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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by Spyguy

Scott, new to the neighbourhood, has to venture next door, and boy, is there an eye-pleasing and cock teasing nubile surprise.


Where was Rusty?

Scott scouted around the perimeter of the supposedly enclosed, seemingly secure new backyard. 

A stifling hot day. It was thermometer breaking. Scott was pared down to his board shorts and sweating.

His pet had found the only gap along the side fence. 

Scott shook his head at such a narrow cranny that the ruddy mutt had discovered. A bloody crevice tighter than his ex-Janice's delectable back crack. 

Pity she had flexed it with other guys.

As if I don't have enough to do, thought Scott, and then: I did leave the bloody back door open, but the place was a sauna without working air conditioning.

After fixing the loose fence boards, the air-con had gone to the top of his list. 

Scott had only arrived at his new fix-it-up place this morning. A new job, a new town and a recent divorce. Only his trusty black Scottish terrier, Rusty, remained his connection to his old life.

And as for a decent fuck, well, Scott was on a dry spell longer than the current summer drought. He was, to put it bluntly: a dude whose cock hung sexually rusty.

I'll have to introduce myself next door and get Rusty home.

Grabbing Rusty's lead, he trudged the adjoining pavement.

Scott saw the long driveway up past the swank residence with its open gate...but didn't go directly there...shit you never knew what Botox, fried shrivelled titted MILF was topless sunbathing these days. 

He didn't want the neighbourhood pervert or prowler tag on his first day. 

Scotty rang the doorbell. Nice chime. He waited. He listened. He rang it again. He waited longer. He listened more carefully. 

One more time. But after a long wait, it was evident that no one was home.

Scott thought he heard: "Get off ...get off," from around the back, though he wasn't sure.

The side gate was open. Maybe the owners were there?

Best to get Rusty before he dug up their vegetable patch or tore up their washing, or nipped a MILF's sagging buttocks.

He heard it clearer from the side of the house: "No more...oh, I can't stand it anymore." 

More what? 

Scott craned his head and peered around the corner with a bit of caution.

It could be a MILF fucking away the afternoon with the Goddamn pool boy!

Who knew?

Scott's hand covered his mouth.

Yes, it was a randy couple dogging!

Scott took in the frantic, hot scene. 

Wow, his eyes followed the rapid, intense friction, but the real cock stirring surprise was a great set of swinging tits. 

These creamy melons became the focus of his interest very quickly. Fulsome, recently sun lotioned scrumptious young muffins.

"Enough ...enough," a young woman plaintive cry.

Scott whistled loudly. 

The nubile swung quickly to the new sound, and her boobs bobbled like ocean buoys.

With a satisfied look, Rusty dismounted from a sweet little white Maltese terrier with a pleased prance in her gait as she circled her young topless owner. 

A lithe mistress with bountiful breasts and a very skimpy red bikini bottom. 

Eighteen to twenty, guestimate! by Scotty.

Fine brunette hair tied in a ponytail.

The sun-kissed lass bent over, and her breasts possessed that gorgeous swaying quality. Scott could sense their weight. That delectable fleshy heaviness that tantalising chest jelly jugs have. She had her wriggly little bitch terrier reasonably secure in her arms; it was squirming a bit, obviously on heat. 

She patted it to calm it, "Settle Pearl."

Her fingers were elegant and slender. 

Perfect for cock stoking, thought Scott in a dirty flash.

Scott wanted to be the white terrier snuggling close to those generous swathing breasts.

He, however, did the right thing and focussed on securing Rusty to his lead.

The girl turned and walked away, holding her dog.

Great fucking arse, noted Scott. 

Then realised any positive introduction was forever null and void, given randy Rusty!

Oh, crap, there goes the friendly neighbourhood welcome, and I'll be in her bad books forever, thought Scott. 

He turned to walk back down the driveway. Pulling a bit on Rusty, who wanted to re-service Pearl immediately.

"Wait... please come back." 

Scott about faced promptly.

The girl walked towards him without her dog. Still, her snuggle puppies swayed liberally, and her two pinkish cherry nobs were eye-mesmerising.

"Hi... It's Stacey...I know you think it's your dog's fault, but Pearl, our dog, was meant to pair up for breeding tomorrow across town. And secondly, haven't you ever seen a great set of tits before?"

Scott was having trouble keeping his eyes on Stacey's pretty face because she had nipple hard-ons, probably from her dog rubbing over and over them. 

Bugger me! The luck of a puppy to cradle into snuggle puppies that frickin size, so marshmallow lush.

"No, my fault," said Scott as he remained distracted by her close erect raspberry nipples sitting on creamy, puffy, piled, copious whipped flesh softness, and of course, Rusty wriggled away and was barking and commenced dry humping outside Pearl's enclosed large barred kennel.

Scott took in the scene. 

Huge backyard pool and deck chairs, classy, way in front of the mess he had next door.

Stacey tittered, and her fun bags jiggled, too. 

Scott laughed and realised the lass had checked out his chest. 

Hot day. He only had his shorts on. Hardly correct attire for dog searching. He was also stirring a hard-on. 

Stacey's eyes wandered down for a lingering stare.

