Custom Fit Athletic Supporter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: CFNM

A boy needs a custom fitted athletic supporter.

The Custom Fit Athletic Supporter

I decided to try out for my high school soccer team.  I needed an athletic supporter.  My mother agreed to pay for it.  She was busy so she had my big sister take me to a sporting goods store.  A nice saleslady met us at the entrance.  Speaking to my sister she said, “Good morning, how can I help you?”

My sister, Karen, said, “My brother is going to try out for the soccer team, he needs an athletic supporter?

The saleslady, a pretty brunette with small perky breasts and an hourglass figure, said, “Of course, we do.”  She led us to the back of the store.  As I walked behind the saleslady, I could not help but notice what absolutely firm, generous, bell shaped buns she had.  It was a delight just to see her walk.

When we arrived, the saleslady turned looked at me for a few seconds, judging what size I needed and said, “You look like a small.  Why don’t you try this on?”

I immediately visualized myself standing wearing a supporter in front of the saleslady and my sister.  I said, “Do I have to try it on?”

The saleslady said, “How else are you going to know if it fits?”

I said, “I will almost be naked.”

The saleslady said, "You are not my first customer for an athletic supporter.  It will cover you adequately.  I won't see more than I could at a beach.  Besides you can show a man in his briefs on national television in prime time."

My sister added, “Mother will only want to pay once.  He will try it on.”

I took the jock strap, went into the dressing room, stripped below the waist, put the jock strap on and exited in front of my sister and the saleslady.  As soon as I exited the saleslady exclaimed, “Oh, my God.  It doesn’t fit.  He is too large.”  She was right, although the jock strap fit in the waist, the pocket for my genitals was too small.  I was spilling out of the sides of the pocket because my cock and balls were too large.

My sister said, “I think we had better try a larger size.”  The saleslady gave me a large size jock strap and I went into the dressing room to change.  When I came back out the saleslady looked at me and said, “Now the pocket fits but not the waist.”

My sister said, “Yes, it hangs on him.  Do you have anything that will fit him.?”

The saleslady answered, “We do not.”

My sister said, “What should we do?”

The saleslady said, “He needs a custom fitted supporter.”

My sister asked, “Will that cost a lot more?”

The saleslady answered, “Not really, I am a seamstress.  I can take the small supporter home and sew on a larger pocket.”

My sister asked, “How much will that cost?”

The saleslady said, “Ten dollars.”

My sister said, “Let’s do that.”  With that my sister took the small jock strap, purchased it, gave it back to the saleslady, found out where the saleslady lived and made a date to pick it up that night. 

At seven o’clock that evening my sister drove me to the saleslady’s house.  When we entered my sister asked, “Is the supporter ready?”

The saleslady answered, “Heavens no, I thought you understood.  It is a custom fitted supporter, the supporter has to be fitted to the customer..”

My sister said, "What does that mean?"

The saleslady said, "I have to measure the size of his genitals."

My sister said, “How do you do that?”

The saleslady said, “I use measuring cups.”

I hated the idea.  I immediately visualized myself exposed to her while she fit my genitals into measuring cups. I said, “Do you mean I will have to expose myself to you while you use different sized cups to measure me?

The saleslady answered, “Do you have a better way?”

I said, “What if I refuse?”

The saleslady said, “Then you will wear a supporter that doesn’t fit.  It will be uncomfortable, and you could injure yourself.”

I said, “No, why do you have to measure me.  Can’t you just make a larger pocket?”

She said, “It’s a custom fit supporter.  I don't do shoddy work.”

I said to my sister, “I want to go home.”

My sister said to me, “Don’t be a baby. She is not going to molest you. Even I have seen you naked.  I used to bathe you when you were a baby.  Don’t you remember?

I said, “I was just a baby then.  I didn’t know better.  It was a long time ago.”

My sister said, “You are being silly.  You don’t have anything she hasn’t seen before.”

I said, “She hasn’t seen me before."

The saleslady intervened, “You don’t have anything different than any other man.”

I said, “What if it was you who had to be naked?” 

The saleslady said, “I don’t wear an athletic supporter.  I am just doing my job, and while I am doing my job that is all I am interested in.”

