Sex and Suffering

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The purpose of pain...

I have teased my husband with panties and stockings before an encounter with another man, but it's not common for me to do that simply because it's impractical.  I'm a busy girl.  I prefer to tease him with the results.  But doing both is even more fulfilling. Humiliation is an important feature for my husband's fantasy.  Like most people, he's not always in the mood. I have to gauge his setting and meld it with my agenda. I don't want to overwhelm him, although I certainly have done that several times.

Who am I kidding?  I live to overwhelm him.  I gag him with my cum coated panties because I don't care to hear his safe word.  If his balls are turning blue from the weights I have hanging on his testicles, I'll take a break when I'm good and ready to loosen the ligatures.  Pain is love.  That's what I tell him, and he believes.

I was almost a week overdue when I finally had my second baby, Seth. My teenage boy-toy, Brandon, fucked me around the time of my due date and sent me into contractions when I climaxed. The contractions were short lived even though the climax went on and on. I thought I could induce labor with sex. I was almost successful.  Most of all, it was fun trying... particularly with someone other than my husband.

Because, let's be frank.  My husband can't make me cum with his little cock.  He knows it.  I know it.  My lovers know it.  Now, you know it.  That's why I married him, to make him miserably aware of his ineptitude and rub it in his face.  It makes me cum to rub it in his face.  It makes his face all messy.  Love is messy.  That's what I tell him, and he believes.

I ultimately invited Dan over to the house after my due date had passed. I was desperate to go into labor. I basically instructed Andy to submit to this. It was one of those times my hubby was particularly malleable and willing to accommodate my impulsive desires. He didn't like it, but he allowed it because he was tired of me being pregnant. 

I knew it would be painful for my husband to watch Dan take me. Dan is an enemy. He has a big ass dick and a beautiful body.  He knows how to hook in his hose and turn on my sprinkler.

So, when I talk about overwhelming my husband with humiliation, let's just say this was the pinnacle. I tied my hubby naked in a chair and made him watch Dan turn my tunnel inside out on our majestic king mattress. After load number one, I walked over and squirted Dan's semen all over my husband's miniscule dick. Then, Dan and I went downstairs for round two. I left the door open for Andy to listen, then climbed back up the stairs to shove my cunt in his face. I made him clean me up thoroughly.

In the middle of all that pregnant, bedroom sex, Dan and I discussed how he had fucked my husband's girlfriend back in high school. I was the one who told the story while Dan confirmed the details. It was so brutal that Dan refused to confess it, but I had already extracted the information beforehand. The whole thing was part of the plan to pelt my husband with this completely unexpected revelation. He watched the same guy who screwed his girlfriend almost fifteen years ago pound his wife's pussy into labor... almost.

Well, I didn't go into labor for another few days. It easily took Andy that long to recover. These events are like a prize fight. I beat my husband up, then tend to his wounds.  Love is bloody.  That's what I tell him, and he believes.

I had been talking with Dan about his early relationship with my husband. They were friends when my hubby was in high school here in Mississippi. However, Dan was several years older, so he was actually in a community college when Andy was still a senior.

Andy was dating a girl named Emily who was, by all accounts, a sort of plain Jane type of girl as a junior. With the help of some new friends, she morphed into a supermodel over summer vacation and showed up her senior year looking like a rock star . My hubby loved the transformation, but Emily felt she was out of his league. I suppose that's because she was getting offers from everyone.

The short of it was that she also caught Dan's attention as well, even though he didn't go to school there. Dan lived down the road from Andy. They were friends and neighbors. Dan came over to Andy's house specifically to meet Emily when he saw them drive by together. The two of them exchanged numbers. By late that afternoon, Dan and Emily were already fucking at her house before her parents came home from work. Andy had never even screwed her and had been dating her nearly a year. It took Dan less than three hours to get in her panties.

This was Dan's secret and my husband's punishment. Andy didn't know anything about it until Dan and I told him together. Emily went off to college at UNC after graduation. Oblivious to Emily cheating with his best friend, Andy chased her. He got a degree in hospital administration and an egg in the face from Emily who was seeing other guys and finally ditched him in a most embarrassing way. She was the first girl to really humiliate my hubby, so he had a history that was partially responsible for his fetish.

