My Dad's New Friend Part Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Lucas is dragged into further humiliation by his own father and the new friend Mr. Ali. They decide to inspect him to see if he is a man or a faggot.

(All characters in this fantasy are 18 years of age or older.  I do not support or condone the actions of the story)


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MY DAD’S NEW FRIENDPart Twoby dale10




There I was, a normal, healthy teenage high school student, ordered to strip naked in front of my drunken, abusive dad and his new internet friend, a real pervert named Mr. Ali.  I couldn’t believe it. Suddenly I really missed my mom, and like a little boy, I wanted to be with her. My mom loved me, but had divorced and moved out because of my dad’s sick, abusive behavior. I used to sit on the floor outside their bedroom and hear my mother begging my father to go gentle when he fucked her. I remembered hearing her begging him, “No, Stu, not in the ass. Not in the ass again. You are too big, Stu, you’ll rip me apart.”


I would sit in the hall and cry for my mom, but hated myself because at the same time, my boy dick would get rock hard. I will never forget her sobbing sounds and later she would cry, “Please Stu, don’t make me lick it clean after it has been up my ass, that is so filthy and sinful.” My mom was always really religious, and after the divorce, she had married a minister and they lived several states away. I got to visit her from time to time.


“Well, what the fuck are you waiting for?” My dad growled, pumping his

horrifyingly large prick which was leaking all over his desk. On the tv screen, Mr. Ali who was face-timing with my dad, watched and frigged his own big brown Arab prick through his cotton robe. A large lake of pre-fuck stain had soaked the front of the robe. I wanted to puke. “Are you afraid we’ll discover you are a pathetic little clit-dicked faggot? If you’re the big high school jock star you claim to be, you should be proud of your body and enjoy showing it off. You should be sending pictures of your dick to every cunt in the school, or are you too much of a sissy pussy faggot to do that?”


“Don’t be sick, Dad. You know it’s illegal to do something like that!” I protested, bouncing in anger and anxiety.


Perverted Mr. Ali added his two-cents. “Stu, just listen to the little cunt. ‘It’s illegal…’ Who gives a fuck if it’s illegal? I’m really scared your boy is a faggot. Every  straight dude sends the little cunts at school pics of his pecker. Their little pussies get all wet, and when the jock asks them to go on a date, they know what they are going to get to suck on the first date and have to take up their cunts on the second date. That’s the way it works! What the fuck is wrong with kids today?

I was fucking this teenage boy who works in the coffee house the other day, and when I suggested playing a little game to see how much pain he could take in his balls, he refused to play. He was one of those really thin, lanky little guys, all arms and legs and pretty boy face…and I had to see him in some pain. You know, try to make a bit of a man of him. He whimpered and moaned when I rammed his ass, and said he didn’t like to be ass fucked. I said if he was a real male, he wouldn’t be, but since he was a little sissy boy, it is all that he could expect from life. I began to really resent the little shit, so I paid some money to the six other male staff members who worked at the coffee house to bully the hell out of the boy. I said I wanted his life to be hell. I wanted him beaten daily, and fucked up the ass non-stop from the time he showed up for work until late every night. I told the staff I would pay extra if they could get all their friends to fuck the boy too. And all because he wouldn’t play a simple pain game with me. I just don’t understand kids today.” He began to grunt and yanked up his robe so his fat, thick skinned fuckmeat could shoot a huge spray of cum up into the air!


My dad roared with laughter. “Way to go, Ali! I can’t wait for you to shoot that kind of load into your teenage niece!”


And there I stood, feeling totally humiliated and wanting more than anything to get out of Dad’s office. I wanted to run away…to join my mom. My father glared at me.


“Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? I will not tell you again! STRIP OFF!

And if you are not bare assed in ten seconds, I am going to beat the shit out of you!”


He could too. And would. And had. So, with trembling fingers, I pulled my tee shirt up and off, baring my nicely formed torso. I am not ashamed of my body as such, I am just a naturally shy person. Sweat ran down from the hair in my armpits. I was scared. I kicked off my vans and reached down to tug off my socks.

