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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Poor Lucas has a drunken father who is suddenly into perverted video calls, and forces his on to become part of them.

(All characters in this fantasy are 18 or over. No racial disrepect is meant by the names or activities of any characters.)


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 My Dad's new FriendPart One


I was doing okay in life until my Dad met this Arab dude, Ali on line, and they became fast friends. They bonded over how rough they liked to be with cunts. My dad had driven my mom away with his constant demands for really sick sex. I was only a little boy when Dad had started to demand that I watch. He said he wanted to bring me up right and teach me to be a man.  Well, I guess I was not a real man enough for Dad as he always battered and beat and abused me. I tried to excel at athletics to please Dad, but it was never enough for him. At a very early age, much too early, Dad kept hounding me about why I was not fucking girls. It was around then that he started to call me faggot.


Anyway, I survived by staying mostly to myself and away from Dad, especially when he was drinking. But then Ali came into our lives. He and Dad facetimed or skyped almost every night.

One night, Ali asked to meet me. I stopped studying to go into Dad’s office to talk to Mr. Ali on the computer screen.


“He looks like a fine, fit, boy,” Mr. Ali said. He was a dark-skinned dude about my dad’s age. He dressed in a loose robe, but it was not difficult to see that his prick was hard and pushing up the cotton robe in the front. I was shocked. Why did this strange man have a hard dick when chatting with my Dad? 


“Does the boy know what some Arab men enjoy doing to pretty teenage boys?” Ali asked, and my dad just laughed.


“My son is so stupid, he doesn’t understand much of anything,” my Dad said, making me feel really ashamed. I so wanted to please my dad, but somehow never could.


I stood there in front of the camera, as my Dad and Ali chatted about me. “Does he fuck the girls at school?”  Mr. Ali asked my Dad, and I grew red in the face.


“Well, answer the man, Lucas, do you fuck the girls at your school?”  Dad leaned in and had a strange leer on his face. When I said nothing, he persisted. “Do you fuck the girls, or are you a faggot? I don’t want a sissy faggot for a son.” He studied me, standing there in my jeans and tee shirt, stiff and trembling just a bit. Why did he scare me so? “Jesus boy, I hope you are fucking. I started fucking when I was four years younger than you are now. There is nothing like the feel of your dick in a young tight pussy.  Not some worn old pussy like your mother had, but a fine, young, fresh, bald tee-girl pussy. You are a good-looking boy and a popular athlete. You should be getting some cunt four or five nights a week.”


Mr. Ali spoke up. “No offence, Stu, but does the boy have the equipment for it? Lots of boys with tiny dicks are forced to become faggots because no girl can feel their prick in their cunts.”


My Dad was seated behind his office desk, but I saw one of his hands go down into his lap and begin to fiddle. Was he jerking off? “Jesus, I never thought of that. How about it, Son, do you have a decent sized dick on you, or are you some pathetic, tiny clit-dicked faggot?”


I wanted to get out of there. To leave the room and these two disturbed men to their skype fun. But Dad was having none of it. “I am talking to you, boy? Do you have a big old cunt buster like your Dad? You know, lots of girls, most of them in fact, would cry and beg me to stop because my prick was just too big for them. Not only too long, but too thick too. It’s the thickness that sometimes gets to the young ones. Also, when me and my college buddies would fuck some faggot ass for fun, the poor faggots would pass out from the pain. We had to piss on their faces to keep them alert. Wouldn’t want them to miss any of the fun of a good old faggot gang bang.”  Both Mr. Ali and my Dad roared with laughter.


Mr. Ali nodded. “Yes, indeed. Just last week, I was fucking the ass of a young Arab boy, the son of a friend of mine, and he was in such terrible pain, he swore that he would do anything I asked if I would just take my huge prick out of his little ass. So I told him I would pull out, if he agreed to eat my shit! We had a wild time!”  Both men laughed, and I wanted to puke. I had never heard of anything that disgusting. I turned to leave the room, when Mr. Ali spoke. “don’t you think we ought to check out your son to make sure he is not a tiny dicked faggot?”


Here I was, a popular high school athlete, a perfectly normal kid, and suddenly I was in the middle of this ridiculous horror. “Dad, I’m going back to study…” I said and turned.


My father roared. He had been drinking. “YOU WILL FUCKING STAY WHERE YOU ARE UNTIL I DISMISS YOU!”  His face was red. I had seen him this way with mom, and knew that he could be terribly abusive. He was a very strong, muscular man. I stopped. Bouncing on the souls of my Vans. 


“Dad, please. I have a big test tomorrow.”


Mr. Ali spoke up. “A big test!!!!!  I hate to say this, Stu, but it sounds to me like your son is a bit of a sissy boy. Are you sure he is even your son, and that your ex-wife wasn’t just a whore who got fucked by some small dicked faggot by mistake?”


I hated hearing my mom talked about that way. My Father frowned. “Yeah, come to think of it, the fucking CUNT did hang out with a lot of artistic faggots back then. Maybe Lucas isn’t even my son.”


