What a Time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Contemporary erotica

Candice came home late from her evening shift this Friday, having partaken in a smoke break with Gerald, the retired war vet who supervised the bowling alley he owned. Gerald was mildly attractive, with big brown eyes, and dark slick hair. He stood around six foot tall, and was slender, often minding his own business during alley hours...

(This is a fictional sample of writing. I do not intend to be held liable for the pleasure of writing it. All comments, likes, and more are highly favorable!)

Candice came home late from her evening shift this Friday, having partaken in a smoke break with Gerald, the retired war vet who supervised the bowling alley he owned. Gerald was mildly attractive, with big brown eyes, and dark slick hair. He stood over six feet tall, and was slender, often minding his own business during alley hours. Candice wanted him, but he was married, so any time spent with him was time well worth it for her, even if all he talked about was old war stories of him with his UK mates.

You see, Candice didn’t really spend her time dating or lusting after men, no, she just worked mostly at the bowling alley, cleaning up after big parties and fetching bowling shoes. She suggested many times, that Gerald hire on a couple more workers, but since the alley was never packed in the small county they lived in, he said new-hires weren’t necessary. Candice thought with a smirk, that maybe, Gerald liked to watch her run back and forth between duties that were meant for at least three people to split. Either way, his handsome face, and European nature, made up for the pain in the back of her calves and feet.

Candice herself was a beauty, slim and short with a kick in her step. She had dyed blonde hair, a southern charm to her overall demeanor, and sunken-in cheeks. Her voice could melt any man’s heart, especially since her personality was just as sweet.

Once in her home, she turned the stove on in her small apartment kitchen, and went on to undress, waiting for the kettle to scream. She changed into a pajama set, of long pants and a big shirt, not needing to shower as the day was very slow. It was a really good day, since usually there were many absurd tasks for her to do. Like a school-girl she found herself daydreaming of Gerald again, and even of his wife.

His wife was a sweet thing herself, to Candice’s opinion, especially since she was the classic southern belle of a woman who would come by Fridays during lunch hours to steal Gerald away. Candice remembered her name, something she thought kind of ugly, Mildred she thought. How funny, since Mildred looked more like a Alice, or a Victoria. Candice kept to herself, thinking of how she would love to steal the last outfit right off Mildred’s body, from the last time she saw that woman.

Candice couldn’t afford clothing outside of the local thrift stores to compare to Mildred’s wardrobe, but she did imagine herself  dressed as Mildred in Sunday dresses, and beautiful Italian pumps to match. They were the it-couple of the county, and Candice was not alone in her admiration of them, especially since they funded a lot of the county’s church activities for everyone to enjoy.

Just this Saturday, there would be a small carnival coming. This was a yearly event, for most of the county locals to look forward to, but Candice got to know something they did not. Gerald had told her with complete trust, that he argued with the Circus leaders, whom he had made good ties with from many years ago, and that they almost didn’t come this year due to travel expenses. Of course, Gerald pitched in a few thousand to help his “buddies,” but felt like he had been taken advantage of.

It was Candice who suggested he pursue a cut of their returns, and so Gerald, thinking she was so smart, called them up again and re-arranged the agreement. Apparently, when Mildred heard of this suggestion, she too had sent Candice a basket full of carnival-related treats with a thank you letter. Though Candice felt over-worked for them, she did gain a good reputation in the county and learned quite a lot.

Steeping her chai tea, she let herself wish further, that she could find someone like Gerald to sweep her off of her feet. There was a man in town, who was about eight years her senior however, who often tried to get her to go on dates, though she would decline him with a cheek kiss and a no. He was no Gerald, having traditional southern roots, and an uneducated sounding drawl, though he was actually smart, and worked at the local Sanitarium.

Perhaps she would ask him to accompany her to this Saturday’s carnival, which made her giggle, at the idea of him staring Gerald eye to eye in meeting. His name was Robert, and he was a very large man whose height was similar to Gerald’s but body was booked and hefty. He was the only man in town who could steal Candice’s affections, and push her to believe maybe there was hope for her love life after all.