My sister interrupted, she said, “Don, the coach won’t let you play football without a supporter.”

I said to the saleslady, “Does my sister have to watch?”

The saleslady said, “Of course not.”

My sister said, “Yes, I do.  I can't pay for it until I know it fits?”

I said, “It looks like I have no choice.”

The saleslady said, “Good, I will get my daughter.”

I practically screamed, “Wait a minute. Why are you going to get your daughter?”

The saleslady said, “I need a chaperone.  I can’t be with a naked teenage boy without a chaperone.”

I said, "My sister can chaperone."

The saleslady said, "I require my own chaperone."

I said, “Will the chaperone see me naked too!”

The saleslady said, “The chaperone is a witness.  She has to watch me fit you.”

I said to my sister, “I want to go home?”

My sister answered, “I won’t let you give up something you want for a reason this infantile, and neither will mother.”

I was trapped. I would have to expose myself to them and let them watch.  The embarrassment already started and I could feel a tingle of excitement in my balls.

The saleslady went to get her eldest daughter.  I recognized her.  Her name was Evelyn. She went to my school.  She was one of the prettiest girls in the school.  Ohmigod, I was going to be exposed before a member of my class.  Soon everyone in school will know what happened. 

I had long admired Evelyn but she didn't even know who I was. I couldn’t believe how cute she was.  She was a brunette like her mother with an alabaster complexion and crisp, doll like features.  She also had the flat tummy and hour glass figure of a teenage girl but with the same full, firm and shapely bell shaped behind as her mother.  I just wanted to use both hands to grab that behind and feel how firm it was.  I reluctantly undressed in front of the three women while they watched.  The saleslady and my sister retained their composure when my genitals were exposed but Evelyn glued her eyes to my genitals and exclaimed, “Look at the size of that cock!”

That is all it took.  I started to grow an erection.  It only took a couple of minutes before my 9“ cock stuck out in front of me like a flagpole.  This time not only Evelyn but my sister and the saleslady were mesmerized and glued their eyes to my cock.  When I saw their admiration, I began to enjoy their gaze.  I strutted around in front of them to give them a profile of my cock.  When I did, their eyes followed me. 

Suddenly, Evelyn said, “I’ve got to show this to my sister.  She left and within a minute she was back with her younger sister, Dawn.  Dawn, if that was possible, was even better looking than her sister.  She had the same crisp, doll like features as her sister, the same hour glass figure and well filled out, basketball firm, bell shaped, bottom but was a blonde.  Dawn looked at my cock and dropped her jaw.  Whereas, before I had resented the presence of extra female eyes, now I enjoyed it.  I now had 4 women looking at my cock admiring it, not just three.  I grew stiffer.

The saleslady looked at my sister and said, “We have a problem.”

Before I could ask what the problem was, my sister said, “I know.”

I still didn’t know what the problem was, so I asked my sister, “What problem?”

My sister said, “She can’t measure you while you have an erection.”

Then my sister turned to me and said, “Do you think you can get your cock to deflate.”

The saleslady interrupted, she said, “Not a chance, he is a teenage boy.”

My sister asked, “So what?”

The saleslady said, “Teenage boys are flooded with testosterone.  it won't go down if we spanked it.”

My sister looked at the saleslady and said, “What will we do?”

The saleslady said, “I only know of one way to get him to deflate.”

My sister said to the saleslady, “Does that mean what I think it means?”

The saleslady said, “Yes, it does!”

I said, “It does what?”

My sister said, “You need to be masturbated.”

I thought I heard wrong.  I said, “I need what?”

My sister repeated herself, “You need to be masturbated.  After you orgasm, you will deflate!”

I said, “You mean you are going to beat me off right here and now.”

My sister said, “Not me, the saleslady.”

The saleslady said, “I am a married lady.  I am not going to do it.”

My sister said, "Who then?"

Just then Evelyn said, “I’m not married.”

My sister and the saleslady incredulously looked first at Evelyn and then at each other.  The saleslady said, “Well, I am not going to do it.”

My sister said, “Neither am I.”

The saleslady said, “Okay, Evelyn, go ahead.”

Just then her sister, Dawn said, “What about me?”

The saleslady said, “Okay, you can help.  it will be good experience for both of you.”

