County Jail: Boulder, CO.

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Shannon’s lit up at night with a
colorful clientele, and a thick-boned
hillbilly, called Sam, standing
sentinel at the door.
When Amazon Judy came
on shift, her admirers swarmed
the bar to ogle her suede
hot pants and halter top.
The band didn’t soundcheck,
and the music boomed while the
sweating crowd danced in front of
the stage.
Balling a ninety-pound jackhammer
and drinking beer with an Oglala
Sioux named Lee was my game.
He had scars from knife fights on
the reservation and a kitten with a
missing eye.
We’d already had too much when,
Lee and I weaved past Sam and mixed
with the crowd. A fight broke out, and
I jumped in.
The police arrested me, along with a
couple other unlucky bastards. They
took my shoelaces and threw me in the
It was Saturday, and I’d go before
the judge on Monday. There were fifty
of us in a common area with cots.
I’d planned on minding my own business.
But there was a scared-looking guy in the
cot next to mine. He asked me to walk with him.
I said, “OK,” I didn’t know why. 
So, we walked a circle around the cots
and the prisoners. His gait was broken.
He grabbed my arm and stumbled. 
“I don’t have long to live,” he said.
I saw blood on his lips. I led him to his cot
and sat him down. 
And then he fell on his side and died.

Submitted: September 10, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Sammy D. All rights reserved.

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Alright, what in the world have you been reading to inspire that?

Mon, September 11th, 2023 12:48am

Sammy D

That's a reasonable question, DK. The inspiration came from a discussion I had with a buddy of mine who is an emergency room doctor. I said, "I guess you've had some memorable days; what was the worst of it?" he thought momentarily and said, "I had a patient with esophageal varicies. He laid his head in my lap and bled out."

Mon, September 11th, 2023 3:08am

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