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Featured Review by lemonshine

"Office sex I would say is is right up there in the sexual fantasy arena. I liked the "no BS" approach. Nice "read".." Read More

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A Sheriff Ryan Caldwell story. Murder, mystery, cheating, and intrigue. Read More

Featured Review by DampKitten

"Wow. I like your writing style, crisp and to the point. You keep a nice pace and use dialogue perfectly with your narration. I know nothi..." Read More


Chapter 1

Book / Adult Romance

May 30, 2023

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‘I generally avoid temptation – unless I can’t resist it!’ – caption on a fridge magnet. Read More

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taken from my book, "Chemical War Zone" Read More

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Stories of how society might change if a female aphrodisiac was invented and women became sexually aggressive. Read More

Featured Review by willnorman

"Good grief, just reading this gave me a case of blue balls. There are some guys who would actually appreciate being treated like this - all that..." Read More

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A collaboration between DampKitten and Sammy D Read More

Featured Review by samnash

"I want more .... please write more..." Read More

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Natasha’s entire body lay crooked in the chains she was condemned to. Her arms, extended above her head lay as limp as her legs that could no longer stay standing. Many bruises from hickeys made all over her body formed as purple and red splotches on her skin. With crawling… Read More
Mildred, was a quirky and cute little thing, in college. She had a mouth full of braces, and big baby blue glasses. She was sad at the idea of graduating; afraid she might lose touch with some of her close friends and her foreign-exchange lover of almost a year and… Read More

Book / BDSM

May 29, 2023

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Dominique Pike makes her latest intern Benjamin Nettles' work life a living hell. Unfortunately, Ben flirts with his third infraction in less than a week before being fired. A recommendation and satisfactory internship completion are the stakes for either a beautiful career or utter ruin. Ben must decide how far… Read More

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Things have gotten mostly back to normal for 19 year old Thomas after helping Jaime get his revenge, but has lingering desires that, unknown to him, are going to be fulfilled very soon... Read More

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‘I want us to play games. You will play games with me, won’t you?’ Occasionally from Basque – Love Stories on Amazon Occasionally audio-visual featuring Isla at my free unique website: Read More

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Stripped and humiliated in front of girls. Read More

Chapter 43

Book / Hot Wives

May 28, 2023

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Raunchy, ridiculous, irrational sex with everyone but my husband.. Okay, maybe a few times with him too. Just a few. No, I'm not using birth control. (There's literally sex in almost every chapter of this book) Read More

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What if Andrew never moved out when he did and what if his spankings continued even when his younger siblings spankings had stopped and the spankings were no longer in the privacy of the bedroom and more shaming Read More

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A selection of stories where the eldest brother is the only one that gets spanked as his younger siblings just get grounded for the same offence. Read More
This was a blast to create. I hope you enjoy it have a laugh. Read More

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taken from my book, "Chemical War Zone" Read More

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Termination of the teen titan.. Read More

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taken from my book, "Chemical War Zone" Read More

Book / Mature Sex

May 27, 2023

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Falling in love with a rockstar. Read More

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A girl fresh out of high school becomes a medical receptionist and is allowed to see a full body skin exam of a naked male. Read More

Book / Erotic Horror

May 26, 2023

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Adriel and Xavier wake up in a completely foreign land, filled with monsters - both of the supernatural and human kind. Unbeknownst to them, their paths will cross during their fight for survival. Read More

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Even the gods of old may have something to learn from the realm of flesh. Nathan, a being of ancient power, is no different. His teacher Patrice Zita is an unwilling twenty-something human female, who is more than she seems. The journey they are to embark serves as one that… Read More

Featured Review by Lizziewolf

"Scary masterpiece! Love, Lizzie." Read More

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How my wife was shared with my best mate Read More

Featured Review by Amy F. Turner

"Randy hot actions will cheer up anyone down in the dumps. What a fun awakening for everyone!" Read More

Cheated and abused husband gets help dealing with wife and her lover. Read More

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Murder at the Orient Sexpress Read More

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Lucas is dragged into further humiliation by his own father and the new friend Mr. Ali. They decide to inspect him to see if he is a man or a faggot. Read More

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taken from my book, "Chemical War Zone" Read More

Chapter 7

Book / Humiliation Sex

May 24, 2023

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A woman discovers there is a market for humiliation sex. Read More
Cheated and abused husband get help dealing with his wife, and gets justice. He also finds a new love. Read More

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A thirteen-year-old boy receives a humiliating classroom spanking from his female teacher. He endures several humiliating incidences leading up to his spanking. Read More

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A city girl buys a farm and hired a farm boy to help her. When he bathes at the end of the day she washes his back. Read More

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Sitting at a side table in her hotel room, Patsy lit a cigarette, with a shaky hand and red-smeared lipstick, she smoked. Patsy, now clutching her bathrobe hanging loose, exposing one of her breasts, pulled the material back up to cover herself. The shower in the hotel-room bathroom turned off,… Read More

Chapter 13

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Four worlds are about to collide and lives are going to change. Read More
Kelvin was in love with Harmony yet he wanted to explore his fantasy of having a threesome..... Read More

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Featured Review by Janus

"Accolades for pulling off the difficult combination of revulsion and lust. The fine line between pleasure and disgust. A terrific, engaging open..." Read More

Cheated and abused husband receives the best gift -- the gift of freedom. Read More