Hells Bells In A Supermarket Trolly

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The year is 2029..
As usual predictions of human downfall were true.
We just keep rollin' on until our house of cards falls down....
Professor Tony Greene summarises...
His day job is the guru at the world headquarters for atmospheric disturbances caused by human activity

Tongue In Cheek is the tone..albeit "deadly"

Most of professor Greens speech is by video hookup all around the world....

He speaks in English which is "dubbed" into all the other "lingos" around the world.

Professor greene is speaking at an auditorium in Geneva




His vast audience are survivors of the worldwide savage food shortages and a new pandemic of a pneumonia virus....

A sign of the times were rows of empty supermarket trollies lined up in batches with blue and yellow tape to prevent them being stolen..


The year 2024 ushered in these twin evils and took half of the world's population of in excess of eight billion souls OUT.

For five years previous there had been speculation in the mainstream media that food chains were being compromised by " the enemy from within"

Strong rumours of sinister forces in governments to once again thwart public confidence by allowing new strains of covid to accelerate so that lock downs and maskwaring were once again a control mechanism...


Tony was laughing mockingly the whole time....

Typical of modern day " cancel culture"

This culture had persisted since the early 2020's

His opening remark was" gotcha fools"




He was making reference to the missed opportunity of the"dumb class" as he called them, who thumbed their noses at the repeated warnings from those " in the know".....

Mandatory masks were ignored by many....

Growing fruit and vegies in communal gardens were ignored by many...

It was about November 2024 when all hell broke loose......within  six months literally half the world's population were either sick or dying

.Daily news bulletins were Broadcast across all mediums pulling no punches..


"Alert your local task forces to the fucking idiots who did not heed warnings and are now no longer"

Men and women had now lost the urge to fuck...

After all is said and done.....who wants to bring kids into a sick world like this one





Mutual masturbation was the " winner" now


Families were traumatised and had lost all sense of hope in a world of chaos and death..


By 2028 the killer viruses and savage food shortages were gone and the world was basically starting again...

Jennie and Paul were typical of billions of other tormented souls...

"It's fucking great to be able to eat and fuck again."







































Submitted: September 05, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Oldlemon. All rights reserved.

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So, you're saying I have six years of fuckless solitary vegetable growing ahead.

Wed, September 6th, 2023 1:31am


Make sure that you buy your pest control products NOW!!....
Our world is " multi-polar" from now on and unknown consequences are becoming the norm...
The military-industrial mob now rule in all western communities....
It is scary....

Thanks for reading and replying Kitty...

Tue, September 5th, 2023 10:03pm

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