“Now that…would be like having a wild stallion between my legs,” Candice said aloud to herself, quoting a line from one of her favorite vampire movies.

“Oh well…” she giggled. Her dog, Bruno, came nudging at her leg, with his dog-bowl in his saliva drooling mouth. He was a large saint bernard, whose eyes of chocolate brown, melted anyone’s cold heart away with warmth. Bruno would never hurt a fly, stay present and quiet often at Candice’s side, but bark ferociously whenever an unfamiliar guest would come by. He was a good protection dog for Candice to have, as one of the last gifts her father gave her years ago as a mere puppy, before he too passed away like her mother.

Candice always knew, that the alcohol and smokes would catch up to them. She remembered how disheveled her father looked on his death bed, with long white hair and beard smelling of gin. Candice rolled her eyes at the thought, knowing her father would have it no other way. His last words had literally been, when I kick the can Candy Candice, collect my bottles and smash em, before the good lord see’s em. With that kind of upbringing, there was no chance she could see herself with a Gerald… but perhaps a Robert!

With no friends in this county, but the county over, and a savings she didn’t allow herself to touch, Candice went to the couch and turned on the tv as there were never any plans made to go out. She was thankful that the bowling alley would close at six every day, though she knew if Gerald wanted to he could make it open for much later. The tv went on, open to a news station on it’s first channel, where the reporter, whom was a lady who lived in the hills of the county was speaking to a child no older than seven, or eight on a playground.

“Now tell me, Robbie, what happened today earlier in class?”

“W-well I…uh… got punched by a girl named M-marilyn over a couple of crayons…”

“Okay, and then what happened?”

“Well, s-she uh, called me a half-breed in front of the whole class b-because I am of mixed race.”

“And do you know what your background is, Robbie?” The reporter asked with a laugh.

“Y-yes. I’m African American and…uh…. European w-white?”

“Very good Robbie. You see folks,” the reporter then said to the camera, “here in the county, we don’t see acts of racism often, especially among children. But we, do not tolerate either! So guess what happened for Robbie’s bully today? She got suspended and sent home, while Robbie got to be gifted with a small badge of honor by the school. Why don’t you tell them what you got today…”

“I-I got a book of stickers, and a cookie by my mom’s s-stocker Miss Mildred.”

“Her what?” The reporter asked with a smile.

Just then, the camera panned out and behind Robbie was a rather tall woman, who gently pulled her son to her and laughed charmingly to the screen. Candice, spit out her chai onto her shirt, feeling instant admiration for the woman on the screen. She looked so similar to Gerald, with masculine features for her handsome face, it was frightening. Really, the only dead give-away to her womanhood was her light voice, flower-patched overalls, and long dyed hair. Could this have been a doppelganger, or a sister of Geralds?

“Sorry about that Susan, my son can sometimes say weird stuff when he’s nervous,” the woman said.

“No worries mom! Aren’t we proud of you and your son here, hoping you can feel at peace in the county. How sorry we are but quick to catch for our local story of today’s incident. You’ve just moved here about ten months ago, right?”

“That’s correct,” the woman chuckled, nervously.

“And I understand your name is Belladonna Cavacini, that is so beautiful. It’s been nice getting to know you here, and I hope you have found the county a wonderful place to live. Well folks, make sure to stop by and say hello to our new locals at this Saturday’s carnival on church grounds! Back to you, Jason,” the reporter said to the news castor who took full screen now.

Candice turned the television off, and sat with a stained shirt in disbelief. Now, Candice was no lesbian, but the way miss Cavacini stared into the camera, much like how Gerald would stare after each ball bowled, sent Candice into a mental fit of ecstasy. Perhaps they could become friends, and miss Cavacini would know some handsome fella for Candice to meet, perhaps a brother?

Candice felt like she was living in a simulation of sorts, how her personal prayer may have just been met. She went to her bedroom with no hesitation and left her mug on the side table to the couch. She pulled her shirt off, and started sorting out her closet. Perhaps, she should wear something less feminine in order to give the message of hey, I’m cool too, but then she realized she wanted to be something like Mildred, where she could wear a nice Sunday dress and low-heels. Or should she prefer sneakers, if the carnival would be moved to the church grounds instead of the parking lot? Who knew.


