The Treatment

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

We all love a medical CFNM story!

Anna looked at the dice she had just thrown.  A four.  Today the fourth one would get the treatment.  She liked the random element to the game.  She never knew in advance who The Victim would be 

She had just finished with number three.

‘Thank you nurse,’ he said on the way out, ‘you’ve been very thorough.’

Of course she had.  She was good at her job, but it was so boring.  She had to do six routine physical examinations a day.  Eyes, ears, height, weight - all the usual stuff.  All done very properly. Except for the one that got the treatment.  That was what she called it ‘The treatment’.  Well she had to do something to add a little excitement to the day.

Anna was 32 years old, blonde, good looking in an impressive way with a strong featured face and impressive bosoms.  She had gone in for nursing because she liked bossing people about and it seemed a good profession in which to indulge that little foible.  A few years shift work in the hospital had soon palled though, so she had got this job doing routine physicals.  It needed a little something to relieve the boredom though and it gave ample opportunity boss people about.

She picked up the phone to Lisa on reception, ‘The next one,’ she said.  Lisa would know what she meant.


The gentleman who had gone in before me came out and spoke to the receptionist.

‘Very thorough,’ he said, ‘excellent job.  Much better than those places that just rush you through.’  He marched out through the door.

The pretty little dark haired girl on the reception desk called me forwards.  Her name badge indicated she was called ‘Lisa’.  She looked about sixteen

She looked at me quizzically, ‘You’re next,’ she said, ‘Go into the changing room, take all your clothes off and put on the gown.’

‘All my clothes?’

‘Yes, of course.’

Well the previous guy had said the examination was thorough.  It sounded like he was right.  I did as I was told.  Of course I did.  I’m rather like that with people in authority, rather submissive,  and who has more authority than the nurse in her smart white uniform.  I took off all my clothes, put the skimpy gown on and crept into the examination room.  And there she was Nurse Anna in her smart white uniform.  I was definitely going to have to do as I was told.

‘We’ll start with height and weight.  Slip your gown off and stand on the scales for me.’

‘Um… er…’ I blurted, ‘I was told to take all my clothes off. ‘


I was told to take all my clothes off.’

Anna looked at him and smiled confidently.

‘That is correct,’ she said confidently, ‘in this clinic we pride ourselves on thoroughness and accuracy.  The nude weight is the only one that we can be confident is fully accurate.’

‘Er…  I mean…’ he looked hopelessly around as if there was some escape, there wasn’t,’of course.’

Anna smiled as he stood on the scales completely nude, his face burning with embarrassment.  A shy one.  A nice slim, naive shy one.  They made good victims.   He would not get his clothes back until the end.  Now was time to start turning the screw.


I stood in the scales in the nude, my face burning.  Of course she was right, height and weight had to be done nude, but that didn’t make it any less embarrassing 

‘Excellent, thank you,’ Nurse Anna looked at the scales and took my height measurement, ‘I’ll call Lisa in to record the results.’

‘Lisa?’ Surely she didn’t mean the schoolgirl on reception.

‘That’s right, you’ll have met her on reception.  Small dark haired girl.  She’s on work experience from the High School.  We have to give her some proper experience.  Can’t just leave her twiddling her thumbs in reception can we?’

‘But… I mean…’

‘You’re not worried because she’s a schoolgirl are you?’

‘Well… she is a bit young to…’

‘Don’t worry.  She might be a girl and only sixteen, but she is perfectly capable of noting down the results accurately and doing the recording.  Sometimes you men are so sexist about things.’

‘I meant…’ but she was already calling Lisa in.


Lisa was up for it.  Anna knew that it was important that the complete humiliation of The Victim should be witnessed…. and recorded.  And Lisa was up for that.  She was sixteen years old and precocious for her age.  Now that she was in the senior class at school a period of four weeks work experience was on offer.  She had jumped at the chance of working at The Clinic and more than a little disappointed to find that all it involved was sitting at the reception desk.  Until Anna had told her about The Treatment that was.  Anna had been very pleased to find such a willing assistant.


Lisa knocked and came in.  She was carrying a tablet on which I presumed she would record the results.

‘Turn to face Lisa please, she will take the photograph and record the results.’


‘Of course,  it is taken for the medical record so that any physical changes in the body can be compared in future years.’

‘But I’ve got no clothes on.’

‘Of course.  Changes in the genitalia are very important to record so they must be clearly visible in the photograph.’

‘Oh…’ I muttered embarrassed at not having known this, ‘please go ahead er… Lisa.’