Anyway, I have been pressing my hubby for stories of his younger days just because it came up in conversation. We had never really talked about his previous girlfriends. I wrote about it here on Silk in a series called "My Husband's Secrets", but I never should have insisted Dan confess to Andy about Emily.  It was too much for my husband to handle as he watched his nemesis bang my pregnant brains out.

It's just that Emily was someone Andy and I had discussed extensively. When I mentioned her to Dan - just wow at the information he provided. I don't know why it made me so excited to hear his story, but it totally turned me on imagining Dan fucking my future husband's high school sweetheart... so ironic. Dan told me the details when I dropped by his house unexpectedly after work. It was supposed to be an afternoon quickie with an old flame. It turned into a major fuck-fest heated by naughty recollections of unspeakable betrayal that made me late getting home to my husband with a pussy full of another man's cum.

That's the purpose of pain for a cuck, adding insult to injury.  He has to watch me be fulfilled, knowing that he can never fill me.  I can squirt out more cum from one of my lovers than my husband could ever shoot inside me.  Sex is suffering.  That's what I tell him, and he believes.

Dan was my first affair after I got married. Because Dan was actually Andy's childhood friend and a groomsman in our wedding, it was even more devastating for my husband. Andy thought Dan was his 'best friend' growing up, but Dan didn't share that perspective. Suffice to say that Dan was excommunicated by Andy's family after the affair. I was surprised our marriage survived, but Andy didn't want to let me go. His relationship with Dan, however, was totally obliterated.
Soon afterwards, we met Gordon who offered Andy a job in Nashville. Before the weekend interview was over, Gordon fucked me three times in our hotel room. The last time he did it right in front of my husband. I thought the whole thing was Andy's idea, but it wasn't. Gordon talked him into it. Turns out, I was part of a package deal, and Gordon had one hell of a package.

My hubby thought he could handle it, but he was sorely mistaken. It took weeks to get him out of the emotional trenches after watching Gordon literally wear me out. Andy had no idea what a real man's cock could do to me. He had never seen me orgasm like that over and over. I squirted so much that I soaked the bed. I was a rag doll wreck.

We decided against the job for that reason. I didn't think Andy could handle working for Gordon after watching the guy plow me senseless. I actually made the decision to back out of the contract. Andy ended up paying the price. Gordon's firm later purchased the clinics that Andy supervised in Mississippi. They also purchased the one where I worked.

It was an occupational coup that put my husband on his knees, and it was orchestrated by Gordon as vindication.  We had embarrassed him in front of the board by refusing his original offer. I was told the Mississippi clinic acquisitions were a successful venture. Gordon earned a promotion to vice president. Pretty impressive for a guy barely over forty.

Because of the acquistions, my husband and I both ended up under Gordon's thumb, and it stayed that way for well over a year. Andy had limited local options and didn't want to work for a hospital. He didn't want to move away from his extended family. Our house was inherited and a family heirloom. It wasn't something we could sell and move on. We didn't have a mortgage, but we owed money on renovations. Thus, we were stuck where we were. The Nashville offer would have allowed us to move and dissolve the debt, but we turned that down. Now, my hubby was getting kicked in the balls, and it was kind of my fault.

It would have been better if Andy had approached the local hospital back when Gordon's firm took over. Instead, he mulled over the loss of each clinic and stood around idle while Gordon plucked away all of his buisnesses. It finally reached the point where I had to take action, so I secretly met Gordon in one of his recently purchased clinics after work. This was during COVID, and I occasionally worked ICU shift at the hospital which would put me getting home around 7pm. The risks were high in ICU, but the money was excellent. My clinic job let me out by 5 pm.

I told Andy I was working the ICU on the day I met Gordon, which bought me some extra time. Andy would never have agreed to that meeting. The clinic was under renovation, and the workers all left by early afternoon. It was Friday. Gordon took me to an unoccupied physician's office that was nearly completed and already furnished with desks and chairs. He acted stupid.

"What did you want to see me about, Megan?"

He knew damn well why I wanted to see him, but he made me strip out of my scrubs and underwear, then crawl on my knees across the Parquet wood floor while he was sitting there watching from behind the desk. I sucked his dick until he came in my mouth before we ever started negotiations.

