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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A group of sorority girls gets back at their fraternity brothers

Copyright 2021 by Bern G., all rights reserved. Reproduction, redistribution, reposting on another Internet site whether or not a charge or profit is made is forbidden without the expressed written consent of the author. Copyright ownership does not transfer by the posting of this material on this site by the author. The following story is for ADULTS only. By accessing this story, the reader hereby certifies that he/she is of an appropriate age to access adult material and that such material is permitted in the locality or country where the reader resides. The following is a creative work of fiction, and the characters or incidents described do not resemble any persons or events in the real world. Comments are always welcome and serve to inspire my work.




by Bern G. 



Megan sat at the poker table ready to lay down her final card.  She hoped everything that her uncle had tought her was going to be her biggest triumph.  She almost couldn't look but had to, the stakes were too high, too important.  She could see Rick's hand on the table already.  Three aces to her two pair.  It was all her idea and if she lost there were other people involved who had put their trust in her.  She slowly looked at her last card. 


Chapter 1: 


Megan loved being part of her sorority on her campus.  There were thirty of them all like sisters.  Sure, they had their disagreements now and then but usually about trivial matters and never anything that made two people not speak for more than a few hours and then it would blow over.  She loved living in the house they shared.  As a sophomore she was allowed to live there where as a freshman she lived in the dorm which was co ed and although she had a healthy interest in boys at college she could do without the constant noise they provided most of the time.  She enjoyed the parties she had attended and all-around college life in general.  Megan's sorority were the sisters of a fraternity right down the road from the sorority house.  She wished she could have picked a different frat, but it was tradition that her sorority and that particular fraternity align and she had no say in the matter. Several of her other sisters felt the same way.

The fraternity itself was not bad overall but several of the members due to being on some sports teams were on a runaway ego train that most days could not be stopped.  Their current leader although not fraternity president was Rick Oakwood a junior who had played some football and some basketball and was good at either but did not want a professional career.  He was a leader not of the fraternity but of some of the more egocentric boys belonging to the frat.  Several times ideas for things the girls had come up with for parties etc. were shot down by Rick and four of his other frat brothers.  Whether the entire fraternity agreed with the girls or not if all brothers did not agree the idea was squashed usually in favor of one of Rick's or his frat brothers’ ideas.  Rather than argue for hours over new idea's Rick's or his buddies idea's usually won out.  Megan always thought there must be something she could do to put them in their place but what? 

Megan was pretty good friends with the fraternity president Jack Coleman and although he would never say a bad word about his fraternity brothers was not thrilled with the goings on over being outvoted for parties etc. as well.  He also was at the present time not happy about how Rick and Company as he always addressed them were not following some of the fraternity rules.  Nothing major but after speaking to him a few times and being blown off felt as though all five were headed down the wrong path and hoped they did not take his frat which he loved with them.  Megan decided to speak to a friend of hers about this predicament as it was almost time to pick a theme for a party that both the sorority and fraternity would be involved in.  There would be a charge at the door and be restricted to those groups only and the money made at various booths or whatever they came up with would be donated.  Megan had a friend at the school who dealt with some charities and decided to go and see her. Megan also decided to see her as rumor had it around campus although nothing was ever confirmed about it that she had taken care of a boy in the school, no one knew which one or how by using her smarts to humiliate him after he had spread rumors about her.

Megan phoned her friend Annabelle and met her the next day at a small restaurant near the campus.  Megan explained the situation and told Annabelle what she had heard around the campus.  Annabelle smiled and said that rumors were rumors but would be glad to make some suggestions to Megan about a possible solution to the problem.  First she wanted to know if Megan had any special talents of any kind, swimming, etc. .  Megan said she was a pretty good poker player as she had an uncle who was a very good gambler and won quite a bit at the casinos.  Annabelle said that would be fine and proceeded to outline her plan to Megan.  Megan listened intently and when she was finished agreed to never mention their meeting and thanked her for her help.

Megan met with her sorority sisters that night and laid out in great detail the plan her "friend" had come up with and they all agreed to implement it if possible.  It had a slight chance of coming apart but knowing Rick's ego should be no problem.  Megan's idea would be brought up the following day at the meeting to plan the theme for the event they would be having together.