‘Please stand legs slightly apart, arms away from your sides and look straight at the camera.’

‘Excellent, now the close-ups.  Face.  Thank you Lisa.  And genitalia.  Thank you Lisa.’

I had to struggle to prevent my penis from reacting, after all this was a serious medical and what would Lisa have thought!  She would have been really embarrassed.

‘Right,’ said Anna, ‘next thing are the body part measurements.  Waist please Lisa…’

Lisa produced a tape measure and passed it round my waist.

‘Chest, neck, arm, inside leg…’  oh gosh! Lisa had to press hard against my bare genitals for that one.  I had to concentrate very hard to stop Lisa from being really embarrassed.  

‘And finally penis length… we need you fully erect for this one please.’

‘Bit… I mean… I don’t know… is it really necessary.’

Absolutely.  Diminution in penis size over the year is an important indication.  It requires accurate measurement.  Can you go erect for Lisa please..’

What!  I couldn’t.  No.

‘I don’t think I can…’ it was the best excuse I could make.

Anna looked frustrated.

‘Oh well, we’ll try again later.’


Lisa looked at the penis dangling there.  It looked a decent size and she knew she could get it up in no time, but that treat would be saved for later.  And it had got him nice and embarrassed and submissive and it was fun to have it floppy for the next bit,  it would bounce around nicely.  It might even start to windmill.


Anna stood hands on hips.

“Right,” she said, “balance and flexibility.”


‘Yes, now stand with your feet together and your eyes shut.  That’s right.  Now keep them shut, keep them shut…’

Much sound of shuffling and..

‘Should I still…’

Suddenly I was pushed in the back and I fell sprawling on the floor.

I got back to my feet.

‘Sorry, I wasn’t expecting that.’

‘You weren’t supposed to.  You were supposed to keep your balance.  I think we put that down as a fail Lisa.’

‘Yes Miss.’

‘Now flexibility.  Bend over and touch your toes.’

‘I can’t quite manage Miss.’

‘We’ll move your legs part until you can.’

‘But er… Miss..’

‘Yes, what is it?’

‘Lisa is filming from behind Miss and she’ll see…’

‘See what?’

‘You know Miss my…’

‘Come on, get on with it, do as you’re told…’

‘Yes Miss…’

‘Further apart.’

‘Yes Miss.’

‘Right apart…’

‘Yes Miss’

I was bending right over with my legs wide apart and Lisa was right behind me.  My bottom must have been displaying everything.  Still I suppose…


Lisa focussed in on his bum hole.  What a fool she thought.  Still, you didn’t get to see bum holes in most jobs and it had been so funny when he fell over, she’d got a good feel of his balls when she helped him up.  And she was looking forwards to the next bit.


That had been a bit embarrassing, still it was important I suppose.

‘Right,’ said Anna, ‘we need you to do twenty star jumps to test coordination.’

‘Well er… yes… I suppose… but…’

‘Yes,’ she spoke sharply.

‘I mean.. do I still need to be you know…’

‘Know what?’

‘Naked… I mean…’

‘Oh get on with it please.’

I knew what was going to happen.  I’ve done naked star jumps before.  I mean just in private and everything, but I know what happens.  When you start to bounce your balls start to bounce, and your willy starts to flap and oh dear… I knew just what was going to happen.


Lisa smiled.  These tablets were so good.  They recorded everything in great detail and what she missed would be on the high definition security camera.  They’d make good money out of this one when they put it on the website.  He had a good sized willy and it was swinging around nicely as his balls bounced up and down.  The punters would love that.  She focussed in on it.  Yes the punters were going to love this one.


‘Now for the physical examination.  Can you lie down on the couch please and we’ll start with your eyes and ears.’

It was a relief to have got the preliminaries over and get on to the proper physical exam.  Lisa wa still filming.  She had filmed everything which was very conscientious for such a young girl,  they are usually so slapdash.  Very conscientious and very professional.

‘And now your chest.’ Nurse Anna applied her stethoscope, ‘breathe in and out for me.  Lisa… talk to the client please.  You know how important that is.’

Lisa came over to me.

‘Lovely weather,’ she said.

‘Er… yes… for the time of year… ooh!,’ Nurse Anna was prodding my stomach rather hard.

‘You did well at the star jumps.’

‘Thank you…’

‘It can be difficult for gentlemen with big ones…’

‘Big ones?’

‘Yes, they tend to flap around when you’re jumping.  The bigger they are the more they flap..’

Goodness!  She meant my penis.