Candice woke up early on Saturday morning, more excited than she could even handle. She raced to the phone on the side table of her living room, and called Robert immediately. She had decided that she would see if they could go together, and that together, they could try to make friends with miss Cavacini. This would be, as terrible as it may sound, like killing two birds with one stone and seeing if one would still make it out alive. He answered the phone rather groggily, and Candice said good morning.

“Good morning beauty,” Robert said with a raspy voice, “how are ya?”

“I’m good, very good actually. I was calling you up to see if you’d be interested in attending this evening’s carnival with me. I can bring some fair money to cover myself…”

“Wow. Okay doll, yeah. I never expected to hear you invite me out. But yeah, let’s do it!”

“Okay… well, pick me up by five then?” Candice asked.

“You betcha,” Robert said.

“Okay, goodbye for now.”

“Okay. Cool, so do you want me to wear a tie or someth—”

Candice hung up the phone and went on to prepare for her date. She curled her hair, similar to how Mildred does, but unlike her, she had no makeup to put on. Candice settled for tweezing her own eyebrows, and a dash of lip balm. She put on a pair of old blue jeans, and a nice cotton white shirt with ruffles. It was no dress, but everything fitted well to her figure, paired well with scrunched socks and sneakers. She was cute as could be!

Right before five rolled around, she fixed Bruno his meal, and smoked a little marijuana. Candice thought about sharing some with Robert, but wasn’t sure he partook himself in recreational drugs. At heart, Candice dreamed of being a southern belle, but truly was similar to the wild nymph-like ladies who flourished in the hippy aesthetic.

She herself was in her late twenties, but compared to most of the women in the county, was quite a youthful girl. Candice knew she’d be seeing older couples and high-schoolers around, a few nuns, and locals from county’s over. She was excited for the potential of bumping into miss Cavacini the most, even making sure she added a few extra sprits of her candy-apple perfume.

Before Robert knocked on her door, Bruno went flying in barks. Just outside, Robert quickly remembered to smell his armpits because he forgot to put deodorant on when showering quickly at his place. He would have arrived even later, if he hadn’t woken up sooner from sleeping the day away from a morning hangover. He smelled pretty good though, thankful to have put cologne on at least, and smiled as he waited.

He was handsome too, with light brown hair placed in bunches of curls on top of his head, hanging loosely as bangs over his forehead and over his shaved sides. He wore denim jeans, dirty brown boots, and a tucked in dress shirt under a hulking yellow jacket. In his jacket pocket, there was a rose he intended to give to Candice as if it was a corsage for prom.

She opened the door after putting Bruno in his kennel, and gave Robert a big hug, standing on the tips of her feet to give his cheek a peck. He blushed happily and held out his hand to assist her in a twirl, before the two of them headed into his pick-up truck. Candice spoke about mini details of her day while he drove to the church grounds, and listened to the country music playing at low volume when he told her how he’d been sleeping in.

Together they figured they had a hundred dollars to burn on carnival rides and food. The place was lit in rainbow light, banners, food truck lamps, and neon-lit rides. There was a couple of new attractions this year like vintage clowns, a gravity ride, and bumper cars. Candice was thankful she made Gerald ask for a percentage, as she thought maybe the problem for the carnival owners wasn’t transportation but the additional attractions!

Robert helped Candice out of his pick-up, lifting her himself and placing her onto the ground. Candice found herself smitten by his strength and almost leaned in for a real kiss when she heard her name being called. Gerald and Mildred walked over to her and Robert, hand-in-hand with cotton candy and popcorn in the other.

“There you are Candice,” Gerald said, confident with a smile.

“Hello Candice, love,” Mildred said aloud, smiling with immense joy.

“Hey guys,” Candice said, waving them over.

“Enchanté,” Mildred said to Robert, extending a gloved hand out for him to shake. Robert, shook her small hand quickly, and nodded before rolling his eyes. Then Gerald, putting his sealed popcorn bag under his arm, shook Robert’s hand firmly. Candice admired Mildred’s outfit, thinking how fun it looked for the festivities, where she wore a big poofy skirt, and a matching button up top with equally poofy sleeves. She was truly, a lovely little carnival dream tonight.