The next day Megan and her sorority sisters gathered at the fraternity house as the alternated where they had group meetings when they were involved in a project together. Most of the meeting went rather quickly as a charity had been picked a few months before by drawing one out of a drum from a suggestion of several.  Now came the time for the theme of the party.  Several suggestions were made by the fraternity brothers and sorority sisters, 50's, 70 's disco party,  famous people etc., all unfortunately shot down by Rick and Company who were in favor of a luau.  Mostly because they knew the girls would arrive dressed in hardly anything at all.  This time however the girls stood their ground and wanted to discuss it further. This would be the third luau in the past four years.  Not only was it becoming boring, but it was not part of the plan. 

Now Megan raised her hand and was recognized by the two presidents of the fraternity and sorority at the head of the room.  Meagan stood and said, "How about forgoing an actual theme this year and instead have an event like a poker tournament?".  Several heads nodded this might be a fun idea and they were not even from the sorority.  Rick spoke almost immediately "Are you kidding?  After the first hour there would just be a bunch of frat guys sitting around playing poker." "What fun would that be. Now if you want to change it to strip poker than that might be worth our while." Jack and Nancy the sorority president asked Rick to sit down and let Megan finish.  Megan began again "We could have everyone buy in for say $100.00 a person and give the money to charity." " The winner would receive say a voucher for an airline ticket to anywhere in the country and the fraternity and sorority would split the cost of that prize."  Everyone seemed to think it was a good idea for a change, no decorations etc. and the money usually spent on those kind of things could be used for the grand prize.  Rick once again held up his hand and after being pointed to gave it the thumbs down again. Several people groaned under their breath.  Nancy the president of the sorority looked at Megan who now went in for the kill.  Megan said, "I am sorry you feel that way Rick, I thought it would be fun but if you are afraid of losing to one of your sorority sisters then I can see why it is a bad idea".  That did it as Megan knew it would.  Rick shot back "One of my brothers or I could beat you any day."  "Ok poker it is, just don’t be a sore loser when all that's left is my fraternity brothers and you guys have all gone home".  It was settled.  The fraternity president and sorority president would be judges and have final say on the winner and prizes as long as both agreed.  If not, the prize would be split.  The tournament was set for two weeks from that night as some of both the boys and girls had never played before and wanted some time to learn the game and at least have a little fun. 

When they returned to the sorority everyone congratulated Megan.  Megan thanked them but remined them they still had a long way to go before they could really have some fun.


Chapter 2:


The night of the poker tournament had arrived.  Everyone in both the fraternity and sorority was there.  Some did not play but the minimum required had been agreed upon to be at least ten per team so the night would raise $2000.00 for the charity that had been selected.  They had rented a small hall for a minimal amount as both sides of course wanted to host so they settled on a neutral location.  Four tables each holding five players were set up each with either two frat boys and three sorority girls or vice versa so it all evened out.  This was strictly a five card draw poker game and no one could help each other.  Each person was on their own, so the winner was truly the best poker player and everyone in their turn got a chance to deal.Megan had spent the past two weeks holding seminars on poker when she could and was confident that someone in her sorority would sit at the last table.  Rick of course was playing but not all four of his other buddies as some were limited in their knowledge of the game. 

The first hour that went by it seemed slightly lopsided and Megan began to worry some about her evening’s agenda.  Two of her ten people were out and none of the frat boys.  She knew however that cards were cards and that the tide could turn at any given moment which is what happened during the next hour when three of the frat boys were knocked out by her girls.  She began to get nervous as after that two more girls went but then two more boys as well.  Time passed and then it was down to just two.  Rick and herself.  Everyone else had been eliminated.  No matter what happened she had proven that the girls were just as good as the boys at this game.  Rick may not think so, but she knew just the same. 