Gordon made me beg... beg naked on my knees with cum dripping down my chin on my tits. He said he would do what he could to get Andy a position, but he couldn't promise anything. Of course, he had already offered me a job at my original clinic, and he told me he would raise my salary if I agreed to be a 'good girl'. I had little leverage and agreed to all his terms. Then he fucked me from behind over the desk. His stamina was incredible, having already ejaculated. He literally fucked me for forty minutes. My legs were quivering so severely that I could no longer lean over. He had to lay me on my back to finish me.

Gordon shot his second load deep up my pussy, then made me get dressed immediately. No bathroom break, no wiping off. He escorted me out the door to my jeep and sent me on my way. I was already soaking my panties.

It was household policy for me to get undressed at the door when I came home from working the ICU during COVID. Andy would typically be waiting with dinner on the stove and would collect my scrubs for deposit into the washer on the sanitize setting. I would stroll naked back to the guest bathroom for a shower. It was a precaution we agreed upon when I worked in the hospital. Samantha was staying with her grandparents.

But on the memorable Friday that Gordon put me on my knees, I had totally forgotten about undressing at the door. All I could think about was peeing because my bladder was about to burst. When I walked in from the garage, Andy was waiting. You can just imagine the mess in my panties... the mess between my legs. Forty minutes worth of stretching and squirting and smearing all over my thighs and my mound...all over my ass. Semen on my tits. Semen in my cunt. Semen in the crotch of my black see-through thong. Confession.

Andy and I didn't eat supper that night. We both drank heavily. I cried. Andy held me after he finally forgave me. When he was drunk enough, I gave him the much-maligned details and jerked him off slowly to a description of Gordon finishing inside me. We got the news Andy had his job about a week or two later.

Gordon took a personal interest in me at the clinic and cucked my hubby severely. He wanted to get me pregnant, and I'm not sure how he wasn't successful. He screwed me a lot and insisted I remain off birth control. He told my husband to wear a condom and never cum inside me. Incredibly, Andy obliged his demands. In fact, we rarely fucked. I more often performed hand jobs and gave my husband the specifics about how Gordon had fucked me earlier that day.  This is how a man melts into his role as a cuckold, how a beta yields to an alpha. 

It was during this time that Andy received most of his cuck training. Gordon was more responsible for it than me, but I played along and learned to enjoy it. Part of the reason I took advantage was because my hubby had picked up a girlfriend at one of the clinics he managed. I didn't know about it until after the Nashville interview, but the relationship started before I ever met Gordon. Gordon knew about it because it was Andy's girlfriend, Stephanie, who called him to arrange Andy's Nashville interview. It was a very lucrative offer and hard to refuse. I was pretty pissed off when I found out about the whole situation and much less apologetic for Gordon. Still, I had cheated first. I let it slide. And now, I was seeing Gordon. He was an asshole, but he was an amazing fuck.

Once Gordon took over the clinics, he told me about Steph. The woman was a masochist and totally beat Andy to a pulp. Gordy sent me vids of her tying Andy up and stepping on his balls with stilettos. It was brutal. Obviously, Gordon used Stephanie to manipulate me into letting him do what he wanted. If Andy was going to have Steph, I was going to fuck Gordon... maybe even have his baby. The fact that we had Samantha was probably the only reason the marriage held together.

I didn't openly approve of Steph. I told Andy to get rid of her, and we could leave the clinics and get rid of Gordon. I said I could refuse Gordon's advances, but I couldn't promise what Gordon would do as long as he owned us. We were both his employees.

The process continued until one day I walked in on Andy while he was talking to Stephanie on the phone. They were on FaceTime together, and she was telling my husband how he needed to punish me for screwing around with Gordon. It was a graphic discussion about him beating my ass, and it was meant to be masturbation fodder.

I got pissed off. We had a shouting match over the phone. Before I managed to jerk my husband's cell from his hand and cut the call, Stephanie promised me she would punish me herself. I told her to kiss my ass.

Several months later, Steph and Gordon showed up at the clinic one morning for an 'administrative assessment'. Steph now worked for Gordon, and she was high in the chain of command. The two of them corralled me back into an empty physician's office and assigned Ashley to handle my position for the day. Stephanie undressed me and leaned me over the desk. Gordon fucked me as she cheered him on. Then, they sent me down the hall to put patients in their rooms for evaluations. No panties. I leaked all over the crotch of my cotton scrubs and was soaked between my legs by the second patient. It was massively embarrassing, which was Stephanie's intention.

