecat. She live in Louisiana in the first ever subdivision just for paranormal's like herself. She meets Adrian at the night cub she works at and there is an immediate attraction. Adrian is the Fae enforcer his job is to capture and apprehend Fae that escape prison. His is sent to capture a Far named Camilla. He soon realizes this isn't just any ordinary job.


Gretchen is a Werecat. She live in Louisiana in the first ever subdivision just for paranormal's like herself. She meets Adrian at the night cub she works at and there is an immediate attraction.
Adrian is the Fae enforcer his job is to capture and apprehend Fae that escape prison. His is sent to capture a Far named Camilla. He soon realizes this isn't just any ordinary job.

Chapter8 (v.1)

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 27, 2012



Chapter 8

Cam walked into Gretchen’s house trailing behind her. She stopped in the living room where she spotted a decorative glass and began staring at it. She touched it and was shocked that a Fae portal was in Gretchen’s house.

“How do you like it? It was gift from my grandmother.”

“Your grandmother is Fae?” Cam asked.

“Oh no, just a Werecat like me.”

“Gretchen you do know this is a Fae communication portal, right?”

“What are you talking about, it’s just a piece of decorative glass.” Gretchen didn’t know what to think about this, maybe it just looked like a Fae glass.

“Fae use special pieces of glass to communicate, this is one of them.”

“Why would my Grandmother send me a Fae glass?”

“I don’t know but nothing about you makes any sense.” Cam started walking away when Monroe padded up to her and sat by her feet. She just stared at the cat intensely. She got a feeling he was more than an ordinary cat.

“That’s my cat Monroe. C’mon let’s get you settled in your room.” Gretchen led Cam through the house, past a hallway, to the spare room. It had white walls with a full size bed but nothing else.

“Sorry it’s so empty I just moved in and barely got my own room decorated. At least this way you can pick out whatever you like.”

“It’s perfect thank you, Gretchen.” Cam gave Gretchen a big hug and just hung onto her. Gretchen peeled her off and gave her a warm smile. Gretchen didn’t know why, but she was very happy Cam was living with her. It felt like a long lost sister had finally come home. Gretchen had noticed a lot of strange feelings lately, things that didn’t make any sense.

“Well I’ll leave you to get settled. If you need me I’ll be in the living room.”

“Thanks again, for helping me.”

Gretchen left Cam’s room and found Monroe sitting in the hallway waiting.

“Come on Monroe leave her to get settled. Want some tuna?”

“I’ll eat it but I still don’t like what’s going on here,” Monroe thought to himself

As Gretchen walked into the kitchen to open a can of tuna for Monroe she couldn’t shake the feeling he wasn’t very happy about their new roommate.

“Don’t tell me your upset about Cam, she needed me. You’ll see once you get used to her you’ll love her too.”


Gretchen gave the food to Monroe and walked into the living room. It was still early and Gretchen was still sleepy so she decided to read her book for a bit. She was lying on the couch when she heard a knock at the door.

For the love of god what now? Gretchen slowly got up from the couch as the knocking continued at her front door. She opened her door to find her older brother Richard at the door. He wasn’t very tall, only 5’8, but he made up high lack of height with his muscular build. He gave her his all too familiar charming smile that made all the girls swoon.


“The one and only.”

 ¶Gretchen moved aside as he entered the house and plopped on the couch, making himself comfortable. Richard looked around taking in the house his baby sister now lived in. “Nice house. Looks much better than the last time I was here.”

“Cut the crap Rich. Why are you really here? It’s only 10 a.m. You haven’t gotten up this early since we were kittens.”

“Gretchen, I need a place to crash for a while. Mom is making me crazy with this entire find a mate business, I can’t take it anymore.”

“Rich, I love you but I moved out to get some privacy. I can finally have a normal social life without having my dates threatened.”

“Hey remember Norman? I scared him so bad he wet himself and ran home.” Richard laughed.

“That is not funny, I really liked him.” Gretchen pouted.

“He was a dork; he turned into a fluffy white cat. What kind of man turns into a pretty cat like that?”

“If this is your attempt at convincing me, you are failing miserably.”

“I’m sorry Gretch, will you forgive me and give me a chance? I really need to get away from mom. Wait what is that I smell?”

“My new roommate Cam, and no she isn’t available.”

“Says you, she smells so sweet. I feel the pull Gretchen, I feel it.”