Each had a large pile of chips in front of them.  Rick had been of course taunting the girls all evening long however now at the moment of truth the taunts had grown slim and far between although still there.  A hand was dealt by Rick and he asked how many cards Megan wanted. She looked at her hand. Two pair. Kings and Queens.  Megan stopped before asking for one card.  It was time to see if Rick would take the bait.  "Well Rick," I said.  I guess this is not turning out quite like you had planned, is it?".  Rick not as confident as usual but still plenty answered, "Everyone gets lucky once and awhile even your girls." Megan replied.  "Luck you think, is it? Not skill? I guess then you won’t mind upping the ante then would you?"  Rick looked at his cards.  He had drawn only two which Megan took to mean he had three of a kind.  She could not be sure.  But she had to take the risk.  Rick answered.  "I already get a free plane ticket to anywhere I want." "What do I get also? One of the girls to come with me?"  He laughed.  Some of the guys in his group did also.  Megan answered unrattled “You always think you know best so how about if you win as well as the plane ticket you get to pick every event for the rest of the year and we guarantee that at your next event five sorority girls of your choosing will be there under your instruction. You will pick the theme, their clothing, etc.  You cannot make them do anything with anyone but they will be under your command for the entire event. “ Megan turned to the girls and asked if that was all right.  They nodded slowly in agreement and seemed nervous, but all agreed.  "You mean they have to wear anything I say and are under my instruction for the whole event?". "Yes, Megan answered BUT if I win the rules are the same.  We get to ok the events for the whole next year and five guys of our choosing do our bidding at the next event costumes and all."  Rick looked behind him.  Everyone seemed to have every confidence in him and all of them nodded.  "Ok then I can’t wait for another luau.  It should be the most entertaining one of the year since all the serving girls will be wearing grass skirts...and nothing else!".  Megan picked up her last card and looked at it.  Ok Rick I call what do you have?  Rick laid his cards on the table.  "Three aces.  I can’t wait to see you and some of your sorority sisters doing the hula."  Megan slowly laid down her two pair a pair of Kings and a pair of Aces with a look of dejection on her face.  Rick was exuberant yelling and giving high fives to everyone around.  "Rick" Megan said.  He stopped and looked at her for a moment.  "Did I ever tell you my uncle plays poker all over the country.  He is quite good.  He taught me everything I know." And with that I threw the last card a king down on the table. Megan had a full house.

It suddenly became very quiet.  That was until everyone realized what had just happened.  The girls were cheering and high fiving and the boys had grown very very silent.  Rick began getting angry "Hey you never told me your uncle played all the time and that you took lessons from him."  It was at that moment that both sets of presidents stepped forward.  Jack said "Rick there is no sense getting angry.  Everyone had the same amount of time to practice the same as you.  If you failed to ask if Megan had played before that is up to you not up to her."  Nancy and I are declaring Megan and her sorority the winner."  The girls cheered and Rick began to get up.  Jack told him to sit back down if he was to remain a member of his fraternity.  Rick slowly lowered himself to his chair.  Jack asked Megan where she planned to go with her ticket.  Megan answered, "I am donating my ticket to charity to be raffled off at the school to the highest bidder."  Everyone clapped.  Jack then told Rick he could go.  "Just a minute Rick," Megan said.  "There is the matter of our next event."  The girls all smiled. " I choose you and your four buddies for the event.  It will be held next Saturday, and you must show up in costume prepared to do what we say for the evening."  "I will send your costumes for the event over Friday afternoon. " Rick still angry asked what the event was. " Our event is none of your concern, please just wear your costume and be on time."  Rick nodded and left the room.  All the fraternity brothers wanted to know about the event including Jack.  Megan just smiled and said they would know soon enough.


Chapter 3:


The following Friday afternoon the doorbell rang at the frat and there was a young man standing there with a package.  The package was a delivery for Rich and Company and was marked costumes.  The frat brothers accepted the package and called for Rick and his four buddies.  All of them came downstairs and opened the package.  Inside was a note stating to report to the sorority the following evening at 6pm and don’t be late.  They were told to wear a pair of shorts and the enclosed shirts.Inside the package were five t shirts printed with things like "Mommy's Little Dear" and " I am Mommy's favorite" and they all had numbers on the back 1-5.  Rick had been instructed to wear shirt #1 and the others were also instructed by number what shirt to wear.  Rick and the others had no idea what to expect but from the look of it, it probably was not going to be anything good.  The note also instructed anyone not involved in the event to stay away as they would not be admitted.  Rick and his four buddies were to be dropped off or walk to the sorority and someone from there would call when they were done. 