“Fancy meetin you folks here,” Robert said to Gerald, “my names Robert. How do ya’ll know my little candy apple here?”

“Well, I’m Gerald, part of this county’s townhall board, and Candice’s supervisor, at the bowling alley downtown. This here’s my beautiful wife, Mildred, whom you might see from time to time on the local news on occasion.”

“Not really, but that’s awesome no less,” Robert replied, before spitting at the ground.

“So…Candice, are you excited to hit the carnival this year?” Gerald asked.

“Sure thing. I’m sure I’ll be kissing on the Ferris wheel in no time, ha-ha,” Candice laughed nervously, embarrassed.

“My, my look at the blush on this man,” Mildred said, giggling with Candice at the smile that spread across Robert’s face.

“Well, here,” Gerald said, handing Candice about five-hundred dollars, “here’s a little raise I don’t want to talk about come Monday.”

Mildred then looked at her husband with squinty eyes before leaning in to hug Candice who stood in shock. Robert looked at the money and adjusted the collar of his shirt, with a gulp. The two men looked then, eye to eye, and Gerald put his hand on Roberts’s shoulder, going off on how hard Candice works for him at the bowling alley.

“Now that’s from the both of us, Candice. I can’t really tell you how happy I was to hear someone advised my husband to garner a cut from this event. If you notice the new stuff, I think they were trying to have him cover costs for their recent expenses.”

“I can’t express how thankful I am for this money. Thank you so much Mildred, Gerald!”

“Of course, dear. Anything you need, don’t hesitate to call me personally either,” Mildred said before hugging Candice to her bosom.

“Milly!” A woman said, coming to her side.

“Oh! Bells!” Milly cried, going from Candice’s arms to the arms of miss Cavacini herself!

Gerald, who had gone into conversation with Robert, looked over to Bella who was as tall as them, and waved before continuing his talk. Candice stood awkward, short and pigeon toed in this small group, careful not to be caught comparing Gerald to Bella, who now had on red lipstick and mascara. She absorbed most of the conversation that went something like this:

“Milly do you think we could go onna ride together, just the two of us?” Bella said in low tones.

“I don’t know if that’d be a good idea Bells…I’m here with Gerald you know…where’s Robbie?” Mildred said, high-pitched.

“He’s uh…at the house with a sitter right now. I didn’t want to bring him out since we just moved, he can go to next years carnival…I actually came to just see you, you know?”

“Oh, well uh dear, now’s not the best time, you know? Maybe we can catch up this coming first when I come to pick-up the rent check.”

“Now what’s this about rent? Nonsense, let her live there for free!” Joked Gerald who interrupted the two women.

“Of course, he’s joking,” Mildred sighed.

“Hey Gerald,” Bella said weakly, her smile struggling at this point.

“Hey there little lady, where’s the tiny tike gone to?” Gerald said, laughing as he gripped Bella’s shoulder as he did to Robert.

“He’s at home with a sitter…hey, I just came by to say thank you again for letting me move into one of your properties.”

“It’s of no problem at all, love. Perhaps we can go get drinks on the first?”

“Sure,” Bella said, staring directly to Mildred with the same expression she held like on the local news. Candice saw this look and felt a pang of desire, wishing she or Gerald looked at her that way, but there’s no way Mildred and Bella were being romantic, Candice believed Bella must have been strained somehow. Possibly, irritated.

“Well you can come with me and Robert to the carnival if you like? I’ll even pay for your ticket,” Candice said shyly, having finally gotten close to her target of desire. Bella smoothed her hand through her hair, and raised a brow to Mildred, whose cheeks blushed scarlet. Gerald, grabbed Mildred to his side and suggested that’d be a good idea.

“You know what? That does sound fun. Excuse me, Mildred, Gerald. Have a good evening, I’m sure I’ll see the both of you on the first,” Bella said dryly.

“B-but…” Mildred stuttered.

“Come on my love, we have others to say hello to before it gets too late and they can’t do anything!” Gerald said.

