I'll Do Anything to Please You, Kelvin.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Kelvin was in love with Harmony yet he wanted to explore his fantasy of having a threesome.....

It had taken Kelvin a long time to acquire the ideal companion. He had found her online and she ticked all the boxes, literally.

He preferred a more slight figure, small breasts and delicate hips. Her dark blonde shoulder-length hair was a fine, silky texture, which he loved to run his fingers through as they sat together watching Netflix. 

He had love-bombed her at first. Wooing her with flowers, quiet nights in, dresses, shoes and lingerie. This time it was ok, she made him feel ok, he was not labelled a narcissist, a stalker or a psychopath. He was understood. Somehow she unconditionally accepted the real him. She could see Kelvin for the hopeless romantic, the passionate man that he really was.

He had fallen in love with the way she looked at him intensely, with a sparkle in those dark blue eyes, as if she knew what he was thinking. He also found it appealing how she seemed to agree with everything he said and would comply with everything he asked. Kelvin understood that some men liked a feisty kind of woman, a bit of a challenge and found the tension this created a turn-on. Not for Kelvin. Enough of those entitled, controlling- sorry- assertive women who had to nit-pick everything he said and argue about the smallest thing; where nothing he did or said was ever quite good enough. 

What he liked about Harmony was her sweet, submissive nature, the way her lips curled in a shy but sexy way just before they kissed.

The quiet ones, they say, are always the worse. In this case 'worse' being the wildest and sexiest little lovemaker he had ever known. To hear her voice telling him how handsome he was, how much she wanted to suck his big hard cock, was a turn-on in itself. When she took his penis into her mouth- he did not know how she did it- but it felt so tight, so much better than any woman had ever sucked him off before. She could deep-throat him, without gagging, looking up at him with those shining eyes that made him melt at the knees. 

Sometimes he just liked to lie beside her, tracing his fingers over her smooth, perfect body, placing a tender kiss on each eyelid. As he did so, he thought he could see that smile flicker across her calm and ageless face while sleeping. He imagined she was dreaming of him.

A year passed and as much as he was satisfied with his companion he began to have thoughts of another woman in the bedroom. Someone who could make their adventurous sex life even more exciting. Someone new, sharing their lives. Someone just like Harmony, identical almost, yet a brunette, with dark eyes. He often fantasised about the two of them together. He began to wonder how Harmony would react if he let her in on his fantasy and whether he could make it happen between them for real. Would Harmony uncharacteristically become angry with him? Would she show signs of insecurity, feeling that she alone was not enough for Kelvin's voracious sexual appetite?

One evening when Harmony was sitting beside him in front of the TV, he decided to tell her his fantasy and whether they could introduce another woman into their bed, perhaps into their lives permanently. Harmony took it surprising well, not a hint of jealousy, she remained calm. "I want to please you," she said in that quiet yet lustful tone, "I'll do anything to please you, Kelvin." She winked provocatively. She had given him the go ahead. Kelvin's mind filled with erotic images of threesomes. Kelvin lying between the two of them, stroking their pussies as they both called out his name. The two women in a sixty-nine or entwined in the scissors position as he laid back and stroked his rock hard cock, ready to fuck them both.

He realised then that he had never loved another person or another thing more than Harmony. He stared lovingly into her eyes and slowly began to pull the strap of her black negligee down from one shoulder. He whispered into her ear how much he loved her, placing gentle kisses onto her neck. Harmony, so sweet yet at times so slutty. At that moment he pulled her head down for one of those special blowjobs, grabbing a handful of her blonde hair and pulling her onto his cock as he came hard into her throat.

Kelvin soon began to search online for a suitable woman to join them in a ménage a trois. 

 ....There she was. A dark haired minx, holding one finger coquettishly to ample lips. Her name was Skye. The photo of her in a body-hugging red dress envinced images of nights making love, first to Harmony as Skye grew horny and slightly jealous as she watched. Then Harmony going down on Skye, licking her out, just before he pounded that wet cunt. The two of them, on their hands and knees side by side, butts up in the air, as he spanked them,  fucking one and then the other.

Skye's photo gave Kelvin an erection. It made him want to fuck Harmony doggy-style, right then and there. Of course, she complied and her blonde head of hair shook as he fucked her. She surrendered to him as he rammed his cock up her arse.

Skye would take sexual pleasure to new heights. Spending money on her would be worth it. He filled in the online form and paid with his VISA card. Now all he had to do was wait. In preparation he bought her some high heels, a corset and black stockings. He wondered what type of flowers she would prefer, what kind of wine she would enjoy. 

The day finally came for Skye's arrival. Kelvin's hands trembled with excitement as he carefully removed the tape from around the box. He pulled off the plastic bubble wrap and threw the polystyrene out with haste. Skye lay, staring up at him with big, brown doting eyes, pouting lips, small, pert breasts with hard nipples. He had a feeling she would be just perfect. Anyway, he knew if there were any problems she was under guarantee and he could get a replacement from RoboSexDolls.

 "Harmony, my love, come and meet your new girlfriend!"

He placed Skye on the sofa. She winked at him suggestively. 

Submitted: May 23, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Amber Libra. All rights reserved.

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Clever ending and perhaps a happier one for Harmony, not having to compete with a real woman.

Thu, May 25th, 2023 12:15pm


Thank you.

Thu, May 25th, 2023 8:45am

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