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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

No love is ever forgotten

even if Life has cooled 

its endearing tenderness.

No passion is ever dead,

even if the cruelty of Time

has put out its flames.

They´re hidden somewhere,

just dormant, just waiting

to rise against pale oblivion

and the numbness of years.

No love is ever unscathed

by all the previous ones,

no passion is ever untainted

by the ones felt before.

The present is a melting pot

where we have blended

all our loves, our passions

and the bliss of our climaxes,



Submitted: September 18, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Lizziewolf. All rights reserved.

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Poignant, measured and reflective.

Mon, September 18th, 2023 8:37pm


Thank you so much for your words! Love, Lizzie.

Mon, September 18th, 2023 6:48pm


Yeah…what Janus said.

Such an enlightening perspective so beautifully presented.

Mon, September 18th, 2023 8:59pm


Thank you so much, dear Damp Kitten!
Love, Lizzie

Mon, September 18th, 2023 6:49pm


Well, I haven’t thought of it like that….TIME… you keep getting lost in it

Mon, September 18th, 2023 9:06pm


Time, the stuff life is made of...
Thanks for your words.
Love. Lizzie.

Mon, September 18th, 2023 6:50pm

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