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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

The terrible things Jim and Ann are forced to do to get their kidnapped son back safe and sound.
will the torment never end?

The situations in thie fantasy are totally fictional and all charactes are 18 or older. The author does not condone such behavior, and it is stirctly for fun.





The pictures would seem extremely gross and obscene to some. To many, I think. To me, pervert that I am, they were very hot. In the first photo, cute teenage boy Alex, naked of course, was standing legs spread over one of those large rubber street parking cones. Alex is always cute, but he is especially cute when he is either terribly humiliated and embarrassed or when he is crying out of fear. Well, he is also cute when he is in extreme discomfort and pain. He is one of those fresh-faced teenage boys whose skin is soft and flawless and whose eyes are large and vibrant and whose lips are full and pink. The kind of lips we call “cocksucker lips” because after a kid like Alex is forced to suck enough cock, his lips grow kind of swollen and take on a pomegranate color. His body too, is the kind of body that you just want to abuse more and more. It is perfectly formed, and because he is still young, not too muscular.


His chest is smooth and hairless and since we had been working on them, his nipples are distended and pink…turning into what we call sow teats. They were now so sensitive that even the slightest touch sent the boy crazy…so we touched and pinched and twisted them constantly. His tight teen tummy would flutter and his chest heave when we worked his titties. He would sob and beg us to stop. The boy’s dick, when it wasn’t locked in a two-inch cock cage, was nice and thick and full, partly because of the things we had been doing to it. we sometimes took turns working pencil thick steel sounds up into the kid’s pisshole and fucking him in the penis. We also sandpapered his dickhead, so the whole fucker was chubby and sore and sensitive.  And what respectable sadistic boy kidnappers would neglect the teen’s fine young balls? They too, like the rest of his body now, were hairless, and they were hanging lower and lower each day due to the constant stretching. The nuts were now so sensitive that he could hardly walk at all without screaming in pain, which was okay because we mostly insisted that the boy crawl…especially when he went from cock to cock that he was servicing.


Of course, by now, he was an emotional and nervous wreck. He literally sobbed for his “mommy and daddy” like some five-year-old. Mostly, he did not like to have his sweet, hot, tight, teen asshole stretched and fucked.  We’d even gotten him to the point of promising to us that he would suck cock better, if only we would not fuck his boy hole. Well, I mean…how the fuck could we leave such a sweet high school soccer playing ass alone? His adorable ass was probably the main reason we had chosen him.


Well in this particular set of pictures that I was sharing with the boy’s mother and father, Jim and Ann Conley, poor naked Alex was standing straddling an orange parking cone. To the boy’s tits and balls were attached wires that went to a kind of battery. Alex’s hands were tied behind his back. A trickle of boy fear sweat ran down between his pecs and lower onto his tight stomach. His lower lips trembled, and his eyes were wide with fear. One of my associates gad given the boy the order that he was to impale his boy ass on the parking cone. He was to sit down on it…fuck his teen boy ass on the parking cone. Looking at the very good, high resolution photos, I remembered the boy screaming, “That’s not possible. It’ll kill me!”  Well, of course, it wouldn’t kill him, that would ruin all of our fun. No, it would just stretch his young asshole beyond belief, that’s all. Yes, to impale his cute, slender body all the way down onto the cone would kill him, but we were not expecting that. No, just a good eight or nine or ten inches of cone up his boy butt…just enough to really stretched the fuck out of the kid’s rectum.


And that is what the series of photos showed. With each photo more and more of the widening cone was up inside the kid’s boy cunt. When he refused or sobbed that he couldn’t take any more, we sent an electric charge through his nipples and nuts…just to encourage him. We even let him bite down on a rubber ass plug, just so that he would not bite off his tongue. It was only later that we remembered that we had not washed the ass plug after having it up the ass of a large dog. It was a shame that in the photos you could not see the boy’s smooth body tremble and shake more and more as the boy tried ever harder to work the rubber cone up his asshole. His whole young body grew tense and began to actually vibrate. His feet arched beautifully as he rose up on his toes trying to work more and more of the cone up his hole. Well, all of those moves could not be captured in photos, but fortunately we also had a video of the entire game to share with his distraught parents.