My bare feet felt odd on the office carpet.  My hands fumbled at my belt buckle, and I saw my Dad lean in threatening, his massive dick throbbing and twitching over his humongous balls.  This was really sick. This whole thing was sick. I tugged down my jeans and stepped out of them. Now I stood in just my underpants, my briefs. I felt my nipples go hard. My chest heaved with labored breathing, and my tight tummy fluttered. The room was silent for a moment, and then, Mr. Ali, watching the scene through the camera attached to Dad’s computer, said…




I lost it. “I AM NOT A FAGGOT!” I screamed.


With his thick pulsing dick swinging, Dad was around his desk in half a second. His huge hands reached out and grabbed me. He was taller than me, and larger in every way. He held me by the hair with one hand while with the other he slapped me really hard. The room spun. My cheek exploded in pain. But he was not finished. He pulled his hand back and slapped me again! I honestly thought my neck would break from the blow.


“Don’t you ever fucking show disrespect to my good friend Mr. Ali again!’ My father spit in my face. I don’t just mean he spit when he spoke. No, he gobbed right in my face two, then three times. His spit ran down my cheeks and dripped from my chin. It coated my nose and mouth. I really would have puked except for the terrible pain in my cheek and jaw. He held me by the hair and shook me like I was a broken marionette. When he let go, I crumpled onto the carpet, a broken teenage boy. I had flashes of one time when I was fourteen and had skipped sports practice to play video games with my friends. My father had beaten me then, and then tied me to my bed naked. He tied my hands and ankles to the bed posts and left me there for four days. He forced me to eat soup laced with a laxative, so I pissed and shit myself in the bed, and he made me lie in it. When I puked from disgust, he would not wipe it off my face. I told you he could be abusive.


“Now stand up and apologize to Mr. Ali.” 


I struggled to my feet, my arms and legs shaking like crazy. I was terribly disoriented. “I’m…I’m eh, I’m sorry Mr. Ali…” I managed.


“I’m sorry too,” said Mr. Ali, “I’m sorry that more and more you seem like a pathetic sissy boy faggot to me. And if you are, then, your father and I have our work cut out for us.  I am sure your father wanted nothing more than a strong, normal, straight, athletic young son he could be proud of, and look what he got instead. In my country, we would often castrate teenage boys who we discovered were faggots, their dicks and balls are useless anyway, and that way, they could concentrate on properly serving using their mouths and boycunts. Now, take off your underpants.”


Tears clouding my vision, I hooked my fingers in the waistband of my briefs.


“Turn more to face the camera…” Mr. Ali said, once again playing with his big brown prick, now no longer covered by the robe. The spent sperm clotted and collected down his legs and on his stomach.


Terrified of disobeying, I faced the camera and tugged my briefs down, revealing my teenage penis and balls. I raised one naked foot and then the other to step out of the underpants. I could hear my father’s heavy breathing as he masturbated his prick. My own dick, which was normal in size for a boy my age, had shrunken a bit from fear. I knew my cock was normal because I had compared it to that of the other boys in the locker room. All of us guys did that. Sometimes it seemed like we were more interested in each other’s’ dicks than in girls.  That does not mean I am queer, it’s just what teenage boys do. I mean, how could you look away from your best buddy’s big dangling pecker and ball sack when in the locker room or shower? And some of the more ostentatious jocks would openly play with their dicks while they talked about which schoolgirl chick they were fucking.


My hands just naturally covered my groin as I stood there on camera and in front of my father.


“Bad sign…bad sign, Stu. No self-confident straight boy would cover his dick and balls. Real men are proud of their fuckers, you know that.”


I could hear the squish and thump of my dad masturbating. “You are so right.

Back when I was in high school, I would charge the girls five dollars to look at my dick. You’d be amazed how many of the little virgins would pay to see their first real live pecker. For ten dollars, they could hold it in their hand and squeeze it.”

He glared at me. “Are you ashamed to show your dick, boy?”


“No, Dad, it’s not that. Its’ just that…”




I moved my hands. My dick really had shriveled into nothing. Just my cockhead in a mass of wrinkled prick skin.


“Holy shit, look at that pathetic thing!” Mr. Ali cackled with laughter.


Can you imagine how I felt? Can you imagine the shame? I know my face grew red, I could feel how hot I had become. “No, it’s not like this. It’s much bigger. It’s just that I am nervous. I… I…” I searched for anything to save my dignity.  I could feel myself hyperventilating. ‘I’m just very confused and upset right now, so it’s not very big. I… I’m a grower not a shower.” I sputtered.  STUPID MISTAKE.