He took Mildred’s hand and waved the others off, having enchanted Robert who watched him and his lovely wife head to another vehicle. Bella towered over Candice now, and smiled charmingly. Robert took one secret look of Mildred’s legs, leading up into that poofy ridiculous skirt, and wondered if her butt was in good shape. She really was a beauty.

“Hello, my name is Bella. I just moved to the county. I was actually going to head home, but I’m more than happy to accept your offer.”

“Hello, I’m Candice, and this here’s Robert. Robert say hello.”

“Oh yeah, uh, hello! Now what are we talking about?”

“I invited Bella to come with us,” Candice said sweetly.

“Oh, okay,” Robert said rather disappointedly.


Robert stood bored, among running children and couples, holding a corn dog gone cold and a large soda pop for the two ladies who were now sitting in a small metal box at the top of the Ferris wheel. Candice, through conversation, found out Bella was born out of the country, in some fishing town in Europe. She didn’t want to disclose the details of where she was from, but did tell Candice that she did have a brother named Hugo, whom would love a girl like Candice to sweep off her southern feet.

Bella was very alluring, often going into a rant of an answer with every question Candice had for her. They planned to be friends after all the carnival games and rides they shared, where Bella planned to pick Candice up from next Thursdays shift. Bella seemed oddly masculine despite wearing light makeup and an old long dress with a tattered hem. She sat across from Candice confidently, with her leg’s stance open and black leather boots at the sides of Candice’s pigeon-toed sneakers.

“Do you think we haven’t been including Robert?” Candice asked.

“Oh, who gives a shit, Candy. If you see it how I do, you paid for yourself, and he chaperoned. A girl like you can’t go out here by yourself this late. I mean what are you, like twenty-one or something?”

“I-I’m actually twenty-seven,” Candice giggled, humored.

“Hell, did that make me feel fucking old then!”

Both women began to laugh aloud as they went round in the sky. Robert kept a close watch over them, feeling almost jealous at how Bella seemed to hit-off with Candice. Something about this just felt off, especially how outside of his own ticket, he hadn’t paid to do anything yet with Candice alone. He still hoped there’d be a chance to get laid if he played his cards right. Perhaps by both, the butch and the eye-candy. Such was the thinking of men!

Once the ride was over, Bella helped Candice off the ride and yanked her hotdog from Robert’s hand. Robert leaned over to Candice for a kiss, when Candice who hardly noticed, grabbed her pop and went by Bella’s side to a axe throwing booth. Now Robert knew he needed to garner their attention, and like a fool he pushed himself between them and put his arms over their shoulders. Bella took an aggressive bite from the tip of her corn dog, and Candice giggled as she sipped from the swirly straw of her soda.

“Now you two, watch a real master work.”

“Sure thing buddy,” Bella mocked.

“Just wait, once you see me aim, you’ll both consider having me in bed tonight!”

“Stop it Robert, you big fool!” Candice laughed, hitting his chest gently.

“Just you ladies wait,” Robert said with a big goofy smile, walking over to the booth clerk with a twenty.

“That will be five axes then. Aim for the target’s center. If you make three out of five in the yellow ring or dead center, you’ll be given a prize!” The clerk shouted for anyone near to hear.

Robert looked over past Candice, and gave Bella a cocky expression. He licked his lips to her disgust, and bucked his torso out once. Candice laughed out at his absurdity and gave her pop to Bella to hold. Though Candice wanted to see Robert’s epic failure of throws, her stomach had her walking off to a nearby food cart. One of the vintage clowns, walked goofy past Bella and honked his nose, following Candice as a mimic might to the food truck. As Candice was preoccupied ordering a pizza slice and playing a game of invisibility with the clown, Bella turned her attention to Robert.

“Now come close little-well, tall-ass darlin!” Robert said with a drawl.

Bella threw her corndog stick to the ground, and walked over with her hands in her dress pockets. She wasn’t at first interested, but the glint in Robert’s big dumb blue eyes, made her melt a little. Then, in a flash of attractive pride, he picked up an axe and threw it straight to the middle of the target without pulling his gaze away. Bella gulped, and raised an eyebrow, feeling challenged.