‘Well… I mean…’ I was lost for words.

‘Yes, you have got a big one.  Very impressive if I may say,’ she looked directly at it and to my utter embarrassment and dismay it responded by going straight up.

‘Well done Lisa,’ said Nurse Anna, ‘you can measure it now.’  She turned to me, ‘Lisa can get them up without even touching them.  She has the knack.  We’ll get it measured now then we can let it go back down.’

‘Oh… er… thank you…  oh… oh… oh…’  Lisa had her tape measure out and had a firm hold of my penis.

‘Eighteen centimetres,’ she announced.

‘Is that good?’ I asked before I could help myself.

‘Right,’ said Nurse Anna, ‘up you get.  We need to palpate your testicles… squeeze your balls that is.’

I stood up.  My penis pointing straight at the ceiling.  

‘Oh dear,’ Nurse Anna looked quizzically, ‘we need to get that down.  Lisa…’


Lisa was proud of her skill.  She could get a cock up or down just by looking at it.  It was whether she looked expectant or disappointed.  She had honed the skill at school.  It had all started as a dare.  Her dare was to sneak into to boy’s locker room and peek at them in the shower.  Being Lisa she hadn’t just peeked.  She had marched in and announced “Hi guys.  Who’s got a big one?’  She soon saw that 90% of the cocks went straight up.  Lisa had discovered her power.  She developed the skill by lining the boys up and looking at their cocks with different expressions, within fifteen minutes she had discovered she could get cocks up and down at will.


Lisa looked at my penis disapprovingly, ‘Good?’ she said, ‘Not really.’

It went straight back down.

‘Good. Now for this we need you kneeling on the couch on hands and knees.  Head down, bottom up, legs apart so that your testicles dangle nicely.’

‘But that will… I mean I’ll be showing my..’ I didn’t quite know how to put it.

‘Come on.  Hands and knees…’

‘Yes Nurse…’ I did as I was told.  I knew they were looking right up my bottom and I tried to sound unconcerned even though my face was burning.  Lisa was filming a close up.

‘Lisa’s been learning how to palpate testicles,’ said Nurse Anna, ‘I’m sure you won’t  mind.’

‘I er… well… er…’ but it was too late to say anything other than ‘Thank you Nurse.’

Lisa grinned wickedly as she took hold of my sensitive orbs.  Once a girl has you by your balls it is too late too object.

‘Remember what to do Lisa.  Squeeze and pull.  Squeeze and pull.  Squeeze and pull.  Harder Lisa, harder…  it’s the new method,’ she added looking at me, ‘very effective.  That’s right Lisa.  Harder.’

I gasped for air.  It’s rather difficult to respond when you’re being comprehensively bollocked.

‘Now have a go at the internal examination Lisa.  Keep hold of his testicles and push your finger up his orifice.’

‘Oooh!  Oooh!’ She gripped my balls so hard I couldn’t move while she pushed her finger up.

‘And again Lisa, and again.  Do him… I mean it… properly.  Here let me show you…’


‘Something the matter?’ snapped Nurse Anna.

‘Er… no… thank you Lisa, you’ve been very thorough.’

‘As she should be.  That’s the way.  You need a good seeing to.’

Nurse Anna took hold of my vulnerable bits.  Her finger went in and out and in and out with the grip on my balls holding me firmly in place.

‘Oooh!  Aaaah!  Thank you Nurse…’

‘There we are.  All done,’ she released her grip and I was free to stand up.  I felt I had to say something.

‘Thank you Nurse er… very thorough…’

‘As it should be.  We do things properly here.’

‘Of course and er… thank you Lisa.’

I was still standing there naked.  Lisa grinned and looked straight at my penis.

‘You really do have a nice big one,’ she said with that look on her face.

It went straight up.

‘You might need this,’ said Lisa handing me a scrap of paper.  I looked at it.  It was a phone number and some writing. I clung onto it too embarrassed by my erect penis to do anything else.


Anna smiled in satisfaction as he disappeared out the door.  With the pictures from the security camera and Lisa’s film they’d have an excellent addition to the website.

Lisa grinned.  She’d given him the look.  She knew he’d be in touch.


Four hours later and my cock was still up.  It just wouldn’t go down.  I couldn’t get Lisa’s look out of my mind.  I looked at the scrap of paper Lisa had given me.



Lisa’s special phone rang.  It would be him.  Of course.  She opened up her spreadsheet and added him to her list of slaves. He was hers now.


Submitted: September 18, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Joex. All rights reserved.

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