"Looks like your dog is not the only randy dude around here," she said, licking her lips, leaving a wet, moist smear.

"Talk about embarrassing...but you are a great-looking chick, Stacey... It's Scott... I'm Scott, and my pal is Rusty."

"Join me for a cool drink," said Stacey. 

"Thanks... I'll just secure Rusty first, though."

Scott secured the leash to a deck chair. 

He turned around, and the brunette was right behind him.

Her cherry buddettes swept across his hard chest—the caress of initiated and anticipated sex.

Scott's tongue raced into her mouth and savoured her sweetness for an instant before Stacey's tongue flounced knowingly into his gob.

Wow, was this girl hot and sure? 

Her hand reached into his pants, releasing his heated rod, and she stroked along the length of his shaft as Scott fondled her stunning, classy chest twins. 

Careful that he gave equal and fair attention to both. Licking and nibbling softly, occasionally letting the animal loose, and more roughly sucking her teats right out and nibbling with intensity. 

Stacey appreciated the dirty, edgy approach. 

"Oh yeah, fuck yeah, like that, like that, ooh yes, ooh, yes!"

She moaned as wet-lipped fun was administered and gripped his cock tighter.

Her breathing quickened as she went down on him, dropping his shorts to his ankles. She held his shaft with one hand and massaged his ball bag with her other hand. Her mouth sheathed the entire length of his cock. 

Fuck she was good. 

Stacey was in the full-head job zone. She maxed the balance of salvia and lip locking, perfection.

But the real turn-on — she had the passion for the job in hand and mouth. The appetite for pecker. She was a master of varied rhythm and intensity — endless frickin energy, too, on a hot day.

She made the devastatingly regular glances upwards with sea-blue eye contact as Scott watched his engorged sausage appear and disappear in her cute gob. 

The brunette was a mistress of head. Her hands gripped his butt, pushing his cock into the back of her throat. No gag, no teeth. Nearly impossible. It was schlong suction bliss and added male paradise as she tweaked the skin of his perineum and rimmed his arsehole. 

Pausing, raising her eyes with devastating, pressing, filthy sensuality, she said, "You pack a hard, cute stick for middle age."

Scotty cupped her melons and let the pair wobble, quiver and shimmy on his palms.

"You are as old as you feel, baby and I'm feeling your youth. The right side of eighteen, I'm sure, but checking?"

"Too right, just this summer, and as for older guys? I never had the chance, but I'm taking it now!"

Stacey slurped, siphoned, lapped, guzzled, chugged and glugged cock right to the back of her seemingly endless throat.

"Whoa, yes, yes, baby," enthused Scotty as Stacey changed the position of his pecker.

She had the jugs for titty- fuck precision. Cleavage heaven. Boisterous, bouncing boobs. Stacey snared and nabbed his meat rod, squeezed between her bumping knockers. Enveloping warm softness as her chesticles massaged his testicles.

Scotty embraced the moment flanked by genuine fem-headlights. Her snuggle-puppies squished his cock in a comforting malleable suppleness of exquisite mellow pliancy. 

Her hooters squeezed, her jugs hugged, her twin peaks cradled and nuzzled his cock.

Scott nearly blew his load, but he held it as he had pussy in mind for that release. 

Pussy, she must be soaking. 

Scott knew he had to taste her and didn't half-ass about it.

He yanked down her flimsy scarlet bikini piece. He positioned her standing, legs slightly apart, courtesy of Scott's flexing hands. 

He knew the soft tongue-tip tease was the best start when smooth shaved skin confronts your lips.

Up and down, then over and around her clit hood. He took a few long licks on both her inner thighs before parting her sopping pinkness and poking his tongue tip into her mushy, seeping insides.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm," she moaned and wriggled.

Make her want it. Make her ask for it. Even better, beg for it, he thought.

He then touched everywhere except where Stacey wanted it—a handful of her peachy buttocks, stroking her flanks, shaping her hips.

Finally, he fingered her wetness like going in and out a revolving door. 

"Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, you experienced prick, ooh yeah," encouraged Stacey.

"Say it," he urged, "Tell me what you want."

"Poke my fucking hole, you sod, two fingers minimum!"

Scotty suspected that meant three as he slid her wetness across her perineum to her pinkish inward-ringed freckle, rimming and sliding his nail over her tender balloon knot flesh. She was squirming in delighted anguish.

His triple-twisting fingers expanded a magnificent soused tautness as her girly space of male dreams expanded and dripped her private jus.

A sticky, clammy fem-dew gelled to his fingers, creating an awesome squelch. A splishly-splashy puck, puck as he pulverised her pussy, packing his fingers into her delectable drenched space.

"Oh, fuck me," as she unexpectedly squirted.

Her love hole spritzed a spray of warm, wet wonder—a stream, a splattered sprinkle whose dregs tricked down her calves and pooled between her cute toes.

Scotty had to temper her swooning sway. Stacey exhaled in a wobbling ecstasy but recovered frickin fast.

Ah, youth and its insatiable quest in sex! 

"Suck my clitty...please suck my clitty," she insisted.

He followed the instructions every guy always obeys.