“Give me a try then,” she said, confident and rough.

“Sure thing, Belladonna…”

“Hmm…and how did you know my full name?” She asked.

“I saw you on the news the other night with your son,” Robert said with a smile.


She put her hand on her hip, and smirked, throwing another axe without breaking her gaze to him. Her axe pushed his to a slant as it’s aim to the middle of the target was slightly better. Robert looked over in disbelief and then back at Bella with a gulp. This was by far one of the hottest moments he had ever shared with a woman in his entire life.

“What do you think of that?” Bella said.

Robert stood next to the clerk, both of their eyes widened with disbelief and mouths hung open. Candice sauntered back to Bella’s side, and put her arm around Bella’s torso with a side-hug. She held a huge slice of pizza in her other hand and forced the piping hot tip into her mouth. Robert licked his bottom lip determined now, as Bella, without breaking her gaze and cocky expression kissed the top of Candice’s mousy head with evident ego.

“My turn then.”

“That’s right buddy.”

“Oh hell yeah, which target is yours?” Candice asked, breaking their intense moment.

They both pointed to the target with two axes directly in the middle, and Candice hooted to the air. This was so cool. Robert picked up his axe, and shakenly threw it to a miss. He tried again to throw the next axe, and missed. Embarrassment overcame him, and he offered the last axe to Candice in one last attempt to control their small party as an alpha.

Candice, now finishing her slice gave her axe to Bella, knowing full well she wouldn’t even make the target’s destination. Bella pulled her hair into a bun, revealing short hair from a shave on the back of her head. Candice watched Bella in admiration, while Robert felt himself struggling to not get erect in his pants.

Bella, in one graceful swoop threw the last axe right between the two in the middle, and jumped up and down with her win. What a killer, Robert thought to himself, now rethinking of Bella as not a butch but a Victoria’s angel about to go missing. Candice of course, was given the large teddy bear the clerk never intended he’d lose to this county, and the three headed back to the old pick-up truck in the lot.

Robert helped Candice up to the passenger side and asked if Bella needed a ride. She let them know she took the bus to the carnival and intended to walk home in the dark, to which Candice pleaded her to let Robert drop her off home instead. Robert, tapped the side of his truck with a smirk and suggested Bella better get inside.

Candice fell asleep quickly against Bella’s chest during the drive. Robert kept himself composed and quiet, turning the country music up just slightly. When they got to Candice’s apartment, Robert and Bella helped her out of the truck. Candice waved them off and went in, dragging her large stuffed bear behind her sleepily.

The two found themselves sitting quiet in the pick-up truck over some instrumental. Robert drove Bella to a nearby lake he knew of, having asked her permission first, before taking her there. Bella unafraid of much, wanted to know of the area and was more than happy to go. Robert, had a couple beers in the cooler in the back of his truck ready and hopped out the side once they were parked. Like old buds, they sat side by side on a large rock overlooking the lake. They cracked open about six beers between them, managing some small talk, before slurring their words.

“You want to fuck?” Bella said finally.

“Uh…oh…well what about Candice?”

“She wants my brother, uh, Hugo,” she said dryly, cooly.

“Oh…” Robert said, before taking another sip of his beer, nervously. He knew Candice wasn’t really that into him, and so without hesitation he took his jacket off, and pulled his shirt off. Bella looked over Robert’s sweat-glistening chest, surprised to see a hint of developing muscle from his chest and large stomach. He had tattoos on his arm, she didn’t know of until this point. His tattoos were of what seemed to be of Celtic origin. That was tasteful enough for Bella.

She threw her last bottle to the lake, and stood over this man who now laid back on the rock over his shirt and jacket. Bella gently pressed her right boot to his chest, and pulled her dress up to her hips. There she revealed a red-laced thong, that she pushed to the side of her mound, before squatting over Robert’s torso, with each boot on either side of his body. She undid his pants and pulled them down slightly, freeing his rather large and erect cock from the hole of his boxer briefs. Robert forgot about his two condoms, as he was too happy to be this lucky.