I said, “Wait a minute.  What about me?

My sister asked, “Well, what about you?”

I said, “Don’t I have something to say about this?”

My sister answered angrily, “Like you never masturbated before.  All you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself.”

I said, “Wait a minute.  What did you mean, this be a good experience for both girls?”

The saleslady said, “Girls need to experience boys. The more experience young girls have with boys, he more confidence they will have with men.”

I was filled with ambivalence.  It would be humiliating and exciting at the same time.  I didn’t answer.  Then it hit me. I said, "Well, if I can add to the education of these two girls, I will have to submit."

The two girls simultaneously went for my cock and balls.  After a few seconds of fighting over my cock, Evelyn agreed to stroke my cock while Dawn fondled my balls.  It didn’t take long to cum.  I had two lascivious and gorgeous young ladies fighting to play with my cock and balls.  I have never been stimulated like that that before or since.  Before even I knew what was happening, I erupted and shot cum all over their hands.  The saleslady then cleaned me up and sent her girls to wash their hands.

I was so turned on I didn’t go down.  My cock was still erect and maybe even harder.  The saleslady began to stroke my cock herself while my sister fondled my balls.  I said, "I thought you two didn't want to do it."

My sister said, "It is a woman's privilege to change her mind."  It took longer the second time, but I managed to cum.  This time there was little cum.  Finally, I deflated. 

The saleslady measured my genitals with a series of measuring cups.  She took the elastic cloth and sewed a pocket at one end.  Then she cut the sewing between the waist and the pocket and sewed the newly formed pocket to the waist band.  I tried on the jock strap.  It fit perfectly.  Most importantly, it was comfortable.  My sister paid the saleslady, and we went home.

When we got home my mother was sitting having coffee with the next-door neighbor, Mrs. Wilson. My mother said, "I want to see how well it fits for myself."  I saw another opportunity for CFNM.  I dropped my pants in front of them and tried to put on my new jockstrap.  I couldn’t.  It didn’t fit.  I had started to grow another erection.  My mother watched me grow and said, "My God, how you have grown."  Then she said, “What happened to get him to be so immodest suddenly.”  My sister explained that two attractive teen aged girls had to masturbate me to get me to deflate.. 

By the end of the explanation, I was fully erect in front of the three women.  The neighbor’s eyes were about to bulge out of her head.  My mother calmly said, “I don't think we are going to see how well it fits today.”  The next day, I put the supporter on in private and then showed my mother.  She got up from her chair, squatted down in font of me, looked directly at my jock strap and said, "It seems to fit very well."  Then she started adjusting the sides of the pocket.  Suddenly, she jerked the jock strap down to my ankles and told me to step out of it.  Then she started examining it.

I said, "What are you doing."

She said, "I am checking to see how well made it is."

I said, "Mom, I am nude."

My mother said, "So you dropped trou in front of Mrs. Wilson yesterday and now you are modest in front of your mother?"

My previous behavior had trapped me. I had to stand there in the nude waiting for her.  I started to grow an erection.  My mother noticed me growing an erection and kept examining the jock strap until I was fully erect.  When I was fully erect, she looked at me and said, "Yes, you certainly have grown.  How big are you?"

I said, "How do I know?"

My mother said, "We will have to find out won't we."  She went and got a ruler, put the ruler on my pubic bone and measured.  She said, "Nine inches, that is really impressive."

Then something really strange happened, word of my size spread through the neighborhood.  One day when I came home from school, my mother was having a meeting with her ladies church group including the minister's wife.  As I walked in, a neighbor, Mrs. Phillips who well knew my name said, "Hi, Mr. Ed."

My mother recognized the reference and proudly said, "If you mean he is hung like a horse, the answer is yes."

The minister's wife, Mrs. Justin, angrily asked, "What on earth are you talking about?"

 My mother explained the incident.  Mrs. Justin responded, "He is a such small boy, that is hard to believe."

My mother said, "Believe it."

Mrs. Charles another neighbor lady relatiated with, "Seeing is believing."

Mrs. Justin, said, "Yes, seeing is believing!"

I looked at my mother and said, What do I do now?  She looked back at me as if to say, you know what to do.

I turned and said to Mrs. Justin, "You want me to drop trou, right here and now?"

