Werecat Avenue

Werecat Avenue

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Gretchen is a Werecat. She live in Louisiana in the first ever subdivision just for paranormal's like herself. She meets Adrian at the night cub she works at and there is an immediate attraction. Adrian is the Fae enforcer his job is to capture and apprehend Fae that escape prison. His is sent to capture a Far named Camilla. He soon realizes this isn't just any ordinary job.


Gretchen is a Werecat. She live in Louisiana in the first ever subdivision just for paranormal's like herself. She meets Adrian at the night cub she works at and there is an immediate attraction.
Adrian is the Fae enforcer his job is to capture and apprehend Fae that escape prison. His is sent to capture a Far named Camilla. He soon realizes this isn't just any ordinary job.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 26, 2012



Chapter 2

Gretchen dragged herself home after an exhausting night. She didn't have a television yet, that would be on her list of things she needed to get. She much preferred a good romance book. She walked into her sparsely furnished bedroom and fell onto the bed. Her cat Monroe snuggled up to her as she lay on the bed; he had grey fur and blue eyes. Her mom hated that she had a pet cat, said it was wrong to own another being. She told her mom it was like adopting a brother, plus it was nice to have someone to run with, out in the woods, from time to time. She picked up a romance novel she had been reading. It was late but she needed some down time before bed. She heard loud hissing and growling sounds and looked out her window and saw what looked like the married couple next door getting into it. The female yelling that he was spotted at the strip club in town. Gretchen got the feeling this was going to be an interesting neighborhood. She shut her window to drown out some of the noise.

Gretchen walked back to her bed and picked up her book, reading from where she left off. It started getting steamy. The main male lead character in the book took on the image of Adrian in her mind. She was suddenly very turned on as they began getting hot and heavy in the book. She pictured Adrian doing those things, and started moaning. Her hand was suddenly exploring her pussy, and she got very wet; she probed herself with her finger and began rubbing her clit until she came. Gretchen smiled; she never dared to do things like this at home; there was never any privacy. It was getting late and she decided to go to sleep. She turned off her lamp and sleep quickly claimed her.


Adrian arrived home after feeding from the two females, he didn't take much pleasure in it and wasn't sure why, he had always been more than ready to service the female population. He entered the small apartment he rented from an elderly lady in the garden district. Going into his living room, he saw his package waiting on the floor. The Other Realm was able to communicate through a special piece of glass he had hanging from his wall. He had it tinted and framed to look like a wall decoration.

He already knew it was a warrant. He opened the envelope and saw it was from the Seelie. The name on the warrant was Camille Maryweather. He had never met her. The charge was sex with King Kieran. Adrian looked at the photos of the escaped Fae. She had pale skin and fire-red hair with pale blue eyes. She was delicate and innocent looking. She didn't look like someone who would do something like this. However, that wasn't for him to decide, his job was to capture and send her back, end of story.


Unseelie Court: Other Realm

Queen Maryebella of the Unseelie Court sat in her sitting room looking out her window. She could sense a shift; something big was coming. She had always been able to sense things, but not enough to be considered an Oracle.

In her gown of pink fairy silk, with her long black hair in an upsweep with loose tendrils framing her face, her appearance never revealed her true nature. She was sexually sadistic and loved to manipulate the men of her court for her pleasure.

There was a knock at the door.


“My Queen, forgive the intrusion, I have news.”

“Well spit it out, or do you prefer standing and staring at my beauty?”

“My apologies my Queen, We have news from the Seelie court. They have imprisoned a Fae King Kieran was caught having sex with and she escaped.”


“The official charge was sex with the King.” A smiled appeared upon the Queen's lips. She started laughing; the servant was becoming very uncomfortable.

“Set up a meeting with the enforcer for tomorrow night.”

“Yes, my Queen.” As the servant began to leave the queen spoke.

“Before you leave I have a very important task for you.” She lifted the skirt of her dress. He saw she had no panties on and quickly shielded his eyes.

“What is your name?” the Queen asked.

“M-my name is Rudan,” he replied still shielding his eyes.

“Take your hands down and look upon my beauty.” Queen Maryebella demanded. She smiled, knowing the distress she was causing Rudan.

“I cannot, I am married, please allow me to leave.” Queen Maryebella put the skirt of her dress down.

“You are my subject and will do everything I ask, are we clear?”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Queen Maryebella once again lifted up her skirt. She ran her fingers along her pussy, and then put them in her mouth.

“Needs something. Perhaps your tongue? We are going to have a lot of fun Rudan. Get on your knees!” she demanded. Rudan got on his knees as the Queen commanded. “Now use that lovely tongue of yours and lick my pussy until I come.” The queen moaned as Rudan used his tongue on her. She gripped his lovely blue hair, just in case he changed his mind and tried to resist.  Rudan looked up at her with such sadness that it made it all the better for the queen. “That's right, lick it. Good job Rudan, now suck my clit.” He used his tongue to do as she asked, sucking her clit until she moaned as she reached her climax. “That was satisfactory Rudan, I will call on you again. Now get out!” Rudan scampered out, looking deflated. The Queen was satisfied. She went over to her bed, lying among the pillows. She rang a bell beside her bed.

“You called, my Queen?” A small pixie answered flying in. She was completely orange, from her skin to her eyes and hair.

“Yes, I need one of the mancubines. I'm in the mood for some more fun.”

“Of course, do you have a preference?”

“See if Azule is available?”

“Right away.” The Pixie flew out the special door within a door.

