Werecat Avenue

Werecat Avenue

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Gretchen is a Werecat. She live in Louisiana in the first ever subdivision just for paranormal's like herself. She meets Adrian at the night cub she works at and there is an immediate attraction. Adrian is the Fae enforcer his job is to capture and apprehend Fae that escape prison. His is sent to capture a Far named Camilla. He soon realizes this isn't just any ordinary job.


Gretchen is a Werecat. She live in Louisiana in the first ever subdivision just for paranormal's like herself. She meets Adrian at the night cub she works at and there is an immediate attraction.
Adrian is the Fae enforcer his job is to capture and apprehend Fae that escape prison. His is sent to capture a Far named Camilla. He soon realizes this isn't just any ordinary job.

Chapter11 (v.1)

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 14, 2012



Chapter 11

Cam woke up from her restless sleep. She looked at the clock; it was 3:00 a.m. She couldn’t stop thinking about Richard and the way he ran from the kitchen. The way he looked at her made her melt and wish she could have more than a life on the run with her baby. She decided to go get a snack in the kitchen, the pregnancy made her feel like an endless hunger machine.

She made herself a tomato and cheese sandwich with a side of carrots and began eating. The house was very quiet and it made her uneasy. In the other realm there was always lots of activity even at night. There were several types of Fae that are nocturnal. She thought about the Fae portal and was tempted to get in contact with Kieran to let him know she was okay. Perhaps she could cast a masking spell and contact him. It would only work for about two minutes but maybe….

Cam stood at the stove stirring the concoction to mask her location from the Fae portal, she had been cooking it for almost an hour. Deciding it was ready, she grabbed a pot holder and took the pot into the living room where the portal was located. She put the steaming pot on the hot pad on the floor in front of the portal. She stood behind it letting the steam infuse her. She was finally ready; she knew she was taking a big chance even with the spell.

The portal starting fogging up and Kieran appeared. She could see the worried look on his face as he realized it was her.

“Cam, My darling is that you?”

“Yes, Kieran I’m here.” She could tell he was very happy to see her. Looking at him, she just wanted to tell him to move on. She wanted to find real happiness with Richard, but that was nothing more than a fantasy.

“I don’t have long, I just wanted to let you know, I am fine. I found a safe place to dwell. You should live your life and not bother with me.”

“Cam, I love you. Please tell me where you are.”

“I am in the city we talked about that’s all I can say. The spell is wearing off I need to go, take care and live long Kieran.” Cam abruptly cut off communication. Her eyes were stinging with tears, she knew it would be hard but she needed to say goodbye one last time.

She turned around and saw Richard watching her from around the corner.

“Do you make it a habit to spy on others?” She said accusingly.

“I didn’t mean to, I was on my way to the kitchen and I didn’t want to interrupt.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to accuse you. It was a hard conversation. I had to end things with Kieran; there was just no other way. My baby needs me.”

Richard approached her and pulled her into a hug. Cam couldn’t help but start crying.

“It will be okay, Cam. I’m here for you.” Richard led her over to the couch and they sat down together. “I’m sorry about what I did earlier, running away and everything.”

Cam wiped away her tears and looked at his handsome face, she realized at that moment she would do anything for him, and could never be angry.

“You are forgiven.” Cam smiled at him and began to get up from the couch, which took a little bit of effort. Her belly was very round and with her petite frame it difficult to stand from a sitting position. “Now if you will excuse me I must be off to bed.”

“Let me help you, you look unsteady.” Richard helped her get up the rest of the way from the couch. He put his arm around her and walked her to her room. Cam opened the door to her room; Richard helped her to her bed.

Cam sat on her bed and was overcome by desire for the man standing in front of her. She grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him toward her. She kissed him like her mouth was on fire and he was a cool drink of water. He lay next to her on the bed kissing her. Cam moaned as her body ignited with passion. She felt her body aching for his as they continue kissing. Cam knew the whole time she should stop but she couldn’t— she needed him.

More importantly she needed to feel wanted; to feel someone cared for her as a woman and not the poor pregnant girl. Her eyes glowed a beautiful gold color as she moaned. She continued kissing him, tasting him with her tongue. Richard pulled away with a heated look in his eyes. She could feel his heartbeat pounding away.

“I’m sorry Cam, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Please leave Richard.”

“We should talk about this.”

“No! Please leave.” Richard abruptly left the room shutting the door behind him.

Cam lay in her bed thinking about what just happened. She should have known better. Richard was so handsome and charming. There was no way he could ever find her attractive especially with a big baby belly sticking out.

There was a scratch at the door. Cam got up and found the cat Monroe sitting there.

“Come in, Monroe if that’s your name.” She let the cat in and shut the door. She sat on the bed and watched as Monroe transformed from cat to a man.

“I have come to talk Fae named Cam.”

“I knew you would. Whom do you work for?”

“Gretchen and Richard are part Fae, they don’t know so their Grandfather send me to watch over them.”

“Why the deception. Why doesn’t he just introduce himself?”

“He is a member of the Unseelie royal family. He wants to make sure they have enough Fae in them to be accepted. He kept his marriage to Gretchen’s Grandmother a secret. If it’s ever found out his enemies could possibly get enough support to execute him.”

“Are you kidding me? Don’t drag me into Fae politics. I want no part of this. I need to take off my clothes now. Stay or go I don’t care.” Cam stripped off her nightgown and lay down on her bed. She loved being naked in her bed. She missed being able to take a naked walk in the forest in the other realm.

“I would never drag you, Gretchen, or Richard into this. I just need you to help out with one tiny issue at hand.” Monroe sat on the bed looking down at Cam as he talked to her.

“Go ahead and spill it.”

“Get Gretchen to stop seeing the Vampire. Her Grandfather has been up my ass about it.”

“Oh please, she is a grown ass woman she can see who she wants. What could I do about it anyway?”

“She saw a Fae in the woods the other night. Just steer her in another direction, that’s all.”

Cam was getting really tired of this conversation. She would never do anything to hurt Gretchen no mater what Monroe offered her.

“Could you make yourself useful and rub my belly it’s a little sore, I don’t have a man to do these types of things.”

“Sure, why not.” Monroe started rubbing Cam’s belly; it was very soft like he knew it would be. He started purring as he continued touching her.”

“Why do you purr? You’re a shape shifting Fae, not a cat.”

“It’s a habit; I spend a lot of time as a cat. It comforts me.”

As Monroe continued rubbing her belly she thought about Richard. She wondered what it would be like to have him as her mate, rubbing her belly, and helping her though the pregnancy.

“So what would I get out of helping you?”

“You need someone to help you, rub your belly, and take you to doctor appointments. I can be your fake boyfriend”

“I don’t know. What if Gretchen finds out?”

“She won’t, just introduce me as your boyfriend.”

“Fine, I’ll do it under one condition. You have to be at my baby’s birth and perform the mac’da.”

“Oh, please! Not that insane Fae ritual.”

“Its tradition and you will do it.”

“Ga, fine.” He said with frustration.

Cam stuck her hand out and Monroe took it. The both agreed shaking hands, they had struck a deal.

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