Despite Rick questioning once again and being denied again by Jack forgetting about the bet the five frat brothers were dropped off at the sorority promptly at 6pm Saturday night.  All were dressed in the shirts and gym shorts along with tennis shoes.  A note on the front door told them to enter, wipe their feet and go downstairs to the basement and wait there.  All five entered the house and noticed immediately that there were no decorations anywhere and the house appeared to be empty although they heard some slight noise from upstairs.  They headed for the basement and found what appeared to be several folding chairs, and some other items.  It appeared that along with the folding chairs there were five tables that were covered over and seemed the type you used for medical purposes and near each one were a couple of metal buckets containing what appeared to be some towels and some other unknown items.  It was then they heard footsteps on the stairs.  Down the stairs came Megan followed by four of the other fraternity girls.  Right away Rick noticed each girl was wearing a shirt and on each shirt was printed the words Mommy with a number on each 1-5.  Megan wore the shirt with Mommy number 1 printed on it.  Rick immediately wanted to know what was going on and was told to be quiet by Megan. 

Megan then explained that in her sorority as girls became older and went out into the world that some of them would become mothers and that since none of them had ever been a mother before she decided that they all needed some training in taking care of a small child and what better way to do that then get some practice on actual people.  Rick asked, "Exactly what kind of party is this?"  Megan answered him "I never said we were having a party, you agreed to help us as needed at our next event.  This is it."  Megan then told each of the boys to stand next to one of the tables and then as they did so each one of the girls stood next to the boy who had their same numbered t shirt on.  Megan stood next to Rick and then called upstairs.  "Ok girls we are ready to begin our class."  About twenty girls came downstairs and all were seated in the folding chairs.  Rick again confused asked what they were all doing. Again, Megan explained "They are here to observe our class of course, now please be quiet so we can begin".

Megan then began. "All right ladies as promised the boys from our fraternity have shown up to help us in our first annual "How to be a Mommy class".  "Don’t they look great?"  The girls all started giggling and gave somewhat light applause.  It was then Rick noticed they appeared to be all dressed as small children.  He did not like the look of this but kept silent for the moment.  Megan continued " Now girls rather than have some boring lecture I decided that you should all have some firsthand experience in taking care of a child.  Each of you has an envelope and in the envelope is a number.  Please take out each number and that is the child you are assigned to.  Each child should have five girls including each Mommy."  Please only respond up here to the front as you are called.  Each of the girls took out an envelope from their pockets and looked at their number.  Megan continued.  "Now girls the first lesson is the feeding of your child.  We are not talking about an infant but an actual say 6-month-old child you will have to feed at some point."  With that she took out of one of the buckets a couple of jars of baby food and some spoons and the other "mommies" in the front of the room did the same.  "Now ladies let’s feed our babies" "Please step forward at this time and go to the baby that matches your number. Rick and the others thought that Megan had to be kidding but she was not.  Megan and the other girls unscrewed the lids of the jars and handed out spoons.Megan dipped her spoon into the jar and made Rick take a mouthful while the others laughed.  Megan then advised the other girls to feed their babies, mommies first then each other girl.  Soon girls were laughing and giggling as spoonful’s of carrots , squash , beets and other vegetables were being shoved into the mouths of the boys.  Megan and the others were not very careful about the feeding either as several drops of food spilled onto the front of each boy actually making them look like giant little children. 

Megan after the feeding was over asked everyone but the mommies to sit down.  Megan continued. "Now girls as you can see you should always use a bib during feeding time. As we did not their shirts are now dirty and must be washed." She turned to Rick and the others.  Rick his mouth smeared with baby food as well as his shirt did not look happy but said nothing.  Megan continued "Mommies please take the shirts off your babies".  All girls up front removed the food encrusted shirts leaving the frat boys with nothing on top and just wearing their gym shorts and tennis shoes.  Megan the reached into the bucket and retrieved a container of wipes and told each of the girls up front to take one and clean off their babies faces.  The "mommies" proceeded to clean their babies faces off making them sputter quite a bit in the process.  The other girls now seated in the meantime started laughing and began to comment on how well built some of the babies were.  Rick and his buddies were not amused and could not begin to imagine what was next. 

