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Featured Review by DampKitten

"Princeton, huh? Look at you! Ivy League Medicine... Still, you get these urges for the woods. In an odd way, I thought of this older movie..." Read More

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Written 2015-07-16 Read More
Een meisje, het nichtje van een vriend, wil Frank Vanduren beter leren kennen. Daar is een welbepaalde reden voor. Die vriend regelt een afspraakje, en de twee tieners ontmoeten elkaar op een discrete plek in volle natuur... Read More

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A moment between a married man and woman. Read More

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Love between two women. Read More

Short Story / Adult Romance

June 01, 2022

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Featured Review by willnorman

"Sweet. Who doesn't like to be teased like that?" Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 01, 2022

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Featured Review by samnash

"She should have read the “shark alert” signs. Interesting tale of sadness well told." Read More

Script / Other

June 01, 2022

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Just a vision... Read More

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A woman tells her lover about a sexual experience she had before she knew him. She was nineteen then, working as a waitress in a French restaurant, and it all happened by surprise... Read More

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Austen has the ultimate problem, she's on the run from her husband who she thought would give her the world. Constantly watching her back, she ends up in a town to try and start fresh. New name, new venture, she swears off of men until a chance encounter with one… Read More

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My sordid past... Read More

Featured Review by Laird

"Very good. Stark and straight to the point. Laird" Read More

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Fun with my wife... Read More
Based upon a slut I had an affair with... Read More
My first experience of spanking a woman... Read More

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2009-02-08 Read More