Into the Low-tide

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Contemporary erotica

Mildred held her head under water for as long as she could handle. She was snorkeling, and watching many tropical fish swim by with fascination. Bella held her in place, knowing at any point Mildred might scream and twerk out of the water in fear again. She watched Robbie play at the shore-line, having made a couple of beach friends himself...

(This is a fictional sample of writing. I do not intend to be held liable for the pleasure of writing it. All comments, likes, and more are highly favorable!)

Mildred held her head under water for as long as she could handle. She was doing light snorkeling, and watching many tropical fish swim by below her feet with fascination. Bella held her in place, knowing at any point Mildred might scream and twerk out of the water in fear again. She watched Robbie play at the shore-line, having made a couple of beach friends himself...

Bella couldn’t believe how lucky she was, watching her son play on a beach front, while holding one of the loves of her life in her arms. The only thing that seemed to ruin her happiness in the back of her head was her growing belly. She knew Mildred was very loving and forgiving, and couldn’t believe after all this time, they were confident lovers now on vacation. It’s just, Bella wasn’t sure Mildred would be able to stick around when it came time for the second child to be born.

How did she find herself here, after all this time, in the throes of passion with her landlord? Perhaps God wasn’t so cruel, and there was some form of natural order to life, but if so, Bella wasn’t one to linger on the “whys” of life. She just hoped, with all the faith she could muster, with her sleek sunglasses hanging low on the bridge of her nose, that God would make Mildred her’s indefinitely.

Mildred began to sputter around in the water, and splash about. Robbie and the other boys began to point and laugh at her from the shoreline. Bella rolled her eyes and laughed, pulling Mildred out of the water in a swoop. Mildred shook her tousled wet hair around which slapped Bella’s glasses off her face in accident. Bella pulled Mildred to her close and kissed hard onto her lips, before diving down to retrieve her glasses. Mildred swam in place, rather frantically!

“Milly!” Robbie cried out, “I’m kinda hungry. Can I have a couple dollars to go eat tacos with my friends?”

“Now you just wait for your mama to get back, Rob!”

“But she might say no if you don’t say yes!”

“Hold on now! I can’t afford to get in trouble with your mama today, so please wait!”

“But your never in trouble!” Robbie yelled back, to which Mildred blushed in her silence.

Bella snagged her glasses, and swam up to Mildred’s surprise, pulling her over the shoulders quick and fast. Of course, Mildred toppled over into the waves, having no balance coordination. Robbie fell into the ground with laughter, and his friends began to hoot themselves. Such was the nature of ten-year-olds!

“Now what are you yelling about boy?” Bella said.

“I want to eat Tacos with Pedro and Tobias at the hotel cantina.”

“Okay, so what’s stopping you then?”


“Oh, I see.”

Mildred over-heard their conversation and started to swim towards shore. She wasn’t one who liked letting Robbie leave her sight, but she knew that was up to Bella and he needed some money. Bella watched Mildred swim on for some time, then swam fast after her as if she was a shark. She lifted Mildred from the water a couple of times, just to drop her back in! Once Mildred pushed Bella’s water antics off with laughter, they walked the rest of the way out of the water like lovers do hand in hand.

Mildred collected herself shyly, wringing out her hair and adjusting her one-piece from her butt-crack. She wanted to stomp her feet from the feeling of sand wedged between the cheeks, but she didn’t want to embarrass herself further. Bella reached their perched umbrella first as Mildred straightened herself up. She put on a shirt, and pulled ten dollars out of their shared wallet, to which she handed to Robbie with a stern eye, so he’d think that was a lot of money to shell out. Robbie really had no idea, how wealthy Mildred was, and it was his quick mouth that made Bella aware of how quiet she needed to be on the matter.

“Now listen Boy. If I don’t see you back for a check-in this late afternoon, with these boys, we will have a serious problem. I will find you. I will cancel this trip. You will be grounded. Milly can’t handle that kind of suspense, you understand?”

“Affirmative compadre.”

“…right,” Bella said sternly, only for the both of them to erupt in laughter, feeling like a couple of bandits themselves. Mildred watched them with a raised eyebrow and a smile. She’d come to love this part of Bella, down on her knees, next to her son—thick as thieves, they were! Silently, Mildred couldn’t wait for Bella’s stomach to get so big that she couldn’t boss the two of them around.

