Seduction's Spell (18+)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My clit fostered its pulse as I looked at them. Screw me, I have things for garbs, particularly police ones. I eagerly took in their appearance. Their uniform was sticking to their arms and chest like a subsequent skin. The NYPD bunch was enhancing their protruding arms like a crown. Their protruding structures help me to remember the mass. They are massive, not in an ugly way. They are the police straight out of each and every young lady's wet dream.

Being a law student is hard, and being an intern at a law firm is even harder. And to deal with these problems, I need food in my system to cheer me up and function properly. That is the sole reason why I’m standing in the middle of a crowded restaurant on a Sunday afternoon, looking for any vacant seat but with no luck. I was about to turn around and exit but my eyes caught a vacant seat. But what caught my eye wasn’t the seat but the two brutes sitting beside that seat.

My clit developed its heartbeat as I eyed them. Fuck me, I have things for uniforms, especially police ones. I hungrily took in their appearance. Their uniform was clinging to their arms and chest like a second skin. The NYPD batch was adorning their bulging arms like a crown. Their bulging forms remind me of the hulk. They are bulky, not in an unattractive way. They are the cops straight out of every girl’s wet dream.

I made my way towards them, catching their attention. My inner hoe immediately spread her legs, lying on their table so that they could feast upon her. I wish I could do that and I wish they arrest me for public nudity after that, drag me to an empty alley and fuck the hoe out of me.

“Hello officers,” I purred in a soft voice that often makes the other person do sinful things and battled my eyelashes at them. Not in a slutty way, but in an innocent way. Their darkened eyes were proof that they like what they saw. It gave me the boost of confidence I needed at the moment.

From this close, I can easily mark the outline of their abs. My mouth dried and I wanted nothing more than to worship every dip and curve of their magnificent body with my tongue and lip. Unconsciously, I licked my lips. My eyes snapped up to the right one when he spoke in a voice that caused a flood inside my already-soaked panties.

“Can I help you?” His voice was like dark chocolate - rich, dark and addicting. Fuck yeah, that’s how a man should sound. I wonder how he sounds when he moans. Is he the groaning type or the type that grunts? More questions popped into my head. What does he look like when he orgasms? Do his mouth parts and his eyes dilate? Seeing his orgasm face would be a sight to behold.

“Yes,” I replied in a breathless whisper. I watched him grip the table tightly. My eyes dropped to his muscular arms heavily covered in tattoos. Fuck me twice, I have things for tattoos too. This time the one on the left side spoke and let me tell you, it caused a double flood inside my panties.

“Can we help you with anything?” he leaned forward and asked in a husky voice. I wanted to jump them right here right now but I contained my lust.

“I’m really hungry,” I wanted to add “in more than one way” but I didn’t. “And there’s no other seat vacant except for that”. I pointed to the seat between them.“Can I sit there?” my eyes travelled to the right one when he picked up the glass of water, and his muscles flexed as he took a sip. My eyes then travelled to his Adam’s apple, which wobbled with every gulp.

His dark green eyes met mine and I felt myself getting lost in the endless lush greenery of his eyes. There was no doubt that he is the most beautiful man I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

His skin was naturally tanned, which made me slightly jealous. He has a sharp jawline, which seems sharper than a knife. He has a five o’clock shadow, which I find extremely sexy. His nose was standing proudly on his face and his plum, red lip, which was turned up in a sexy smirk, was inviting me to bite them playfully. He has dark hair, which is combed back neatly. For an officer, he was just too sexy. How is he the officer and not in jail, as I’m sure he has made uncountable women sin?

“You can sit,” his lips moved, and his velvety voice flowed into my ear like a melody. In a daze, I nodded and plopped down on the chair between them.

“What’s your name, princess?” the left one asked and my attention moved to him.

“Ashley,” I moved down to his batch where his name was written and I added, “Officer Brian.” His name rolled off my tongue in a seductive whisper.

Brian was as handsome as the officer on my right side but in a different way. His skin was pale, but not in a sick kind of way. He has pale blue eyes, which reminded me of ice. His nose is slightly crooked but it is adding up to his beauty. His jaw is as sharp as a knife too and a set of lips that are begging to be teased. His hair too was dark and neatly combed back, just like the other one.

“Done checking me out?” Brian asked with a smirk and I, Ashley Griffin, for the first time in my life, blushed like a freaking teenager. My own reaction shocked me to my core. I don’t blush, I never blush but for some reason he made me blush. I cleared my throat in the hope to clear my mind and answer his question.

“Why? Did you not like it when I literally fucked you with my eyes?” I breathed closer to his ears.

“I do like it a lot, baby doll,” he breathed down my neck. My eyes fluttered close when he placed a feather-light kiss on my neck.

“So do I,” the left one spoke into my ear and nibbled on my earlobe. I shuddered with every breath he released on my skin. Every nerve on my skin came alive, even without them touching me.

“Hi, I’m Daniel, and I’ll be your waiter today. What would you like to order?” a boy in a waiter’s dress spoke. I cleared my throat and straightened my back. From the empty table, I can tell that these officers just entered before me and haven’t ordered yet. Or maybe they have already ordered and are waiting for that. Who knows?

“I’ll have something big, hard and juicy,” I said, implying something other than food which was meant for the two delicious officers on both sides. Either the waiter was too innocent to understand the innuendo or he chose to ignore what I was implying as he looked at me with a neutral look. But the officers on my side completely understood what I meant, the knowing look in their eyes and their smirk indicated that much.