Stephanie took pictures in the office when I returned. I had to lean against the desk and pull up my scrubs tight against my crotch. "Now, pull them down," Steph insisted. "We need to see why you're wet." She made me lean over and spread myself for a series of photos. Then, she put down her phone and spanked my bare ass. "I told you I would punish you, Megan. I keep my promises."


After lunch, they insisted I shave my pussy in front of them with a razor Gordon picked up at Walgreens on his lunchtime run for sandwiches. Stephanie wanted me smooth. She didn't say why. Gordon fucked me again on the desk and drained another large load into my unprotected pussy. Did I mention that he had timed this visit to coincide with what he thought was my ovulation week? Ashley was the spy who fed him that information.

After clinic was done and the building was clear, Stephanie and Gordon shuffled me over to the pelvic exam room. We don't have Gyn specialty in our clinic, but we occasionally do extensive pelvic evaluations. I was totally naked with my clothes lying on the floor back in the physician's office. Stephanie laid me down on the gynecology table, tied my legs into the stirrups, and zip tied my wrists behind my back.

"Gordon will like it better if we tie you down," she told me. I should have fought her. I knew it was a bad idea. Gordon did like it. Steph had him hard in a matter of seconds, and he fucked me for the third time that day while she cupped his heavy balls and mimicked his thrusts with her pelvis pressed tightly against his butt cheeks. "Wear her ass out, baby," she kept saying. He did, and Stephanie helped. She dictated the rhythm and the force. I was severely raw and sensitive by the time he nutted in my battered baby maker.

Once Gordon finally pulled out and started getting dressed, I realized I was in trouble. Nobody was making any attempt to untie me. Gordon mentioned he had to collect articles from the office to put in the car for the trip back to Nashville. Stephanie casually asked for his belt. He handed it over.

"What are you going to do with that?" he asked.

"Oh, Megan and I are going to have a little talk while you get things together. It won't take long, baby. Take your time, though." She kissed him passionately, then pushed him gently out the exam room door which she softly closed behind him.

"Did you think you were going to get away with just a little spanking after talking to me so disrespectfully on the phone, Megan?" I'm sure I looked terrified, which was just what Stephanie wanted to see. I had watched her beat my husband on video. I had seen his bruises at home. I had witnessed her nearly crush his nuts in his sac.

"This is going to hurt, Megan."  Stephanie clicked slowly across the tiles in her towering stilettos, slapping the leather belt in her palm. "It's gonna hurt like hell, and I'm gonna love every minute of it."

She double looped Gordon's belt in her hand and smacked my wet slit with a quick, stinging stroke. I arched up off the table and screamed in pain. There's no way that Gordon didn't hear me.

"Shut up, bitch. There's nobody here coming to your rescue. The clinic is closed. Gordon knows better than to interrupt what I'm doing."  She smacked my cunt again, even harder this time. I lifted off the table once more trying to scream, but my voice was a raspy whisper of agony. My muscles tensed and quivered. My thighs were frozen in flexion. "Keep your ass in the air just like that," Stephanie commented. "It makes your clit a perfect target."

Before I knew what was happening, the belt was searing my swollen nub like a blow torch. I screamed again, this time recovering my voice. Then I cried, collapsing back down on the table and trembling.

"Shit, I've heard enough of your racket." Stephanie pulled down her panties from under her skirt and tied them in my mouth with the crotch against my tongue. I could taste her arousal.

"You see how wet this is making me, bitch?" She smacked me again. My outcry was little more than a muffled moan through her musky lingerie. "That's so much better," she said, reaching over to pick up her phone. It had been leaning against the wall on the counter, videoing everything. She held it close to my gash, recording a closeup for Gordon. I knew he was watching.

"Let's not forget these," Stephanie continued as she stepped to the side of the exam table and started whipping my tiny breasts. She balanced the phone in one hand as she striped my tits with burning, red welts. After thrashing my B cups thoroughly, she returned to my pussy, pulling me down to the edge of the table and replacing the phone on the counter.