The Queen had a harem of mancubines, men who only had one purpose: to service the Queen's sexual needs and hopefully produce offspring. If she had a husband she wouldn't have such a luxury, which is why the Queen never wanted to marry. Why have one man when she could have any one she wished for?


Gretchen was just waking up even though it was 1:00 p.m. The club stayed open almost till dawn so it was always a late night. She didn't mind; Werecats preferred the darkness of night.

It was a lovely April day in New Orleans; the weather was perfect for doing some shopping. She dressed in capris and a sexy t-shirt, you just never know who you'll run into. Laya was supposed to meet her at her favorite antique shop in thirty minutes. She rushed and put her hair in a ponytail and grabbed a bagel to eat on the way. A girl's gotta eat.

Gretchen arrived at the antique shop and spotted Laya right away. She was busy looking at a crystal chandelier. The shop had all sorts of furniture and knick-knacks, Gretchen hardly knew where to look first.

“Laya, there you are. Crystal chandelier, huh? Cool.”

“It's beautiful but way beyond my price range. A girl can dream, though.”

“Let's go look around at some things we can actually afford.”

Gretchen walked off with Laya as she spotted a big sign that said Clearance.  “Look Gretchen, a pink kitchen table set circa 1950. I love it! It's only a hundred dollars.”

“It's very you, Laya.” Gretchen walked off as Laya was pestering the sales clerk about delivery charges. She started browsing some more and saw a beautiful wooden desk that depicted an outdoor scene with fairies. Gretchen ran her fingers along the carvings and loved it immediately. A woman with red hair and blue eyes started putting other items with similar carvings on the shelf.

“I love these. They’re so beautiful, don't you think?” She said to the red head.

“I made them. I'm just dropping them off.”

“You’re very talented. I'm Gretchen by the way.”

“You may call me Cam.” Cam seemed very uneasy and was looking around nervously.

“I love your red hair, it's so unique. I have never seen that shade before.”

“You can see my red hair?” Cam asked in a scared tone.

“Well yeah, can't everyone?” Cam grabbed Gretchen and hid around a corner.

“No, they can't. I’m Fae and they all think I have brown hair and hazel eyes, they see what I want them to see. Are you Fae?”

“No, I'm a Werecat.”

“You shouldn't be able to see through the mist I have in place.”

“Are you hiding from someone?"

Cam began sobbing uncontrollably, throwing herself at Gretchen, who started stroking her beautiful hair to calm her. Gretchen hated to see people in pain she was always the first one to comfort anyone who she saw was upset.

“I escaped prison from the Other Realm, It's a long story. I don't like to be seen in public.”

“Can we meet somewhere where you won't be recognized?”

“Here is an address. I will meet you there tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., don't be late.” She handed her the address on a slip of paper and ran out the door.

“Gretchen, there you are! My new pink table will be delivered Thursday.”

“That's great.”

Laya and Gretchen shopped awhile longer. Gretchen bought the wooden desk and a shelf Cam made and Laya found an antique witch hat she thought would be a funny gag gift for her mom. They continued shopping for the rest of the day, going from shop to shop. By the end of the day, Gretchen was exhausted but had almost everything she needed for her new place.


Adrian sat in his living room waiting for Queen Maryebella; she had requested a meeting. Meetings with the royals were never good. They were always up to something. He wanted to get the meeting over with so he could start his preliminary hunt, to start looking around. Camille wasn't the typical Fae he was sent to hunt down, she was less than a petty criminal in his eyes, but a job was a job. The Fae window started to fog up and he saw an image.

“I am Queen Maryebella of the superior Unseelie Court of the Other Realm. Are you Adrian?”

“Yes, My Queen, how can a lowly enforcer such as myself be of service?" Adrian hated being humble but etiquette required it.

“Look upon my beauty first.”

“Of course. You are a wonder to be seen, a man such as myself could only dream about.

 “Yes, yes, now on to business. Adrian, I understand you are in pursuit of a certain fugitive that has escaped the Seelie prison.”

“Yes, Queen Brianna has charged Camille Maryweather for having sex with the king.”

“Well, that part is true, but the real reason she is after her is because the young Fae in question is with child.”

“Why would that matter?” asked Adrian, getting irritated at the politics already.

“The Queen can't conceive, so when she found out that the king impregnated the girl she had her imprisoned and was planning on executing her.”

“This is very fascinating information, really, but how does this impact my job?”

“My dear Adrian, you have been among humans too long, you have lost your patience.”

The queen began disrobing while talking to Adrian. She lay on her bed naked among her pillows.

“Your body is like none I have seen before. I shall pleasure myself remembering you tonight.” It was Fae custom to comment on the body and beauty of the opposite sex, to not do so was an insult.

“Yes, I know. Back to what I was saying: if the queen is proven infertile she will be dethroned. I am offering the young pregnant Fae a home and refuge from an unwarranted death.”

“Not to offend, my Queen, but why would you be so generous to a lowly Seelie girl?”

“Does it matter why? I am offering to save her from certain death. All I am asking is you locate her and inform me, nothing more.”

“I will consider what you have said and will get back to you.”

“So be it, Adrian the enforcer.”

“Good tidings and generous lovers my Queen.” Queen Maryebella nodded and then disappeared.

The Fae window was clear once again. Damn Fae politics, nothing was easy with those people. Of course, that was the problem: they weren't people. He was glad that the whole audience thing was over. He needed to talk to Queen Brianna before he did anything, but how to proceed without making the queen angry?

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