Mrs. Justin said, "We are all married ladies.  It isn't like you have something we haven't seen before."

I said, "But you haven't seen me before."  As soon as I said it, I realized I had made a mistake.

Mrs. Justin said, "That is exactly the point and that is exactly what we want you to do!

I looked at my mother again and she looked back at me.  I recognized her facial expression.  She was proud of her son.

I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, unzipped my fly and dropped my pants and underpants exposing my genitals.  When I did I heard several women gasp.  They all got out of their seat and came in for a closer look.  As they did my cock started to grow.  They all were mesmerized and didn't take their eyes off my cock until it gained its full 9 inches and stood out from my body like the handle of a water pump.  Mrs. Justin said, "Yes, seeing is believing.  Look at the size of that thing on such a small boy."  Then she reached out to touch it but my mother slapped her hand away and said, "Donald, pull your pants back up."  I did and the women returned to their seats.  I raised my pants back up and went up to my room.

When school started in the fall, I saw Evelyn in the hall.  When she saw me, she came up to me, smiled and said, "Hello."  At first, I was embarrassed and did not answer.  She persisted.  She said, "Hello," again and waited for my response. I finally said, "Hello, Evelyn."

Evelyn followed up by saying, “It is nice to see you again.  How is your supporter fitting?

The subject embarrassed me.  I stammered out response of. “It - it fits fine.”

She said, “That’s good.  I am glad to hear that.” 

I was never very good with girls, but I understood what her behavior meant. She was interested.  I started to get erect.  She noticed and smiled to herself.  She knew she would get me to ask her out.  She continued down the hall.

The next day, I saw her again in the hall.  Once again, when she saw me, she walked over to me, broke out in a big smile and said, “Hello, Don.”

I said, “I didn’t even know you knew my name?”

She said, “When we first met, your sister called you Don.”  Then she continued, “I want you to know that when my mother fit you, I was very impressed.”

The very mention of the incident made me start to get an erection.  She had made it as plain as women ever make it.  I said, “Thank you.”  I knew now was my now or never. I took my fate in my hand and said, “Would you like to go out sometime?”

her face lit up and she said, “Yes, why don’t you take me to the dance after the game?”

I said, “I will.”

We met at the dance.  I am not a very good dancer, but I love to slow dance.  When I held Evelyn in a slow dance, she pulled me close so her breasts rubbed against me.  She rubbed her vulva against my thigh.  I quickly grew an erection.  I had to adjust my cock in the middle of the dance.  After adjusting, Evelyn forced her stomach against the hardness of my cock.  I let my hand drop to her buttocks so I could feel how firm they were. She let me. They were as firm, round and full as a recently filled basketball.  I was barely able to contain myself from cumming in my pants.

After the dance, I thought it would be too soon if we went and parked.  However, as I drove her home, I felt her hand on my upper thigh.  I looked over at her and she smiled back. She was a natural flirt, I changed my mind and drove to lovers’ lane.  As soon as we stopped, she reached for my cock.

In no time she had my pants off and was feeling me up.  While she held my balls in her hand, she kissed me passionately.  It was too much for me and I came all over her hands.  Initially, I felt humiliated until I realized that she was proud of the fact that she had made me cum.  I thought I would eventually get into her pants, but never did.  When we were together, she explored me thoroughly, and brought me off numerous times but I never saw her pussy. 

After I graduated and went off to college, she found another boyfriend.  He was a lucky man.  She had given me the best handjobs, I ever had.  She was so damn cute and what buns!  I may not have seen her pussy, but I got to feel those tits with those erect nipples and that behind of hers.  Her tits were both soft and at the same time with large erect, hard nipples.  I loved to feel those hard, erect  nipples through her bra and blouse.  I may never have gotten into that pussy, but I definitely felt her vulva with my fingers through her pants or dress.  I was able to feel the slit between her outer labia with my social finger.  I also got to suck on those nipples.  I can still taste those large, stiff nipples getting erect in my mouth.  What I really loved was feeling that round, firm, bell shaped kester.  I just loved to feel its contours and firmness.  I did so every chance I got. 


Submitted: September 09, 2023

© Copyright 2023 pringle. All rights reserved.

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