“I’ll have a hot dog grilled sausage with caramelized onion cheese ketchup and French fries on the side?” I said doubtfully. The waiter nodded and scribbled down, then looked at the two sexy men beside me.

“What would you like to order, sir?” he asked respectfully, a light blush coating his cheeks as he looked at them. I raised my brow at him. I can’t say I’m surprised that they attracted the same gender. The men beside me are walking, talking pieces of meat and there will be only a few people in this world that could resist their charms.

“I’ll have a classic cheeseburger with French fries,” they both said at the same time. Ever so slowly, I felt a hand creep up to my inner thighs. My breathing instantly deepened. I thought he’d slide his hand up and play with my pussy but he decided to tease me instead. He drew small circles on my thighs, sometimes creeping his hand a little up, causing me to pant and squirm for his hand to touch me where I needed him the most.

I looked down to see which one was touching me. Kayton, the officer on my right, was the one teasing the hell out of me. Without an ounce of shame, I spread my leg, permitting him to do as he pleases with my hungry cunt.

He didn’t disappoint me when two of his fingers dived into my wet channel after he slid my thong down my legs. My hips thrust upwards to match the tempo of his fingers. He wasn’t too fast nor too slow, his fingers were fucking me just right.

With both hands, I gripped both of their cocks through their pants, causing them to groan slowly. I lost control when Brian pressed down on my clit, rubbing the small button lightly.

Before a moan could climb up my throat they retreated their hand, which caused me to whimper in disappointment. I immediately sobered up when all the customers started to cheer someone. My eyes drew to the centre of attention and I saw a man on his knees, proposing to his girlfriend.

I faintly heard the sound of a zipper being undone before two strong hands picked me up and slid me down on a thick, veiny, huge cock.

“Fuck,” Brian cursed near my ear when he managed to fully impale me on his dick after a little struggle. He has the biggest dick that went inside my pussy to this date. I moaned at how full I felt, his cock is stretching the inner walls of my pussy deliciously.

“This will be quick, princess,” he hissed near my ear and I nodded in understanding. He picked me up slightly so that only the tip of his cock was in, his strong hands supported me to hang in the air as he started to thrust his hips up.

I bit down on my lips from preventing the moans that are about to slip. Thanks to the couple in the middle of the restaurant, everyone was busy cheering them up to notice the dirty work we were doing right under the same roof.

There was a chance that anyone could see us but it made it even more exciting. When the thrust of his hip was not enough, I slammed myself down on his cock, I didn’t stop after one slam, I repeatedly rode his cock with a hard thrust.

Brian bit down on my neck to prevent himself from moaning. His hands supported every slam of my hips and he started to thrust his hip up at the same time I went down, which caused me to orgasm quite quickly.

He stopped completely and put me back down on my chair. It was then that I noticed the commotion in the restaurant had started to quieten down.

“Go to the lady’s washroom, sweetheart,” Kayton hissed near my ear and I nodded before I hurriedly made my way into the ladies washroom. Once inside, I made sure there was only me around. Just as I finished checking the last stall, I heard a click. Kayton stalked towards me with a predatory look in his eyes, which excited me further.

His big hands wrapped around my neck tightly as he forced me to take a step backwards until my back slammed against the wall. My eyes dilated at his roughness.

His lips met mine in a scorching kiss which heated my body and left my mind numb. His kiss was rough, deep and demanding. I forced my lips to follow his fast movements and he rewarded me with a deep, guttural moan of his.

While I was distracted by the kiss, he slid the crop top I was wearing up to my neck. Pulling my bra down, he roughly pinched my nipples which sent a shiver directly to my core, which in response pulsated in need.

Now I was glad I decided to wear a flared silky skirt which reached my mid-thighs and a black crop top to match. It gave them easy access to my core.

Kayton turned me around so that he was the one against the wall and then forced me down to my knees. My knees hit the ground and I hissed at the slight pain but that didn’t last when a wet, thick, huge cock dangled in front of my eyes.

I lifted my eyes so I’m peeking from my lashes and my eyes met Blair’s eyes. Maintaining eye contact I licked his tip, tasting the bead of precum leaking out of the slit.

We don’t have much time and they knew that too because Kayton picked me up, and threw one of my legs on the counter before he rammed his cock roughly inside my pussy.

I put my hands on the counter to gain support before I bent down at a 90° angle and took Blair’s cock in my mouth, sucking his dick vigorously as if it was my first time eating a delicious candy.

I hissed from time to time when Kayton gets too rough but I loved it when he did. I was sure he’ll leave my pussy sore. Not that I’m complaining.

I hollow my cheeks as I took his cock as deep as I could, which caused him to moan loudly. I sucked him as fast as I could while using one hand, I stroked the remaining dick I’m not quite capable of taking in my mouth.

My orgasm fast approached once again and with a muffled moan I orgasmed. Kaydon and Blair followed me, spilling their seeds deep in my mouth and my pussy respectively.

My legs shook when he put my legs on the ground. Thankfully, two strong arms supported me until I’m capable of walking once again.

Kaydon turned me around and kissed me one more time, Blair followed his action before we exited the washroom and got back to our seats, this time able to complete the tasks we came into the restaurant for.


Submitted: June 25, 2023

© Copyright 2023 HIGHERPEN. All rights reserved.

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blissful sensations

Great story!

Thu, June 29th, 2023 10:37am

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