Stephanie held me down with a hand on my belly, then swirled the belt circularly like a lasso, whipping my labia in rapid succession with paddleboard precision. She worked up a sweat and took off her blouse before sliding out of her tight pencil skirt. I was about to pass out from the pain, hardly noticing her slip off her sheer satin bra. She was wearing thigh high black stockings with dark red stilettos. Her pussy sported a tightly trimmed triangular muff.  She was fit, muscular, tan, and foreboding.  I was completely at her mercy. 

The toned brunet took a quick break, sipping on bottled water while she clicked off some pictures and video. She retrieved a vape pen from her purse and blew white clouds of mist across the room, leaning against the counter as she regarded my condition. "You like my body, Megan? You can nod yes or no. Your husband likes it. He's such a pathetic fuck, though. It's no wonder you're such a whore, slutting around with other men."

Stephanie put down her pen and picked up the belt. "We're going to fix your whoring for a week or two, aren't we, Megan?  I guess you figured out why I asked you to shave the curls off your cooch. When I'm done baking your bald muffin, you won't even want your husband's little penis to touch it."

My cunt was already throbbing. I could feel my lips swelling as she stood there and taunted me. Stephanie stuffed a pillow under my butt to elevate my crease for one final beating. I squirmed in anticipation as she raised the belt over her head and brought it down with a vengeance. I lost count after six searing slashes. I can still hear the crack against my wet, weeping flesh. I barely noticed Gordon enter the room.

Once my faculties returned from the fog of torment, Gordon made a show of his surprise. "What have you done?!!" he demanded. Stephanie didn't act the least bit concerned as Gordon ripped his leather belt from her hand. "Get her down from there. What do you think you are doing!"

"Just teaching this bitch a little lesson in manners, that's all. She'll be alright, Gordon... in a couple weeks. You run along, baby. I'll meet you at the car in a second. Don't worry. I'll cut her down." Stephanie smiled at Gordon with reassurance, and the dickhead walked right out the door without another word. She reached in her purse and pulled out a hairbrush. I shook my head vehemently.

"Now, don't be like that, Megan. I know a whore like you has fucked yourself with a hairbrush handle before." Stephanie tapped on my clit with the back of the brush. I was bruised and tender. Even the slightest touch was excruciating. Then, she smacked my bead hard like she was swatting a roach as she cackled with a devilish smirk. Tears streamed down my face as I twisted and moaned, hopelessly trying to escape.

"Where do you think you're going, Meg?  You haven't been excused.  You know that bad girls get paddled severely.  That's my rule for the clinic."  I squealed helplessly through the fabric of her soaked satin panties, but the sound of it only excited her more.  She raked the teeth of her brush across my raw weeping sex. My joints locked in spastic anguish.

She slapped me with the back of the brush once more, then started grinding it into my pearl... alternating back and forth... smacking and grinding, smacking and grinding.  "I'm gonna beat the shit out of your pussy, Megan; slowly, very slowly - so I can watch your snatch swell as I do it."

I gnawed at the crotch of my cunt flavored gag, rocking and jerking against the table.  Stephanie whacked me repeatedly, taking her time whilst examining the damage to my genitals. She counted each blow without so much as a suggestion there'd be any limit to the punishment administered .  It was more a matter of how much I could take before I passed out.

She finally stopped at twenty.

"Yeah, I think I've cut you down, Megan.  In fact, I'd say I've fucked you up pretty good. I'm not sure that I've ever beaten anyone this badly before. Do you want some more?" I certainly didn't.

"Then maybe you better kiss my ass, bitch. I remember you told me to kiss yours, but somehow I never got around to it. I just might ram this brush handle up your butt hole as an alternative. You know, a hairbrush has a thousand uses."

Stephanie stepped up beside the exam table and pulled down my gag. "You want to kiss my ass?" I shook my head. She smacked my nipple with the back of the brush. "Let's try that again, Meg. Do you want to kiss my ass?" I nodded.

"Beg for it, Megan. Beg me to let you kiss my ass."

"I'm begging you," I whispered, totally exhausted.

"What are you begging for, Megan?"

"I'm begging you to let me kiss your ass."

"Again, Megan."

"I'm begging to kiss your ass, Stephanie."