Jim and Ann Conley were out of their minds with anguish. “We’ve got to do something to save him. We’ve got to help him,” she wailed rocking back and forth, her nice full breasts heaving. Watching them suffer over their son’s plight gave me as hard and wet a dick as actually doing it to the boy. Jim pressed his face into his hands.


“Well, the police are getting closer. We are following up on some of the background in the photos and we have identified certain warehouse conditions. However, because of what the kidnappers have demanded that I do, I’m afraid that I need to drop out of the case.”


Jim actually growled and ground his teeth. “You can’t. You are their only connection to us. They chose you as our link. You can’t bow out, no matter what.”


“But Jim, Ann, I can’t compromise my morals and beliefs and do what they have demanded. It is just too sick. I have dedicated my life to helping people.” My prick was so hard it ached.


“By doing what they ask, for now, you are helping people. You are saving our son!”


“But how can you, a moral churchgoing Christian conservative ask that of me? You know they demand that we make a video of me fucking your beautiful wife, Ann in the vagina, while you fuck her at the same time in the ass. That is the sickest thing I have ever heard of.”


“Not as sick as seeing our son tortured. Until you can catch these monsters, we just have to do as they ask. You said so yourself. We may be saving our son’s life,” said Ann, a look of terrified resolve on her pretty face.


“And you want me to do this sick thing?” I asked her, already feeling my thick dick in her warm, tight, conservative pussy.


“Of course, I don’t want it, but as you yourself said, we need to placate these creatures until we catch them.” A tear rolled down her alabaster cheek and I almost shot my ball scum in my trousers. I pretended mortification.


“I just don’t know if I can even attempt such a sinful, immoral act.”


“You have to try. Now let’s just get it over with.”


I sighed a huge, fake, sigh. “All right. Here are the demands of the kidnappers.” I took out the piece of paper.


“1.Ann,Jim and the asshole cop will strip naked and all three will photographthemselves. The two men will play with their dicks for the camera, and the bitch will finger her cunt.


2. the two men will masturbate each other until they are hard and wet and leaking. They must be leaking.


3. The bitch wife will show the camera that her dirty cunt is wet from fingering herself.


4. The two men will suck on the bitch’s nipples at the same time. She will masturbate their dicks while they do it. They will do this non-stop for ten minutes.


5. The bitch will kneel and lick the balls and dicks of both men. The men will lift their legs, and she will lick underneath their balls along their taints almost to their assholes.


6. For five minutes, the men will take turns fucking the bitch’s mouth. One dick will fuck in ten times and then pull out and the other cock will fuck for ten strokes.They must go balls deep into her mouth and throat.


7. The fucking cop will then spread Ann’s cunt and fuck her in the cunt. He will not be gentle, or the boy Alex will suffer. He must fuck hard and deep. After he has fucked her in the cunt for five minutes, he will be joined by Jim, who will shove his dick up his wife’s ass. They will both fuck her as hard as possible. Make sure the camera captures the cocks going in but also her face at times. You may have to adjust and move the camera before you continue from time to time.


8. You will double fuck her in this way for at least fifteen minutes. Then, Jim will pull out of his wife’s ass and shove his cock in her mouth and cum, and the cop will shoot his load up her cunt. When you both have finished and pulled out, Alex’s bitch whore of a mother will show the camera the load in her mouth before she swallows it, and the load in her cunt. All three of you will then smile at the camera and say hello to Alex and wave.”


All three of us sat there in silence. I could have been much more extreme of course, but I wanted stuff for future games, and I didn’t want to push the prudish couple so hard that they would freeze up. I just wanted to emotionally, mentally and physically fuck them up.


