Chapter 4: That was Fun

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mature Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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"Soo...still don't know me...?" I was startled when Tuk ran up behind and spoke in my ear. 

I turned to face him, "if I had my phone I'd be stalking your Instagram and would know more,"  I cocked back at him. 

"Mouthy," he smirked.  And gracefully pulled my phone out of his back pocket. 

"It wasn't bad, I mean I'm only here for Avenged Sevenfold, you think you could introduce me?"  I joked. 

"Wow, just put the knife in and twist it,". 

"What's your bands name again? So I can stalk your media," I was opening up my social media account when he again took my phone and pocketed it. 

"No fucking way, you think you're funny don't you?" 

"Well, no considering you keep taking my phone ? Don't you have one of your own?" 

"If I give it back you'll just run off to the Synyster Gates meet and greet and I'll forever be crushed you didn't stick around with me," 

what a flirt 

"I'm sure you have some groupies to go meet and sign things for,"

"I'd rather sign something for you though," he was being funny. 

"We'll if I was better prepared ya know, I could have googled to see if I even want something signed,"


"Soo mouthy.....are you hungry? Cause im fucking starved, and the band wants to go eat,"

"I could eat...besides I have to go where you go to get my phone back right?"

"You're catching on," he took my hand again and led us out back of the stage to the food vendors. 

We walked with the rest of the band and a few girls.  They were all playful as we walked laughing and hitting each other they we're definitely pumped after performing.  
We ordered burgers and hot dogs and fries and nachos beers and drinks and sat down at a big picnic table together. 
I had the chili cheese fries and Tuk had some sort of burrito and fries.

"Y'all this is Renee," he introduced me to all the guys.  "If y'all have interviews lined up, avoid this one at all costs, she doesn't even know who we are," he laughed taking a big bite on his burrito.

"I hope you choke on that and never speak again," he laughed as I began to eat my fries with a fork.

"Who the hell eats fries with a fork?" He shot me a deadpan look.  

"They're messy," 

"Nu uh, you're gonna eat that shit right," he took my fork from my hand and tossed it behind us. 

"You have a habit of taking things that don't belong to you don't you," 

He just shrugged, "By the way your fucking phone won't quit buzzing my ass, who the hell keeps calling you?"

"Well if you'd give it to me I could check," I tried to eat a fry without spilling cheese everywhere 

"You know where it's at, get it," he joked and took a fry off my plate and fed himself. 

"Really?.... I'm not grabbing your ass,"

"Suit yourself, then you could finally add me on Instagram," 

"Who says I want to add you?"

"It's killing you," he smiled and took another fry. I was struggling to eat with my fingers. 

"You're just so full of yourself aren't you?" I teased him.  Although we were sitting with the whole band and extras, it was like we were in our own little world flirting and Banting with one another.  

"G-Damn, who the fuck is blowing your phone up!?" He wiped his hands on a napkin and pulled my phone from his back pocket. 

"It's probably my friend sending me dirty chick porn, so I wouldn't look if I were you," I smiled eating my fries. 

"Don't say that shit, what's your passcode?" He was seriously about to tap into my phone 


"I'm not telling you,"

"Fine- look at me, you have cheese all over your mouth," 

I turned to face him, the ass had the phone facing me to unlock it. 

"oh my god! Give me that!" I reached across him and he held it up in the air away from me. We were laughing. 

"Who the hell is Jenn, she sent you like 96 messages, this should be good!" He began typing on my keyboard, "Sorry Jenn I'm having lunch with Tuk Smith you know him right?" He spoke as he typed. 

"Are you freaking crazy!"  I continued to wrestle him for the phone.

"Chill and eat your fries, I got this," he was waiting on a reply from her. He was smirking with his aviators on wind blown hair.  Holy hell. This man is flirting with me I think.  

"Ha! She says - and I quote - omg he's so fine- you're not having lunch with him- end quote"

"I give up.." I sighed.  I took a swig of my beer. He was still texting Jenn apparently.  Just then he took me by surprise when he put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me towards him to take a selfie.  

"You're a pain in the ass," I grumbled. 

"Smile!" He took the selfie and proceeded to have a conversation with my best friend.  "She and I are gonna be BFFs when I'm done " he was so proud of himself.  

"He's really harmless," Steph said across the table. Tuk and I were in our own little world still I kinda forgot everyone around me. I looked at her and smiled.  Tuk was still texting on my phone. 

"So you're a deejay?" Steph asked me as I tried to ignore Tuk texting my friend he was entertaining himself.  

"No thank god she isn't," he put himself in our conversation.  

"No, I was attempting to fill in for my brother today but "I rolled my eyes.  "I'm actually a bartender in Atlanta I just drove down to see my brother and meet Synyster Gates," I rubbed in Tuks face. 

"No she didn't, she came to see our band, we're her favorite," he was still eating and on my phone. 

"yes! They go on at ten tonight, I'm hoping to get backstage to meet them as well!" She squealed. 

Submitted: May 24, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Ava Gates. All rights reserved.


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