Megan began again " Now mommies it’s important to have fun and games with your babies so please remove their shoes and socks and have them sit on the floor with you.  Rick and the others were made to sit down and the girls in the front of the room removed all their shoes and socks.  Megan said, "Ladies nothing is as fun as the sound of a child's laughter so please everyone step forward and tickle your babies".  All the seated girls walked forward and began to tickle the five guys mercilessly.  Feet, stomachs, ribs anything they could to elicit a response.  Some of the boys begged them to stop or they were going to wet their pants.  After about five minutes Megan told them to stop and return to their seats.  Megan told the boys to stand up and now they were left at the mercy of the girls in their gym shorts and underwear.  Megan looked toward her audience and gave them a wink. 

Megan then said "Ok ladies, childcare is not only fun and games.  Sometimes you must discipline your child when he is bad.  Can I ask five of you ladies to give up your chairs please.  Five of the sorority girls stood up and brought the five chairs they were sitting on to the front of the room.  Megan continued, "Now mommies please sit down on the chairs."  They did and the girls all started to laugh.  The boys did not look very confident that they were going to like what came next.  Megan spoke "Now all the other girls please go back to your assigned baby and place him over his mommies’ knee."  The girls all stood up and took Rick and placed him over Megan's knee as the others did the same until five frat boys in gym shorts were bent over Megan and the other girls knees.Megan said, "Now lightly spank your baby so he gets the idea you are in charge but not mad."  Megan demonstrated by lightly spanking Rick's ass.  Rick looked back at Megan who only smiled. The other "mommies" began to spank their babies lightly as well and Megan instructed the others to step up and join in.  Soon every one of the girls were laughing and giggling at the boys as they lay over the "mommy" knees getting spanked.  Megan after about three or four minutes gave the order to stop.  She said "That’s enough girls".  Then continued.  "Girls you would use that just to get your child's attention." She almost laughed as she looked at the other girls who all smiled very eagerly as Megan said "Sometimes your child needs real discipline and must be spanked bare assed".  As she said it, she started to pull down Rick's gym shorts.  He immediately grabbed behind him to pull them back up.  "Hey" Rick said what do you think you are doing?" That was not part of the deal".  Megan answered "I'm sorry Rick, maybe I am confused.  I believe our bet was that you and your buddies would help in any way at our next event.  Isn't that, right?"  "This is part of the class".  The other girls laughed.  "If you would like I can call Jack and let him know you and the others are not cooperating and make sure I am not mistaken".  Rick knew if he did not comply with the bet, he and the others could be blackballed and kicked out of the fraternity.  He usually skated on just enough thin ice not to fall through but this time he knew he could be kicked out for legitimate reasons.  Megan continued " I don't seem to remember there being any objection when you wanted to have the girls wear only grass skirts at the luau you were going to have if you won".Rick could not argue the point any longer and when Megan asked a second time if she needed to call Jack he weakly mumbled "No".  Megan pretended she did not hear him.  "What's that again?"  "No don’t call Jack we will help out".  The others seemed just as deflated as Rick, none wanted to leave the frat .  Megan continued " Well not that that's settled let's try again." 

Megan slowly pulled back Rick's gym shorts exposing his bare ass as the other four girls still in their chairs at the front of the room did the same.  It was quite the sight with twenty girls all standing around five guys whose bare asses where now exposed to the world.  Megan said, "Now you don’t want to make your child cry if you can help it but you must be firm in your conviction".  And with that she began to slap Rick's ass with her bare hand as the others did the same with their boys.  Megan said, "Girls everyone stay with your assigned babies and take a turn spanking them."  The girls were having a grand old time as they tried out their hands on their assigned boys.  Laughing and calling to each other soon five pink assess were surrounded by a group of very excited girls.  After everyone took their turns, Megan again asked them to stop and return to their seats.  Megan told Rick and the others they could pull up their pants now and stand by the tables in the front of the room.  Megan returned the chairs to the girls who had been standing and everyone, but the "mommies" were back watching and waiting for the next set of instructions.  It was not long in coming.