They were so fucking awkward at it all, that it was hilarious. Almost too funny to be sensual. I pretended to be ashamed and guilt ridden, especially when I had to do things like take Jim’s nice fat cock in my hand and masturbate it.As I have said, he is a very handsome man, and I really got off on pumping his big, wet prick. He was scared as shit to touch mine. “You’ll have to do better than that,” I said to him sympathetically. He reminded me so much of his son, tears running down his cheeks, as he squeezed and pumped my thick, long, wet, pecker. The dick leak offended him, and he moaned.I couldn’t wonder but wonder how, in future sessions, he would react when he had to lick up my leak and take my meaty fuckmeat into his mouth.And when he would have to clean it off with his mouthafter it fucked his wife in the cunt and ass. Poor Jim. Poor straight-laced, straight dude.


Ann freaked out when she had to lick my balls. For some reason, that seemed more perverse to her than sucking my dick. Go figure! Well, she was no natural cocksucker, I can tell you that. We’d have to work on that, so that by the time she had to suck off my whole gang at the warehouse, she’d be a fucking expert. She’d have to compete with her own husband and son to see which one of them would prove the best cocksucker. The best cocksucker wouldn’t get torture and abused as badly as the two losers.


Jesus, her twat was tight. And not just because my dick was so much bigger than Jim’s. As I said, he had a good hunk of fuckmeat. No, I think she tightened up out of fear and the disgust of having another man’s prick up her pussy. She’d only ever had Jim up her. And then, I was not careful fucking her. I made sure I rammed every corner of her insides and banged up against her womb good and hard.


We had to do some embarrassing body position adjustments in order for Jim to stick his wet dick up into his wife’s asshole, while my cock was buried balls deep in her cunt. I didn’t help at all, and I loved to see them cry and moan, and tell each other how much they loved each other, while Jim worked his big cock knob into his wife’s tiny pink asshole. I swear I could actually hear the dick head pop in. She screamed that it was too much…too painful with both cocks in her. I offered to pull out and call the whole thing off, but Ann screamed that we had to do it for Alex.


So, the two of us double fucked this sweet Christian cutie. I do believe she actually prayed while we fucked her, and I reminded myself in the future to make her sing some church hymns with my cock in her mouth.Oddly, while I fucked her as hard as I could, I kept watching Jim across from me, shoving his dick up her ass, and I kept thinking how great it would be to have him sucking on my dick and balls and asshole. His total humiliation at the gym had wetted my appetite to humiliate him sexually in much more extreme ways. I wanted to see him stripped of his manhood and self-esteem. I wanted to destroy him in front of his fellow workers, and in front of his own brother and family. And by the time we finished with our games, I wanted father, mother and son too fucking ashamed to ever even look at each other again.


But all of that lay ahead. For now, A disgusted Jim pulled his swollen dick out of his wife’s asshole and shoved it in her open mouth. She gagged and choked, and he groaned and unloaded his ball sap into her mouth, where it mixed with her saliva and ass juice. It bubbled out of her mouth around the dick shaft. How fucking dirty and wonderful.


I slammed in has hard as I could and pumped my prick sauce into her throbbing pussy, hoping to get the bitch pregnant. She grunted like a stuck pig…which is in effect what I was turning her into. A fucking sow that a gang of thugs would fuck, a pig that even her own son would be forced to fuck. The pathetic bitch lay there, her mouth open to show the camera the disgusting sauce in her mouth, while her fingers spread her cunt lips open to show my fuck slop up her hole.


The best part was when we all sat on the edge of the bed, covered in sweat and spit and slime and waved hello to teenage Alex. I couldn’t wait to show him the video.

Submitted: September 18, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Yeah - loved this part, especially, "I wanted to see him stripped of his manhood and self-esteem. I wanted to destroy him in front of his fellow workers, and in front of his own brother and family." There's something about the conservative Christian 'goody-goody' who gets taken down or corrupted. I picture Jim having to strip down and being ridiculed because he's wearing 'tighty whitey' underpants and sporting a huge boner, which is against everything he believes in. One more rung lower down the ladder of degredation.

Thu, September 21st, 2023 5:31am


I will do my best to meet your fondest expectations. dale10

Thu, September 21st, 2023 6:19am

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