“What? Huh? You want me to…?”  I could not even find the words for my shame.


“Get it hard for us! Prove you are no faggot.” Mr. Ali said, frigging himself like crazy. Why were they not ashamed to do that in front of others? And why was I so terrified?


“Masturbate yourself to full erection. Prove to me if you are my son, or some freak faggot spawned from some asshole your fucking cunt of a mother fucked behind my back.”


I put my hand down to my dick and began to finger myself. I rolled the shrunken prickhead between my fingers. I could feel my balls jiggle in their sack.


“Maybe the faggot requires a tweezers to jerk off,” Mr. Ali laughed.


I kept praying for this horror to end. I wanted to crawl into my bed and cry myself to sleep. My fingers worked at my dickhead, but the fucking thing would not thicken or grow. I was too scared.

“Is that it? Is that all you’ve got?” My father almost spat, so disgusted was he.


I knew that in order to escape from this embarrassing mess, I had to get a hard on. I got them all the time. Shit, I sat in classes in school with a hard, wet cock leaking into my jeans. I threw a boner just talking to a pretty girl. I tried to think about some of the chick I wanted to fuck. Without thinking, I put the fingers of one hand up to my pecs and began to twist and pull on my nipples. That sometimes stimulated me.  ANOTHER MISTAKE. 


“Look at her, Stu! She’s playing with her udders just like a fucking cunt!” Mr. Ali cackled.


But it had begun to work. The stimulation of my tits had caused my dick to stir. I shut my eyes and tried to imagine some of the cunts at my school. I sobbed as I grunted and yanked at my prick flesh.  I had to get hard! And then to my shame, I thought back to sitting on the floor outside my parents’ bedroom, listening to my father fuck my mother. I thought of my dad’s gigantic dick forcing itself into my mom, and in my mind, I pictures her cunt and ass as the big dick went from one to the other.  AND MY DICK GOT HARD. MY BALLS CHURNED AND MY COCK STALK THICKENED. THE PINK HEAD SWELLED AND THE MEAT GREW. IT WAS A PAINFUL ERECTION BECAUSE OF THE FURIOUS WAY I WAS TUGGING AND YANKING ON IT.


At last I stood with my hands off of my throbbing prick. It stood out from my groin, at an upward angle the way teenage dicks do. It was seven inches long. I was proving myself to be a man.  I looked at my dad for approval.


“Get it wet. Make it leak,” he said with a steel cold tone.


Oh God, my own father wanted to see my dick leak. He wanted to see it drip like his.  I began pumping again…pulling at the fucker until it hurt, thinking of my mom being fucked. How I hated myself then. How I loathed myself. I pumped so hard my balls ached as they bounced and banged. Long strings of pre-fuck hung from the pisshole.  The string of slime extended almost to the floor before it broke off. I thought my thumping heart would burst from my chest.


My dad turned to the screen. “There, Mr. Ali, he’s got a fine cock on him. No where near as big as mine, but nothing to be ashamed of.”

Mr. Ali shook his head. “Looks to be about seven inches. I’ve known thirteen year old boys with seven inches. Nothing to be ashamed of, true, but is that the dick of a son of yours? Look at your mighty cunt buster, Stu. Look at that impressive hunk of fuckmeat.  This proves nothing. Besides, the inspection is only starging. Now we have to check his asshole to see if it has been turned into a fuckhole. We can tell much from that. Will the boy have a normal rectum, or will it look like a fucked-out twat, with the ass lips hanging like stretched cunt lips. Has he been ass fucked by every boy on the football team? Is he the high school shower fuckhole?”


Standing there with my erect dick dripping pre-fuck slime all over my dad’s carpet, I froze. This could not mean what I feared it did! 


“All right, Lucas, turn around, legs apart, reach back and spread your ass cheeks for us. Show us your teenage asshole!  

Submitted: May 24, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Always hot Dale - thanks for continuing this one

Thu, May 25th, 2023 3:42pm


Oh yes. Young straight boys do just hate showing their little assholes. And to dad and dad’s super perv online bud?

Mon, May 29th, 2023 9:41am

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