Lusting You

Lusting You

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Deb gets a rather nice surprise from Grant, her boss and owner of the company she works for. After a few intense sexual encounters in the past, can their mutual attraction lead to something more?


Deb gets a rather nice surprise from Grant, her boss and owner of the company she works for. After a few intense sexual encounters in the past, can their mutual attraction lead to something more?

Chapter2 (v.1) - Hot Date

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He groans against my mouth. “And I’m hard for you every time I think of you. Damnit, woman, I’ve not been this hungry for a long time. This is serious, Deb.”

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Submitted: July 15, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 15, 2016



Chapter 2 – Hot Date


At five o’clock, I head to the bathroom and change into what Grant gifts me in a slip and cocktail dress.  It fits my curves very well, showing off a healthy bit of legs above the knee.  Very flattering and the color just pops against my skin.  I tease my dark hair for more volume along my shoulders.  I add more make-up for a bolder look at my brown eyes.  I keep my lip simple in pink.  I also keep on my black lace bra, panties, and pumps.  Smiling, I’m ready for my date and so nervous.

Downstairs, I step off the elevator with my purse in hand.  A tall man with white hair and friendly brown eyes like mine wearing a black suit turns to me and approaches. 

“Miss Atwood?” he questions tentatively.

I pause in my walk and begin to frown a little.  “Yes?”

He smiles cordially.  “I’m Sterling.  Mr. Odell awaits outside in the SUV.”

I nod.  He gestures before him.  I walk ahead of him until we reach the glass doors.  Sterling steps before me and opens the door for me.  He then hurries and opens the back door of the Land Rover SUV for me, too.  He helps me step inside before shutting the passenger door.  I slide next to the man with trim salt and pepper hair who sits in there speaking to someone in a displeased manner.  It’s cold in there and has nothing at all to do with the temperature control.

“I told you what needs to be done.  So do it.  I want an update within the hour.  Text me.”  Grant ends the call and then looks at me next to him with a brilliant smile.  The displeasure disappears in an instant as his eyes roam over my assets shown off by this sexy cocktail dress.

“Hello, my dear.  Damn, you look beautiful.”  My boss leans in and kisses my cheek in greeting.  He didn’t shave today, and somehow that salt and pepper mix of stubble made him sexier!

I glance down at myself with a sigh and saw that I match his tie precisely.  He wears his usual classic-fit suit over his athletic body, this one a very dark navy blue against a crisp white shirt.  Smelling amazing as always, he’s musky and sweet.  “You look good, too, sir.”

“Is the Palm Restaurant okay?” Grant asks lifting an eyebrow at me.

“Of course.”  I nod because I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard that it’s one of the best restaurants in town.  Only the best of best get in there.  They’re always fully booked, and you have to wait for months for a reservation.  Celebrities and dignitaries rub shoulders in the place all the time; it’s so popular.  The other plus is that our office is not so far from it. 

Before we know it, we’re in front of the restaurant and Sterling opens our door.  I step out with the driver's help again, and Grant follows.  With my boss's hand gently pressed at the base of my spine, I take in a breath and gaze up at the tall, older man.  Grant smiles down at me, and I feel myself melting inside.  I’m excited and almost giddy.

We enter the restaurant, and everyone greets Grant by name.  Shocker.  Evidently, he comes here a lot.  We’re immediately seated toward the back where it's quieter and seems even a bit secluded.  Grant orders us a bottle of wine, and then he looks to me with a smug smile.

“What is it, Deb?  You’ve been very quiet?”

“Are you married?  Any kids?” I blurt out in question because it is at the forefront of my mind.  If I don’t just get it out now, I won’t later.

He shakes his head with a half-smile.  “Divorced for some time now.  No kids.  And you?”

I lift my eyebrow at him skeptically.  “Don’t you already know?”

He merely smiles.  The waiter comes with the bottle of wine, uncorks it in front of us and allows Grant to smell it.  My boss nods and then the waiter fills our glasses with dark red wine.  Grant nods again after tasting it, and the waiter leaves.  I look at him wondering why we never get menus.

“It isn’t fair is it?” he inquires yet doesn’t wait for my answer when he says, “I know quite a bit about you down to what you like to eat.  I ordered for us already.”

My mouth drops open really stunned by this guy’s audacity.  It is ten times more in your face than I am used to, but I am not used to dating men like Grant.  He’s on some other level.  I'm unsure how to handle it, handle him.  “Are you always so … so controlling?  I might have liked to choose my own food.”

Grant slips his hand on top of mine and pats it.  “You will like what I ordered,” he assures still appearing smug.

I shake my head not liking this at all.  “That’s not the point.”

“The point is I don’t like wasting time when I know what I want.”

I stare up into his eyes and swallow hard.  They’re hazel.  A most mesmerizing color that has me swooning in my seat.  So intense.  His smile grows wicked though as if he can read the thoughts in my damn head. 

“I’ve noticed,” I reply with a grimace.

“You’ve not been displeased so far have you?” he inquires as his warm hand moves to rub my thigh and keeps moving up slowly inch by inch.  He sips some wine at the same time.  So do I.  I’ve never been so thirsty in all my life!

“You are very sure of yourself, huh, Mr. Odell?”

Grant nods.  “Aren’t you, Miss Atwood, for what you want?”

I think to answer and then stop.  I gasp when his hand reaches my panties.  The look in his eyes changes from something playful to blatant, unapologetic lust.  He tests me with his fingers.  My heat is evident in my newest gasp.  Wetness coats the whole crotch of my panties he caresses along my slit.  I shiver in delight of his warm touch growing bolder as he molds my panties to me.

