Hired Man II

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A city girl buys a farm and hired a farm boy to help her. When he bathes at the end of the day she washes his back.

Hired Man II

I grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota.  After graduation from high school, I took a job as a hired man on a neighboring farm.  A rich, young city girl had purchased the farm.  She had the idea that owning a farm was a cool but had no idea how difficult it was to run a farm.  As soon as she found out she was out of her league, she had the good sense to hire someone to help her.

The job required that I live on the farm, so my room and board were paid for.  I was given my own room in the farmhouse, but I had to share a bathroom.  At the end of the working day, I was always sweaty, so it was my habit to take a bath.  The farmhouse was old and so were its fixtures.  The only bathroom didn’t have one of those modern low-level tubs that one had to squeeze into.  It was a large tub with feet on it.  I love those tubs where you can sink into warm water and spread out. 

The first day at work was hard.  There was a lot to do, and I was tired.  I ran warm water into the tub, undressed and laid face up in the tub with my head half under the water relaxing.  Suddenly, I felt someone poke me.  It was my employer, Diane Smith.  She was a pretty girl, with dainty features, dark black hair and a skinny girlish figure.  Why I saw her, I quickly covered myself with my hands. 

 She said, “Are you all right.  I was afraid you had drowned.  I only entered when I knocked on the door and no one answered.”

I said, “My head was partially under water, that is why I couldn’t hear you.”

She said, “Why are you covering yourself?”

I said, “I’m naked.”

She said, “Don’t be childish.  This is a farm.  I know what male mammals look like.”

I said, “Animals don’t know any better.”

She said, “You look like every other human male.”

I said, “How do you know that?”

She said, “I was taught that in school.”

I said, “So you have never even seen a naked man before?”

She got up to leave and when she got to the door she turned and asked, “Would you like to have your back washed?”

Before I knew what I was saying, I said, “Yes.”

She picked up the soap and began washing my back while I covered myself with my hands.  In less than a minute she finished.  She said, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I said, “No, it was quite pleasant.”

She said, "Still won't let me see you, huh?"

I said, "Yup."

She said, "Make sure you keep yourself covered.  You wouldn't want to let me know that you are a man."

She stood up and left.


The next day while taking my bath after completing my work, I was careful not to put my ears under the water.  She did not knock on the door or come in.  When she didn’t, I realized that I missed her washing my back.  A week later, just before beginning my bath, I turned to her and said, “Would you mind washing my back again.  I can’t reach back there.”

She turned to look at me with a peculiar look on her face.  She said, “Sure, I’ll be glad to.”

Shortly after I entered the bathtub, I heard a knock at the door.  I covered myself with my hands and said, “Come in.”

She opened the door and looked at me.  She got a disgusted look on her face and said, “Really, more childish behavior.”  Then she knelt down and washed my back for me.”  Before she left, she said, “Do you really think I am going to molest you?”

I said, "That has nothing to do with it."

The next day before my bath, I again asked her to wash my back.  She quickly agreed.  She entered without knocking. I covered myself with my hands again  The first thing she said upon entering was, “Are you ashamed of what you have.” 

I said, "Hardly?"

She said, "How do I know that?"

I said, "You don't."

She said, "I am not going to wash your back if you continue to behave like a little boy.  You need to relax and enjoy your bath."

That made sense to me.I took away my hands and laid back in the tub.

She said, "Well, that's better."

She then proceeded to wash my back again.  While she washed my back, we talked about how my work was progressing. When she was done, she said, "Wasn't that a lot easier?"

I said, "Yes, it was."

She said, "So from now on we won't have any modesty, you will just relax and enjoy your bath."

I said, "Yes,"

The next day soon after I was in the tub, she entered the bathroom and began washing my back.  As she did, we engaged in more talk about how the work was going on improving the farm.  I said, “The farm was starting to shape up.”

She said, “Thank you for doing such a good job. I had no idea that farm life was so difficult.” 

Then she said, “Please stand up.”

I said, “Why?”

She said, “You deserve to relax and enjoy your bath while I do all the work.”

Without answering I stood up.  She started at the top of my body and worked down.  This time she didn’t use a washcloth.  She used her bare hands.  I was curious to see what she would do when she got to my genitals.  When she got there, she carefull washed my testicles and then my penis.  As she did she she looked up at me and smiled.  As she did, I started to respond to her.  She noticed my cock growing, looked up at me and said, "Would you look at that now?"

I said, "He likes you."