Bella pressed her dry mound to his cock, and began to get wet from rubbing back and forth against his member. She wasn’t into the act at first, worried she might change her mind, but she focused her attention to how equally large Robert’s body was to her own person. Bella would often be the larger party and the dominant when having sex with others, so this was something of which she hardly got to enjoy from another. Before she knew it, Robert lifted her up more by the hips, and forced the tip of his cock into her now sticky slit. Then he forced her body to meet his torso.

She moaned out, almost from pain, but let Robert fuck into her body without hesitation. He didn’t care that she hardly rode him in this moment, as he bucked into her quaking body, and kept his eyes closed while focused in selfish pursuit. Almost as selfishly, Bella too kept her eyes closed, trying to moan as feminine as she could muster, letting a few tears roll down her cheeks. She really didn’t know why she decided to do this, to herself, to Candice, with Robert, but she started to fuck him back. Fuck women she thought, bringing more tears to her eyes.

To his surprise she placed both of her hands at his throat then, and started to ride him rough and quick. Fuck this man, she thought, I might just kill him myself, she thought with high arousal. Unknowing of her thoughts, Robert didn’t mind her grip, pressing his head back and extending his neck as much as he could. Bella felt so gross, yet so full, she found herself now genuinely moaning out to the night.

“Is this how hard you intended to fuck Candice’s little body?” Bella said to Robert.

“Y-you know it, b-baby.”


“Oh yeah…”

“Fuck me harder then. Destroy me as if I’m her…”

“That’s some freaky stuff, babe, but hell yeah,” Robert said with a smile, rising forth to hug Bella to his sticky chest. Immediately to his grunted breathing, Bella felt herself overwhelmed with disgust by the smell of his odor, but her body responded with high arousal, ready to give way to an unwanted orgasm. Robert unknowing of Bella’s reservations, kept her tightly as he moved into her throbbing hole as the tip of his cock began to tingle.

Bella couldn’t hold herself to a single thought but one, of how Mildred’s outfit made her look like she could be a part of the vintage clowns of the carnival. This thought, of Mildred’s skirt bouncing around as fast as she was getting fucked, and the look of Candice’s cute face on the Ferris wheel had Bella writhing in Roberts arms. He wasn’t even aware that she had climaxed herself, as he kept his rhythm in her body. Then, he stood up with all his strength and leveled Bella on his torso with bent knees, and fucked the last he could into her, before cumming deep inside her.

Robert held Bella in place, like a brute, and groaned beneath the moonlight. Bella slid off his legs and held onto his shaking body, shaking herself. They stood there breathing harshly, and smiled to each other weakly. Bella rolled her dress down, and felt the alcohol in her system make her dizzy. It was definitely time for her to go home and relieve her sitter from the job.

“So uh…what should we tell Candice?” Robert said casually.

“Nothing. Take me home.”


The drive to her place was quick, and Robert got spooked, realizing he’d just drove up on one of Gerald’s properties. He could see evidence of wealth just looking at the small house and manicured lawn. The house was old, vintage, and had a huge front porch. He got excited at the idea of seeing inside it, possibly to fuck Bella more in her bed. He wondered if the inside of the house was just as posh as the outside, but before he could ask to come inside for some water, Bella was already out of the truck, wiping tears off her cheeks. She fumbled with her keys at the door ignoring Robert completely.

“When will I see you again, my European queen?”


“After all that?”

“Yup, now go on. Don’t pursue Candice either, or I’ll tell her you fucked me.”

“Fuck you! You stuck up bitch,” Robert shouted from the window of his truck, throwing a glass bottle to the porch step, before wheeling off to the road.

“Ma’am are you alright?” Sandy the baby sitter, who was Bella’s neighbor’s daughter, said as she opened the door for Bella.

“Yes, yes. How much do I owe you for tonight, honey?”

“Oh you don’t. Mildred stopped by before you got here and paid me herself.”

“That fucking Bitch…” Bella huffed under her breathe.


“Nothing dear, please head on home, okay?”

“Alright, you have a good night, Miss Cavacini.”

“You two hon,” Bella said before closing the door behind her.




Submitted: May 20, 2023

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