“What is this, Grant?” I moan trying my best to focus.  Believe me; it’s hard.  I feel like I’m fighting a battle for my sanity.  

“Me wanting you,” he growls.

“Am I just your fuck buddy?” I question nearly losing my breath.  His fingers at my crotch don’t stop their torment for a moment.

Grant chuckles and the sound of his voice is sexy as hell.  His eyes twinkle at me.  “I don’t know, but God knows I will find out.”

I blink at him as he still fingers me beneath the table over my soaked panties and licks his lips.  So do I.  They feel so dry, and then I nibble my lower one.  I inquire, “You will?”

“Won’t you?” he counters.

I shake my head.  “I try to stay away from office romances.”

“Is that what you want, Miss Atwood?  To stay away from me?” he questions in the most seductive purr still fingering me.  A tremble goes through me each pass by my clit.

I squeeze my hand into a fist in an attempt to focus, but the pleasure of his digits is more than I can resist.  At this rate, I won’t last much longer.  “I want to be more than just a toy for you to use when the urge hits you.”

“You are my most beautiful plaything, Deb, just as I am yours.  Do with me what you will.  I certainly intend to with you.”

I swallow in my dry throat at that statement and drink all of my wine.  “This is crazy!  I’ve never done anything like this before!”

“Neither have I.”

I glare fully at him in surprise, and then the waiter reappears to refill my glass and add more wine to Grant’s.  “You haven’t?”

My boss shakes his head.  “No.”

“Then why me?”

He shrugs.  “Why not?  You’re sexy.  You want me.  I want you, too.  Seems simple to me.”

I shake my head because it is never that simple.  Never.  “No, it isn’t.  Not to me.”

Grant stares in my eyes for a long time but still fingers me adding a thumb to my clit and swirls it.  I tremble then.  “Let’s take it one day at a time, okay?  I do want to see more of you than I have already.”

“Naked?” I breathe as I stare at his sexy mouth and then those heated hazel eyes again.

“First among many things tonight, my dear.”

I swallow in my dry throat and shake my head.  “You’re unreal.”

“You like every minute of this.  It excites you, doesn’t it?” Grant murmurs tugging on my earlobe with his teeth.  His damned fingers still caress me and his thumb swirls over my clit relentlessly now over my panties.  I rock into it unable to help myself to the completion I need and find it hard to stifle the moan that rises in me as I do.

I love it when a man plays with my ears!  Grant is so in-tuned to me.  How could he know these things about me without telling him?  “Yes,” I hiss and arch into his hand that cups my whole sex.

“So why pretend otherwise?  Why waste time pretending when we know exactly what we want?” he asks in a seductive whisper and then his fingertips rub me in circles that drive me crazy!

“But why?” I whimper.  It feels so good what he does to me.  I work my hips against his hand faster than before.

“Don’t you want to see more of me?” he murmurs after nibbling on my earlobe.

“I don’t date guys from work because of how badly it can end.”

He smiled brilliantly.  “I’ll be the exception to that rule.  I don’t plan on that happening, my dear.”

The food arrives, and of course, Grant’s right.  I love brisket, and it’s prepared with mouthwatering tenderness.  I couldn’t finish it.  Throughout he returns to that torturous fingering ritual, and I grow wetter each moment.  I want to cum, and all I desire at this point is his cock.  My brain focuses only on it. 

At one point, I unzip him and slide my hand within the opening made.  I slip by his underwear and feel the steel growth of his meat licorice I want to suck.  My hand coats with that wonderful pre-cum leaking from him along his shaft so that I rub his length a bit easier.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that he’s just as turned on as I am.  He moans with me.

“This could still end badly.  I really like my job.  I’m good at it.”

“I really like you, Deb.”  He continues to finger me.  Now his thumb presses against my nub again.  He swirls it as he nibbles at my ear in a steady progression all over again.  My tremors begin.  “I really do.”

“Please … this is serious,” I moan trying to hold on, but I am losing it!  Already he works a harder shudder through my body, and his hand gropes my breast.  I gasp when he pinches my hard nipple through the dress and bra.  His mouth captures mine, and I know I’m done.  My hand strokes him even faster.

He groans against my mouth.  “And I’m hard for you every time I think of you.  Damnit, woman, I’ve not been this hungry for a long time.  This is serious, Deb.”

I shudder as his tongue basks inside me.  His thumb hasn’t stopped rubbing circles.  I’m grinding myself against his hand quickly now and whimper with my need.  I can’t help it.  If I don’t get relief soon, I’ll explode.

“Please,” I whisper.

“I know you want to come, my dear.  So do I.”  He stands up and zips up once my hand falls out of his crouch.  I feel cold without his touch.  He reaches for his wallet and leaves an obscene amount of cash on the table.  Grant offers his hands to me.  I take one and tug down my cocktail dress discretely with the other.  He leads me away from the table and out of the restaurant panting so hard.

Outside the restaurant, we find Sterling waiting patiently.  He opens the back door of the SUV for us.  This time Grant helps me in, and then he follows.  Sterling closes the door and then takes the driver’s seat.  He plugs something in his ears that looks like ear buds and then begins to drive.  I glance at my boss, and he’s only gazing at me like a meal he’s really hungry for.  He licks his lips. 

Grant leans close, kisses my neck and murmurs, “Damn.  You are so sexy.  I can’t get enough of you, Deb.”

“Is that all I am?  A willing pussy?”

“A warm and willing pussy I want to fuck hard until you’re screaming my name,” he growls.

I tremble and swallow.  “That’s not what I—“

Grant kisses me again, and I can’t think anymore.  His tongue is doing things to my mouth that I remember on my coochie.  It’s like I feel him down there, flickering my clit that throbs in reaction!  I almost come on the spot!

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