“Of course, I’m your son, Dad, now please, let me go back and…”


“SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU LITTLE BITCH!” He was quite a bit larger than I was and had beaten the shit out of me several times, so I knew better than to challenge him.  


That disgusting pervert Mr. Ali spoke up. “I suggest that we give your supposed son a thorough inspection to see if he really is your sperm deposit or not. If he is your son, he should have an awesome dick like his father, right?”


My Dad slowly nodded. “Yeah. You saw my dick the other night when we were jerking off to those photos of your young niece. You saw what a big fucker I have.”


Ali nodded and played with his prick through his cotton robe. A wet spot was spreading on the cloth. Dad had switched his image onto the big television screen on the wall. What a dirty fucking lecher Ali was.


“Oh, by the way, I have convinced my brother to let his daughter come on the skype call with us this weekend and she will show you her teenage pussy and asshole and tits in living streaming, not just photos,” he laughed. I intend to shove some interesting objects up her for our entertainment.”


My Dad’s hand worked harder in his lap. “So you got her to agree?”


“Well, not agree, exactly. We had to do some pretty strong convincing. But she will do what she is told. And now, what about your faggot son?”


“I am not a faggot. What the fuck are you talking about? I am so out of here!” I was so angry, I almost spit. I spun and went for the door. My father stood.


“If you fucking try to leave, I swear to God, I will not only beat the living fuck out of you, but I will call the school and destroy any chances you have of getting a scholarship to college. You know how influential I am in the community!”


I stopped again, tears in my eyes. My hands shook with frustration. I turned back to my Dad. I was shocked. He had his pants open and his big hard naked prick throbbed and pulsed with a full, wet erection. Some cock slime hung down from his pulsing pisshole and dripped onto the desk. His cock was humongous.


“FUCK, DAD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I pleaded with him. If only he would come to his senses. I was sure it Mr. Ali’s influence.


“I am making sure my son is not a faggot!” My father said, kind of proudly. His hand went down and cupped his huge balls, which spilled over his palm.


“Well, as I have told you, Stu, I have had lots of experience training young faggots in the past. I am considered and expert at faggot training. So, if it turns out your boy is a sissybitch boy, don’t worry, as your friend, I will be happy to help you out with him.”


My Dad turned to the camera, tears in his eyes. ‘I’m very grateful, Ali. You are such a good friend. When my son’s fucking cunt of a mother left, I was really upset. I mean who the fuck was I going to fuck, right? I had to go out and pussy hunt. And having a teenage son was such a fucking burden. I wasn’t always a good father, I know, but I hope the little bitch didn’t become a faggot cocksucker because of that.” 


I was actually pretty scared now. I could feel the sweat in my armpits soak through my tee shirt, and a trickle of sweat run down my torso.


My father went on. “And except for when me and my college buddies would go out on a Saturday night for some fun fag bashing, I have had almost no experience with faggots. There was this wimpy kid in our dorm that we bullied and made suck our dicks almost every day, but I never knew if he was a real faggot or just a little sissy wimp. And the kid was sucking almost thirty dicks a day, so I never really talked to him.” He spun on me.  “So help me, Bitch, if you are a faggot cocksucker, I swear I will kill you!” His hand was pumping his own huge prick really hard now, and pre-fuck was squirting all over the desk. I was almost hypnotized by the way his large balls jiggled and danced in his fleshy sack as he pumped.


The wet spot on Mr. Ali’s robe had spread. “Well, the first thing to do is to inspect the boy. We need to see if he is normal physically. We can also tell from looking at his teenage asshole whether he has been taking prick up it or not.”


My knees felt like jelly and I almost collapsed. “I swear to God, I have never done anything queer. I have never sucked dick or had anal sex or any of that. I have never even had a circle jerk with other dudes.”


My father frowned at that. “Well, that disturbs me. Any normal guy beats off with his buddies now and then. Jesus, we were always beating off with each other back in college. And in high school, Christ, we had circle jerks in the locker room every fucking day. Are you afraid to admit you are attracted to pricks, Son?”


Tears ran down my cheeks. “I swear, I am not attracted to pricks! This is so stupid!”


Ali raised one hand, the palm was covered with the dick leak from his own juicing pecker. “Look he is crying. That is a first sign of being a sissy boy faggot. They cry very easily. I had this young boy who swore he was not a cocksucker, and when I put his nuts into a vice, he sobbed and admitted he was a fag. There are ways to find out.” 


“So, what do we do?”  Asked my father, his hand also coated with dick leak.


I was scared out of my mind by now, and the entire office smelled of my father’s cock and balls. The wet mess on his desk was obscene. It had soaked his papers. He was breathing heavily through his mouth. “So what do we do, Ali?”



Submitted: May 22, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Hot setup, love the angry abusive dad. Let’s go!

Tue, May 23rd, 2023 2:17pm

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