BooksieSilk Preview
Attract Readers and Promote Your Published Books for Less than $4.99 per Month.

Are you an author who has published a book on Amazon or some other online retailer? Have you spent years crafting your book and now you’re wondering how to get the word out and generate some sales?

BooksieSilk can help. We are a platform consisting of tens of thousands of writers and millions of readers. We understand the challenge of getting your book in front of readers who might be interested in purchasing your book.

We’ve created a program called BooksieSilk Preview that can help. BooksieSilk Preview allows you to:

Put your writing in front of eager readers

Post a preview of your book on BooksieSilk. It’s free to do this. Many writers like to post the first 3-4 chapters. Writers will come and start reading what you have written. If they like it, you’ll have them hooked.

Promote your book and build readership

BooksieSilk provides many ways to get more readers to your preview. Some will find it on their own due to the number of readers on BooksieSilk. BooksieSilk provides tools for you to attract other readers via social media. These tools are free. And you can use BooksieSilk Boosts to prominently feature your book on the site and attract even more readers and potential buyers.

Send hooked readers to Amazon to purchase your book

Through our Premium program, writers can embed links to their book on Amazon into their content. So, readers who are sampling your excerpt can easily click over and purchase the book. This purchase helps your rankings and gets the algorithms on Amazon spinning. Premium Membership also comes with advanced statistics so you can see who is reading your writing and better learn how to build your readership. Premium Membership starts at only $4.99 per month.

To start taking advantage of BooksieSilk Preview

1. Log in or register for a free account.

2. Post your book Preview. It’s free to do it and you’ll start attracting readers right away.

3. Become a Premium member and Link your Previews to Amazon.

4. Promote your writing using social media, links, or BooksieSilk Boost.

5. Monitor your stats, keep promoting, and tweak as necessary.

Writing a book is hard. Promoting it is just as hard, and sometimes harder. For less than $4.99 you can post your writing on BooksieSilk, generate an audience, and link interested readers over to purchase your book on Amazon. Give it a try!