Chapter 5: Greta Gets It Good

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A few days have passed since John and Trina had fucked like two animals in the kitchen.

John was wondering if she had told her husband, Klaus even though she said that he wouldn't mind.

At the dinner table where the two had fucked, there was some sexual tension between John and Dieter's mom, Trina, but nothing was done about it, except for the slight rubbing of Trina's foot on John's leg which gave him a hardon.

It was a Thursday and Klaus had already left for work and Trina was getting ready to go to her job.

Dieter had also left early to meet up with some friends which left John alone.

He thought about having a quick one with Trina, but he was hoping that she would start it.

"Sorry John that we all ran out on you. But, I'm sure you will find things to do til we all get back."

"That's ok Trina, I will amuse myself."

Trina gave John a smile and came over and gave him a kiss on the lips with full tongue and grabbed him between his legs to feel his hard young man dick.

"Don't amuse yourself to much. Don't want you to hurt yourself."

They both had a laugh as she headed out the door.

For sometime, John was on his laptop sending emails to his parents and friend about what was going on, but not all that was going on, the sex stuff he kept to himself.

After lunch, John went into the shed where there were several bikes.

He took a bike along with some water and some fruit and decided to roam the countryside to see things for himself.

Pedaling through the small village where he was staying at, he went down a small country road that led to the woods.

About 30 minutes or so, he saw off in the distance a pond surrounded by tall yellow reeds. He thought that would be a nice place to rest and enjoy nature and to think over what has happened to him since he has gotten to the Braun's.

Walking his bike along a narrow path towards the pond, he heard sounds. 

Slight moans, sighs and such.

He walked quicker to see if anyone was hurt, maybe fell into the water and hit a rock or something.

As he got closer to the pond, he saw a dock that led out to the water.

And at the edge of the dock wasn't a person who was injured.

to horny teenagers.

Greta was on her hands and knees with Dieter fucking her doggiestyle.

Sweat glistened all over her body as her large tits swayed back and forth, slight rolls of belly fat jiggled with each thrust of Dieter's dick into her wet pussy.

John's dick was getting hard as he saw the action on the dock.

He reached down and began to stroke his dick as her watch these two in sexual heat.

to walk closer to get a better view and to hear them.

go to within 20ft of them behind some tall reeds, unzipping his shorts to let his hard dick spring out so he could stroke it.

"JA...JA....fuck me....AAAHHH....UUHHH...!" moaned Greta as she was getting plowed by Dieter.

" dick....AAAHHH...wants you pussy bitch...GGRR...!" Dieter grunted as he slapped Greta's ass.

The two German teens were fucking hard and loud. Talk about a blitzrieg.

John was stroking his dick hard, that hot chubby German babe getting it hard and good.

He was also checking out Dieter's dick action on her pussy.

"Dieter has a decent size dick." he thought to himself. Almost the same size as his own.

John moved in a little closer. which wasn't a good thing to do.

Tripping on a rock, he stumbled out from the high reeds, his hard dick standing erect in front of the two. 

Johns was red faced.

Dieter and Greta looked at John, both seeing his hard dick and knowing what he was doing.

"'m...sorry for interrupting, I better go."

Great. "Come here!"

John slowly walked over towards Greta, still on her hands and knees.

She stroked John's hard dick and then began to suck him off.

Dieter went back to fucking her from behind.

"Slurp...Suck...Slurp..." was what came from Greta's mouth.

Dieter was grunting and groaning with each thrust of his dick into her.

John, watching Dieter fuck and Greta sucking him off let out a slight moan of pleasure.

Greta stopped sucking John's dick and turned to look at Dieter.

"'s soooo....gooodd...!", then went back to sucking on John's dick.

Dieter pulled out of Greta's pussy and told John to change positions.

As they both passed each other on the dock, their dicks slid up against each other.

anothe cock touch his.

John got behind Greta and slowly began to fuck her as Dieter stood over Greta, stroking his hard cock.

As John picked up the pace of his fucking, Greta moaned and groaned.