“Alright now Robbie…don’t spend it all in one place,” Mildred said with a giggle.

Robbie ran over to Mildred and gave her a big sandy hug. Shock kept Mildred in place, and she looked up to Bella almost rattled in her expression. Bella’s face became a scarlet sheet, and so did Mildred’s, for this was the first hug Robbie ever gave to Mildred. Bella’s cheeks were hot, and her eyes ached from the formation of tears that she prayed she could hold back. Mildred, unsure, patted the skinny back of the boy and thought of giving him more money for more food.

“Thanks, a whole bunch, I am so grateful!” Robbie said. Then, in a flash he went. The other boys looked rather innocent themselves, having put their money out of their pockets to reveal that together they had about thirty-five dollars. A couple that sat in the shade by the dock, came walking over to Bella and Mildred. They seemed to be the parents of at least one of the boys.

“Why hello there,” a lady with a chiffon shawl and red pursed lips said to Bella. She put her red-nailed hand on Bella’s forearm, then realized there was no ring on her hand.

“Hello, ladies,” her partner said; a short man compared to Bella, but handsome in the face.

“Oh hello,” Mildred replied sweetly, still dazed.

Bella managed a smile, practically irritated, as she pulled her arm away and went to Mildred’s side. She hated when random strangers touched her, even more so, when women would hit on her until realizing she herself was a woman. Bella put her hands on Mildred’s shoulders, as the two adults stood before them and clasped hands themselves. The couples seemed, dangerously attractive, side by side. They could easily be made into a cast for Baywatch, if it were not for Bella’s small, yet protruding pregnant belly ruining the whole affect.

“I see you met our son, Pedro, and his friend Tobias,” the woman said soothingly with a Spanish accent, looking up to Bella with a smile.

“Yes,” her partner cooed, “and now our children are off to buy tacos, how sweet. This lovely swan here is my wife, Selena, and my name is Gerald.”

“Nice to meet you,” Bella said before Mildred to could manage a thought.

“Y-yes,” Mildred stuttered, “my name? Oh! It’s Mildred, and this here is S-stell—

I mean Bella!”

“Ha-ha, oh? And are you two married?” Selena asked, her Spanish beauty evident as one knee cocked before the other, making her bodice flexed to perfection in her red two-piece suite. Her husband, Gerald, smoothed a hand through his grayed hair, with strands of silver highlighted throughout it. He flashed a beautiful white smile to them, something that almost seemed to glow beyond his tight and tan skin.

“Not yet,” Bella said, smiling now, as if she was just told a personal joke, whispered in the ear.

“Ah! No matter my dears! We are a curious bunch, you know, just come over from the southern hemisphere to enjoy the tropics. We were wondering if you’d like to catch dinner with us, since our sons are getting on smashingly,” Selena said poshly.

“Well,” Bella said over Mildred, “I’m not sure we would be able to make the arrangement today, as we sort of made plans of our own.”

“Oh no matter, no matter! I hope we aren’t intruding,” Gerald said, staring into Mildred’s sore eyes seductively it seemed. Bella squinted down at the man who adverted her gaze to remain charming. This definitely made Bella irritated.

“We would love the company if you two do find the time. We’ll be by the cantina at nine tonight to pick up our boys, then for our dinner plans we’re going on a craft by the dock to literally go catch our dinner. It’s going to be exotic, no? Our other company canceled on us last minute, so we thought maybe you’d want to join us for the experience?”

“I guess that does sound rather nice,” Mildred said sweetly, “Bells, does this sound like something you’d want to do?”

With all eyes up at this tower of a person, Bella could feel herself heat up from further irritation. Of course, Mildred didn’t get the hint. Of course, the only man here was named Gerald. Of course, his wife was fucking hot as a trophy. Bella wanted to pull Mildred over her shoulder, and waddle off to their room for punishment, but instead smiled rather darkly.

“Sure. Why not? It’s not every day that you can do that and I’m sure Robbie will be ecstatic.”

The couple clapped hands, and smiled. Their cheers were oddly satisfying to hear, as they joined hands and kissed. This seemed weird, sure, but the feeling of approval replaced the hunger in Mildred’s stomach. Bella composed her expression, and squinted down at Mildred’s apologetic eyes now with a forced smile.

“We are very excited then. We’ll meet at nine!” Gerald said.