Cam came out from the hallway shyly. As she walked over to Richard he froze and just looked at her longingly. He saw that she was very pregnant but to him that only meant that she was able to have more of his children. When a male Werecat felt the mating pull it was more powerful than anything ever felt before. The females had it a little easier, for them the pull built slowly over time but eventually they would feel it just as strongly.

"You must be Cam."

"Yes, I am."

"I am Richard, Gretchen’s older brother." Richard looked at Cam and wanted to touch her so badly, to stroke her beautiful red hair. To feel it fall onto his face as she rode him until she found her pleasure.

"It's nice to meet you Richard."

"Gretchen, I am very hungry. Could I make myself a snack?"

Gretchen pushed Richard back on the couch and led Cam toward the kitchen. She opened the fridge rummaging through the few contents.

"This is your home now so just help yourself to anything you need. I'm not much of a cook but there is some fruit and left over spaghetti."

"I can handle it from here, thanks Grechen."

"Trust me you don’t want anything Gretchen cooked." Richard said as he walked into the kitchen. "Let me make you something. I'm an excellent cook."

"Please, don't trouble yourself. I can make my own food. You should finish your visit,” said Cam, uncomfortably.

"C'mon Rich, let's leave Cam so she can make a snack." Gretchen grabbed her brother by the shoulder and dragged him back to the living room.

"Rich, you need to go back home, now!"

"Please, Gretch I can feel she's the one for me. I need to be near her even if it's just as a friend." Richard looked at Gretchen with pleading eyes. She had never seen her brother looking so panicked. 

"Fine, you can stay. But you better not make Cam uncomfortable or I will throw you out on your ass so fast…."

"Thank you, Gretch you won’t regret it."  Richard began hugging her and jumping up and down. "I'm going to go home and pack. I'll see you tonight, Cam." He yelled as he left.

I'm already regretting it.


Adrian arrived at Kieran's home. He was about to knock when the door opened.  Kieran stood at the door and smiled. Adrian stared at him. He looked like Kieran but had a innocence that Kieran didn’t have.  The Kieran look-alike put his hand out to Adrian.

"Welcome, good friend. I am Kieren, it’s nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you Kieran, I am Adrian. Could I come in and talk for a minute?" Adrian said, pretending to be meeting Kieran for the first time.

"Oh, yes of course. Come in, come in."

 Adrian entered the house of the fake Kieran. He had never been to the house before but everything seemed to be in order. The house was a collction of human and fae antiques. The couch was the only thing in the room not an antique. He could tell a fae had made it. It was red velvet and had the comforting magic attached. He would have loved to own one himself but they were very expensive and only a few fae in the human world made them.

"So Adrian, my new friend what can I do for you?"

"You can start by telling me who you are. I know you’re not the king."

Out from one the bedrooms stepped the real Kieran.

"It’s okay brother we can trust him. This is my twin Cayden. He is part of my plan. We will give the queen what she wants most. Then I can disappear with Cam."

Adrian looked at Kieran and Cayden — they were definitely twins. He couldn’t find any differences between them. Cayden had an innocence that Kieran lacked. If he could see it surely the Queen would also notice it.

“And you think your brother will fool the Queen? I wasn’t fooled and I don’t even know you that well.”

“It will work, especially with your help.”

Adrian sat back on the couch making himself comfortable. He was hoping Kieran’s plan would be a good one. If not they would both be dead.

“I’m all ears, what is your brilliant plan?”

“My brother will replace me as King. He looks like me but as you point out the personality differences are easy to detect and there is no way he could know everything I know. So what we will do is stage an accident, and tell the Queen I have lost my memory. My brother will make it look like I’m falling in love with the Queen all over again. And since I would have no memory of Cam, she would most likely call you off.”

Adrian sat thinking about all the ways this plan could fail. It had a chance but he just wasn’t sure his life was worth risking. “It’s not a bad plan. You know the risks if this fails?” Adrian asked.

Kieran and Cayden both nodded their heads at the same time.

“I have been a prisoner in my cabin home more years than I care to think about. I would rather die than to continue that way. I owe my brother and I think I could be happy with the Queen,” said Cayden adamantly.

“Fine, against my better judgment I will go along with this crazy plan.” Kieran and Cayden both smiled at the same time. All three of the men stood up and shook on it.

“We will contact you soon with the details of the plan.” Kieran said as he walked Adrian to the front door. Travel safely enforcer Adrian.”

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