"Good girl," she said, turning her naked ass to my face. I kissed it. She kept it there. I kissed it again. She pushed it harder into my face. I kissed it over and over. She spread her cheeks. "Lick that crack, Megan." I did... all the way up and down. I licked her hole and she moaned with approval before moving away.

"I've got to be getting home, Megan," she said as she started dressing. "Have you learned your lesson today?" I nodded respectfully. She cut the plastic zip ties that were holding my calves in the stirrups, then cut the ones tied to my wrists. "There you go," she said as she helped me slide off the table then patted my bare ass like a child. "Go down to the office and get your cum coated scrubs. You can thank me for not making you drive home naked. I thought about ripping them to shreds. Put some ice on your twat before you grow a set of testicles... otherwise you'll know what blue balls look and feel like."

Soon after that, I quit my job and told Gordon to shove it. Andy quit too and started working for the hospital.  I was working through my two weeks notice...

As painful as my experience with Stephanie was, I know for a fact it excited Gordon. I happen to know that Stephanie jerked him off as she verbally recounted the whole experience on their drive back to Nashville. She recorded an audio and played it for me over the phone just to prove that Gordon knew what was going on all along.


"Gordon was watching the whole time. He loved seeing you suffer," Steph told me.  She had called me on the land line at the clinic.  "I loved watching you suffer too.  It was invigorating.  Better than stomping your husband's tiny testicles."

"Go to hell, Stephanie," I told her.

"What did we discuss about respect, Megan?  Haven't you learned your lesson?"

"I've learned that I'm going to kill you the next time I see you," I swore.

"Such big talk from a little girl who can barely walk down the hall according to the nurses I've heard from.  They are fascinated with the pics and the video, by the way."

"You didn't send that shit out!" I growled.

"Only to people that I trust. And what about it, baby?  Are you going to come waddling over here after me?  You can barely stand up.  You're no match for me, Megan, so shut up your trap and listen."




"Are you listening?"


"Good girl.  Because if you try to come after me, I'm going to put you down with a swift kick to the crotch, and we both know you'll never get up.  I'll take you out slowly, Megan, just the way I beat your cunt to a pulp.  I love to watch you suffer.  Is that understood? Say yes ma'am."

I was choking on my spit.

"By the way," she interrupted. "Your friend, Ashley, should be standing by the door.  She needs a picture of your bruised and swollen vagina.  I like to keep tabs on my work.  Be a love and pull your bottoms down for her, won't you?  Let's have a look at how I ruined you. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll have to put you on the internet in all your glory."


Ashley walked in with her phone followed by a parade of nurses.  "I'm sorry, Meg," she said, unapologetically.  She slipped up behind me and jerked down my scrubs along with my panties.  I was nude waist down in front of the entire group.  "The whole office wants to see this."

"You can't just undress me in front of everyone!" I objected.  I struggled mightily , but Ashley had her arm around my neck, and my bottoms were tangled up with my ankles.  I could barely catch my breath.  She was strangling me.

One of the other nurses grabbed the telephone receiver.  "Jesus, you messed her up pretty bad, Ms. Stephanie.  We're getting you some pictures now.  I'll put you on speaker."

"Ash, I can't breath," I screeched incoherently.  If anything, she was tightening her grip.

"Move her this way," a nurse said.  "Hold her still.  I can't see...  holy shit.  Get that picture."

The room was turning darker, and sounds were becoming distant.  My legs were getting weak, and my arms were going numb.

"Whose got the strap-on?" Ash requested.  "Buckle it on."

"What?" I mouthed silently.  ""

"Lay her down on the desk.  Pull her ass to the edge.  Hold her down.  Spread her legs.  Are you getting this view?"

"I see it beautifully," announced Stephanie over the intercom.  "Rip off her shirt.  I want to see her purple tits, or did I beat them black and blue?"

The group cackled like a flock of hens as they tore off my scrub top and bra.


"Since you've turned in your resignation, we wanted to give you a going away present, Megan," Stephanie chortled in a devious tone.  "Show her that simulated horse cock dildo. It's about twice the average size, but we thought you were worth it. So perfectly life-like and authentic...  the shape, the weight, the protruding dark veins.  Don't you just love it?"

Ashley tilted my head towards the terrible sight.  It must have been two feet long and thicker than my forearm.