“Aaaaarrribbbaaaa!” Selena cried. Then the couple went on their way past them, waving them off with a few hands’ kisses, before sauntering back to the hotel. Mildred, covered in sand from Robbie’s hug, hair disheveled, stood rather awkwardly beneath Bella’s hold. She pulled herself away from Bella, and began to pack up their site on the beach. Bella folded her hands over her stomach and watched Mildred like a spectator.

Mildred packed everything herself, and put the bag over her shoulder, looking rather stocky now to Bella after Karen’s toned body stole the spotlight. They walked silently to their room, up a sandy ramp, until getting to the elevator. Mildred wasn’t really sure what to think at this point, but she knew Bella and her didn’t have anything better to do for the evening. She was glad then it seemed, once they entered their hotel room that their moment was interrupted by those parents. Mildred, though she enjoyed sex, was happy to be given the opportunity to do something as fun as catching tropical fish for dinner.

Before Mildred could put her hand to the doorknob of the bathroom door to separate herself from Bella, she was grabbed by the wrist and pulled around. Mildred kept her eyes to the floor, and pressed her forehead to Bella’s chest, now resting her hands at Bella’s hump of a stomach. Bella stood there for a few moments, then lead Mildred to the bed as calmly as she could. She brushed Mildred’s hair from her face, and sat on the edge of the bed.

Mildred stood lazy between Bella’s legs, and put her arms up like a child. Bella then undid the tie of Mildred’s one piece, and pulled the fit fabric down her legs in silence. They would be like this, often it seemed, lingering when alone...

“It’s not that big of a deal…” Mildred said, “I-I think it could be a fun time, for all three of us.”

“That’s not really the point I’m going to make and you know it.”

“Sure…but it would be something fun for Robbie and I at least, if you really want to spoil it and not go… I’ll think your rather shitty though if you don’t....”

“And are you not bothered by Gerald? I didn’t like the way he looked at you.”

“Well, I didn’t like the way his wife practically threw herself at you, but you don’t see me holding it against her, now do you?”

“So should I just not go then?”

“No, I’m hoping you come and charm them. You manage these kinds of things so well, it makes me feel good about myself, and our…whatever this is…I really believe this could be a great experience for our vacation.”

“Fine. I guess…”

Mildred stood naked, cold, and sandy before Bella and looked into her eyes with a flash of excitement. Bella thought about Selena’s physique no more, and pushed the absurdity of it from her mind, deciding to make good of this time, since they were on vacation after all. Nothing really compared to Mildred, not because her body was in a better shape, it was not, but because the beauty of her entirety was something for Bella forever if she wanted it that way. Selena was just another stranger, just like her husband, and Bella was confident Mildred knew that was all it was.

Besides, Mildred’s body had now become Bella’s to own and dominate at leisure. Something of which, made Bella’s senses become less of a mother, and more of a monster. Robbie need not to know who his mother really was, when driven mad by the sight of Mildreds bare skin. On Mildred’s body were a couple bruises at the thighs from their love-making, she had very faint scars on her arms that Bella liked to kiss over.

There were details of their connection that made Mildred practically irreplaceable in Bella’s mind. Even now, she loved the way Mildred’s face looked plush in shyness, the way her eyes glistened in need, and how even now with her leg cocked before the other in a stupor, she held Bella’s attention without distraction. Mildred put her hands to Bella’s face, and gently pulled her in to her chest. There she could hear Mildred’s beating heart, and take note of her tightened nipples moving gently up and down past her eyes as Mildred breathed.  

The hold she had on Bella was very gentle in nature compared to the hold Bella had of Mildred. Bella’s hands began to rub up and down Mildred’s legs, butt, and back. Remembrance of the body oil in the bathroom perked Bella’s interests, and Mildred was then bent over Bella’s knee, quickly.

“I’m going to use you then as payment for this evening,” Bella whispered, “Punish you first, then use you, my bride to be,” Bella said confidently, raspy.

“Bride to be? “Mildred teased, “Oh, oh yes, that’s right!” She giggled.

“Right, now, I need you to count to ten Milly.”



“uh…fuck!” Mildred moaned.

“Start over.”










Bella helped the lifeless Mildred up to her feet and walked her over to the bathroom. Slowly they kissed at the door, with Bella pressed over Mildred. Mildred put her feet atop of Bella’s to level their lips better, as she stood shaken in Bella’s arms. They made out ferociously, with tongue and moans, pressing Mildred up against the cold door. Her butt stung, immediately, but the passion overcame the pain.