"AAAHHH....EEEMMM...fuck meee...JJAAA....!"

Dieter placed his dick into Greta's mouth as she sucked him off.

The three teens, fucking hard with Greta in the middle, their bodies cover in sweat and saliva as the sun beemed down on them in its approval.

John grunting with each thrust of his dick into her pussy, smacking her ass every so often.

Dieter had her by the hair as he faced fucked her with his hard dick.

John leaned over and grabbed her two large swaying sweaty breasts and gave them a good squeeze.

Being this close, he got a better look at Dieter's dick, going in and out of her mouth.

He was curious on what it would be like to suck on a dick, but for now, he wanted to keep fucking this chubby German girl.

The three changed positions again.

With John on his back, he and Greta were in a 69.

John eating out Greta's wet snatch while she was sucking on his hard dick.

As for Dieter, he ate out Greta's ass, with his hard dick close to John's face. 

John would look at Dieter's hard dick as he was eating out Greta, again wondering if he go through with it, sucking on dick.

Greta was almost spent with the two boys giving her a good hard fucking on her pussy and face, and now eating her pussy and ass out.

She told John and Dieter to stand together.

Greta got on her knees and began to stroke both dicks, sucking on John's, then Dieter's then back to John's.

She broke off the hold and told them she wanted them to cum on her as she played with her pussy.

Rubbing her clit, she could feel her orgasm beginning to come.

Dieter and John stood over her and were stroking their dicks, they to could feel their sperm ready to come through.

Greta grabbed John by the thigh with her left hand as her right hand was playing with her wet pussy.


Greta's body jerked. Her large tits went side to side as the rolls of belly fat contracted.

"OOOHHH...fuck....OOOHHH....fuck...that was fucking good!"

This is all the two needed to to make them cum.

Dieter shot his load first with John a millimeter of a second behind.

Both grunted and groaned like animals in the woods as their white sperm shot out of their hard sweaty dicks and landed on Greta.

Greta's face, shoulders, tits had the young man juice of both of these boys on her.

She ran her fingers over the cum and licked it off into her mouth.

The two boys kept jerking off, trying to get the last of their semen out of them.

Greta fell onto her back as the two boys got on their knees, all were panting, sweating from the hard sex on the dock.

After gaining some strength, they all jumped into the pond to cool off and to wash off the sperm, sweat ans saliva.

Putting their clothes back on, both Dieter and Greta got their bikes. John's bike was further up the narrow path.

Greta gave Dieter and John a hug and kisses as she got on her bike a peddled away from them.

As John and Dieter walked through the woods, John was thinking on what has been happening to him over the last week, all this sex.

John asked Dieter if Greta was his girlfriend?

"Not really. It's just that we live in a small village and there isn't much to do her except to drink and fuck."

"Oh...I see."

"The longer you stay here, the more you will realize we are very loving family here."

John thought to himself, "That was what Trina said to him."

Later, early in the morning as the two boys were in the same bed, John was awaken by something.

It wasn't that Dieter was stroking John's dick. It was Dieter jerking off on his side of the bed maybe thinking about what had happened at the pond.

John laying on his right side could feel the motion of the bed and the bedsheet as Dieter moved his hand up and down.

John's own dick began to get hard for he too was thinking about the events at the pond.

John began to rub his own dick, making it hard as he thouoght about the days events.

Two young men in the same bed, jerking off to what they did with Greta.

Dieter came with a slight moan coming from his lips.

Several shot of sperm landed on the bedsheet and his body.

John came almost instantly, his sperm also landing on the sheet as well as his own body as he groaned.

Neither one of them got out of bed.

They both slept in cum covered sheets.

John thought to himself what he was to expect next












Submitted: September 13, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.


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What a HOT little village this is. Nice threesome by the lake. Very intense.

(When you post your chapters, there is a spell check you can tap at the top of the page)

Fri, September 15th, 2023 3:12am


Yes, I know. I read before I submit and sometimes I don't catch all of my mistakes. Thanks for reading

Fri, September 15th, 2023 12:28am

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