The journey to her renewed crescendo of femjoy was underway. 

Scott's tongue hit her exposed clit with pressure and speed. 

The flashing, flicking, flaming fire of the pink pearl's delight.

"Oh, fuck me...more...more ...oh god please...mmm...mmm," and Stacey was beyond words and embracing fem-moans. 

"Orrgh, orrgh, oorgh," pitched and indecorous, but patently human.

Scott circled her bud. He then licked upwards under her nub, making it rise with pleasure, holding the bliss stab slightly longer each time his tongue graced her avaricious bead.

Stacey knew he was enjoying himself down there between her legs, and she was over the frickin moon in self-pleasure. 

Boy, did she cum hard.

Her orgasmic cry was expressed lustily as, "Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, ooh, oooh, OOOOHH!"

Scott's cock needed pussy. Stacey's coochie needed a pecker. 

They sealed the deal with a fantastic dogging. 

The pleasure amped up even more than their oral sex.

They joined the deepest passions where the sex greets and embraces the edgy. She was bent over, grabbing her slim ankles, and Scott's hands, rather than supporting her at the hips, grabbed plush wads of her super swinging tits. 

His cock entranced the paradise between her legs. Her pussy was tight and wet. Her fingers worked around her swollen clit. She knew how to get off again endlessly.

However, the dirty talk pushed them together as much as Scott's forward deep pumping and Stacey's backward grinding and clenching.

The lass worked her pussy muscles, flexing on and off his cock. Kinky and provocative. Ensuring Scott stayed eager and hungry for her sweet, juicy fem-hole.

"You like that, don't you... you bitch on heat."

"You prick... you're randier than your mutt."

"I'll give you randy, you backyard tramp. You're hornier than Pearl," and Scott shoved his finger in her beckoning starfish.

"Oh yeah...more, more of that, you male Bitzer, deeper."

"Like this, you minx," and Scott got the double back avenue digit probe happening.

Stacey moaned like a whore. 

"Ooh yeah, fuck me, yeah, like that, like that, fuck me, ooh, ooh, ooh!"

Somewhere between the oohs of her pussy pleasure and her back furrow's bliss, she managed to get out: "Get your dick in my tailpipe now, you stray coyote."

"Oh, you want it dirty, you hellcat! Well, earn it! Flex your winking balloon knot at me... if you want it...really want it."

Scott knew she had the skill based on her coochie's present gifting.

The slattern had the agility and gave rapid eye-fetching ring contractions. 

Wow. The tunnel to paradise is a gaped pink arsehole battering and fluttering faster than a flirting eyelash.

It was easy to cross the boundary line into her arse with a tartlette designed for this kind of tushy activity. A case of a butt hole never having to be jealous of not getting an equal share of cock along with its coochie friend.

Scotty plundered the genuine pearl in this backyard, Stacey’s winking bum-hole.

"Mmm...Mmm," Stacey managed as her cupid's blind spot got the dicking it deserved and needed.

She was skin-tight stretched arsehole cock delight. She was unyielding but allowed a prising cock the space it demanded, like wrestling open a sealed clamshell.

Then, there was the snatching and spasming of the brunette's rear-end muscle work snugger than a toey mongrel straining on the tightest gripped leash.

Scott's pecker couldn't take much more. It was an intense pleasure. 

The young mistress of anal captivation clenched his man meat tighter than the gap Rusty had squeezed through the fence.

Scotty accepted that with this bitch he shared the snuggest arse of his entire sex life! 

Bugger Janice, her arse, flicked to the back of his mind, forgotten, in the compressed cock halo of the girl next door, his new neighbours fetching spasming rilled starfish. His cock endlessly stabbed into her glorious glory hole!

Stacey knew where she wanted his jizz. She loved how cock jerked and jagged around her rim and the oozy wetness afterwards. 

But her mouth was her princess today. Stacey decided it deserved a turn to see warm cum spew and splash across her face and seep down her throat and dribble in pearl droplets over her tits.

Scott had the proverbial full load, and Stacey got it where she wanted it. 

Across her face, smattering globs across her cheek and forehead. Then, the second wave on a perfect trajectory bee-lined her greedy gob. The final decent splurge of jizz crested her wriggling delicious titties, one drop resting precariously on an erect pink nipple: ready to dribble off.

Well, that was an invitation not to be refused.

He licked her two cute strawberry tips longingly.

Finally, they both staggered, sapped for energy, into the nearest deck chair. Petting and fondling in a relaxed way. Replete times two.

Then, they both heard doggy sex sounds: a mix of panting whines and frustrated sharp yelps. 

Rusty attempted to hump Pearl through the bars of her kennel. His lead dangled behind him.

Scott and Stacey laughed as Pearl backed her cute rear through the kennel bars, and Rusty mounted her.

The sweaty pair, Hi-fived.

Well, if the dogs were going for it again!

Doggonit, so would they.

Stacey, turning up her temperature, was top of a no longer rusty Scotty's immediate priorities.

Submitted: September 09, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Complete & total fulfillment!

Sat, September 9th, 2023 6:32am


Looks and sounds like Scott got laid….whahoo!

Mon, September 11th, 2023 1:26pm

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