“I fucking love you,” Bella whispered into Mildred’s mouth, “You can have whatever you want from me Milly. You’ve…made…me, the…happiest crustation… on this entire…fucking planet…and you deserve… to know it!”

“Yes…my love. Me…too!”

“Yes, you too,” Bella whispered mockingly, enjoying the stupefied voice of Mildred. She reached for the door handle and turned the knob, which made Mildred fall back with its sway. The two almost toppled into the room, where in a second’s whim, Bella turned Mildred over the rim of the tub, and began to dry hump her butt with power. This made Mildred’s mind so scrambled, she was moaning from the friction, aching wet in need.

“I need to be inside you Milly,” Bells said brokenly.  Then with remembrance, Mildred pressed her hand to the tub and pushed back for them to stop. She was so grateful she remembered.

“Stop my love, your pregnant!”

“I’m not budging!”


“Gah! Fine.”

Bella pulled off Mildred with an immediate head ache in her forehead. Though she knew there wasn’t any real damage to her belly, she felt overwhelmed with sickness to the throbbing pulsing ache between her legs now straining. God, if only I had a real cock to plunge into her Bella thought violently. Bella had to pull herself back from the dark place she was headed, and swallow her pride. Mildred was right after all; they were supposed to go slow on this vacation. In due time, there’d be another opportunity for them to fuck.

Mildred giggled, and so did Bella once she relaxed in her own skin again. The two decided to share a bubble bath, where the water was set right to that perfected temperature right before it becomes too hot. Bella helped Mildred into the tub first, before Mildred could give her a hand to step in. Slowly, very slowly, Mildred sank to sit on her steaming butt, right between Bella’s long legs. They lay there in the tub for so long, that Mildred fell into sleep at the massaging fingers of Bella’s hands in her hair. They, if seen by others, looked like a completed couple, meant to be placed in a romantic painting forever.

They were quite stunning together, skin to skin, among the pale white bubbles of the bath they soaked in. Bella prayed the evening would turn into her favor for comfortability, and hopefully end with romantic undertones. She wasn’t in love because Mildred had money, but she was thankful that Mildred helped to provide for her and Robbie during tough times. If they could be married, she wondered if their wedding would be made public to the county or kept secret like a romantic rendezvous. Either way, Bella would understand, if marrying ever became something for them to consider.

Later that evening, they did arrive at nine, dressed well and showered. They did bring Robbie along to catch dinner in the company of that couple. They learned that Gerald was a multi-millionaire whose hot wife, Selena, he’d just married about a year ago. Everyone was actually in great spirits, drinking mai-ties as the children played hide-n-seek on the cove they stopped at. The evening went on perfectly, and Bella was head-over-heels for Mildred now.

Mildred’s beauty seemed to be highlighted when compared to Selena’s this evening, as she sat cozy next to the luxurious woman in a red layered dress with a Lilly tucked in her messy bun. Mildred herself had a hibiscus Luna flower placed in her hair by Selena herself, and it matched her evening dress with lilac hues and sun-orange yellows. The two hit if off immediately in conversation about fashion and makeup, as Bella spoke with Gerald about possible business prospects. Gerald ended up being a rather funny fellow, telling absurd jokes to Bella to win favor.

Eventually, when the lot found themselves trying sword-fish, crab legs, and an assortment of foods by a fire, Bella did dominate the conversation with stories of myths she learned from an online search of the island they were vacationing on. She had the boys and Gerald in quite a fright, while the women, like two sirens of the night, went walking by the shoreline to pick-up sea shells over being spooked.

By the time they arrived back to their hotel room, Robbie was tuckered out and ready for sleep. He was so excited for the next day where they did have real plans to travel the coast-line in a rented jeep, and this was something Bella herself planned. Once Robbie fell asleep in his own hotel bed, the two went over to the balcony of their room, closing the curtains behind them. It was about midnight now, as they looked over the tops of palm trees and sand to the ocean front. The moon was full, like Mildreds rear pressed up against Bella’s torso beneath the stomach.

Bella held Mildred to her, with her long fingers fucking up into Mildred’s moist hole. She was whispering sweet nothings into Mildreds ear, as she pumped her fingers in and out. They moaned together, and kept their dirty talk in whispers. They felt empowered beneath the moon and stars.

Submitted: May 18, 2023

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