"Oh, God..." I coughed.  Ash wrapped her bicep back around my neck but held my head up so I could watch what they were doing.  "Please....don't...."  She cut off my air.  She shut down my voice.  She clamped me in position with a headlock.

"This is what you get for telling me to go to hell, Megan.  This is what you get for threatening to kill me," Stephanie hummed.  "Beat that swollen snatch with that Equestrian tube steak and don't stop until she's bloody unconscious."

They did.  I was writhing like a decapitated viper. It took everyone in the room to hold me down as they bludgeoned my vagina to a violaceous luster.


"Don't you think she's had enough?" Ashley asked.  I was surprised that she finally stepped up for me.

"Do you like working here?" responded Stephanie.

"Yes ma'am," Ashley chirped like a bird.

"Then, I'll tell you when she's had enough.  Can you imagine what it would be like to shove that stallion's massive shaft all the way up her pulverized slit?"

"Yes ma'am. I have a pretty good idea."

"And what would that be like, Ashley?  I'm so curious to know."

"It would be like Vlad the Impaler staking his victims in the crotch with those long, wooden poles on the battlefield."

"Such a perfect analogy, Ashley.  Such a fantastic idea. Impaling young Megan balls deep on a horse cock and hanging her up like a flag. Nothing spells defeat as definitively as a slut on a stick."

"Are you seriously suggesting..." 

"I certainly am, Ashley.  Sex is suffering. Sex is surrender. Sex is succumbing to the penetrating truth. That's what I'm telling you.  And today, you will start believing."

"Believing in the penetrating truth?" she asked.

"Exactly, Ashley.  Strap on that pipe and put a light at both ends of Meg's tunnel."

"Oh my god," Ash giggled as she stroked the silky surface of the mega-dong phallus.  "This thing would do damage, but you'd never shove it up through her mouth.  It's too soft and just a little too short."

"Ya think?"  Stephanie was studying its size on her cell as the girls stretched me out across the desk.  Between Ashley nearly strangling me and that rigorous beating, I was in no shape to put up a fight.

"It barely comes up to her throat." Ash finished her measurements by draping the big prick up my midline between my breasts.  

"Fuck!" One of the other nurses looked on in amazement. "If that thing was a vibrator, it would blend all her organs into soup."


"You know what you have to do, Ashley."  Stephanie dropped her tone and her voice sounded ominous.  

"What?" she replied.  A chill ran down my spine. 

"We've talked about this, Ash.  Now get it done."

"Get what done?"

"Drag her to the floor and finish her."

"With an Anaconda dildo?  Are you sure this will kill her?"

"Ram it all the way up to her throat, Ashley.  Put her on her knees and fuck it all the way through her like you're driving a stake through her heart."

"A cock through her chest?  Oh, that's very Medieval of you, Ms. Stephanie.  I always thought Meg was a vamp under all that rouge and eye shadow.  Now she's going to die like one." 

"I didn't want to do this, Meg." Ashley jerked me off the desk top and kicked me to the carpet.  I was too weak to muster any resistance. "I'm just following orders.  Nothing personal."  She squeezed the bulbous dildo head into my pulverized pussy, lifting me to my knees for the optimal angle. 

"I'll take her from behind, Ms. Stephanie.  I've heard that's how she prefers to get fucked."

"Putting her on her knees suits her well," Steph agreed.  "It's where she belongs for her final plugging."


"This is gonna hurt, Megan." 

I had heard that before.  The whole thing had come full circle.  Stephanie owned husband, Ashley, the nurses... even me.

"It's gonna hurt like hell." 

Well, that's the purpose of pain.  Because somewhere out there, you can be absolutely sure that someonne is reaping their pleasure from your torment and basking in the radiance of your suffering. 

"I'm gonna love every minute of it."

"Take it slow, Ashley.  Take it very slow.  I love to watch her suffer."



Submitted: May 21, 2023

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????? Is this a recap of the "Breed Me" series?

Mon, May 22nd, 2023 8:23pm


For the most part, yes. Some changes, though.

Wed, May 24th, 2023 2:40pm


Yes… I also think it’s a recap…. So why the hell did I cum reading it again!?

Tue, May 23rd, 2023 12:02am


Because it’s in slow motion, Sam.
Now come here and let me clean that up

Wed, May 24th, 2023 2:37pm

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