She responded, "And I like him.  See how nice it is when you just relax and let me do all the work."  Se continued to fondle my testicles until I had a full erection.  Then she said, "Very impressive."

I asked, "What is impressive?"

She said, "The size of your cock."

I said, "Since I am the only naked man you have ever seen, how do you know?"

She said, "I have seen pictures."  She finished with the lower part of my body and left..


Thereafter every time I took a bath, she would wait until I was in the tub and then enter.  While she washed me, she would engage in conversation about how the work on the farm was going.  Her manner of washing me was always the same.  I would sit at the edge of the tub, and she would suds me.  She would always wash my genitals last.  She would wash them until I grew an erection.  I never tried to stop her.  She always stopped when I was erect.

One day I said, "Why do you always stop once I have an erection.  Why don't you continue?"

She said, "If I let you cum, it is over and I don't control you anymore."

One day at the end of work, when I came in, she was visiting with another neighbor, a female.  I decided to wait for my bath after the neighbor left.  Suddenly, she noticed I had not taken my bath and she said, “Aren’t you going to take your bath?

I said, “I was waiting until Barbara left.”

She said, “Are we going to go through that again?”

I said, "What do you mean 'that again'?"

She said, "I mean your false modesty."

I said, “Okay,” and left for the bathroom.  Diane and Barbara followed me into the bathroom.  This time instead of undressing myself, Diane undressed me while Barbara drew the bath.  Barbara finished first and watched as Diane undressed me.

Soon I was totally naked in front of the two women.  I had done nothing to protect my modesty.  I noticed Barbara appraising me as soon as I was naked.  I started to grow an erection. I got into the tub to wet myself.  When I got out, I was fully erect.  Diane said, "Barbara will wash you today."

Barbara said nothing, she picked up the soap and began to wash me as I stood in front of her.  She started from the top and moved down.  When reached the level of my genitals she bipassed them.  When she finished with my feet she went to my genitals.  I was still erect.  She said, “You are a very well-developed young man.”

I asked, “I think that is a compliment, but I don’t actually understand what your mean.”

She said, “You have a large, thick cock with heavy balls.  Your genitals are quite handsome.”

I said, “My genitals are handsome?”

Barbara responded, "Yes, very."

I said, "What makes a man's genitals handsome?"

Barbara said, “Like everything else, symmetry.”

I said, "What makes mine symmetrical?"

She said, "It is partly due to your ample size.  When you are flaccid you cock hangs the same length as your balls. When you are erect, your cock stands up nice and straight."

I said, “What makes you an expert?”

Barbara said, “I am a nurse's assistant.  I know of whence I speak.  I have seen thousands of penises.”

I said, “Thousands of penises?”

She answered, “I give several bed baths every day.”

I said, "Aren't you eggagerating?"

She said, "Hardly, there are 250 days in the year.  I give at least 10 baths a day, that is 2,500 men.  I have been a nurse's assistant for 4 years so that is 10,000 men.

I said, “Wow!.  Thank you for the compliment. Have the all had an erection."

She said, "In truth, not many but erections are still common.

I asied, "Do you like your job?

She said, “What you mean is, do I find bathing men erotic?  Not really.  When I wash a man's penis and testicles I concentrate on doing my job.  Besdie most of my patients are old and sick.”

I said, “So washing me is just routine for you?”

She said, “This is different.  Sex is contextual.  You are not a patient, and I am not at work.”

I said, “So you do enjoy washing me?”

She said, “Well, yes.  It is always pleasant to bathe an attractive man.  Most of my patients are old or sick.  You are young and healthy and most important you have responded to me.  I can see that you like me bathing you. I am going to do something to you that I am not allowed to do to my patients.”

She cupped my balls, grasped my cock tightly and started stroking my cock.  Soon after she began stroking me, I began spurting.  When I did, she continued to stroke and fondle me until my orgasm was over.  Then she washed the cum off my cock and her hands.

When she was finished she said, "How was that for you?"

At first I didn't know what to say.  It definitely was an intense and enjoyable experience.  I finally said, "It was good!"

She said, "That is all it was, just good."

 I answered, "It was better than good.  I have never experienced an orgasm as intense as that was.  Thank you."

I continued, "How was it for you?"

Barbara said, "I enjoyed it but not as much as you."

I said, "Maybe I can bathe you sometime."

She answered, "Maybe I will let you."

Barbara continued, “I came here because Diane had never seen a naked man before.  She wanted to know how you compared to other men.”

