Chapter 3: (v.3) Day One is About to Slip Away

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Dark Erotica

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Natasha closed her eyes and sucked in her breath to the feeling of his enlarged cock sliding out of her trembling body. Before she could try to breathe, he slammed back into her body hard and fast to the immediate cry from the back of her throat to be stifled beneath his gloved hands. He groaned out, crazy in his mind now as he slowly pulled back just to slam back into her body again. She yelped at every hit of the head of his cock to the back of her vagina cavity.

Her yelps, though sounding painful in nature, also revealed hints of release from the built-up stress of her body. She practically melted onto his body of which his firm stance kept her in place. Her arms felt strained as she trembled from the chains holding them up and her entire body suffered in aching, despite the intense pleasure of their sex’s meeting violently in a deep fuck. Natasha’s teary eyes opened slightly to see their shadows illuminated from a monster figure into what looked like a large angel with four wing spans curling back and forth by the sides of the figure. She felt herself slipping into delirium at this point.

“You...don’t…know…the…pain…you've…caused…me! Years! Of Starving! Watching! Wanting you..oh Natashe.”

Natasha’s whole body trembled violently to the sound of his words, and fear overtook the pleasure of their condensed heat. She could hear how he was teetering on the edge of insanity in his tone, and worried for her life, or where this might end up going. Her body couldn’t help but to respond as she fully arched up against him and dangled against his body.

With every ounce of force, he pushed his energy into her body and gave her all of his length in violent force now, increasing his speed to the sound of her stifled cries. The scent of his cologne and sweat filled her nostrils, and dragged her senses to complete intoxication now. She was filled with a cocktail of high-stress emotions, knowing she’d never be able to forget the smell of him if she made it out alive from this unfolding horror.

Minutes of intense fucking ensued, until the man slipped away from her body and guided her back to her limp stance. Then he walked around in a huff to face her, and lifted her tear-stained face up by the chin gently so she could see him fully. Natasha, let out a weakened gasp, taking in the complete vision of his figure and face now. She struggled to remember his name but just couldn’t speak as the struggle to think was unbearable even.

“Do you remember me now?" He asked.

"I-I...I might..."

"I can tell that your deriving pleasure. Do you fully understand now, that this had to be done, as I found no other way...?"

"I-I don't think I understand well. I remember you, but I don't know why you have done this to me. Watched me? For how long...why me?"

" you still want me to ‘…just fuck you?’ or...?”

"Why now!? Why me?" she cried with her head hanging low and hair covering her breasts.

He jerked her face gently to which her eyes rolled open once more to stare into his own. Fat tears rolled over her blushed cheeks as she heaved from ragged breathing, and then like a flash of determination she stared intently into his eyes. He felt his entire heart smash in his chest, and mind bend, as he had only dreamed of a day where he could see such a look of despair cross her face. Just then, she rcognized him fully, remembering what it was then, but still confused as to why...Before he could consider unchaining her and taking a rather more intense approach to her body, like bringing her beyond the dark doorway into a completely different reality than she knows now, she spat right onto his face in anger…

This struck him with complete shock, as he peered at her strict expression with complete horror of himself in what he might do in retaliation. He was stuck standing there, hunched over almost, with sweat dripping over his toned body, unsure of what was the best course of action. She trembled more so as she tried to stand taller on her own two feet to show how serious she was on her boiling hatred, but his troubled eyes seemed to burn right through her head. Screw him she thought, and screw all of those erotic books she once read...she didnt ask for this, especially not with him!

He turned around to the candles now, sucking in a massive monster of irritation fighting to control his violent desire to smack her beautiful face over. To this reaction Natasha began to scream someone, help me out and rattle in her chains, and then within a second, hot wax was poured down her left breast. Natasha choked on her cries and looked down in horror to the wax now drying over her skin. Unknowing to her these candles were specifically made for erotic play for sex, but in the moment and without that knowledge all she felt and saw in intensity was the burn of crimson wax. 

“I might leave you here again for another night…after I am done with my own pleasure. Then we will try again tomorrow,” he said half-heartedly, stepping through the puddle on the floor uncaringly. 

“Fuck you, you m-monster! When I remember your name, I will scream it loud over and over and over again. Because that's all I need to–”

He poured hot wax over the other breast and watched her jerk around in her chains and cries. Even in a defeated sinking feeling, he was edging to the control he had in place. This was awful, yes. Without consent, and leaning towards a violent streak; he wasn’t really prepared for correctional action even if he set the scene as if he was, but this secretly felt so very good to do to her, releiving him really for years of pent up tension.

All he knew in this heightened state of awareness was that he had to fill her again, but this time, coldly. Silently he prayed in mind that just one more night of hanging would make her weakened enough to bring her to a state of ease for him. So she remembered everything about him but his name? How convenient he thought...

There was a plan to spoil if things unfolded the way he'd hope for them, but those plans were far from his mind as he simmered in the pleasure of punishing her. Dark thoughts surpassed her cries in his mind as the throb of his cock kept him tethered to selfish intent. Hot wax was poured over her flexed and bruised body on the stomach, on the back, and on the rear. He sighed in pleasure at the feel of his untouched arousal now sleek with her juices. Something feral was truly awakened in him, and it was this scene that had him ready for more. He'd be sorry tomorrow but for now, he went behind her again and assumed the mounting position.

In the throws of her now struggling body, he resumed his fucking until she gave in again. The room went from cries and grunts to moans and groans in the midst of his steady fuck and the night went on like this for what felt like an eternity, until the early morning…


Submitted: September 06, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Silent Catastrophes. All rights reserved.


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I'm curious, of course, who he is and how they know each other. She clearly did something to piss him off.

Thu, September 7th, 2023 2:35am


Great book, keep the chapters coming!

Sat, September 9th, 2023 7:15pm

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