Chapter 5: The Stage

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mature Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Funny how I was suddenly with this rockstar I have never heard of in my life. We have spent the afternoon together flirting and having fun. He kept me laughing with his smart ass mouth.  He kept me drooling with his hot ass self. The whole band was fun just hanging around together. I was really loving Steph she was so fun to be around she was crazy over Avengend Sevenfold.  He has yet to let me have my phone.  

"so what's the plan after tonight?"  I asked him as we casually walked around the festival. Loud music behind us, drinking beer out of plastic cups.  

"We'll, if you were following us you would know... but I guess I'll tell you - we actually are playing near Atlanta this weekend, then off for a few weeks."  "What about you? When do you drive back home?"

"I'll probably drive back home Sunday, I have a hotel for the next two nights," 

"What hotel?" He asked as we continued our walk. 

"I forgot the name of it, maybe you can check my text for confirmation for me and let me know," I shoved into him with my shoulder.  

He took that as an opportunity to wrap his arm around my shoulder like we were together or something.  

We made our way close to the stage and Steph was with the guys hanging out, he still had his arm draped around me,

"Keep that around your neck," he referred to his laminate he had put around my neck earlier.  
"Come on, you groupie," he has me by the neck and took Steph's hand and pulled us back towards the stage.  The sun was barely setting we were following behind him and I was just as confused as she looked.  We walked up to a black tour bus and he dropped away from both of us and knocked on the door.

I just stood there like an idiot this was so out of my comfort zone, Steph wasn't phased.  Just then the bus door opened - holy shit. 

"Dude!" They both greeted each other as Synyster Gates made his way down the stairs of the bus and they did the usual guy shake/hug. 

"Oh my god! Move!" Steph shoved Tuk away from Syn and wrapped her arms around him. He returned the hug with a huge grin.  She was hilarious.  "Take our picture!" She handed me her phone.  She was so happy and Syn was just as friendly back to her.

"Careful tiger, he's married ya know," Tuk warned as he watched his friend full of joy. 

"Its all good, she's not here," he winked at Steph.  They posed for several photos together. 

"This is Renee, she loves you too!" She squealed pulling me in.  I was definitely not as cool as she was, but I watched Tuk watching me.  Something was pulling me towards him for some reason.  We had been having fun all day, he was not a jerk, he was playful and now he did this?

"okay y'all smile!" She took her phone back and took photos of Syn and I.  "Ohhh group selfie! Come on!" She motioned for Tuk to come in and he walked over and wrapped his arm around her while she was between the two rock stars.  "Come on Renee!" And I walked over and got on Syns side, I shot Tuk a glance. He knew what I was doing.  She gave Tuk her phone since he was on the end and taller than any of us and snapped some selfies of the four of us.  

How cool was that!  After saying goodbye to Syn, which totally made my day, I couldn't wait to walk around with Tuk again.  Just then a few girls raced up to him, gushing and wanting photos and autographs.  I stood back watching him do his thing. He was so good to them.  
When he finished he made his way back towards me, I was standing against a wall.  He propped one arm and hand up beside my head and just leaned in towards me, he was awfully close to my face.  We sort of just stared at each other, I was trying to not laugh and I could see it on his face too.

"Are you trying to be smooth? Are you about to kiss me cause if you are, I'm not kissing you back," I joked with a raised eyebrow.

"Who says I want to kiss you? I was considering giving your phone back, but since you want to mouth off I'm not.  Plus, I need to check in with my bff Jenn and see what she's up to now, she wasn't feeling good earlier," he pulled my phone out his back pocket and turned his back to me to text. 

"Oh my god, give it to me! What's wrong with her!" I was wrapping my arms around his waist wrestling with him, he placed one of his hands across mine to hold me still while he continued to  hold my phone away and one hand text.  

"She's fine, I got this." He somewhat turned his head back towards me our cheeks almost touching.  He took a selfie of us then but we weren't smiling just a grin.  

"Fucker!!!" Steph's brother ran up to us and almost body slammed Tuk down as we kinda separated and he pocket my phone again. "Oh shit! You okay I didn't see you behind him!"  I stumbled but was good.



Submitted: May 26, 2023

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