Chapter 4:


Megan now asked the "mommies" to take the two towels from their buckets and spread them on the floor and well as take out the sponge that was in each bucket.She then asked some of the seated girls to take the two buckets at each table and fill them up in the bathrooms of the house with warm but not too hot water.  Several girls volunteered and returned after a while with 10 buckets of water and set them down by each girl in the front of the room.  Rick and the boys were told to stand on the towels and remove their gym shorts.  Reluctantly the boys did as told now leaving them in their underwear on the towels.  The girls in front handed their clothes to the other girls who put them in a pile nearby.  Megan said "Girls now we have fed, played with, and disciplined our babies.  One of the other things you must learn to do is bathe them correctly.  Megan again standing at the front of the room looked at the girls who all seemed to be on the edge of their seats this time.  Megan said "This lesson is extremely important girls so pay very close attention.  In fact, it is so important we will be going one boy at a time this time instead of all together."  The girls hung on every word knowing what was coming.  Megan then took her sponge and dipped it into the water and began to wash Rick off as the girls laughed.  She let the water run down his face and neck as well as his chest and back.  She washed his legs and arms and then turned to the girls who by know were almost falling out of their seats in anticipation.  Megan was smiling from ear to ear when she said, " Now in order to get baby clean we must wash every inch so Rick please remove your underwear".  The girls went wild, catcalling and laughing.  Rick stared in disbelief.  He was not about to strip down in the middle of a group of girls.  One on one was one thing even two on one but this was something completely different.  Rick refused.  Megan then winked at the girls and said, " Well I can do it for you if you would like".  Again, Rick refused.  Megan pretended to become indignant and pulled out her cell phone.  "Ok then I will just call Jack".  Megan this time dialed the phone.  Jack did not answer but someone went to get him.  When he came to the phone Megan said "Jack I am afraid the boys you sent us are not cooperating.  Is this the way your fraternity pays off a legitimate bet?  Girls laughed in the background and Jack asked, "Megan what is going on over there?".  Megan said, " We are holding an event for our sorority and your boys are as I said no longer being helpful."  Jack asked Megan to put Rick on the phone.  Rick sopping wet took the phone and started to talk to Jack.  All the girls heard was a series of yes's and no’s and then Rick said to Jack "But you don’t know how they want us to help." "I understand".  Rick gave Megan back the phone.  Jack told Megan he had instructed Rick and the others to help in any way she asked or that he was done at the frat.  If he received any more phone calls regarding their behavior Rick and the others were finished.  Megan thanked Jack and hung up. 

Megan turned to Rick "Well Rick what's it going to be?"  Lose your frat or lose those shorts?"  Rick looked at the others.  He couldn't quit the frat.  He loved it too much and it would be bad for anything he decided to do after college.  All connections and his brother’s friendship would be lost. Rick said, "Ok you win".  Megan sent one of the girls out of the room and she returned with a video camera.  Megan said "Girls this is such an important lesson we are going to film it.  Rick objected but Megan removed her phone and he immediately became quiet.  The girl with the camera started taping.  Rick slowly dropped his underwear to his ankles.  The girls applauded and one from the back shouted "Hey it's Rick's dick" The girls went into hysterics immediately.  Megan told Rick to completely remove his shorts.  She then turned to the other boys and asked them the same "What’s it going to be boys?"  One by one the boys removed their undies leaving them completely exposed to the girls.  The girls were laughing and pointing "Look at that thing, they are really trying to get into character with that being that size" "Your nickname should be Stubby" and other taunts.  The boys turned all shades of red.  They tried to cover up, but Megan would have none of it.  "We need to wash you she said".  "Ladies, step on up and wash your babies."  "Since this is almost the last lesson feel free to practice any of the others while you are waiting."  It was almost total chaos.  The girls were laughing and shouting to each other.  Some were spanking Rick and the other boys while others were washing them.  Some started feeding them again spraying food on them as fast as others could wash it off.  This continued for about twenty minutes.  Rick and the other boys stood during all this with hands at their sides while all the girls washed their dicks and balls, spanked their asses and  made all kinds of comments about size and their limp dicks. Megan finally told the girls to cease and desist.  She let Rick and the boys remove any food that still clung to them and told them to hop up on the nearby tables for the last lesson.  The girls reluctantly sat down.  Rick and the boys were now told to lie down on the tables still naked face up.  Megan then said, "Ok ladies I think our class had been a great success but we still have a couple of things to do." She again winked at the girls and said " Did you notice ladies that these boys have matured at an alarming rate?  They are much too hairy for their age down near their cock and balls."  "Someone go get me that shaving cream we bought and a razor."  One of the girls left the room and Rick and his friends looked panicked.  The girl returned empty handed saying she couldn't find it.  Megan turned to Rick.  "See Rick I am a good poker player I can bluff as good as you".  The girls laughed. 

