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First Person Erotica First Person Erotica

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Nice to Not Meet You begins this series of First person Erotica scenes, with her narrating a dirty and hot encounter between strangers.


Nice to Not Meet You begins this series of First person Erotica scenes, with her narrating a dirty and hot encounter between strangers.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Nice to Not Meet You

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First person erotica scenes, hers.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 17, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 17, 2013



I take a slow breath of the heavy sauna air, willing my body to relax. My session is already over and I have no desire to go to other presentations and fake interest. Especially since I discovered the beautiful brand new hotel spa opposite the conference center. I sit here on the hot wood platform in the cedar room, legs dangling. It’s been a while since I’ve breathed this thick hot air and I love the challenge of coming to enjoy the combo of pressure and burn. The first trickle falls down my spine. Ooh yeah, I definitely made the right choice skipping out on professional seminars. This is what I need, by far more than yet another day of intellectual stimulation.

Ready to get to that next level of heat oppression I stand to spread out my extra towel along the lower bench and lay down on my back. I close my eyes and let the heat melt me from outside in. Long breaths help me tolerate the growing heat and I eye the door thinking of the rich mud skin treatment waiting for me on the other side of this delectable but oppressive heat. I close my eyes, feel a new trickle from under my left breast and straighten out my legs to surrender to the sauna.

When the door opens I try to keep my eyes closed and stay in my own private zone. I hear the soft thud of the door closing and someone steps up to the upper level bench. My curiousity gets the better of me and I intend to just sneak a peak. It’s you - that guy, the one who I’ve seen year after year, the one with a playful smile who came to my session this morning and didn’t say a word. Here, in my hotness.

I notice your strong legs extending out from under the white towel and quickly check out your surprisingly broad chest while looking up to meet your eyes. My legs squeeze together and I bend my knees again. You say something about ditching the conference and hearing your voice causes my chest to quiver. Fuck. I feel something stirring. I’m getting hotter and feel drips between my legs.

“Yes, this is the only place to be,” I respond, “but I’m getting close to my limit. Soon I’ll need that mud bath to cool down.”

“I’ve heard its great for the complexion,” you say in a way that makes me stare boldly at your grinning face. I notice your lips spreading across white teeth while your inviting eyes trail from my face down towards my legs. My heart quickens.

“Um hmm,” I close my eyes, can’t take the heat. I’m melting but don’t want to move. I feel you looking at me. My chest lifts involuntarily and I feel my towel loosen. Then I hear the door open. My heart sinks for a sec when I think you're leaving me here like this.

You clear your throat and I sense that you’re close. You are back and you are so close to me. Keep your eyes closed, I tell myself. Don’t move, I think. Keep breathing. I force an exhale.

And then I can’t anymore. I turn my head to see you reach your hand into the mud and hold it out to me suggestively. When I hesitate to respond you rub it from my shoulder down the arm until your hand palms mine. You reach across my body to spread the mud on my other shoulder and arm and I feel your legs press against me. My lungs draw in a quick shallow breath.

You take out two mud-covered hands and spread your thumbs over my forehead, cheeks, jaw and neck. My lips part with your touch. My whole body flushes as you massage spa mud on my chest. Quickly you slide an arm under my legs to lift them, sit down and place my legs back down over yours. You knead the thick mud into my feet with your strong hands then you trail the sensual skin treatment up the outside of my right leg, across the front of my thigh and increase the pressure down the insides of my leg, repeating the same tantalizing pattern on my left leg. I am covered in mud, nearly, and you are clean in your little white towel. If I was melting before I am a puddle now.

You refill your hands with mud and reach up to my chest. Hands together you slide down the middle of my breasts and I don't even notice the towel fall to my sides. You smear the thick mud all over my belly, and the sudden exposure makes my breasts tighten. I can't help but smile with pleasure. I watch you get down onto your knees and see you lean over me. I think you may kiss me but instead you massage my breasts with that mud, gently then a little bit rough. I am filthy, deliriously so.

I start to sit up and then we’re standing there facing each other. I see fiery desire reflected in your eyes. I’m naked and covered in dark brown nutrient rich mud. Look what you've done to me, stranger. I reach out to your chest and lean in to breath you in. I grab some mud, zig zag it across your chest and wrap my hands around your waist towards your ass. I bend at the knees to spread mud down your legs then look up to see how you respond to my touch. I don’t want to dirty your nice cock and yes, you're wondering, I do want to taste it.

You take my hands and we step out of the hot sauna into a hot shower. You have the mud bucket in your hands and place it on the shower bench. I pull you under the rainfall spout and you hold my lower back with your right hand. A wicked grin spreads across your face as I notice your hand full of mud. With your left hand you firmly push the mud from below my belly button straight down to my cunt. My legs nearly give way and I pull your lips down to mine.

We are kissing hard and deeply. I can’t catch my breath. We press our bodies together and I get you dirty. I lift my face towards the water and you wipe it clean with your right hand. Your left hand is still cupping my cunt and you slowly run your middle finger up toward my clit. You’re circling my clit in big messy strokes and I’m panting.

I grab your cock and feel it hard. It’s thicker - and longer- than my last lay. I take a look and make friends with him, stroking from the base to the tip. I squeeze my hand tighter when I push the tip through my fist and keep the pressure all the way down the shaft. Your kisses tell me you like it.

You kiss my chest and run your tongue down as you lift my ample breast to your mouth. You take as much as you can into your mouth and suck my nipple hard. My back arches and presses even more breast into your face. You take my other breast and kiss around it, suck it.

I’m still holding your dick but lost concentration for a few seconds there when you turned your attention to my nipples. Your finger and thumb twisting and pulling run electricity straight down to my pussy. I want you in me but not until you’re as big and hard as you can be.

I push you up against the shower wall and sink down to my knees. It’s my turn now. With my lips I take your cock into my mouth, gently tugging at and over the tip. I lick down the shaft and nibble up and down your delicious penis. I grab your balls and pull them back so I can suck the sweet spot between your cock and balls. I press my tongue into your flesh deep and suck, deep and suck. You grab my hair and I know that you want more. I press my tongue all the way up and down the shaft back into that spot then open my mouth and take one side in, then the other. I feel slick wetness dripping from my pussy and take your entire cock into my mouth. You are so fucking hard. And huge.

I tug your arms so you slide down the wall onto the floor. I straddle you and come close, touching the tip of your cock to my clit. Lightly I tease my clit with your cock and then I can’t wait any longer. I sit on you and gasp as you fill me. My hips move and your hands on my ass guide the pace as I fuck you hard. I hear your breath and lean back. You squeeze my breast and pull taught on my nipple. I start to quiver and rub harder on you. You keep the pressure on my nipple and twist it. I’m quivering uncontrollably now and I feel your breath get choppy. I tell myself to let it come and I hear you tell me “cum baby cum, let me feel you cum”. Both hands on my ass pull me into you, your cock goes even deeper and I lose it. Warmth spreads through me as you shoot into me and I cum again. We’re holding tight, both still shaking and we stay there connected until all the aftershocks subside. I kiss you, separate our bodies and lay across your lap so the water falls across my body. You look down at me, massage my breasts and shove your fingers into my pussy. I cum one more time in your hand. For a while we stay like that under the running water You rub your hand across my mouth then kiss me deeply. We both taste my juice and surrender to the sweetness.

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