I said, “And how do I compare to other men.”

Barbara said, “You compare very well to other men. You are large, handsome and respond beautifully to touch.  I may be accustomed to naked men but I always like it when they salute me.”


The next Sunday, Diane said to me, “I am going over to Barbara’s.  There is a pond in her back yard where we are going swimming.  Would you like to come with?”

I said, “Sure, but I don’t have a swimsuit.”

Diane said, “You won’t need one.”

I said, “Okay,” thinking I would see them both nude.  When I arrived, I was surprised to see not only Barbara but three other girls, all wearing suits.  They were introduced to me as Frances, Kathy and Beatrice.  I was hesitant to undress.  Frances said, "Aren't you going to join us?"

I said, “I don’t have a suit.”

They said, “What do you need a suit for.  We have heard how handsome you are.  We want to see for ourselves.”

I said, “I don’t think I should.”

Frances said, “Diane said you might show false modesty.  We know that Diane bathes you every day and that you also let Barbara bathe you.  You can’t use the excuse that you are too modest.  We want to see you if your genitals are really handsome.  All we want to do is admire you.”

I hesitated at the unfairness of them being clothed and me being naked.  However, the prospect of their sexual admiration quickly won me over.  After I had stripped, I let the girls look.  I started to grow an erection even before I was naked.  When they stopped starring, we all went swimming. While swimming I was groped numerous times.  I never tried to stop them, but I did try to reciprocate.That was not allowed!  When we left the pond, I still had an erection.

We began sunbathing, Diane started to cover me with suntan lotion.  When she got to my genitals, she rubbed lotion into my genitals.  When she got the erection that she wanted, she stopped.  I expected her to masturbate me, but she didn’t.  After a few minutes, I started to deflate.  When I did, Frances fondled me back to erection.  When I started to deflate a second time, Kathy took her turn.  When I started to deflate for the third time, Beatrice took over. Then Barbara took over.  She used one hand to fondle me and another to stroke me.  Suddenly she pulled down her bikini pants, positioned herself above me and sat on my cock.  She slide down my cock as easily as a fireman does down his fire pole.  Then she started pumping me like she was an oil derrick, and I was the well.  It did not take long before the well had a gusher.  When I did, Barbara redoubled her pace and did not stop until she came as well. 


I continued to work for Diane for three years.  She continued to bathe me every day after work.  I was always able to get an erection for her.  Often, she would have another female visitor and when she did that visitor would always help bathe me and masturbate me as well.  As long as I worked for her, Diane refused to masturbate me. I tried numerous times to get Diane to masturbate me or let me see her in the nude, but she would never permit it. 

When she had several girlfriends over, she had me butler the group in the nude. These group parties always ended with at least one of her girlfriends fucking me.  It was never in the missionary position.  It was always female superior.  I never minded, in fact, I preferred it.  I like lascivious women.  The more they desire me, the better I like it.  While I was being fucked, the other women watched and cheered.  It made it even more exciting.

One day she took me to a large house without telling me why.  When we walked in, I found myself in a large room filled with women.  Upon entering 4 large women grabbed and stripped me naked.  Then I was belted by my ankles and wrists to the frame of a bed.  I was completely immobile.  I could struggle but that was all.  I protested, but my protests were ignored.  A gag was put over my mouth so that I could not protest any more.  Groups of women took turns fondling me until I grew an erection. I was given a shot of something in the base of my cock that kept me hard.  A condom was put over my cock.  Then one at a time the women in the room climbed on top of me and began fucking me.They continued to fuck me until they were satisfied.  They had an orgasm, I didn’t.  They couldn't have care less about sexually satisfying me.  Somehow, I stayed hard.  With each new woman, the condom was replaced.  I was fucked by more than a dozen women.  It took more than 4 hours.  I stayed hard the entire time, but I never came.  Then one woman sucked my cock while she massaged my prostate.  I finally came and deflated.  It wasn’t fun.  It was an ordeal and I was sore.  Thank God for condoms.  

It was at that time that I realized that Diane was a cuckhold.  She got off stripping me in front of other women and watching them have sex with me.  That is why I could never get her to masturbate me, see her naked or get to first base with her.  I was just a cock to her.  She was withholding sex from me so that I would be tumescent for other women.  I quit and left that night.  I haven’t seen her since.  The funny thing is that I miss her.  At least I miss the sex.  I don’t want to go back.  I can’t let myself be treated like that, but I will never get that much feminine attention again.








Submitted: May 24, 2023

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