Megan had the girls gather around Rick and the boys.  Megan said "Ok ladies the lessons are almost over but we forgot an important one.  We need to dress them back up now that bath time is over." Rick and the boys seemed relieved as they would now get their clothes back and the ordeal would be over.  That was not the case, however.  Megan instructed the "mommies" to take out their supplies and each girl took out a bottle of talcum powder and some baby lotion.  Megan went out of the room and brought back five adult diapers.  Rick and his friends again turned red.  "Hey don’t we get our clothes back?"  Megan said you do when you get back to the frat." When you walk through your fraternity door the event is over and not until." "Ladies powder and lotion your babies."  This time the girls were only concentrating on one area and while all the girls gathered around their babies, they started to rub lotion on their cock and balls and made them turn sideways and put lotion on their asses.  They started to get hard as the girls laughed some more again making comments.  Megan instructed them.  "Just awhile longer ladies as we don't want to make a mess and have to bathe them again." The boys were then powdered, and Megan called out to the girls that their instruction was over and to please sit down.  The "mommies" then took the diapers and put all five boys in them and then made them stand at the front of the room.  The girls had had a grand evening.  This was much more fun than any airline ticket.  Megan then told the girls to start cleaning up and while the girls put the chairs away Megan made a call to Jack.  She told Jack he could now come pick up his frat brothers but that they were still under her instruction until they got to the frat and that they were to walk home.  Jack said he was on his way with a couple of the other brothers and would be there soon.  Megan then exited the room and when she returned, she had five pacifiers and a tube of lipstick.  While the girls watched she put a pacifier in each of the boys’ mouths and started to write in the lipstick on their chests.  On Ricks she wrote Mommy's "Little" Man with an arrow down to the front of his diaper.  On the others she wrote "Stubby" and "Small things come in small packages" with an arrow down and other things.  The girls laughed again. There was a knock at the door.

Jack was let into the sorority house with two other frat brothers.  They were led downstairs and could not believe what they saw.  Five of his brothers now looking like adult babies with pacifiers, in diapers and with all kinds of things written on them.  It was hard not for Jack to laugh.  But instead, he asked Megan if they had been helpful.  She answered that they had, and they now could walk home.  Megan knew on a Saturday night at the college they would draw attention to themselves with no problem on the three blocks walk back to the fraternity.  She had Jack let them put on their shoes and socks and gave Jack their clothes.  The girls all waved goodbye from the front door when they were leaving but before they left Megan said to Jack "Be sure to let me know if you ever have trouble with any of these boys Jack.  I think they have grown up quite a bit tonight but I do have a training film I can show you if they become a problem again” Rick and the others turned bright red and they all left.  Megan's plan was a success and she imagined that was the last of the problems they would have from Rick and his friends.




It was the end of the year.  It had been great being in the sorority and Megan would miss it during the summer months.  The rest of the year's events went off without a hitch. Some suggested by Megan's sorority and some suggested by the frat but when a majority voted now Rick and his friends did not upset the meeting by trying to get their own way.  Jack stopped Megan on her way out to her car as she was leaving the sorority house.  He told her thanks again because whatever she did had worked.  Rick and Company had brought their grades up, worked hard at the frat and were getting along with their frat brothers like never before.  Megan just smiled and told Jack how she would miss him that summer and that she had not done anything.  She just really thought Rick and his friends were acting out and needed some motherly love.  She winked at Jack as she got in the car and drove away.


The End.















Submitted: May 21, 2023

© Copyright 2023 BERN G. All rights reserved.

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Loved this one! Were the guys wearing boxers or briefs?

Mon, May 22nd, 2023 8:22pm


Glad you enjoyed it. One had gym shorts as stated other than that briefs and next time will include that detail. Thanks.

Mon, May 22nd, 2023 1:39pm


I haven't finished reading this entry yet, but I found it odd that nobody noticed there were five (5) aces on the table.

Wed, May 24th, 2023 3:37am


I will have to go back and re read. I thought I caught all the typos. Thanks if this is true for pointing it out. First story submission so will try to improve if thats the case.

Wed, May 24th, 2023 8:03am

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